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How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life
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Includes: updated research
updated content
removable workbook for individual and team development

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Customer Reviews:

  • A Full Bucket Beats An Empty Bucket!
    This book is a quick read and has one main message: Your life will be better if you have a positive outlook and try to find ways to help others. The authors have spent a lifetime of living the examples that they site, and have reaped the positive results. In this book they share stories about themselves and others....and encourage the reader to avoid negativity.

    While this message is simple, it is so easy in today's society to be a "taker" and empty your bucket with negative thoughts and actions. Additionally, you will encounter others who will "dip" into your bucket and sap you of the joy you desire. To avoid this, everyone needs to find ways to focus on the positive strategies for work and life that Roth and Clifton have outlined in this book....more info
  • Do Not Buy This Book!!!!!!!!
    Do not waste your time with this rip off. They charge you $18.00 to tell you one thing. "Be nice to people and it will make you feel good." This book is extremely short, double spaced and a complete waste of time. The authors probably wrote this thing in less than a week.

    I am so sick of these purported "helpers" that gouge the public out of their money without offering a damn thing. This is beyond disgusting. This is thievery.

    There is nothing new here. Move along....more info
  • How Full is Your Bucket?
    The book assigns theoretic valuations to philosophic concepts.
    For instance, a full bucket has a net positive outlook + Energy
    from every drop of strength expended. Relentless negativity leads to
    death. The North Koreans broke down peer cohesiveness by insisting
    that captors confess their transgressions publicly.

    The author believes that regular praise= increased productivity,
    tenure, loyalty and satisfaction. People leave when they aren't
    appreciated sufficiently. Bad bosses increase stroke risk.
    Activiely disengaged employees cost employers upward of $50B a
    year or more. A strength of the book is that the authors attempt
    to quantify universal concepts within practical contexts of
    everyday life. To a considerable extent, the authors succeed....more info
  • Brand new - just like she said!
    I ordered 25 books that were supposed to be in good condition. They were even better. They were just like new. They were missing one of the supplementary items as was clearly stated up front. I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Awsome teambuilding ideas
    I actually am building a bucket in my office and everyday at a distinct time we put drops in the bucket....more info
  • Being Positive In A Negative World.
    I'd always heard of the query, "Is the glass half full (positive) or half empty (negative)? It depends on the person doing the judging. If you follow the precepts given in this book: kindness, recognition, praise, confidence, positive energy, optimisim, you will have an overflowing bucket. He promotes stability, pleasantry, positivity and productivity on the job and in your daily life.

    Everyone has an 'invisible' bucket; we are at our best when it is full and at our worst when it is empty. Everyone has an 'invisible' dipper, which we can use to fill or to dip from others' buckets. Don't diminish yourself by bringing others down. Whenever we choose to fill others' buckets, we fill our own.

    Most people are more productive in the presence of positive people. He gives five strategies for increasing positive emotions. Doing this can have an impact on longevity by a good ten years. Everyone needs at least one very close friend. Lonely people suffer psychologically.

    Negative employees run off customers for good, with their attitudes and words. The number one reason people leave their jobs is they don't feel appreciated. Sixty-five percent of Americans receive no recognition in the workplace. I remember being asked on a temp job by the manager, "Are we having fun yet?" Bad bosses increase the risk of stroke by 33%.

    Dr. Clifton worked on several other books with others at the Gallup Organization. 'The Mystery of the dipper and the bucket' is his idea. Tom Rath, his grandson, is a leader at Gallup and completed this book after his grandfather died in 2003. He had wonderful grandparents; writes about his marvelous grandmother.

    Remember: life was not always going to be a bowl of cherries, nor would it turn out to be a bowl of sour grapes either.
    ...more info
  • Nothing New
    I paged through this book at Target for minutes. It's a good read, but nothing new here....more info
  • Buckets of Bliss!
    This bestseller describes how, statistically speaking, positive reinforcement improves marriages, families and workplaces. Using the simple, concrete metaphor of a dipper and a bucket, the authors show us how to increase positive interactions in our lives and tell us why this is so important. In a little over a hundred pages, you will learn how to improve the world around you by filling other people's buckets.

    As an educator, I found this book to be a valuable reminder of the power of my words. For example, research described in this book suggests that we should have five positive interactions for each negative interaction we have with a person. As you proceed through your day of teaching and training children, do your interactions fit this ratio? How Full Is Your Bucket explains why your students will become more productive learners when you make a point to fill their buckets.

    I think this title would also be useful for students preparing for marriage or the workplace, or students who help in a family business. The educator's edition can easily be applied to a variety of ages and schooling styles. The student handouts are particularly educational because they require the application of the book's teachings, rather than mere summaries or restatements.

    I believe that this book would be an excellent addition to any educator's library, useful as both a reference and as curriculum, and would also be a beneficial wedding or graduation gift.
    ...more info
  • The Bucket Book
    This book will take you no more than a few hours to read, but the content will stay with you for a long time if you let it. While the benefits of a positive attitude when interacting with people are far from new, the imagery of each person having their own bucket and your capacity to take positive feelings from or put positive feelings in each person's bucket is powerful. When one's bucket is full, he or she tends to be happier, more productive and has a more positive outlook on themselves and life. Each of our bucket's need to be filled regularly, and this book can help show you how. The authors of this book remind us of what we can accomplish when we treat others the way they want to be treated. This should be read by every manager, spouse, sibling, parent or friend. In short, anyone who deals with people can benefit from this book....more info
  • How Full Is Your Bucket?
    Interesting book, but dragged on with the positive "refilling" of the bucket. Found Stephen Covey much more beneficial.

