Baby Bargains, 7th Edition: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on baby furniture, gear, clothes, toys, maternity wear and much more! (Baby Bargains)
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Oh baby! With the average newborn racking up $6000 for the first year alone, expectant moms and dads need all the creative cost-cutting ideas they can find. Baby Bargains is the answer. Inside, parents find detailed ratings and reviews of baby gear, plus handy charts that compare brands and models.

Congratulations, you're expecting a baby! What you may not be expecting is all of the requisite gear you "need" to look after your dear bundle. Fear not. Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Bridal Bargains, are here to tell you what's super and what's silly, and how to find it at the best price. You'll learn all about how (and where) to shop for a crib and dresser (including how to get European styling at reasonable prices), what you need in bedding and what can be skipped (a hint: no baby requires the $200 quilt!), which clothing brands are safest and least expensive, and how to shop for monitors, toys, car seats, strollers, books, videos, and more. The authors have field-tested every major brand (and several of the minor ones), and they provide star ratings and annotations at the end of every chapter. A helpful feature in each chapter called "Wastes of Money" will steer you away from $35 Baby Air Jordans and frilly diaper stackers that match your bedding. If that's not enough, they offer a money-back guarantee: If the book doesn't save you at least $250 in baby expenses, they'll refund the price of the book. Well researched and written in a witty and comfortable tone, Baby Bargains should be required reading for every safety- and money-conscious parent-to-be. --Rebecca A. Staffel

Customer Reviews:

  • Great book!
    I bought this book on a recommendation of other moms and moms-to-be. It offers reviews on just about anything you could want or need when having a baby! it also offers some great tips on saving $$! ...more info
  • must have!
    recommended by friends - need to have this book if you are having a baby - it has been our go-to reference on everything. My only complaint is that it did not rate some items that you can find at Costo very well, and I have always believed that Costo sells quality.....take with a grain of salt....more info
  • I cannot put it down!
    I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and immediately ordered from for much cheaper. I cannot believe how wonderfully informative this book is. It covers everything you will ever need for baby. From Maternity wear, to diaper bags, to high chairs...and everything in between. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. It is very easy to read and understand. There are recommendations at the end of every product evaluation complete with prices and where to purchase the product. After reading this book I removed a few things from my baby registry and changed others. The authors get hundreds of emails a day from regular folks like us and they take our opinions into consideration. I trust this book more than Consumer Reports. If you are pregnant or just had a child you owe it to yourself to spend the money for this book. You will not be sorry. ...more info
  • Must buy book for new parents!!!
    This book was very educational and helpful. It saves so much time when looking for products. I was trying to find reviews on my own from all different sites and it got very frustrating. This book does the work for you while also listing the best bargains. It gave helpful hints and tips on things I hadn't even considered. If you are new to parenting this is a book you must read!!!...more info
  • Great for new momg
    I absolutely loved this book. Being a clueless new mom, I'm not sure what I would have done without it It really educates you on things you are going to need as a new parent. It also educates you on things that are out there but aren't really necessary. ...more info
  • An absolute must for new parents
    Baby Bargains is an absolute necessity for new parents trying to figure out what to buy when faced with oodles of choices. Covers just about everything you need for an infant and has saved us countless hours, wasted money, and frustration. The stroller and car seat information alone make this a must buy, but the overall advice and savings you'll see will easily pay for the book many times over....more info
  • Amazing, awesome, can't say enough about this Koran/Bible/Torah for baby gear.
    Not only is the book great, but the resource the authors have created on their website is incredibly useful. Selecting baby gear can be harrowing but this really helps narrow down the choices....more info
  • The book seems great, but watch which edition you are getting...
    I ordered this book thinking I was getting the newest edition (2007). Instead I received a book that was 2 editions ago and published 5 years ago. If you simply click on New or used links at the top, you will be taken to the screen for the 7th edition (higher price). If you click on the new/used link, it takes you to the 5th edition.

    The book is still decent, but I feel like the sale was somewhat deceptive. The authors themselves state that they change 30-40% of the book during each edition which means that potentially 80% of the book I've received is OUT OF DATE.

