Wall and Piece
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The collected works of Britain¡¯s most wanted artist.

Artistic genius, political activist, painter and decorator, mythic legend or notorious graffiti artist? The work of Banksy is unmistakable (except maybe when it¡¯s squatting in the New York¡¯s Metropolitan Museum or Museum of Modern Art.) Banksy is responsible for decorating the streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cites throughout the world.

Witty and subversive, his stencils show monkeys with weapons of mass destruction, policeman with smiley faces, rats with drills and umbrellas. If you look hard enough you¡¯ll find your own. His statements, incitements, ironies and epigrams are by turns intelligent and witty comments on everything from the monarchy and capitalism to the war in Iraq and farm animals.

His identity remains unknown, but his work is prolific. And now for the first time, he¡¯s putting together the best of his work¡ªold and new¡ªin a fully illustrated color volume.

Banksy, real name unknown, was born in Bristol, England.

Customer Reviews:

  • wall and piece
    probably the best artist of the era.. one look at his artwork got me hooked and changed the way i view graffiti.. and this book is an awesome collection of all his work, i hope theres another in the works...

    and youll love all of his personal input.....more info
  • Great coffe table book
    The artwork is amazing, the setting and message with each of his pieces are really powerful and deep. You really have to see it to believe it, once you do, you will even gain an interest of what graffiti artists are really trying to tell the viewer....more info
  • love his work
    This is a delightful book of a very creative graffiti/street artist. Banksy is unarguably a massive egotist and shameless self-promoter, and one may argue with his approach to what a street artist can do (anything he wants, according to Banksy). But those are mere quibbles compared to the amazing vision and wit that he possesses....more info
  • Crazy wonderful
    I'm a huge Banksy fan, and this was a great book to see his past work. The wry wit was so enjoyable, and it's a great coffee table book. There is some adult humour, so I wouldn't recommend it if you are offended by such things....more info
  • Wall and Piece
    This book was a gift to my brother for Xmas. He put it down reluctantly after an hour, when we begged him to play Monopoly with us. He immediately picked it up again when we were done. He loves it....more info
  • Banksy's Graffiti is Innovative
    This book is a must buy for anyone interested in modern day graffiti artists. Banksy's politically charged and creatively poised art work is daring in the nature of its placement and the ways in which it conveys its message. ...more info
  • A Magritte for our Times
    If you have a taste for subversive art that seeks to redress the dominant discourses of our times, then the work illustrated in this book will give a taste of an important player. 'Wall and Piece' documents Banksy's visual opinions on so many live issues in a manner that will leave you tossing in your bed. He claims that,'I'm going to speak my mind, so this won't take very long.' True. It's only a half hour flip through this generous picture book. But what you experience, as with any strong art, will linger much longer. Herein are his ripostes to 'the people who truly deface our neighborhoods...the companies that scrawl giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff'. Pithy texts underscore pithier photos..'a lot of people never use their initiative because no one told them to'. His visual conundrums target those who hold the reins over piece, justice and freedom. So its a vast charter; from corporate capitalism through zoos, police, soldiery, governments,royalty, and to signeage itself. Be empowered; stencilling advice available on the last page. Interested in more on art? see>rodmoss.com...more info
  • great present!
    i bought this book for my boyfriend for his b'day as he had wanted it for awhile. he got loads of other presents but the book was his favorite. not only is it a cool book full of great graffiti pics but it also has great little reads too. i love it too!...more info
  • this book rocks
    i am so excited to own this book! it's a great conversation piece, and banksy flat-out rocks....more info
  • OK Book and Idea but
    If you want real graffiti look at other books especially "The Birth of Graffiti" by Jon Naar...more info
  • Great coffee table book
    Banksy is a political artist who has created pieces from the thought-provoking to the amusing, and usually somewhere in between. This book is complete with wonderful photos of his pieces, his own little quips and insights into his background and what inspires him.

