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Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies To Lifetime Wealth Today
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Product Description

A master money maker tells you how to make your fortune in real estate.

Be a Real Estate Millionaire will teach you Dean Graziosi's personal strategies for turning real estate "losers" into winners. Discover the seven keys to uncovering "hidden real estate values." Learn to identify the five types of real estate markets and the right strategy for each. Take Dean's local market analysis test to determine the exact nature of your local real estate market. Receive Dean's unique formula for win-win-win real estate transactions and experience how you can make money while helping others make money, too. Let Dean share his strategies and secrets and help you become a real estate millionaire today. Read and act on Dean's advice and you too will become a real estate millionaire. Discover the Seven Keys to Hidden Real Estate Values Find the Seller's "Magic Buttons" Learn How to Identify the Five Types of Real Estate Markets Take the Local Market Analysis Test Match the Proper Strategy with Your Local Market

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Book
    This book is a good reference for real estate investing. It starts off very slow, but gets to the meat of the book midway....more info
  • RIP OFF ALERT !!!!!!! My actual rating is zero stars.
    I did not buy this book, but another of the Dean Graziosi's creations titled, "Profit From Real-Estate Right Now! The Proven No Money Down System For Today's Market!" on February 2, 2009 after watching a pretty convincing infomercial. Different product, same author, same story.
    The author has a host of products he tries to get you to buy. I cautiously purchased only one to see if it was worth my time. I will never again purchase a product after watching an infomercial without checking reviews or doing a little research first.
    As stated in the other postings for his book, "Be A Real Estate Millionaire", the book I purchased is 98% motivational fluff and 2% useless information that fail to give the reader a step by step system to follow as promised by the author.
    Today, February 13, 2009, I noticed a charge by this company dated February 12, 2009, for a purchase I did not authorize. I was charged for this author's Foreclosure Alert program. I only ordered one product, the book "Profit From Real-Estate Right Now! The Proven No Money Down System For Today's Market!" I first called my bank and then the company, using the number listed with the charge and received a message stating I have either called during a high volume call time or after business hours and given the option to leave a message with the promise of someone returning my call within 24 hours. I left a message and began searching for information regarding the company thereafter.
    Strangely enough, the experience described by C.J. Montgomery, is the foreshadowing I perceive for my case.
    After reading the listed reviews, I immediately called my bank a second time taking the necessary steps to assure this company will no longer have access to my funds to repeatedly charge me for products I did not ask for.
    BUYER BE WARE!!!!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Realo Estate Success Made Easier
    Dean tells it straight without the hype that some real estate guru's use to give you false hope about achieving easy money. Dean tells you in easy to follow steps what you need to do to be successful. Follow his steps to reach your goals to be successful in real estate. If you don't you won't!...more info
  • Love the book!
    I bought Dean's first book Totally Fulfilled and loved it...I honestly bought Be A Real Estate Millionaire thinking I would just support an author I am very thankful to, not thinking I would ever be able to invest in real estate. Boy was I wrong!!!!! This book lays out steps that I know I can follow. Inspiration and knowledge all wrapped in one for sure. Sorry to overuse the words but I love this book!!!!...more info
  • Sleezy Practices Beware
    My situation sounds almost exactly like the Feb 13 post--only Dean's organization produced a form letter to my bank that says that I authorized the purchase of the Foreclosure services when I accepted delivery of my book and the credit card company felt that this supported that I gave my permission to use my number to buy something other than the book. I lost my appeal as well with the credit card company. When I called Dean's customer service line, I was told that they could not talk to me.

    The book is not that good and when you realize that they will try to steal from you too well it is just infuriating. I wish I had googled the name and found the Amazon website before I ordered from them. Stay away and tell all your friends. This operation is unethical, and big trouble.

    ...more info
  • Below Mediocre basic advice ..Waste of Time!
    On a sleepless late night I heard Dean on an infomerical promoting his book . He was impressive with his argument that this book specifically caters to the small window of opportunity that has arisen after the real estate and subprime meltdown. I have no doubt that Dean is a success story , a schooldrop out who became a millionaire by using real estates.

    However I purchased ( actually pre-ordered) the book with a hope that he will have 'replicate'able real techniques (not hype and fluff) for real estate success.

    Alas, a mega disappointment. The book can be broadly divided into three lifeless sections.

    1. Motivational stuff
    2. Basics of Real estate
    3. Some sprinkling of Professional information

    MOTIVATIONAL STUFF: This is the most annoying part of the book. If i want a motivational book, I wil buy one, not this book where I want specific ways to play this real estate market. Not convinced, here is a snippet

    Chapter 8: Removing your Mental blocks to success (page 98 -113)
    Subtitles: The power of choice
    Break from the past
    The fear of change
    The fear of criticism
    The importance of personal integrity

    Chapter10 :Finding the time to improve yourlife (pg 124 - 135 )
    Subtitles:Twenty-four hour time wrap
    Where does your time go?
    Plan your time
    Manage your time
    Tips for guarding your time
    Tame the telephone
    Delegate and replace yourself
    Deal with information overload
    Use the internet sparingly
    Increase your discipline

    Page fillers with some 'real life'story.. Can Dean explain how these motivational rhetoric help me make money?

