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A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media
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New York Times bestselling author Bernard Goldberg argues that the left-leaning mainstream media crossed the line during the 2008 presidential election campaign and helped to determine the outcome.

Customer Reviews:

  • A coroner's report on the death of journalism
    One of the earliest and most infamous examples of media bias occurred during the 1960 Presidential Debates in which the producer, Don Hewitt
    (of 60 Minutes fame) was revealed in the control room to have feverishly orchestrated the camera shots to accentuate Kennedy's inquisitive, smiling charm, ditto for Nixon's scowl & uneasy posture (caused by a painful recent injury). If it sounds trivial, just remember the razor thin margin of JFK's victory AND polling which indicated an overwheming
    number of TV viewers who thought JFK won the debate vs. radio listeners who gave the nod to Nixon. Did Hewitt's actions (at minimum) manipulate public opinion? I think so. Could it have affected the outcome of the election? Quite possibly.
    The obvious point is that media bias carries serious consequences.
    And at no point was that more apparent than with the 2008 Election.
    Mr. Goldberg's book is a sober reminder of liberal media bias. But he's also careful to differentiate between partisan presentations such as
    Hardball & Countdown and the more egregious example of NBC's decision to allow Democrat sycophants like Matthews and Olberman to anchor live
    election coverage!
    Truth be told, I was initially hesitant about buying this book. Not because I doubted it's accuracy but I believed reading it would be akin to reading a coroner's report on the death of a loved one who suffered a long, cancerous demise. That is, you KNOW the outcome and you KNOW what
    caused it, still feel a need to read it anyway.
    The present atmosphere in the print and TV broadcast media world is analogous to a war.. and it's occupied territory for liberals.
    One can only hope that the blatant (and often painful) examples of bias in this book serve an an impetus not just for righteous indignation but
    a wake-up call for ALL Americans to recognize that partisan news coverage-
    be it liberal OR conservative- denigrates not just an institution but
    the whole of our society and culture as well.

    ...more info
  • Great Read
    This was a great read. Of course it validated what was SOOOOO apparent during the campaign and still is. The news media should call itself the Obama media it is no longer fair and balanced. Not that it ever was....more info
  • Excellent and humorous as always
    I have read almost all Bernies books and columns. They are inciteful and funny. The thing that amazes me that in the face of what the media has been doing there are many that still think the MSM is fair and balanced....more info
  • Preaching to the choir
    This book is an easy, short read that makes many, many good points. Now, if I could just get my liberal friends to read it! ...more info
  • A Slobbering Love Affair:The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media
    A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media

    Outstanding read. Highly recommended. Very factual....more info
  • A Sobering Critique of the Activist Media
    Bernard Goldberg's latest book is a damaging indictment of the mainstream news media in the United States. It is extremely well documented and persuasive.

    The author has tons of credibility regarding this subject. He was a big part of the industry as a journalist for CBS News for 28 years. It is clear that he is heartbroken by the damage that the big media has done to its own credibility. As with most Americans, he thinks that the press has an important role to play in holding government accountable. He makes a strong case about how they (the media giants) have severely damaged their credibility and how that bodes ill for them and for the nation in the future.

    Goldberg says 'that in a country like ours we really do depend not just on a free press, but on a fair press'. Although there has been a very obvious media bias for many years, he makes the case that in the recent election, they have gone from bias to activism. Specifically, they were clearly set on ensuring the election of Barack Obama, rather than just reporting the news.

    Some of the things that he uses to illustrate his thesis include the double standards applied to the opposing candidates. For example, Sarah Palin was savaged over issues ranging from her wardrobe to her daughter's pregnancy (can you imagine if Mr. Obama had a daughter in that situation? The media would have destroyed anyone who raised that as an issue.) On the other hand, Barack Obama had several issues that were either totally ignored or downplayed by his press agents (the mainstream media). Some of these issues include his attendance at a radical church and close association with its racist pastor for over 20 years, his cozy association with an unrepentant domestic terrorist (can you imagine the reaction if McCain had been buddies with a Timothy McVeigh type), his close relationship with a vote fraud organization (Acorn), his links to radical Palestinians, and his close personal and financial relationship with a convicted influence peddler.

    Along with the stories that were covered up, the press also was over the top in some of its other tactics. One example is the way that they tried to destroy 'Joe the Plumber' for having the audacity to ask a tough question to Mr. Obama (something the media itself did not do the entire campaign). As Goldberg stated, the media elites seemed to 'be so unaware of their sycophancy [...]. In fact, they 'seem to have crossed a cultural line into mythmaking.' He goes on toe say, 'Welcome to Bamalot!'

    Overall, this is a very balanced, but tough, look at the conduct of the media in campaign 2008. It is an important examination of this topic. Although the author devoted one chapter to 'The Fix', that part is pretty minimal, although I do not have any better ideas for it.