    ...more info
  • Important Points in a Short Book
    How Full Is Your Bucket? is a enjoyable short book that could have been a long magazine article or blog post that winsomely describes a simple psychological concept: giving and receiving genuine compliments, caring, and help = GOOD; giving and receiving cutting, criticizing, and other negative vibes = BAD. There it is. I just saved you fourteen bucks.

    Ok, there are a lot of warm anecdotes and some interesting research tossed in there that makes you think, and a few simple strategies to keep in mind:

    Prevent Bucket Dipping: both you and others
    Shine a Light on What Is Right
    Make Best Friends
    Give Unexpectedly
    Reverse the Golden Rule: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

    His point that every day we have about 20,000 individual moments, snapshots in our conscious lives, and that every moment counts for good or ill, really hit home for me, and that these little individual moments really do add up both for us and the people around us.

    Besides the price, the only thing I would add to what the book says is to not leave God out of the equation. We shouldn't be kind to other people just to increase our warm fuzzies count, but ultimately to glorify God and please Him. And though God has designed us to receive joy from others "filling our bucket," ultimately Christ must be the inexhaustible fountain in our souls.

    ...more info
  • Make your day, every day
    I bought a few copies of this DVD for my grandkids. It's easy to get depleated in daily routine interactions. The DVD reminds us that even small gifts of cheerfulness or genuine appreciation make a big difference in quality of life.
    ...more info
  • Positive life strategies
    Going through life with a short, handy, happy philosophy - particularly one as affirming as the concept in this book - is very nice. However, a fine line separates simple from simplistic. Although some readers will enjoy the breezy easiness of this approach, others might find it to be just a first step toward becoming more upbeat. Donald O. Clifton, a pioneer in positive psychology, and his co-author and grandson, Tom Rath, developed the "bucket" and "dipper" theories of happy emotions, based on Clifton's research. The bucket is a metaphor for your sense of well-being. Every interaction fills your bucket or drains it. You also have a psychological dipper you use to add to or take away from other people's sense of joy and security - their buckets. The choice, the authors explain, is yours. The book includes small drop-shaped cards for dropping a few friendly notes. It also provides five strategies that can increase your positive emotions and those of the other people in your life. If your bucket is perennially half-empty, getAbstract recommends dipping into this bestseller to see if it holds water for you....more info
  • ok
    I have read and listened to many books on this and I was hoping for new insight. This is information that I have heard before, and although good, I have atttempted to put these strategies into practice from other references. I guess a referesher isn't so bad but that's not what I purchased the book for. So overall good presentation and concept but redundant for me. ...more info
  • Didn't Really Inspire Me
    I thought this was a little corny, but OK as far as motivational materials go....more info
  • Prioritize
    Learn how to set priorities in life and keep your plate, or in this case, bucket, from filling up.
    ...more info
  • Loved It!!
    I was so happy to get this book, it was just like new. Excellent condition, was shipped qucikly. If I didnt buy it used I wouldnt have known.
    Thank you!...more info
  • Made my good life even better!
    How Full Is Your Bucket is a simple and fun read. It is also extremely helpful in reminding us that simple human kindness, the golden rule, is so important in happiness and success.

    This book reminds me of how a bank account can be used as a metaphor for a relationship: If you perform kind, simple acts on a regular basis (the deposits), life's negative events don't seem so ovewhelming (the withdraws).

    We all strive for happiness, success, and true love. How Full Is Your Bucket gives the reader easy-to-do strategies to help one achieve.


    Suzannah L Crowder
    Author, Damaged Goods: Adults Can Heal from Childhood Trauma info
  • Solid Positive Tips
    This is an entertaining and easy read that takes a very upbeat approach and tone, and encourages the reader to "fill their bucket" with positive action. Sometimes a bit simplistic, but overall a good book. Reader would also benefit from honing their "Warrior Tools" in Warriors, Workers, Whiners, & Weasels: Understanding and Using The Four Personality Types To Your Advantage, which also offers postive advice on personal improvement....more info
  • Real Positives for a Negative World...
    I have probably referenced this book more in my training seminars and speaking engagements than any other book I have ever read. I just love it! (I gave everyone in my family a copy for Christmas) The author states that 99 out of 100 people report that they would like to be surrounded by more positive people. "And the church said; AMEN!" This short, interesting, and succinct read teaches the reader how to become one of those "more positive people." A must read about positive psychology for anyone who has to be around negative people in our negative world. I think that pretty much includes all of us, doesn't it?

    SUCCESS: It Just Ain't That Hard Y'all! Three Things to STOP Doing and Three Things to START and KEEP Doing to Reach Your Greatest Potential...more info
  • A nicely put reminder to make being nice MEANINGFUL
    I picked up this book at a conference as a give-away, and although I agree, it IS stuff we all know and have heard before - it's presented in a wonderful way in this book. Some people really NEED to hear this stuff again (and again)! I found the parts on how these concepts relate to the work environment to be particularly well put - as in the rewards need to be tailored to the individual to be meaningful, and that being too nice all the time makes niceness lose it's meaning (ever want to punch the office Polyanna?? :) )

    Sure this is stuff we know - but if we all know it so well, how come so many of us come home from work feeling like we've had the emotional life kicked out of us, or have emotionally draining relationships outside of work? There are some good and simple tools here to help us work on turning that stuff around!

    ...more info
  • Great book
    If everyone expressed more positive attitudes instead of negative ones, this world would be a better place. This book hits it on the target, that just a little encouragement goes a long way and that we should try on a daily basis to encourage one another and not discourage one another.
    Gave a copy to my children and hope that they will learn how to get through life on a positive note....more info