    Bummer. And no recourse since my invoice doesn't have an edition number on it....more info
  • A must-have for new parents
    I bought this as a gift, but I have an earlier edition. This is an essential book for navigating the world of baby products....more info
  • The Bible for new parents!
    This book was the best baby purchase we've made! It helps you wade through the hundreds of baby products that are on the market. It presents the information in an easy, objective manner. I highly recommend it to all people who are expecting a child....more info
  • The Must Have Baby Book!
    This book was recommended to me by a friend, and it is the only book I think I couldn't do without. It is incredibly useful- both in terms of letting you know what different products are for and what you actually need (because really, how many first time parents know the technical differences between a convertible car seat and a normal car seat?) and then "grades" the various brands and makes of all the products (and also lets you know the price ranges). For building a registry, this book should be by your side. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but still indispensable
    Great resource. Not perfect, but it certainly covers a wide-range of materials and offers lots of information to help parents make decisions about what baby gear to buy or not to buy. I understand there are too many products to be able to review every single one of them, but some items could have more thorough coverage/critique, like cloth diapers and baby slings. The reviews in these two categories in particular seemed to miss some of the popular brands I've uncovered in my research and did not really evaluate those brands they did mention. Instead, the book just said things like "some parents also like this brand" which is not very helpful. Stroller, layette, bedding, cribs, car seat reviews all very helpful--I would not have been able to decide some of these larger purchases without the help of this book....more info
  • Should be mandatory for the newly pregnant
    I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Instead of just focusing on what baby products are cheapest, the authors take into account safety, value, necessity, and just about any other variable you can think of. We were clueless before this book, but referred to it for just about every purchase and we feel confident that we have chosen quality products for our baby without spending unnecessarily.

    I have recommended it to every pregnant couple I know - even a random couple we ran into at a department store while registering for gifts. It is easy to read, well-organized, and thorough. I just ordered Baby 411 by the same author and look forward to more great, practical information. ...more info
  • DEFINITELY more biased than the previous edition!
    I LOVED the 7th addition of this book. It was well-researched and seemed relatively unbiased. I relied on it for info on ALL of our major baby purchases. When we found out we were having #2, I eagerly ordered the new (8th) edition. I'm not sure what changed, but some of the integrity and lack of bias has gone out the window! I am SO disappointed!
    Here are just some examples of what I mean:

    While they mentioned several different bottle brands in the 7th ed., they only recommend two in this edition...two of the most expensive ones.

    They claim that outlet covers are the #1 waste of money in their safety section (they actually recommend moving your furniture around to block outlets - how practical)...but then these are the second thing they list under safety "must haves".

    And the big one: Cloth diapers - in the 3 short weeks since we switched to cloth diapers to save money, even I know enough to spot the bias in their information. They basically try to make the argument that cloth does not save you money over disposables. The amount they claim you'll spend on disposables is way too low - you'll spend easily $800-900 a YEAR buying the economy packs of mid-priced diapers & wipes @ Target for ONE child. This is a MUCH higher number than the roughly $300 we spent ONE time to switch to cloth diapers & wipes that we can continue to use for as long as we have kids. They take it for granted that "most folks don't have the time or energy" to wash their own cloth diapers. What they don't tell you is that, if you have at least one diaper-aged kid, it's no big deal to do an extra load every couple of days. They then conclude that, based on their (wrong) assumption that you'll NEED a diaper service, you'll spend tons of money on cloth diapers "in just the first year". Umm, unless you choose to use a diaper service, you don't HAVE to spend any more money after the first year, because you don't have to buy any more diapers! Cloth is one of the biggest money-saving options parents have, so why are they trying to convince you otherwise?