    I think that all thinking Americans should read this book and consider its implications....more info
  • Eye opening!
    I new the media was slanted, but this was amazing. I have read it 3 times and going to read it again....more info
  • An expose of the end of objective campaign journalism
    I just finished the audiobook version of Mr. Goldberg's new book and it is maddening the way the media unabashedly placed their collective finger on the scale for Obama. While McCain was justifiably skewered as any presidential candidate should, Obama was given a free pass on his shady associations and lack of experience by a more than forgiving leftist media. This should be a wake-up call to Republicans that trying to sate or court the media is futile. In any election Republicans (as Limbaugh said in an interview in the book) should know that they will forever always have two opponents - and should soldier ahead with their views non the less. Alterinig your views or acting "moderate" will not make any difference. McCain was once the darling, but was later demonized. The sad thing is that both sides widely admit in many scientific polls that the media has a slant and this will lead to an unhealthy skepticism of whatever they say. So as Pat Goddel put it to Mr. Goldberg, what if one day a true demogog comes along and due to the media's tarnished reputation as being an impartial investigator, people don't listen or even ignore their warnings as partisan jabs allowing true horrors to be ushered in....more info
  • A Slobbering Love Affair
    The book has a decidedly one sided view of the media, but it is an interesting read none the less.

    The seller was very quick on the shipment and it arrived in as new condition. Would buy from again....more info
  • Great Book with Strong Views!
    Bernard Goldberg's writing in this book is phenomenal. He had me interested in politics and scandals and I even found myself laughing out loud at parts. Goldberg's style of writing is very interesting and you won't find yourself bored. With that said, you should take everything he writes with a bit of your own wisdom. Goldberg is very persuasive and could turn anyone into a conservative like himself. I found myself agreeing with him at some points and at other points I wanted to just stop reading because his words are very right-winged. It is refreshing to hear the conservatives views of Obama, but about 75% of the book is devoted to Goldberg stating his views on the media and how he doesn't agree with the liberals in the mainstream media. Overall, I have learned a lot from this book about Goldberg's position on the media and the 2008 presidential election and I recommend this book to anyone who would like a little insight on conservatives. ...more info
  • The truth Hurts--some who will not admit it.
    Mr. Goldberg illuminates what most of us realize. There is hope that others, beside those with my beliefs, read and understand how they are being ill advised....more info
  • THe Media's Slobbering love affair with Obama
    This was a timely revelation as to what took place with the election of Barack Obama. I think it was pretty obvious to all of us, but to have it revealed so clearly and honestly by a journalist was almost jolting. It is sad to think that organizations can work this way. I thought it was written extremely well, and could not put it down until I had fnished it. ...more info
  • A Slobbering Love Affair
    Easy reading well presented facts. Proof that Journalists forgot objective reporting and blatantly became full-fledged advocates for one side....more info
  • What? Press Bias?
    Bernie Goldberg hits the "mainstream" media with a square blow. His facts are indeed colored with opinion but they're facts none the less.

    This book should be required reading in every Journalism curriculum!...more info
  • AMEN!!!
    Wow, this book sums up what even a slightly intelligent person felt in 2008. Pathetic is being kind. Articulate and detailed! It is sad that the American media is so biased. ...more info
  • Who's the slob?
    The strong points of this book include how deftly Mr Goldberg quotes folks out of context and manipulates the facts to his forgone conclusion. To illustrate how a journalist's opinions color the news, he quotes a Jim Lehrer comment to Steven Colbert. How about a statistical report from academia? Evidently not on Mr Goldberg's agenda. He goes on to indicate salesmenship, personality, charisma should not influence how journalist respond to statesmen (excuse me, politicians)... while his own arguments are highly saturated with emotion. Obviously, his book would fall way flat if he delivered it in the deadpan, just-the-facts-please approach that he urges the so-called liberal media to employ. He is very cute...He wonders why Oprah did not interview Sarah Palin--talk about an opportunity for a skit on Saturday Night Live. Woo-hoo! ...more info
  • Our Self-Glorifying Overlords
    Watch Video Here: Well, we saw this week in regards to CNN just how much bias infuses network coverage of politics so it's very helpful that Goldberg penned this account to illustrate just how much the mainstream media is a lobbying entity for the Democratic Party....more info
  • Wise, pithy, scarey
    A Slobbering Love Affair
    Mr. Goldberg has given us an overview of the most biased media in the history of newspaper and television. It is totally scarey to realize how these commentators and so-called journalists can sway an election by reporting one sided stories and slanting stories to favor one candidate. Just by ignoring the importance of Obama's associations with people such as Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers, the leftist media made these associations seem unimportant, when the opposite was true. Hooray for Bernie Goldberg! This book is a must read. ...more info
  • A slobbering love affair: The true(pathetic)story of the torried romance between barack obama and the mainstream media.
    A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream MediaA "must have" eye opener for both Democrats and Republicans. Also read Bias. America needs to wake up before it's too late and to do so this book,Bias and Bill O'Reilly's Culture Warrior are "must reads" All written very clearly,thus very easy to understand. ...more info
  • An Excellent Recap
    My biggest disappointment with this book was that almost all of the information was not new for me as I had been paying pretty close attention during the election. However, it's very nice to have all of the information in one concise volume, and Mr. Goldberg's wit makes for an enjoyable if aggravating read.

