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The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness
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Product Description

The Mindful Way through Depression draws on the collective wisdom of four internationally renowned cognitive therapy and mindfulness experts, including bestselling author Jon Kabat-Zinn, to help you break the mental habits that can lead to despair. This authoritative, easy-to-use self-help program is based on methods clinically proven to reduce the recurrence of chronic unhappiness. Informative chapters reveal the hidden psychological mechanisms that cause depression and demonstrate powerful ways to strengthen your resilience in the face of life's misfortunes. Kabat-Zinn lends his calm, familiar voice to the accompanying CD of guided meditations, making this a complete package for anyone looking to regain a sense of balance and contentment.

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply Fantastic
    Before I start I just have to say that this book is FANTASTIC and is a really exciting step forward in the treatment of depression. At last - a non-drug approach to one of societies most overwhelming problems: Depression.

    As a person who has suffered from depression in the past and as a therapist, I truly enjoyed this book from start to finish. It told me all I needed to know about mindfulness and taught me the process in a very comprehensive yet easy to follow way.

    I had read several books on mindfulness by various authors before receiving this book. Compared against the others that I read, I found this one to be the most clear, so even if you do not suffer from depression, but are looking to learn mindfulness, this book could be just what you are looking for. The other bonus with this title is that it is not repetitive like similar titles I have read - it just tells you what you need to know.

    Some observations that I would make though are as follows.

    1. There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes throughout, however they didn't affect my `reading flow', so this should be an issue.
    2. The layout of the separate sections could have been better laid out. It shows you how to follow an 8 week program in the end of the last chapter. I would have liked to seen it laid out so that you read and practice a section at a time rather than learning everything before you start.
    3. There is a warning in a couple of places in the book that warn you not to us the program in is entirely now if you are experiencing an episode of clinical depression. This somewhat confused me as the title of the book is `The Mindful Way THROUGH Depression.
    4. The book comes with a CD... It was recorded using the voice of one of the authors, Jon Kabat Zinn. The meditation entitled `The Body Scan' seemed a little rushed. As a personal preference, I used an old CD that I had from Jon that was much better quality for me and worked well.

    These were the only negative things that I picked up and wanted to include them to make this review as balanced as possible. There were so many things right with this book though that the comments above are small concerns against all the things that you will get out of reading it.

    So in conclusion: this book is easy to follow, very inspirational and motivates you to learn mindfulness and overcome your depression. It is simply fantastic.


    Richard MacKenzie
    Author of Self-Change Hypnosis...more info
  • Tough trying to get depressed husband to pick it up & read
    It seems like a good book - could be very helpful, but as I said - trying to get my husband who suffers from treatment resistant, MAJOR depression to pick it up & read it isn't happening. I've even offered to read it with him - no luck so far....more info
  • Mindfulness with Inmates
    I have used Mindfulness techniques with many clients in my private practice, but in the last couple of years have begun working with mentally ill inmates in a maximum security prison. These inmates are often depressed and feel out of control. I was looking for a way to help them understand their feelings and regain a sense of control over their circumstances. They have responded very positively and are applying the principles to their lives. We recently started a meditation time where they meditate at the same time of day even though they are in separate cells and not able to directly communicate with each other. This has been a powerful, positive experience for them. The book has been a hit with a very tough audience....more info
  • The most helpful
    This book has absolutely saved my life. It is as simple as that to a very serious situation. It is incorporated as I have dedicated time for it in my daily living. Thank God for this book and my psychologist that uses it and made the suggestion to get it....more info
  • Very Helpful
    This book doesn't just talk about depression, it provides explanations and remedies. Real life examples make it readable by the layman, such as myself. I would also recommend it to people who are not suffering depression but are just not happy....more info
  • Happy with book...but
    I've learned alot from this book and have found the information to be very helpful. The only problem I have is that I needed two of these books. The one directly from Amazon was much cheaper, but it didn't list that it came with the CD so I ordered one from Amazon and the other much more expensive one through Amazon but from a different company thinking that was the only way I'd get the CD. When they arrived both had a CD. Ugh! I'm very happy with the product but not so happy about all the extra money spent so unnecessarily....more info
  • the mindful way through life
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this newly found application of ancient practice of meditation as an inspired extension of cognitive behavioural therapy. If cognitive therapy begins with Epictetus's "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" mindfulness goes further to apply meditation (whether from a Buddhist or other perspective) in the way Epictetus again suggests:
    "Do not seek to bring things to pass in accordance with your wishes, but wish for them as they are, and you will find them". It is relieving to find joy through acceptance rather than change, through being rather than doing. try it for yourselves!
    ...more info