    In the previous edition, there were several instances where they were honest about admitting when they didn't have all the info on a given product, and therefore couldn't make an informed judgment. It definitely would have benefitted their readers if they were a little more honest about that in this edition as well.
    There is still some good info, which is why I gave it the rating I did. However, be on the lookout for incomplete or seriously biased information!!!...more info
  • BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought thier Bridal Bargins book several years ago and boy did it save me money!!!(lots and lots and lots of money) I bought this book soon after and what a life saver!!It has soo many great points and money saving tips!!! My husband loved that it had what products were great and which to avoid like the plauge! Also you can get on their website for updates on recalls and new products as well as what other parents say about the products! I will buy the other books Baby 411 and Toddler 411 soon!! A great investment (not that it costs all that much)!! Mine is so worn I may have to buy a new copy soon.
    All of my freinds have children ranging from infant to adult, I questioned them to the point they wanted to avoid me for a while. Most had good ideas about what to get and what not but mostly they told me without knowing it why it sometimes pays more to spend a little more. Case in point everyone of my freinds bought the big tank of a stroller most bought the travel systems. All of them yes all of them complained about how heavy it was, the wheels broke, the wheels stuck, the wheels squeek etc. Using the book I was able to go to several stores (BRU was the best to try out a new stroller cause you can wheel it around the store) and look at ones the book (which was in hand)liked and the ones my friends hated. I was able to choose a stoller that met MY standerds but wouldn't fall apart or not fit in my car. Also BRU lets you take car seats out to your car to see if they will fit properly as well as the stollers.
    Sometimes it's just better to buy something that costs a bit more then to spend $$$$$$$ to have to keep replacing it or fixing it. Also for those people whining about the Fields saying to stay away from used things, the RECOMEND again RECOMEND that some items you never buy used and I agree with them 100%!!! With carseats there is NO WAY to know if that seat was ever compermised in a accident! Would you trust your child in a seat that you didn't know the history of? I couldn't. Same with cribs, my mother in law (bless her heart) kept the crib of my husbands and offered to give it to us. I said NO!! and showed her that the slates were too wide apart (you could fit a 2lt bottle through it) and the finish was flaking off. I would have taken the crib if not for this book! Also the clothes section of the book has been a life saver ( as well as a $$ saver), I go to second hand stores to get most clothes since my little one grows outa them so fast. By using the section on what brands are better then others I can quickly get through and pick out the best clothes that I know won't fall apart or shrink. The book was not made to give you the cheapest bargins, it gives you the tools to buy the best products that are safe and sturdy and again won't fall apart after one use some of these are cheap priced others you may have to spend a little more....more info
  • Incredibly helpful
    This book was incredibly helpful to me in selecting items for my baby registry and nursery. It is more specific and useful than the Consumer Reports book that I also bought....more info
  • Must-Have For New Parents
    This should be required reading for all first-time parents before they register for gifts or purchase anything for their baby! It has great reviews and advice....more info
  • Excellent book!
    I wish I had found this book earlier in my pregnancy. I've been relying on reviews on various websites about baby products, but this book ties it all together and then some! There's not a whole lot of baby product information out there, and Consumer Reports was quite a disappointment. Baby Bargains came to the rescue! This books tells you what you really need, what to spend the extra money on (i.e. carseats), what NOT to waste your money on, and what is just a scam. It also has reviews on just about every brand of product out there. I definitely recommend it, particularly for all new parents. This will be a baby shower gift for all my friends in the future....more info
  • Great book!
    This is a phenomenal book...very helpful in guiding you through the plethora of products you will be researching...more info
  • A must have to research safety and quality for new baby
    This book is a must have! Expecting out first child, I was blindly picking out the things that I liked based on looks. Little did I know, there is so many things to consider in selecting everything from sheets to carseats to diapers. I feel like I am making better, more educated decisions with the help of this book! I will be buying it for every friend I know when they announce they are expectng- I wouldn't make any major baby purchase without consulting Baby Bargains first....more info
  • Great guide to help you navigate baby consumerism
    Like their Wedding Bargains book, Baby Bargains makes you a bit cynical about the baby products industry. However, as a first time mom (parallel to being a first-time-hopefully-last-time bride), the info in the book is invaluable even if you have friends and family who can help you. I trust the recommendations in this guide since they collect input from so many parents (think Consumer Reports). Moreover, they do the background research on brands and expose information not otherwise readily available (which brands are actually owned by the same company; what is the recall record of a product; where are the raw goods sourced from).

    Main pros:
    -- Chapters for all major baby purchases
    -- Specific brands and product models discussed and rated. Someone lent me The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide: From Pacifiers to Potties . . . Why, When, and What to Buy for Pregnancy Through Preschool book which is informative in tell you the different options/variations for products, but it doesn't get into specific brands which is why I refer to Baby Bargains a lot more.
    -- Pictures of some items
    -- Informative regarding whether you *need* an item, for how long, and when you ought to order the item
    -- Focus on baby safety first then saving money
    -- Covers lots of different types of items (from obvious purchases to things like diaper pails, monitors, carriers)

