The Cautious Canine
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So much aggression in dogs results from fear, but fear-based problems can become worse if treated incorrectly. This booklet provides a step-by step explanation of desensitizing and counter classical conditioning. It can help you solve minor behavioral problems and prevent serious ones, whether your dog fears include the vacuum cleaner, people with hats, or the stranger at the door. The oh-so-important details related to identifying exactly what triggers your dog, creating a step-by-step treatment plan, monitoring your progress, and why you need to treat the fear and not just your dog's reaction to the fear are covered. This book is on the top ten of the Dogwise book catalog and has helped thousands of dogs and their owners around the country.

Customer Reviews:

  • Well written & easy to understand ...
    Fortunately, there are very few overtly aggressive dogs, most dogs act aggressively because they are fearful ...

    Unfortunately though, the bite from an aggressive dog and one from a nervous dog are equally painful, and often attract the same dire consequences ...

    This is a great booklet that teaches us how to manage a nervous or cautious canine ...

    First, the author shows us how to identify our dog's fear ... and then the author teaches us (step-by-step) how classical re-conditioning can help to reduce such fear ... in a gentle and effective manner.

    Often the biggest barrier to effective training, is our own lack of clarity as to what is required of us as trainers ...

    But the short chapters and the step-by-step format used by the author makes everything so very clear and easy to understand ... And just as helpful, the author also provides suggesttions, when a particular step does not achieve that intended ...

    All in all, a useful booklet ......more info

  • Great book for fearful dogs!
    Quick read. Lots of useful, practical information for handling a fearful dog. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Some good advice, but not applicable to me
    I agree with other reviewers who say this little booklet is *way* overpriced for its size! $6.95? You can buy plenty of mutli-hundred page paperbacks for that price! Something like $2.99 seems like a more realistic price for something that is a small pamphlet at best.

    However it is well organized, and not overwhelming. I recently adopted an extremely shy (though not the teeniest bit aggressive) rescue dog, and someone recommended this booklet to me.

    But really it is not applicable to me. You are first told to figure out what your dog is fearful of. Not much help when the answer is "everything".

