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For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women
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Product Description

Finallya??You Can Understand Her!

Women: complicated and impossible to understand? Do you love and want to please the woman in your life, but just can’t seem to figure her out? That was before For Men Only. Now at your fingertips is the tool that will unlock the secret to her mysterious ways. Through hundreds of interviews and the results of a scientific national survey of women, this book demonstrates that women are actually not random and that they really can be systematized and “mapped.” In fact, much to men’s delight, this book shows that women are actually quite easy to understand and pleasea??as long as you know what it is they need. This simple map will guide you to loving your wife or girlfriend in the way she needs to be loved.


You Can Understand Her!

Women: complicated and impossible to understand? Have you given up trying to “get” the woman in your life? If so, you are in for a pleasant eye-opener: She can be understood. Even bettera??you can make her happy. Which will make you happy.

The bestselling author of For Women Only teams with her husband to offer men the key to unlocking the mysterious ways of women. Through Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn ’s national scientific survey and hundreds of interviews, For Men Only reveals what you can do today to improve your relationship. And believe it or not, as Jeff assures men, “It’s not splitting the atom.”

What makes her tick? What is she really asking (but not actually saying)? Take the guesswork out of trying to please your wife or girlfriend and begin loving her in the way she needs. Easily. For Men Only is a straightforward map that will lead you straight into her heart.

And for every guy who rarely reads a manual:

Quick-Start Guide Included!

“When we featured Shaunti’s book For Women Only on FamilyLife Today , the phone rang off the hook! When Shaunti and Jeff come back on our broadcast, I’m buying some more phones. This is fresh and relevanta??good stuff for every marriage. Read it!”

Dennis Rainey

President, FamilyLife

Story Behind the Book

“As I was writing For Women Only to help women understand the inner lives of men, over and over I heard that men wished there was a way to understand their wives, but they felt it was probably impossible. I heard from them, a??You are writing this little slim volume about men, but if it was about understanding women, it would have to be the size of an encyclopedia! Women are random and complicated!’ These men were surprised and encouraged when I assured them that women are neither random nor complicated, and we can be understood. Men just want to love their wives well, and For Men Only will help them do that.”

a??Shaunti Feldhahn

Customer Reviews:

  • Halfway through and loving it!
    Guys - This is not another murky "Let's try to figure women out" book. It is a very quick, easy read, and I promise you, in EVERY chapter you will have light bulbs going off in your head. You will ask your wife, "Do you REALLY think this way?", and she will say "Um, yeah, how else am I supposed to think?". It will put a lot of puzzle pieces together for you. READ IT!!! ...more info
  • Must-read for married men
    Look, I didn't want to read this pint-sized book; once I did.............well the rest is history in the making.

    This book led to some interesting conversations; no matter your race, religion or creed this is a book worth checking out....more info
  • For Men Only
    So glad I read this book! What a great insight into the emotional and thought lives of men...and a great big plus: its Biblically based....more info
  • Great, Practical Book - Simple read; good applications
    Excellent guide - frames relationships with wives a girlfriends in a very practical way. Biblically based, but doesn't beat scripture over the head. Uses professionally administered surveys to illustrate points - great for analytical guys!

    The best book I've read on how to improve relationships - would highly recommend for any married couple!...more info
  • Great book for men and women!!
    I was curious to read what men are reading about us (women). This book gives a straight forward explanation of why we act the way we do. As a woman, I gained some great insight into my own emotions and behaviors. For men, this book would go a long way to decode the mysterious land of female emotions....more info
  • Men Are Hopeless
    This is actually not a bad book. It was given to me by a friend right as I got married. It contains pearls of wisdom about how women should be treated and what they look for. Much of it is common sense but other parts are less intuitive for men. Women just think about some things differently.

    The book does a pretty fair job of pointing out pitfalls and common misconceptions. It even points out that women have many similar problems dealing with and understanding men. I could not help coming away with the conclusion, however, that men must deal with female misconceptions by adapting themselves and that women must deal with male misconceptions by having their men adapt themselves. Its not quite that stark but almost.

    Still, this book has its place and will help many of us burdened with a Y chromosome to realize where we so often go wrong.
    ...more info
  • Knowledge Imparting
    I like the way that this book is based on statistical data; that the points developed are from surveys of hundreds of women. Knowing what happends in the lives of other poeople gives a stronger urge to accept what may be new ideas. Practical examples are given of other people's situations that then can easily impart the understanding needed to make changes in our own lives. I definitly recommend For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women!...more info
  • For Men Only
    You could call today's book review a twofor, since although both of these books could stand alone, when it comes to couples, they should be purchased, if not read, together. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that they should be pre-marriage requisite reading. These books may be considered Christian; however, there is information in these books that will help couples better understand one another no matter what religion they are, or even if they have no religion.