    -- Sometimes the writing is self-referential which is harder to follow (e.g. "XYZ is important, we'll tell you more about that shortly" -- but doesn't tell you when so you need to read more closely to not miss tidbits)
    -- I had an old version passed to me which included a tear-out bookmark with a shopping list and key questions to ask. My new copy of the 8th edition no longer had this handy, portable list....more info
  • New Parents' Buying Bible
    This comprehensive book has been a lifesaver for my husband and me, who are going to be first-time parents and are among the first of our friends to have kids. Having ZERO knowledge of baby products, the first time we walked into Babies R Us we were like deer in headlights, with no clue where to begin - we left without buying anything even though we knew we needed so many things. This book has helped us navigate our way through the overwhelming variety of products and brands, enabling us to make sound decisions rather than just a crap-shoot, and saving us tons of money in the process because we now know where it's more important to invest money, where spending money is a waste, and when it's time to buy what items. They have really great advice and I don't buy anything without first looking it up in this book. ...more info
  • a must read for first-time moms!!
    I just want to recommend this book to all first time moms (or any mom, at that!)... I am expecting my first child and was completely overwhelmed with all the choices there are in baby gear! There were so many questions: What do I really need? What is the best/safest stroller, car seat, activity gym, high chair, bottle, carrier, crib, bedding, etc? Does paying more money really buy more quality? All of these questions and more were answered in this book. My husband teased me that I looked like I was studying for a test, because I literally read this book with my highlighter, pencil to underline, and page markers : ) This made creating my registry a breeze! ...more info
  • Great for first time parents
    A friend of mine had recommended this book to me when I first became pregnant. Initially I was a little skeptical because my husband and I already have a subscription to Consumer Reports and read on-line product reviews prior to making most purchases.
    However, this book is fantastic. Doing research of all the items you'll need for your baby can be quite overwhelming. We are first time parents and I think that we would have registered for/bought a number of "unnecessary" items for the baby had it not been for Baby Bargains. This book is also very instrumental with its review of brands of all the important baby items. We would have probably spent more money if we would have bought some of the poorly made products first, and then having to replace them later on. Of course I also got baby advice from friends and family who already have young children. This is what I got from this book that Consumer Reports or other product reviews could not offer:

    1) The authors tell you which baby products (i.e. bottle warmers, sleep positioners, etc..) you can forgo and are pretty much a waste of money. Whenever I felt that I "needed" something that I didn't already have on the registry I knew that I could go back to Baby Bargains and read about whether it was necessary to purchase that product or not.

    2) The authors review which products you can/should buy used (after all they are trying to save you money) without compromising your child's safety. For example, they warn parents against buying used cribs and sharing breast pumps between moms (unless you rent a hospital grade pump). As you can see cribs and breast pumps are some of the big ticket items. Consumer Reports may actually have a section on this as well, although I liked the way it was presented in Baby Bargains.

    3) The book is well organized and easy to take with you to the Baby stores. It does have a sample registry in the back, which you may or may not want to follow. Some of the registry items we picked out were the top rated products by Baby Bargains.

    4) The authors also give you an idea of which baby clothing items you'll need right away, in what sizes and quantities. I wanted to avoid too many unworn clothes sitting in the baby's closet.
    ...more info
  • I am a big fan of this book
    This is my first pregnancy and I am being bombarded with product advice from friends and family members. While I respect their thoughts and opinions, I find myself relying more heavily on the reviews and information contained in this book. This is because the book is based upon feedback collected from thousands of new parents as opposed to a handful of individuals. There is strength in numbers. In addition, the book has opened my eyes to a variety of helpful hints and tips that I had not previously considered. Well worth the money spent. ...more info
  • Great book for the 20th century. The 21st century killed this book!
    This book is awesome, if we still relied on books for information. With the internet, you can find everything in this book, by googling or going to baby sites. Actually, I found the information on websites to be current and up to date. I feel bad for the authors, because they did a nice job, but the internet has put them out of business! If you want this book, just check it out from your local library, they have it! ...more info
  • Must Have for New Parents
    I found this book extremely helpful since my husband and I are first time parents and I'm extremely excited about baby shopping. This book helped me to identify what is really important and what to look out for. I found the list of manufacturers of different brands of baby items very useful since one manufacturer usually sells their product under different brands with different quality and price points. I truly believe this book has saved us money and steered us towards quality products for our new baby. I highly recommend this book to all parents....more info
  • Must have for all new parents-to-be
    I used this all the time when preparing for my first baby. It helped to clarify the differences between all the different baby stuff that all seems alike. This is worth the money even if you just use it to compare and select your infant carrier and/or car seats. I even bought a copy for my girlfriend who was expecting 4 months after me....more info
  • terrific resource
    I found this book to be EXTREMELY helpful. This is my first pregnancy and I knew nothing about baby stuff, until I read (highlighted, tabbed, and re-read) most sections of this book. I felt much more prepared when I created my registry and went nursery furniture shopping. I was able to furnish the nursery for well under $1000.00 with the help of baby bargains. It is a terrific resource. ...more info
    First time mom here, this book is a must have!!! The authors do not favor one brand over another, their ratings are very fair and honest. This book will help you understand not only the different baby products and brands, but why they are important (or maybe not so important). It also gives you tips on what to watch for and what to keep in mind when buying items. I have given this book to two other first time moms and they both said they have or are getting a lot of helpful informaiton from the book. You will want to use this before birth but will continue to use after too. You will save much more than what the book costs. ...more info