    Although irritating, I can live with this section since it gives some basics that probably anyone with simple reading habit would have known. These are another set of page fillers sprinkled with motivational stories

    Chapter6: Getting started
    Subtitles: Finding property to buy
    Analyzing the property
    Negotiating a price
    Getting the money to pay the price
    Selling the property

    Titles are good,but if you are not aware of this basic level of information(provided), and you are motivated to act based
    on this book, your chances of making a millionaire is better in a lotto!

    Chapters 16 - 18. This covers stuff like tax liens, preforeclosure, REO's etc. again it focuses on academic information and not something on which you can act upon( advices users to go to courthouse and no mention about realtytrac).I can accept this sections having some relevance to the title of the book

    [...]My review will be deemed 'unhelpful' by several of those who have interests in seeing this book successful.

    Spend some time with your kids , watch a movie or take a nap than wasting your valuable time on this book....more info
  • No longer relavant to the foreclosure market we are in.
    There are hardly any people who have enough equity to bother with. I wouldn't spend the money at all....more info
  • Dean makes a buying real estate fun and easy, I can't wait to get started.
    Dean Graziosi, of info-mercial fame, has come out with a new book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire", which seems to be a real estate best-seller. While lots of folks recognize Dean from his many TV spots over the years, I wonder how many realize that not only does he have a wealth of information to share regarding real estate investing, but he also has the ability to inspire people to take action and change their lives for the better.

    A true example of the American Dream, Dean rose from humble beginnings. Without any extraordinary education or social advantages, he was able to pull himself up by the boot straps and become a real estate millionaire in his 20's. Through trial and error, and a willingness to take risks, Dean became a multi-millionaire in his 30s. But that wasn't enough for Mr. Graziosi, oh no...., he decided to share his techniques and methods with the rest of us so we could have a shot at that American Dream too. How wonderful is that?! You know, whether you watch him on TV, or read his books, you can just tell he is a really, really nice guy.

    "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" is a fun, easy read - not some dry, put you to sleep, treatise on real estate theory. It is written in an easy to understand style and is full of examples. Basically, you can curl up with it, and enjoy. Before you know it, you will have absorbed tons of practical advice concerning real estate investing, renting, flipping houses, and taking advantages of foreclosures. Dean explains how to build a personal real estate fortune by getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. He tells you how to get rich using the bank's money - not your own. Also, Dean explains how to read the market and know when to buy or sell. He even teaches how you can help a person facing foreclosure, so it turns out to be a win-win situation for both of you. Talk about Good Karma!

    In closing, "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" is a great book for anyone wishing to learn more about starting their own business in real estate. Even if you don't pursue real estate, the book has value as a wonderful, feel good, motivational read. The stories from Dean's life, and from people who have used his techniques, paint a picture on how to get off your duff, set goals, get your ducks in a row, and make things happen. It will inspire and motivate you to stop being afraid and pursue your dream. After reading "Be A Real Estate Millionaire", you'll be saying " Stop the world... I want to get on!!!"...more info
  • Motivation Book and NOT How to Book
    I was disappointed with this book. Dean may have been an excellent real estate investor, but no secrets were really revealed in this book. Two third of the book was all about motivation as to why you should get into real estate investment...And as for me I was looking for methods to invest wisely...The How To...and I did not get it in this book. The real life examples described in the book were common and did not show real secrets to invest in real estate with no credit or money....more info
  • Dean Graziosi Be A Real Estate Millionaire
    I bought Dean Graziosi's Be A Real Estate Millionaire book off of his infomercial. I paid a little more than they are selling it for here, but I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have read a significant number of real estate books and they never gave me the confidence to actually start investing. This book has done that for me. It gives clear concise information on how to understand real estate cycles, use that to your advantage and make money in any market. It's obvious the market is down right now, yet this opened my eyes to realize that now may be the best time ever to get involved. I am not only inspired I am actually working on getting my first deal. I believe in this book and what Dean teaches.

    Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today...more info
  • Fabulous!
    This book is Fabulous!
    I don't know the author personally, I am not a "competitor" to him, I have no agenda.
    I have nothing to gain by saying this...But this is one of the best real estate/goal achievement books I've read. And I've read many!
    If you don't like it get your money back. Don't trash the guy! ...more info
  • Comprehensive Road Map for Successful Real Estate Investing
    Giving this just a book review does not feel like enough justification. Yes, 5 stars is a great thing, but it goes beyond being just another outstanding book. I have been working with Dean's techniques for some time now and they are second to none; this book is no exception. While some books are a good read, this book is a road map for success in real-estate investing, period! I am a single-elementary school-teacher in Denver with little money and no prior experience in real-estate investing. The information I gleaned from this book gave me the confidence and capability to start investing. Despite the fact most of my family told me I was nuts, I made just over $20,000 on my first deal! That's real money that I deposited into my bank account! Even better, I only spent around a total of 19 hours on the entire deal. Today, I am working on my 5th deal. I truly love being a real-estate investor for the freedom and security it has given me. I am a real person with a real success story. The words contained in this post are true and have been fully documented. Buy this book, take action with what Dean teaches, and your life will change forever... Thank you Dean:-)...more info