    First, For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn, is a book written, obviously for women, about the way men think. At first, I honestly thought it was just another book telling us how we should respect our mates whether we think they deserve it or not. Reading further, I realized it was so much more.

    This book goes beyond the respect lesson, though there is a heavy dose of it, to mens' emotional and physical needs - yes, sex, but more than sex. Not only does it explain these from a woman's perspective, but also delves into the man's perspective, because although the author of this book is female, she took the time to study hundreds of men from all walks of life.

    It was during this study and interview of hundreds of men from pastors to CEOs, tothe man seated beside her on an airplane, to the one behind the counter who served her favorite coffee, that Feldhahn noted a pattern of responses that is the basis of this book.

    The companion book I mentioned, For Men Only, written by Feldhahn and her husband Jeff, will have you nodding your head in agreement; at least if you are a woman reading the book. That is exactly why I recommend this book as a gift for the man in your life. Whether engaged, or married for fifty years, there is something in this book that will help spark a new understanding to men about what makes women tick. Or, more specifically, what makes you tick.

    The best part of these books, I found, was that they not only disclosed these inner thoughts and feelings, but they also dissected them and placed them under the microscope so that the reader would have a better understanding of what really is the deeper meaning of what might otherwise seem a surface feeling. In other words, they also provided the whys. If you are in a relationship you owe in to both yourself and your partner to read these books.

    ...more info
  • Great Book
    This is a SUPERB book for ALL males - single, engaged or married to read. It is a collector's item. Buy one for the great male in your life....more info
  • One to be re-read
    A succinct summary of what we men have just not understood about the women in our lives. The research data was helpful in supporting many of the ideas. The book is an easy read and very well written. If I could complain about one thing, it would be that they put some quotes from every page in bold print at some obscure place on the pages. That was very annoying. However, that is hardly a reason not to read this book and get "in the know." I don't think this book will help us understand our better halves as much as will help us to not misunderstand them, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and plan on handing them out at Christmas....more info
  • Want to know how your wife thinks? Read this!!!
    We purchased this book along with the "For Women Only" and "For Teen Women Only". This book reads with ease and sure enlightens men on how women think, work, moods, the whys and wherefores of their attitudes and reactions to the men in their lives. I highly reccomend this book to any husband or soon to be husband - it will help you out tremendously! I was greatly enlightened by this book!!...more info
  • My husband, who doesn't read anything read this one!
    For Men Only
    By Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn
    Publisher: Multnomah
    601 N Larch St
    Sisters, OR 97759

    Wow! Guys are you in for an eye opener. I would say this is a must read for every man on the planet! I thoroughly enjoyed this book by the husband and wife team.
    There were things in there that I thought that every guy knew, and I found out that they don't. What an experience.

    The book is laid out first and foremost like a map for all the guys out there. There are five key points that are stated right up in the front. No bones about it writing here, and there is no beating around the bush. So just dive on in and hang on for dear life.

    The first area that is addressed is that "Women have a fundamental insecurity about your love." They need to be reassured, now to you (men) this may not seem logical, but it is necessary. There are hidden triggers to clue you in: conflict, withdrawal, silence, her "emotional bank account" is depleted, you're absent a lot, unresolved relationship issues. Lucky for you guys that there are two key solutions: Regular Reassurance, and Persistent Pursuit.

    Lesson number two is that women are always thinking about many things. These things can be unwanted and even unwelcome, they can't help it though. Realize that you may not be the issue, even if you are affected by it. Think of her brain like a computer with several things open and she keeps jumping from task to task, and there are hundreds of those pesky little pop-ups that come all the time. This may give you a clue as to how your woman's brain works.

    Next is that women need "security", and no it is not the type of security that you are thinking. Emotional security is much more important than financial security to a woman. They want their man to be there for them, not always away providing. Another key thing is that they want you to be happy with your job, even if it means that there may be some financial struggles. A woman picks a happy man over an unhappy one any day.

    Contrary to men's beliefs, she doesn't need space, she needs to talk. No she does not want you to take the place of her best friend and be there for hours of conversation. But she does need you to be there and really listen. "The person who listens holds enormous power. They even give specific steps on how to be a good listener.
    Sex is important to her too! If she is saying no, it's not you she is rejecting. Women are a different beast all together, and it is the same with sex. For a guy it is like flipping a switch, but for a woman there has to be a warm up first. If she cannot switch over to sex mode, it may be that she is dealing with something from the day still and cannot get that pesky pop-up to go away. It's usually not about you the man, or even that she is turning you down.

