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Baby Bargains, 8th Edition: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Gear, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More!
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Product Description

Congratulations, you're expecting a baby! What you may not be expecting is all of the requisite gear you "need" to look after your dear bundle. Fear not. Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Bridal Bargains, are here to tell you what's super and what's silly, and how to find it at the best price. You'll learn all about how (and where) to shop for a crib and dresser (including how to get European styling at reasonable prices), what you need in bedding and what can be skipped (a hint: no baby requires the $200 quilt!), which clothing brands are safest and least expensive, and how to shop for monitors, toys, car seats, strollers, books, videos, and more. The authors have field-tested every major brand (and several of the minor ones), and they provide star ratings and annotations at the end of every chapter. A helpful feature in each chapter called "Wastes of Money" will steer you away from $35 Baby Air Jordans and frilly diaper stackers that match your bedding. If that's not enough, they offer a money-back guarantee: If the book doesn't save you at least $250 in baby expenses, they'll refund the price of the book. Well researched and written in a witty and comfortable tone, Baby Bargains should be required reading for every safety- and money-conscious parent-to-be. --Rebecca A. Staffel

Oh baby! With the average newborn racking up $7,000 in expenses for the first year alone, expectant moms and dads need all the creative cost-cutting ideas they can find. Baby Bargains is the answer. Inside, parents find detailed ratings and reviews of baby gear, plus handy charts that compare brands and models. Since its release in 1994, BABY BARGAINS has sold over 800,000 copies.

Customer Reviews:

  • A reference book with a useless index
    This is the kind of book that you buy to look things up in, rather than read cover to cover, which makes it all the more mysterious that the index is so awful. It's not totally useless, but it becomes progressively inaccurate as the book progresses. For entries below page 350, it's about right, but if the index tells you something is on page 500, it's probably somewhere between 475 and 525. Unless you're very patient, you'll probably switch to google very quickly after trying to use this book to evaluate a specific purchase.
    ...more info
  • Savior for busy 1st time parents
    This is like my bible for baby stuff. Considering how busy one gets with a new baby, I didnt have time to shift thru' 100's of reviews online to get the best/safest deal. This is my one stop shop for everything. Awesome resource....more info
  • I Read It Cover to Cover
    I used this book constantly when I was selecting items to purchase or register for during my pregnancy. The thoughtful reviews of specific brands were much more helpful than the vague Consumer Reports version. I ended up finding an incredible baby store, where we bought our nursery furniture (Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading, MA) and felt much more comfortable deciding what to purchase.

    By distinguishing between items that are worth the cost and items that aren't even necessary to buy, the book also helped me wade through all the "must-have's" from the store registry guides. There's a great "reality layette" list for clothing, and a great "reality registry" list as well.

    I ended up finding several items to buy on Craig's List, so this book also helped me evaluate the products when there wouldn't be a store to return them to if I ended up dissatisfied.

    One warning: I got this item as a gift and don't know why I got the 7th edition--it looks like there's a more recent edition out there, and because of the rapidly changing nature of baby products, I'd go for the most recent one you can buy.

    I am buying this book for any friend who gets pregnant from now on--it makes up for its cost in what you'll save, but more importantly, it is enormously reassuring when you're standing in Babies R' Us looking at 40 strollers or whatever....more info
  • Must Have!!!
    If you buy nothing else when you are expecting, buy this book! It is great! Not only does it tell you the things you need when you are going to have a baby, it tells you which things are a complete waste of money. Items are rated by type of product (ie stroller) and brand. At the end of each chapter there is a quick review of the top 3 products for each type of item: good, better, and best. This is a very helpful guide for first-time parents....more info
  • Worth the Price, but Use with Caution
    I've now had this book for a year. I received it before my twins were born and they are now 9 months old. I carried this book with me at all times while I was pregnant and used it almost on a daily basis. As a first time mom (carrying twins, no less), I was clueless as to what I needed and which brands were the best. The car seat section alone is worth the price of the book. However, I picked up the book yesterday to check out their recommendations for baby gates, and after flipping through it, I was reminded about all of the stuff the authors scared me to death about. For example, they basically say that doorway jumpers and walkers are death traps. Well, I'm pretty sure almost anything can be a "death trap" w/o proper supervision. My babies love the doorway jumper and walker (they also have an excersaucer too, which the authors do recommend). My mother told me I lived in my walker, and I'm still alive :-) Also, they say not to use bumpers in the crib. I know the medical community also advises against this. I didn't use bumpers (and didn't really need them) until my babies were about 8 months. Now it's a necessity in order to avoid heads getting bumped on the crib rails. I don't really think this book saved me any money...I do my own bargain hunting online. Also, I think future editions should include more recommendations for products for twins, triplets, etc. All said, this book is definitely worth buying, but don't let the authors' scare tactics stress you out....more info
  • Awesome
    Great seller. Item is exactly as described but at 1/2 the price in stores.
    Super fast shipping as well. ...more info
  • No-nonsense advice
    Buying this book was a really good investment - not a big expense compared to the money one can save by avoiding unnecessary or overpriced baby items. Even if you're not going to follow every recommendation the authors make, it will save you a lot of time and energy researching alternatives. Highly recommended for first time parents-to-be. ...more info
  • awesome
    As a former wedding photographer, I recommended the Bridal Bargains book to every couple who walked through my door. I still recommend it as its one of the best books written on weddings.

