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The Four Agreements Companion Book : Using the Four Agreements to Master the Dream of Your Life
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Product Description

In The Four Agreements, Mexican shaman Miquel Ruiz built his teachings around four agreements: be impeccable with your word; don't take anything personally; don't make assumptions; always do your best. Now Ruiz offers readers a companion guide, making practical mysticism out of the ancient Toltec tradition. On the one hand this is an eloquent introduction to Toltec teachings, offering a fascinating discussion of how one's life is a dream (and a dream that's often dictated by others) and how "domestication" is the root of human suffering. On the other hand don Miquel has also written a Toltec self-help book, offering specific tools, exercises, and suggestions to help readers live their own dreams, become more attentive, and make conscious agreements with themselves. For readers who feel aligned with the Toltec tradition, this will certainly be a powerful ally as they begin the dream of transformation. --Gail Hudson

The Four Agreements introduced a simple, but powerful code of conduct for attaining personal freedom and true happiness. Now The Four Agreements Companion Book takes you even further along the journey to recover the awareness and wisdom of your authentic self. This Companion Book is a must-read not only for those who enjoyed don Miguel's first book, but f or anyone who is ready to leave suffering behind, and to master the art of living in our natural state: happiness.

Customer Reviews:

  • Thought Provoking...
    I have not finished reading this book yet, but it has been such a journey for what I have read! I came to such realizations in myself. It is very thought provoking, I never realized how fearful I really am. I never saw myself as fearful, putting a lable on the feelings I have is so freeing! I am looking forward to what lies ahead in this great book!...more info
  • Grounding Clarity, Simple Truth
    This is an excellent book for anyone. Don Miguel shares a heartfelt vision of very fundemental and useful truths in a very practical way that is easy to understand and follow. His work also goes beyond the new-age people, and far beyond the pop-psych books, because he is the real deal. His connection with the indigenous traditions of his people gives his expressions an uncommon sincerity and authenticity. I guarantee it will help you, should you allow it. ......more info
    If you have read "The Four Agreements", you will not want to miss this excellent and energizing companion book. Like "The Four Agreements", much of the content in this book is based on Eastern philosophies and attaining personal freedom and happiness. This book expands upon "The Four Agreements" by indicating one's life is a dream, a dream that is often dictated by others. In this light, "domestication" is seen as the root of human suffering.

    There is much to be learned from the Toltec way, and I highly recommend both this book and "Awakening the Buddha Within" by Lama Surya Das. There is much truth and food for thought contained in both these excellent, spiritually refreshing books. The wisdom learned gives direction to the reader on a path towards a more peaceful, serene and happy life....more info

  • A Good Ponder...
    This book is not a fast read in the page turner sense but a very good ponder. If you like to ponder the big questions in life, this book should be on your shelf. The author has an amazing ability to see life so clearly and put it on the page. You'll find yourself saying, "yeah, that's what it is!"...more info
  • Little dissapointment
    I like Miguel Ruiz as an author very much. You can see that from my grades of other his books. But this book is dissapointment for me.

    I read some other experiental and companion books that were much better, for example Teachings of don Carlos or Celestine Prophecy - an experiental guide.

    In all these books the diary writing as a method is included too, but in the Four Agreements Companion Book the writing in the diary or notebook is the only method. In very short time it becomes boring.

    Maybe if it was not a book of Miguel Ruiz I would grade it with greater mark, but because Ruiz is so briliant writer, I'll give 3 to this book.

    My opinion is that last part of Four Agreements, last part of Mastery of Love and the book Beyond the Fear are much better experiental guides for Miguels teachings....more info

  • Good exercises, but is this the original rough draft of The Four Agreements?
    One of the shortcomings of the original /Four Agreements/ book is that it is rather lacking in practical advice or exercises for putting the Agreements to work in your real life. I imagine a lot of people would have liked some basic guidance on where to go with this great code of conduct.

    So, in comes the /Companion Book/. Sure enough, it does include a lot of exercises and advice. Kudos to don Miguel and Janet Mills for covering the practical side. But the book is remarkably redundant and even manages to sometimes contradict or cast a little doubt on itself and /The Four Agreements/. If you've read the original book, 70% of the material here is a severely disorganized rehashing of the ideas you already learned. Honestly, it feels like the Companion Book was the first draft of /The Four Agreements/.

    However! The book *does* include a lot of exercises for self-inquiry that can illuminate things in ways you may not expect. Those exercises are valuable, and I think they can help you find a place for the Four Agreements in your life.

    My basic opinion on the book can be split into two parts:

    ** If you've read /The Four Agreements/: skip the blathering parts and go straight to the exercises in each chapter. They're worth serious contemplation and exploration -- and you'll have plenty of time for said exploration, if you don't waste your time re-reading all the stuff you already learned in the first book.

    ** If you haven't read /The Four Agreements/: you could just buy this book by itself and you'd basically get a refresher course on what the other one covers... However, I would actually recommend against that. /The Four Agreements/ is the superior book, and it covers everything much more coherently and concisely than the rehashing treatment you get in the /Companion/.