    For those who are beginning to have a little "buyer's remorse" over their vote in the last election, however, this will prove an eye-opening experience. They'll be able to see how so many in the press threw their careers under the bus in an effort to get Obama elected. The mainstream media checked their objectivity at rhe door, and may have sewn the seeds of their own demise.

    I give 3 stars for political junkies, conservative and moderate, 5 stars for conservatives, moderates and intelligent liberals, who will get a glimpse of how Obama really got elected. Hardcore liberals need not read this book, as the obvious "lies" being told about their Messiah may make their pointy little heads explode....more info
  • Truth at last!
    The truth about our media is hard to stomach but the facts presented in this book are impossible to deny. ...more info
    While watching the campain, hard as I tried not to, the media bias was just so transparent, almost unbelievable. I still get a tingle, no a chill, up my spine when I think about it. ...more info
  • Your Liberal Press
    A comprehensive review of how the US press, and media tilted the 2008 presidental election. The US media is no longer an unbiased reporter of news. Makes one wonder what the top management of the TV and news print firms have to benefit from this liberal administration. By R.E. McGranahan...more info
  • The title may antagonize ... but the substance is there
    Yes, the title is an antagonistic teaser... and it probably has been the main reason for people to pan this book without even reading a single page. This is a sad fact, because Bernard Goldberg is relevant, honest and is skilled at writing in a common-sense manner that most everyone can appreciate ... whether you agree with his position or not. Golberg also provides plenty of legitimate sources to back claims and maintains a level-headed approach to his opinions. This is the manner Golberg has written in all of his previous works ... "A Slobbering Love Affair ... " is no exception.

    What first must be pointed out is that this book is not an anti-Obama book ... and you'd have to read more than the title to figure that out. The book is about Goldberg's disgust in how mainstream media outlets have all but abandoned their principles of integrity and neutrality when presenting information to the public. Goldberg feels that the coverage of the past presidential campaign resulted in the media making "faustian-like" deal in favorable coverage for Obama that may be disasterous for the media (and us) down the road.

    "A Slobbering Love Affair ..." isn't groundbreaking and it isn't an expose ... it is simply a gathering of evidence that supports Goldberg's belief that the media has sacrificed its integrity for the gain of power. The power gained is the ability to get the American public to vote for "their" candidate by ignoring or downplaying (relevant) issues (Reverend Wright/William Ayers), displaying unabashed adulation toward their candidate and making ridiculous proclamations all along the way ("the most intelligent man ever elected" and the comparison to Lincoln ... even before being inaugurated). On the other hand, the media displayed no shame in displaying its effort to destroy the "opposition" (McCain) with an overwhelming majority of negative coverage, play-ground level name-calling ("ogre" and "troll") and even the fabrication of harmful stories (McCain/lobbyist affair). Goldberg leaves no stone unturned in the quest to document his position ... in fact, most all of the sources are readily available on the internet and archived eternally on YouTube.

    Where the book becomes relevant is when Golberg thoughtfully asks himself of the consequences associated with such media power. In other words, they've sold their soul by pledging their allegiance to a virtually unknown man, got him elected to the most powerful position they could and now must stick with him, regardless of where he takes the nation (good or bad). What if he doesn't live up to the grand hype and the country sinks into despair or unrest? How will that be reported ... or, more importantly, will it be reported? The bottom line is what price will be paid for the power the media has gained? I think these are fair questions to ask ... and Goldberg, being a former CBS man (and democrat as well) is in the perfect position to ask these salient questions. ...more info
  • Appraiser
    The book is riveting, I couldn't wait to get back to it. It's loaded with honest appraisal of the current media's condition. It is supported with facts, exposure of the double standards and candid analysis of the media's irrefutable agenda....more info
  • Required Reading for concerned Americans
    Mr. Goldberg has concisely demonstrated what went wrong with the Main Stream Media (MSM)during the 2008 Presidental Election and how news coverage is unlikely to change moving forward.

    While the MSM is the topic of this book, Mr. Goldberg does not let the Republicans, John McCain or Sarah Palin off the hook as he takes them to task.

    I "love" (sarcasm mode turned off) the chapter where Mr. Goldberg provides the transcript of the "Charlies Rose Show" where Mr. Rose and Tom Brokaw discuss Mr. Obama days before the election. I remember watching the original broadcast of that episode and remember never being so angry and concerned for our country.

    While the book is a fact-based, breezy quick read (intentional I am sure based on the subject matter), I wish Mr. Goldberg provided more "red meat" to really prove the point. Interviews with Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric would have been fascinating to read.

    This book should be required reading for students in high school and above as well as anyone who has not paid attention to the MSM as of late.

    Hopefully, this book is an eye opener to all who read it.

    ...more info
  • Listen to Bernie carefully
    All the liberals out there should try and read this book objectively. It accurately points out the irresponsibility and corruption of the main stream media. For this to exist in American journalism is a crime but it continues to exist....more info