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Blue Book of Gun Values
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Product Description

21st Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad is a softcover firearms pricing book published annually. The current 21st Edition contains 1,560 pages, and includes pricing and detailed technical information on domestic, foreign and military guns (both new and discontinued), major trademark antiques, commemoratives/special editions, and new 2000 models. Included in the 21st Edition is a 48 page digital color Photo Percentage Grading System (the industry standard) showing rifles, shotguns and handguns in various percentages of condition from 0%-100%. The Blue Book of Gun Values is now being used by the NRA, most major insurance companies, thousands of gun/pawn shops, domestic and international collectors, and other firearms industry professionals to accurately determine gun values and other related data. With over 50,000 prices covering more than 600 manufacturers, and 1/2 million words of text, the 21st Edition is the most complete and up-to-date publication of its type in use.

Customer Reviews:

  • As always , the best darn gun guide going !!!
    I am a retired gunshop owner and over the years I have used the Blue Book in my business to accuratly grade, appraise, purchase & sell firearms. I seldom used any other publication for this purpose. I now just collect guns and I still rely on the Blue Book. This is the professional's choice....more info
  • Starting point
    This book is a starting point to begin working with the idea of buying or selling a firearm.This book is factual and quite accurate with its describitionsof firearms. I found it to be on par with auctions, gun stores, gun shows on the value of its main subjectA#! of gun books, {Firearms }....more info
  • Blue Book of Gun Values, 27th Edition
    A quite complete reference work wich is very handy if you need to look up something fast. European guns are more or less overrated....more info
  • Guns
    With the ad of the Blue Book of Gun Values I was able to sell off my gun collection at proper prices. I had no idea what any of my guns were worth. I was able to sell them all for a good price...more info
  • The Only Guide Worth Looking At
    This is THE guide you need, however, it is only a guide and as such can only vaguely reflect what the market is doing. Still, it is the one that all the gun dealers use and therefore is the closest approximation to what a firearm's current market value is....more info
  • Great book
    Purchased this book for a friend who collects and restores hand guns. He was very impressed with the lay out and detailing of the prices. he recommends this book highly....more info
  • Blue Book of Gun Values
    This is one of the most informative price guides I have ever read. A breif history of most manufacurers is included at the beginning of the entry, contact , trade mark , and serial number information are included in the back of the book. The introduction contains great information with color photos on grading. This one is very well done....more info
  • Highly recommend
    Blue Book of Gun Values is great. My husband has been able to find all of the fire arms that he owns in the book and now knows what the value of them are. It is a great help as some of his guns are quite old. I would highly recommend this book....more info
  • Blue Book of Gun Values
    Best there is for determining the value of any gun....more info
  • book
  • Blue Book of Gun Values
    This product is by far the most up to date available for the gun collector. What is really neat is that identifying guns from one era to the next and one model year to the next continually improves and makes the entire experience very convenient and simple....more info
  • Blue Book of Gun Values, 27th Edition

    Very pleased with this book.Found the exact information I needed with
    no trouble....more info
  • Awesome Book
    I ordered this book for my husband. He is very thrilled with the accurate information and the condition of the book....more info
  • Not what I expected
    This is obviously a book for the professional gunsmith or collector. I had received a few very old and abused guns (pistols and longarms)from my uncle , and wanted a book of PICTURES and information to help me decide what I had in my inheritance.There are some pictures at the front of the book to help you determine CONDITION of a weapon in a collector value way. This is a thick book of page after page of information containing serial numbers and dates of manufacture but really no help to me, due to the lack of photographs. If you are looking for serial numbers and dates of manufacure and so forth with no pictures, it will be worthwhile for you.This is basically a technical manual for professionals.
    ...more info
  • reference at its best
    everything that one could ask for. grading scales, values of guns and all the manufacturers and cross-references in one book. what more could you ask for. order was placed and was received before date of expected delivery, great service. thanks...more info
  • book of gun values
    this is a good product.. gives a very good idea of the value of most all firearms.....more info
  • Very helpful
    This book has eveything you need to get started collecting or even buying and selling guns. It is helpful in learning a grading system and putting a value with it also. ...more info
  • Very good reference book
    Lots of detail and good reference book. Color pictures of various gun conditions is very helpful....more info
  • Great Reference Book
    This book is a Great reference for those who dabble in the Gun market;a Must have tool !...more info
  • excellent
    Better quantity and quality than I expected and should be very helpful in quantifying the value of my guns......more info
  • Blue book of Gun Values
    Very helpful if u are an owner of guns and plan on selling them or buying more in the future. Seems guns are like cars, some go up and some go down> ...more info
  • one of the best on the market
    I have been using this tome since first came on the market when it was Barry Fains Blue Book of Gun Values and the book was Blue.! ( 1981 ed., vol.1 - # 1 )it has made me a gang of sales and lots history .

    If you need a gun ref. this is the one.

    Thank you , Bill...more info