    This book could have been about 50 pages instead of 200+ if it didn't include so much doubling back on what the original /Four Agreements/ already talked about. The practical exercises are worthwhile, the interview with don Miguel is fun to read, and the "true stories" of people's experiences with the Agreements can be encouraging (though they are a bit two-dimensional). I just wish the bulk of the book was not an inferior imitation of /The Four Agreements/ itself. ...more info
  • The Four Agreements Companion Book : Using the Four Agreements to Master the Dream of Your Life
    This DEElightful book clarifies everything in the "Four Agreements" book, simplifing and making it much easier to remember what was learned...
    I can't say enough to entice the reader into having this companion book, it's a must have...Rob Ward...more info
  • GREAT Companion to the 4 Agreements
    Well, I read the 4 agreements plus Mastery of Love a few months ago and I have to agree that if everybody realized the condition of the human mind, we would have a better world. But I'm not waiting around for everybody :-)

    This book carries through on the original book's promise to liberate the human being by realizing how we can MAKE our own reality instead of just accepting (and suffering through) the one that is given to us by the dream of the world. I'm just beginning to use the workbook and I can tell that it is just what I need to put Don Muguel Ruiz's ideas into practice. The original book plus The Mastery of Love ought to be read first.

    I will let you know how I fare in this quest for mastering the dream of MY life. The exercises are serious but fun and joyous if approached with the spirit of wanting to further oneself on the path to personal freedom....more info

  • Good Reading
    The information given in the ad was very helpful. It clarified the parts of the book and the companion book as well. I found this really helpful to know that I wanted both parts to use together. This is a book I heard about on the Oprah show a while ago and was quite expensive at first publishing --buying on here at an affordable price makes so many books and forms of entertainment obtainable to those of us that can't just throw money away these days.

    Thanks,...more info
  • Overkill
    While I absolutely love the four agreements and return to the original book often, I found the companion book to be completely unnecessary. The writing style was poor and rambled in circles, constantly repeating itself. There was no new information at all. I seemed to me to be a way to get a little more money out of the concept - shocking considering the author.

    I did enjoy the last few pages of personal examples from people who had incorporated the four agreements into their lives.

    If you have the four agreements original book, you don't need this one and if you don't then skip this one and get the original....more info
  • A Must Have!
    Anyone who has read his first book will definitely want to read this one as well. This book actually helps the reader to implement the Four Agreements into daily life. Very insightful and I wish I had read it forty years ago!...more info
  • Disappointing
    This book was suggested reading as if " THE GREAT SECRET to PERSONAL FREEDOM" was going to be revealed. It spoke of a self-centered mindset that seemed to suggest that I was to live my life how I wanted and not consider how my actions would affect others around me. A very simplistic and selfish point of view....more info
  • The Four Agreements Companion Book
    This book really challenges me. I will use it for years. It is direct and specific. It disects the problem I am dealing with and asks no-nonsense questions. It goes far beyond attitude adjustment and helps me to direct my behavior toward my life-goals....more info
  • A Practical Guide to Help Us Decode Our Emotional Garbage
    After reading The Four Agreements, I felt that it is great to learn the four agreements ?V be impeccable with your word, don?|t take anything personally, don?|t make assumptions and always try your best. However, that book did not have enough practical ideas or skills to guide me decode our old agreements/emotional garbage, how to be aware and how to transform. This book has a practical guide to teach us how to live in the four agreements. It teaches us how to become aware and how to transform.

    1. Bring the Awareness to Surface so We Can Let Go of the Parasites, the Old Agreement, the Judge, the Victim, the fear

    2. How to transform by the second attention (become aware and not act on or judge too fast), action-reaction, attach-detach

    Don Miguel Ruiz has a very playful style of writing when he was telling us the above skills. I think in essence, the above skills suggests us to slow down our thinking process to give us enough time to steer our feelings and actions to apply the four agreements and to enjoy life intensely within the moment. His dialogue about the four agreements and other people?|s stories about applying the four agreements give me hope that I can live my life with what he has suggested. The dialogue helps us to decode certain emotional garbage and the dialogue helps me to break the old agreements. It is definitely a must-read if you have read the four agreements. Again, reading is not enough. However, putting the new adopted philosophies into everyday?|s life is the way to turn the dream of hell to become the dream of heaven.
    ...more info
  • Ancient Wisdom or Pop Psychology?
    Whether ancient wisdom or pop psychology - the principles for keeping yourself in good emotional health are essentially the same. The Four Agreements is a restatement of the rules that if we would follow, would lead to happier, healthier lives. ...Our collective pursuit of the answer to that question has made for some very wealthy psychologists and psychaitrists. ......more info
  • can't wait to read this
    Was buying the four agreements and thought I might as well get this one to go along. Came super fast!! Can't wait to read it!...more info
  • Live life by the 4 agreements
    My life was simplified by reading this book. It is a daily guide for me and my children now. Ruiz is a healer and a spiritual guide. Recommended for all ages....more info