    Beauty is important to your woman and she needs to know that you find her beautiful. Tell her and reassure her (just like with your love). There is still a little girl inside that needs to know that you, her main man, finds her pretty and attractive.

    In conclusion, the ball is in your (the man's) court. Know that the woman in your life most of all wants you. You are central to them, and are needed. You now have the knowledge into the wonderful woman who you love. These lessons can be applied to your mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, co-workers, and just about any woman that you come into contact with. Who knows, you may even have a better life by practicing some of the things in the book.

    I know I wrote this review to the men, but it is the only way that I can truly express what I learned. Women can learn a lot from this book too. It opens up a door to how your man thinks about you, and areas that you can help him understand you better. We are made to compliment each other and that is why God made us so different.

    This book is also in the same format as Shaunti's book For Women Only. It is easy to follow along, and an easy read. Compliments all around.
    ...more info
  • An excellent book for all men and women to benefit from
    If you would like to have a better relationship with your wife or girl friend, please read this book (or listen to it on cd). It has great insights that I found even after being married for 37 years!...more info
  • Where's the Book
    I never received the book. Emailed the company, and they emailed me back. Told me to wait a couple of days. Still no book. Said they would forward my message to Amazon for a refund. Still waiting for Amazon to contact me....more info
  • Easing tensions...
    Once I read this book, I found that it was much easier to handle my girlfriend's inexplicable emotional outbreaks. Even more importantly, it allowed me to address her unspoken fears in a way that eases tension between us and enables us to communicate more effectively. This is one of the Top Five relationship books I've read....more info
  • Excellent for those seeking better understanding of female spouse
    Although The Feldhahns take their perspective from a biblical world view, this book is thoughtfully well written, honest, challenging and viable for any couple, seeking a better understanding of each other.

    My wife and I have had some of our most thought provoking conversations in response to this reading.

    I don't read all that often and this was an easy read. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a new world view in response to quotes and surveys from thousands of women nation wide.
    For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men...more info
  • The BEST inside Info Book out there
    I bought this one as well as the companion, "For Women Only" Well being a man I can only assume that this book matches what women really feel but in my experience it seems like it does.

    Being a man, I know for a fact that "For Women Only" is EXACTLY what us guys are like. I highly recommend both books!
    ...more info
  • Here we go again...
    Is it really necessary to have yet ANOTHER book telling men how to try and please the women in their lives? Why must a man spend his life walking on eggshells around women, desperately trying to "understand" her feelings? At some point, even a dog wearies of chasing his tail and gives up.

    The point never mentioned in this book (or others like it) is that even if a man successfully makes his wife happy, tomorrow is another day, and all of your past efforts are forgotten in an instant. It's a constant battle, and one that is never won. A married man is always at the mercy of a woman's often violent mood swings, and can never win. Then, God forbid, comes menopause. Ah, the romantic stuff of dreams.......

    This book might be useful for women, in that it will re-affirm their belief that everything really is the fault of MAN, yet it will do little for the male reader except re-affirm that he has an endless and thankless chore ahead of him....more info
  • Every man needs to purchase this book!
    I believe that every man, especially if in a serious relationship, needs to purchase this book. Come on men, there are things going on with our women that they can't explain and that we need to have an understanding of. Of course they need to read the "For Women Only" book as well, but even if we take the first step, we can keep the good women good by understanding some of the things that we dont, if that makes any sense. Basically, just read the book....more info
  • Easy listening about hard subject
    This audio book helped me to better understand women in general and my wife in particular. No price could be put on the positive effect it has and will continue to have on my marriage. I think this is something every man should have if they plan to effectively interact with and attempt to understand the opposite sex. ...more info
  • Amazing book
    After reading relationship book after relationship book and finding many of them the same and unhelpful, I wasn't expecting much when I picked up "For Women Only." But from the first page, I realized it WAS different from the rest and REALLY helped me understand my husband in real-life ways I hadn't heard before. Such as the concept that if a man doesn't feel respected, he doesn't feel loved. Wow. Simple thing, but I hadn't realized that.

    After reading the book for women, I bought this book in the hopes that it would help my husband understand ME better. He's not into reading books, so I read it first, and WOW. That was ME the book was talking about. All the things I'd been telling my husband without success were there written in a different way by a MAN to men. I read several chapters to my husband, and it really helped. I recommend this set of books to all of my friends....more info
  • Very good book for men only!
    I have learned so much things from this book. Iam really trying to follow the advises and suggestion in this book. Woman are really different from we men. And if we can understand how we are and respond to things life will be much better. Thanks for this book!...more info