    I really liked this book, and I am not a fan of grafitti. But Banksy is a true artist, unlike the vast majority of those who deface public property. In short this book makes a good coffee table book that guests will be intrigued by - for at least the next 5 minutes anyway. ...more info
  • banksy the man
    this is a must have 4 any art fan if u r a hip hop fan streetart or just good poking fun at people and getting them to think then buy buy buy if you like war dont like to laugh and have no eye for art then stay away...more info
  • How can you NOT consider this art?
    This is a GREAT coffee table book. Lots of great photos of his works presented well with great comments and anecdotes scattered throughout. Covers his work on public places (such as bridges, statues, landmarks) to his bold methods of putting his art up in plain view in public and in some pretty well known art museums. His art has great, thought provoking messages so it's so hard to not like this type of expression. It can run from hilarious to almost scary. I am going to take away a star because I find that while I like his art and his audacity to place it on an uncommon canvas and keeps it relevant to the everyday public, I find his messages tend to jump on the band wagon. He protests the war, corruption of the justice system, the greed and ambivalence of big business, etc. Not new territory to tread. While it brings these issues back into the minds of the reader or viewer, the messages aren't anything nouveau. ...more info
  • a talent worth checking out
    Banksy is one of the artists who elevates graffitti into a true artform. It's political, satirical, sometimes lyrical and often very pointedly amusing. This book contains some of the bext pieces done all over the world. The work that goes into planning and executing these works is staggering. Very engaging and an ideal gift for any artist or art fan....more info
  • Never mind the bollocks - here's Banksy
    In a time when most works of art consist of either inconsequential pseudo-intellectual "abstractions" or fatuous entertainment, it can be a great relief to stumble upon something like Banksy's paintings/writings on the wall. And here we have a nice compilation by this growingly famous pseudo-anonymous artist for all those who do not plan to bother travelling to London, Barcelona, San Francisco, Palestine or whatever other hellish place that has been blessed with his striking graffiti creations.

    Incidentally, the Oxford Dictionary defines graffiti as: "drawings or writing on a wall, etc. in a public place. They are usually rude, humorous or political." Banksy's work, of course, is all three simultaneously. Perhaps that's one of the elements distinguishing him from other (half)underground artists (or just assertive kids) trying to get their message through by painting public buildings without official permission.
    For better or for worse, Banksy's art is loaded with meanings - and they're not that difficult to figure out, either. No wonder that no self-respecting "modern art" museum showed much interest in him - at least until he made himself noticed by blatantly breaking the rules. Don't we all love a non-conformist!

    In many ways, Banksy represents the good old punk ethos at its best: he is an exemplary practitioner of Do-It-Yourself techniques (up to his famous pranks of sneaking his works into big international museums); his themes are often (if not always) anti-authoritarian; his art is oozing with cynicism and (self-)mockery. Even the leitmotiv of the (nasty, snide, irredeemable) RAT as a reverse mirror of mainstream values, empty promises and not-so-subtle state disciplinary measures is reminiscent of the height of punk insubordination. Those were the days!
    Still, as we all know, Punk is Dead. Anarchy didn't even come close to becoming more than a cute slogan. The "System" hasn't collapsed (yet). But that doesn't mean one should stop kicking and screaming, does it?

    Fortunately, Banksy isn't just a "retro" artist - quite the opposite, he manages to reflect his own time and culture in a unique and very convincing way. Which is a hell of an achievement, considering how quickly any defiance is turned into a (boring) spectacle these days, with cheap t-shirts and mugs thrown into the bargain.
    Whether in his mockery of paranoia-inducing surveillance cameras, ever-present police officers, soldiers and impressive arsenal (of the peaceful West) - or his caricatures of a commercial culture incorporating everything from revolutionary anti-capitalist icons to flesh-coloured Christs that glow in the dark, - Banksy twists symbols and turns meanings upside down to shed a light on the contradictions lying beneath a stifling pile of stupefying nonsense and outright lies. Plus he's funny about it. What else could you wish for?

    Although there are lots of pictures of Banksy's art on the internet, this book offers two advantages: 1) it's much nicer and more comfortable to look at the (many) printed pictures; and 2) the artist has added some interesting personal thoughts/experiences which only contribute to his image of a smart, somewhat riotous but also admirably understated RAT. And a wise self-promoter.

    ...more info