Teeth Are Not for Biting (Board Book) (Best Behavior Series)
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Crunch crunch crunch. Teeth are strong and sharp. Crunch crunch crunch. Teeth can help you chew. But teeth are not for biting. Ouch! Biting hurts. Sooner or later, almost all young children will bite someone a friend, a parent, a sibling. This upbeat, colorful, virtually indestructible book helps prevent biting and teaches positive alternatives.The companion to our best-selling Hands Are Not for Hitting Board Book, Teeth Are Not for Biting gives reasons why children might want to bite. Little mouths feel sore when new teeth come in; sometimes kids bite when theyre hungry, tired, cranky, frustrated, angry, bored, distressed, or seeking attention. Author Elizabeth Verdick suggests positive things children can do instead of biting: chew a chewy toy, drink a cold drink, get a hug, tell a grown-up. This book also includes helpful tips for parents and caregivers.24 page illustrated 7 x 7 inch, full-color board book.

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Customer Reviews:

  • We LOVE this book!
    Our family loves this book! It addresses all the wonderful things that teeth can do, other than bite! We use this book at home and they read it to the class at school. Very helpful and highly recommended....more info
  • Perfect for toddlers
    My 20 month toddler LOVES this book. We bought it because he had bitten a couple of times. He wants to read it almost every night and since we introduced the book, he has stopped biting. I like it that he enjoys the book so much and asks to read it. ...more info
  • It seems to have worked!
    I kindof wish the artwork was cuter in this book . . . or maybe it is the writing? I don't know, but nonetheless my son loves it and after we bought it, his biting problem improved almost 100%. ...more info
  • For Children
    I have a five-year-old. When he was four we got this for him. For obvious reasons....more info
  • great book
    My son, 28 months, loves this book and it has really helped us. He really likes to hear this book, reading it over and over again. And he seems to be able to relate to the phrase, "ouch! biting hurts!" It has given us good opportunities to discuss the problem and to discuss what else could be done instead of biting. We have been very pleased....more info
  • a Miracle wrapped in a Book!
    We were at our wits end with our 2 year old daughter's incessant and dangerous biting of her 4 year old sister. She would bite when she was playing and happy, and bite when bad. Bite, Bite, Bite. We tried the naughty chair, letting the 4 year old bite back, nothing worked. I ordered this book and the night it came, we all got in bed together and read it twice, making a big deal of the mantra "Teeth are Not for Biting" while shaking our hands in the air (like no-no). Our biter got such a serious look on her face! For the next couple of days we would stop whatever we were doing and repeat the mantra "Teeth are not for Biting" in a very dramatic fashion. Know what? This kid stopped biting. Now, she has bitten a couple of times since, but this has made a HUGE difference in our sanity. Highly recommend this book to any parent with biting issues....more info
  • Helpful and enjoyable book for toddlers.
    I found this book at my local library and decided to check it out as my 20-month-old daughter had started biting me thinking she was playing a game. She really likes the book and asks for it to be read to her multiple times (she'll point at it and say "teeth, teeth..."). It has simple languange and bright, engaging pictures for toddlers. Best of all, it really seems to have helped our little biting problem, even after only 2 weeks of having the book from the library. If she wants to bite, we just say "teeth are not for biting! Ouch! Biting hurts" and she stops. I am here to purchase our own copy so that I can finally return the library's!...more info
  • Outstanding!
    We have a wonderful little 14 month old guy at our daycare who has been randomly biting everyone. Including my 7 month old baby girl. The sitter and the boy's mom had tried all kinds of things. Startling him, ignoring him to comfort the bite-ee, and a myriad of other stuff. Out of desperation (I am crazy about our sitter AND this little boy, but was unhappy about the biting), I bought this book after the third bite in a week. The sitter read it to the little guy and injected the little boy's name into every "you" in the book. It seems to have gotten the message across and so far no more bites have gone down. Best of all, there is a section with information and ideas for parents and caregivers about biting, why it happens, ideas to prevent and re-direct. I really like the approach of this book and I highly recommend it to anyone with a biter or bite-ee that needs some help....more info
  • Gets the message across
    This book was somewhat helpful, for both us parents and our child. Now whenever we say something about biting, Jonah (21 months) will say "ouch, biting hurts" although it's not clear that he understands what that means. I wish I could say his biting has stopped, it hasn't, but I think he's teething and hope it will be over soon....more info
  • Helped Our Biting Problem
    My son was having a problem with biting in school. This book really helped him. He loved it, and we read it every day. Soon after the biting stopped. He still likes to read it....more info
  • This book helped our 16 month old
    Our daughter used biting in a wide variety of circumstances. Someone suggested this book and I'm so glad I purchased it. First of all, she loved the book. Secondly, the book opened the door for us to talk about what she could do instead of biting others and herself. She is 19 months old now and is able to stop herself before she bites....more info
  • miracle book
    We read this book and made ouch sounds to our son to make him understand biting is not good...more info
  • Worked for our son
    This is the best book we have ever bought for our son! Our son was biting for months. Every week he had a least two incidents of biting, and MANY MANY attempts. The teachers would monitor him constantly.

    We tried time-out, cold drinks, hugs, and prayer. Then his anti-social behavior went away for a whole week. We thought we were home free, until he started a new school. Again, the biting came back. The teacher said, "it's not a matter of if he will bite, it is when." He had five or six attempts everyday. My son was going to be kicked out of school. Then I read an article about these books.

    I ran out bought the book the end of August. Thank God, he has not bitten since. He loves the book, and I attribute this book to his change in behaviour. He has not even ATTEMPTED to bite once -- knock on wood.

    I don't claim this will work for everyone, but it sure can't hurt to try. Thank you so much Ms Verdick for an amazing book....more info
  • Very Very Good Book
    My 2 year old granddaughter was going through a biting phase. This book seems to have helped alot. She loves reading it to me. I highly recommend it ...more info
  • No Bite!
    I bought this book because we've had a run of biting at the daycare center I work at. I was hoping for more of a story for the kids to relate to, but I think it's helping. We try to read it every single day, but 9-12 two year olds are more interested in the doggie in the book then hearing the story. Everytime I read the line "teeth are not for biting" I have the kids say "No bite!" just to push the point. It's a good sized, sturdy book with large and simple pictures the kids enjoy. ...more info