    Fast forward to this year, we are having a baby and I saw that the same people who did the wedding book have been doing a baby book! Not only that but its just as valuable as the bridal book!

    The sections on cribs and car seats are worth the price of the book alone. For us in MA, finding out about the baby warehouse was just icing on the cake. If you have a baby on the way or you are planning to have a baby this is the book you should have...more info
  • Baby Bargains Book
    I have two children and used this book while purchasing all of their important baby items. If you buy a crib, stroller, car seat or highchair without reading this book, you are crazy. Because of this book, I bought nothing for my children because it was "cute", I bought it because it was safe, effective and worth the money. I didn't even buy this copy for myself. We heard our friends were expecting and I bought it and had it sent to their home after stressing the importance of it....more info
  • Really helpful book
    This was really helpful. I was able to find out a lot about brands, specifically which companies have good reputations for customer service, which companies manufacture their goods in China, which have had product recalls, and so on. Personally, I appreciated the "green" consideration given to cribs (which off-gas due to using MDF and which do not), car seats, and cloth items. I would have liked to know if there are any "green" high chairs out there. One consideration the authors did take, which I was pleasantly surprised by, was a discussion of which car seats fit most safely into which cars. Now, I would like to know more about European and Canadian crash tests vis-a-vis car seats. Bottom line-- I think everyone expecting a baby should get this book. It's not perfect, but it is SO much better than relying on word-of-mouth referalls from people who may or may not be up to date on safety standards etc. ...more info
    I am a new mom, but I believe that any mom would benefit from this book because of the new information about important baby products. With everyting that a baby needs, it can be really overwhelming. Without this book, I would have definitely made some unsafe and impractical choices. My favorite thing about this book is knowing which products are the best choices because they work the best, have the best features, and/or are the safest. I also like knowing what features I need from products and what products I don't need at all as well as good products in different prices ranges.

    Also, make sure to read the customer reviews on products before you buy or register for them. Sometimes I would read mostly negative comments on products that broke or were of such quality that something else had to be purchased instead (waste of money)....more info
  • stand-by for any first-time parent!
    Very thorough, with great reviews on almost anything one can fathom with regards to expecting a baby.
    Thick book with lots of info, not an easy skim, but that's great for us who LOVE to read as many reviews as possible before settling down for major (and minor) purchases!...more info
  • Fabulous Resource
    As a first-time parent with about the littlest prior knowledge of the baby world, this book has been invaluable! It incorporates consumer reports, recall info, customer feedback, price-to-value, and other testimonies to come up with ratings for the different products.

    I feel confident that the products this book has helped me choose will be of good quality for the money I spend, and it's been reassuring that when speaking with veteran parents they seem to echo a lot of what has been said in the book about various products.

    Great purchase, highly recommended....more info
  • A must-have for new parents
    I bought this as a gift, but I have an earlier edition. This is an essential book for navigating the world of baby products....more info
  • Baby Fabulous For First Time Parents
    As (soon-to-be) first time parents we have a lot of questions. Before buying the book, we had already bought our crib, changing table, registered, and were on our way. We felt quite confident in our decisions, although they were hard to make. Getting advice from friends and family on what to get can be quite overwhelming.

    As an example -This book may have helped us from making a mistake that would have endangered our baby. The crib that we bought was the worst crib that you could by on the market. The brand (Delta) had the biggest major recall in the U.S. in 2008, and had been recalled earlier for lead paint, etc. Needless to say, we are thankful that we never took it out of the box, and returned it the same day we read about it in Baby Bargains. This information was not readily available on the web, especially for first time parents who have no clue where to look.

    This book helped us make important safety decision in regards to everything baby. It warned us about Delta, but made us feel confident about our travel system choice, among other things.

    The book Baby Bargain refers to saving money, or cutting back, when having a baby. Most excellent for this economy. However, most of the information is common sense, and the other you could probably find on the Internet. They claim that the book will help you save more than 250 dollars when preparing for a baby, they actually guarantee it. I do not necessarily believe that, but with respect to our crib...I feel that information was/is priceless!!

    Thanks Baby Bargain!!!