    And then there are the desensitizing steps to help your dog overcome its fears. But in the case one of the things the new dog is most fearful of is *me*. This booklet starts out with the assumption that the owner is one thing that the dog trusts and accepts - so gives me no clues at all on how to win the trust of a new and shy dog who is fearful of its new owner more than anything! ...more info
  • Got more than I bargained for!
    This slim publication is packed with a wealth of excellent information! If you are looking for a "quick fix", this is not the read for you. This book demands total commitment of the owner to help the dog become confident (and safe and reliable to have around, in the process) Nobody ever said owning a Dog would be easy, but if you follow the thoughtful directions in this book, you and your fearful dog have a good chance to become comfortable partners. I found this publication to be very helpful. Current Foster Owner...more info
  • Good info
    Just be aware that this is a small booklet, and not an actual book. It surprised me when it arrived in the mail since I was expecting a soft bound book. The information is helpful, but I could certainly benefit from a larger compilation of examples and tips....more info
  • Cautious Canines by McConnell
    This book is a must for any trainer of dogs, especially if you have a fearful dog yourself. It clearly explains what makes up a fearful dog and what you can and cannot do about it. McConnell is one of the best positive dog trainer in the business and highly recommended by the Humane Societies around the country....more info
  • nice little booklet
    This isn't really a "book" per se, but more of a booklet. It IS filled to the very last page with great information for owners of shy or aggressive dogs. My puppy was a bit shy (not a biter, though, thank goodness), and I used some of the tips in this little book and, lo and behold, I now have a much more confident, happy dog. He still won't walk up to a complete stranger for petting, but he's a lot more tolerant of them coming a little closer without cowering behind my legs. I absolutely recommend this!...more info
  • Very helpful
    This little book has been very helpful in helping us with our fearful pet. We have had group training, worked with a private trainer, a vet behaviorist, and have used Cesar Milan's techniques to establish leadership, but nothing was really making a noticeable permanent difference in our dog's fear aggression towards humans. This book really didn't reveal a ton we didn't already know, but the way it was put together was very clear and direct and aimed specifically at our dog's problem. We actually have our pooch on doggie Prozac and this, combined with the postive reinforcement laid out in the book, is really making a difference in her behavior. (Tip: I don't think McConnell tells us to do this but it is working: I wanted my dog to know exactly what she was being rewarded for and to be aware of the stimulus early on becasue the "surprise" factor is huge for her, so I paired the stimulus - a strange human- with a word before I treated her lack of negative response by saying "people" in a cheerful way. After a couple of days, our dog figured out the connection and was looking to me for a treat if SHE saw a human before I did or if I even said the word "people." This helps because I didn't want her to think the desired behavior only occurs outside on our walks. Now I can say "people" when we are inside our apartment and our dog hears the noises of humans walking up and down the hallway and she knows what that means.) For the first time in 2 years we have hope that we can eventually go on walks without our girl barking and lunging at every human she sees and even someday (crosses fingers) invite strangers into our home without having to lock our dog in a room by herself while she barks her little head off in distress. Again, don't expect anything groundbreaking if you have been at this for awhile, but we have had a lot of information in this area and this book really "clicked" for us (including my lackadaisical husband). It is presented in an extremely useful and cohesive style. It is relatively easy to employ (except maybe finding willing strangers and friends who are willing to be test subjects) and I really appreciated the way the author used examples from her own life and was realistic about what you can expect. She really covers all scenarios and gives you concrete, practical tips on what you how you should handle the situation. Now, I carry treats with me at all times in order to reinforce the behavior I do want. The only negative I would say is that McConnell doesn't really tell us how to transition from "treats" (whether food or toys) to no "treats," but we can figure that part out and so far I can say this book has been a lifesaver!...more info
  • Great suggestions!
    Get the help you need fast in this little book. I really didn't want a course in dog psychology, I just wanted some practical tips and tricks to help the dog. This book will give you that information so you can help your dog TODAY!...more info
  • Got more than I bargained for!
    This slim publication is packed with a wealth of excellent information! If you are looking for a "quick fix", this is not the read for you. This book demands total commitment of the owner to help the dog become confident (and safe and reliable to have around, in the process) Nobody ever said owning a Dog would be easy, but if you follow the thoughtful directions in this book, you and your fearful dog have a good chance to become comfortable partners. I found this publication to be very helpful. Current Foster Owner...more info
  • Great classical counter conditioning book!
    This is a great book. I am working with an animal behavioralist to socialize my 6 month old shepperd-husky mix Janey. She was a pound puppy and had no socialization at all when we got her from a local rescue.

    With our trainer's help and with the suggestions in this book Janey is rapidly gaining confidence and flowering into a happy little girl.

    A suggestion - Try baby food: turkey with veggies or poultry. Baby food is easy to swallow in stressful situations. Having a cautious canine choke on the positive association is counter productive.

    Good luck!...more info
  • Not what was advertised
    This should not be advertised as a book since it is just a small booklet 5" by 8" with only 28 pages. There was very little useful information found in this little pamplet. Buying books sight unseen is risky business. Book stores are your best bet....more info
  • concise, practical, informative, and very helpful
    I knew there would be a lot of baggage involved when I adopted a young greyhound who had been neglected, starved, and beaten prior to rescue. Although his fear did not make him agressive it did pose problems with daily activities: loud sounds, anyone walking behind him on the street, men, angry voices on TV, the clicking sounds from soda cans, cameras, or ball-point pens, anything remotely shaped like a stick...the list of things that completely paralized him went on and on.

    My sister, who is active in Aussie rescue, suggested this booklet (she was coping with a rescued fear-biter at the time). The suggestions in this book enabled us both to help our very different animals blossom into the confident, well-mannered, loving, envy-inspiring dogs they are today.

    Of special help to me was understanding that 'comforting' behaviour on my part just gave my dog the certainty that there really was something to worry about. As soon as I changed that he began to act less anxious. When rescued he was never supposed to be allowed to be an only dog because of his nervous anxiety and self-destructive coping methods. So when my elder grey passed some months back we worried about regression. Thanks to this booklet he is more happy, playful, and calm than ever before. He even lies tummy-up on the grass a few feet away as my husband swings his golf clubs and works on his game. His utter indifference to a big stick was something I never imagined possible and would never have happened without the wisdom in this little booklet.

    Thank you, Ms. McConnell!...more info

  • More of a pamphlet than a book
    There was no information in this pamphlet that I could not have gotten for free online. I thought I was buying a book, not a pamphlet for $10. I wouldn't bother. You can get similar info at the pet store....more info
  • Good Book for working with "Fearfull" Dogs!
    Great book, has really helped us deal with a fearful rescue basenji whose worse habit was going on the attack....more info
  • Deals with people fear, not dog fear...
    I bought this book because my puppy is wary of other dogs. While the instructions given in this book can be applied to any fear the author focuses on fear of people. The book is still useful, but I would have liked a little help with my specific problem. I also purchased Help for your shy dog and that's a little more comprehensive on the various fears dogs have (inanimate objects, people, dogs, touching etc). It also made me feel better about having a shy dog and that she can be helped!! If you only get one book get Help for your shy dog. But, if people fear is your only problem then get Cautious Canine...more info
  • Use this book and create your own conditioning program
    This book is built around a case study of a dog that is afraid of strangers at the door, but its useful as a toolset so that you can develop a program to counter-condition practically any unwanted behavior. If you happen to have a dog that has fear-based on-leash aggression towards other dogs, I recommend McConnell's other booklet, Feisty Fido. At this price, buy both....more info
  • Cautious of this book on canines
    I don't feel this book has a workable solution to the problem. It is a method that requires much more than most people can give to the problem. The book is actually a booklet and the cost was too much for what it offers....more info
  • Cautious Canine
    This booklet rescued both me and my new puppy. I followed all the author's advice, and now have a completely well adjusted dog. This booklet is a must if you have a shy dog....more info
  • Nice Magazine Article
    I guess I should have noticed the "29 pages" in the description. It's 15 pages of 8x10 paper folded in half, two staples, and a cover. That works out to 19.83 cents per page. Amazon's paperback "War and Peace" [$10.46] at 1472 pages would cost $291.95 if published by Dr. McConnell.
    Calling this a book or booklet seems a little much. Perhaps "pamphlet" is a better descriptor....more info
  • Excellent Info & Concise
    Excellent little booklet that will give owners with fearful dogs important guidelines to help their dog get more comfortable and reliable in general....more info
  • Elevenpeaks Kennels Recommends this BOOK
    If you have a probelm with your pet I would strongly suggest you purchase this book.
    It written for the average person to read and understand what is expected of you as the owner and what should be expected of a well socialized pet....more info
  • Practical Solutions
    This book follows Jean Donaldson's tradition of practial solutions. It's not too cumbersome to get through and you end up with some great techniques for helping your fearful dog become more confident....more info
  • A must for dogs with fear
    I am a canine obedience instructor and I recommend this booklet to any of my customers with dogs who exibit mild to severe fear. Often times people are afraid to even bring thier dogs to class because they don't know how the dog will behave- so I recommend this booklet to start a desenitization program at home. Many times they come back thrilled with the results and ready to sign up for a class because thier dog has shown so much improvement. This is a 29 page booklet that is pretty much a 'how to' help your dog overcome it's fear. You very likely will have to put a lot of work in to this- but it will be well worth it....more info
  • The Cautious Canine
    Brilliant little book. Did not teach me anything new in the way of sit, down, stay but gave me a plan to follow with my 2yr old abused, re-homed (for the third time) Rottweiler. With in 7 days and many treats she gave me her first glance when one of her many 'triggers' (other dogs, running children, fast bikes, strange men) came close. A sure sign we were going in the right direction. If you have a dog that will not listen to you while on your walks and lunges for other dogs YOU NEED THIS BOOK!...more info