    5 Stars...more info
  • Must Have!!!
    If you buy nothing else when you are expecting, buy this book! It is great! Not only does it tell you the things you need when you are going to have a baby, it tells you which things are a complete waste of money. Items are rated by type of product (ie stroller) and brand. At the end of each chapter there is a quick review of the top 3 products for each type of item: good, better, and best. This is a very helpful guide for first-time parents....more info
  • love this book.
    I have given this book to a number of new moms after using myself. It is great....more info
  • Very helpful!
    Love this book! I am an older mom to be...first born. I have a busy career and am not a huge shopper. Although I like nice things I am very practical. I was completely overwhelmed & shocked at the amount of items on the market today for babies. This book enabled me to basically stay home, research, & register online which was so much less stressful! I highly recommend this book for the moms or dads that are looking for the latest in style, convenience & safety. Oh, and I was planning to purchase the Consumer Reports book on baby but saw a review from someone that said don't buy it buy the Baby Bargains book instead! They were right. ...more info
  • Excellent book
    Excellent book with LOTS of information. We took it with us to register for all our baby stuff. Not sure it saved us any money on the items we purchased, but it gave us a lot of insight about the safety ratings of all the things we were planning to get. All together, a very good book. Would recommend....more info
  • Must-Have Book for Parents-to-Be!
    Pre-ordered this after flipping through the previous edition. Love it!!! Couldn't have done the registry without it. Also recommended against a crib brand I was going to buy that has safety issues. Crib I ended up getting wasn't mentioned in the book; authors responded within a day to my email asking about it, wow! I'd only suggest adding a bit more about Ikea brand outside of cribs. I got some great deals there on storage and other items. The book's online forums have tons more information as well.

    Don't know how I would have picked anything without this book considering how much is out there. Great buy or gift for any expectant parents!!!...more info
  • baby bargains
    This book was very helpful - I would recommend it to any first time mom....more info
  • Great Book!
    I've used this book for reference quite a few times already since receiving it. It's great to read about the comparisons and also how to save on costs. I would definitely recommend this to all the parents-to-be!! ...more info
  • So far so good
    Everyone I talk to that is going to have a baby or has had a baby has recomended this book to us! So far, there has been a ton of great information. We haven't made to many purchases yet, but I am going to keep track of how much we spend compared to their estimates. This definitly makes purchaseing a crib and travel system (stroller, and car seat) much easier with their rating system....more info
  • A must for any new mom.
    I had an earlier version of this when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old. It was invaluable in helping me learn about all the available baby gear and what was a must have vs. a nice to have. The gear was all categorized in an easy to understand format, and the popular products came with a review. I just bought this one for my niece who is about to start her family. I only hope this version is as good as the one I used all those years ago....more info
  • very insightful
    The book is very insightful to new parents--does a good job of telling you what you need and what you don't need, and also does a good job of rating & describing different baby products. Well worth it!...more info
  • Great resource but could use some updating...
    This book was a HUGE help when I was shopping for my baby and I have since recommended it to all my friends. It's a great place to start, if like me, you had very little clue about what you would need. It's also a great place to start if you do know what you need because it then helps you sort through all the different options available. The authors have tried to keep their advice practical and I especially appreciated their tips on some commom 'waste of money' items. I think they definitely helped me make smart choices.

    The two areas I would suggest for improvment are:
    (1) coupons - I saw little to no reference to coupons and have found that that's a huge source of savings when shopping for baby products
    (2) online shopping - I bought most of my gear online and saved a lot of money since prices were usually cheaper and I didn't pay sales tax. Some websites are better/cheaper than others and I think it would be great to have a more comprehensive listing and review of them

    Finally, although this probably has to do with needing to come out with a new edition, but there are definitely some great products that are new to the market that don't get reviewed in the current (7th) edition (e.g., the Quinny stroller)....more info
  • must read for new moms
    This is a must read for new moms. My husband and I are frugal people so obviously we want the best bargains. Prior to reading this book I was overwhelmed with all the products out there on the market for babies. My head was spinning. I had no idea what to look for in a good baby product. Also there are many products that are unnecessary that stores will try to push you into buying. If you aren't careful you can spend a fortune on your baby and they grow out of the stuff so quickly. This book helped filter through all of the baby products out there in the market and rate it based on customer's review and recommendation. Really who wants to reinvent the wheel. Now I can feel confident that I am buying a good products. ...more info
  • My Go-To Book for Research
    After using the Bridal Bargains book 8 yrs ago during my wedding planning, I was so excited to learn that they made Baby Bargains! I love the straight forward advice they give, the additional info offered that you can find on-line, and everything about this book!! Highly Recommended!!...more info
  • waste of time
    My wife checked this out when we were pregnant with our second child. She did not get anything out of it. We use cloth diapers for our son and they do not know what they are talking about with that. We spend about $300 a year on them. They discourage getting used stuff which is a great way to get quality baby stuff for little and their ratings of stuff are often times way off as well and are the opposite of what you would get from consumer reports on many items. Don't waste you time or money on this book...more info
  • Great Buy!
    This book is exceptional! I was a little overwhelmed as this is my first baby and had no idea where to start as far as choosing the safest and most economical products, but this book solved all of my problems- except maybe deciding on a name and theme :) ...more info
  • Great book!
    Baby Bargains is a super helpful book. There is tons of information on anything you could possibly think of needing for you and your baby. This book is especially good for first time parents, but I imagine it would be helpful for any parent who would like advice on the best products out there. I know that I saved money using this book. It also makes a great gift!...more info
  • Savior for busy 1st time parents
    This is like my bible for baby stuff. Considering how busy one gets with a new baby, I didnt have time to shift thru' 100's of reviews online to get the best/safest deal. This is my one stop shop for everything. Awesome resource....more info