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Lonesome Dove began life as a Larry McMurtry screenplay written for the big screen, with John Wayne, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda in mind for the roles of aging Texas Rangers Gus McCrae, Woodrow Call, and Jake Spoon. That too-good-to-be-true project never happened, and McMurtry shelved the story for some years and then revived it as a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. The latter was subsequently adapted for the glorious 1989 television miniseries starring Robert Duvall as Gus, one of the most endearing and heroic figures to come out of Old West mythology, Tommy Lee Jones as the equally noble but taciturn Woodrow, and Robert Urich as their fallen comrade, Jake. Set in the late 19th century in a sleepy Texas town, we meet Gus and Woodrow long after they put their days of settling the West behind them. Busy as cattle ranchers yet spiritually idle, the two head out on one last great adventure to set down new stakes in Montana, a journey that is fraught with terrible dangers, reunions with old loves, and unexpected collisions with destiny. An exemplary and moving Western drama with magnificent performances from Duvall and Jones (and great support from Anjelica Huston, Rick Schroder, Danny Glover, and Diane Lane), Lonesome Dove paved the way for three sequels, two of which are in this collection. Streets of Laredo features James Garner this time as Woodrow Call, who is hired by a railroad company to track down a young criminal and comes face to face with his own past. The other is Dead Man's Walk, a powerful prequel in which we meet Gus (David Arquette) and Woodrow (Jonny Lee Miller) as young men and Rangers recruits, facing their first challenges together. The jewel in the crown of this collection is the original film, but the other titles are highly enjoyable and bring a sense of sweeping narrative to the proceedings. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally....real acting
    This is by far the best movie I have ever seen, or will ever see! The most realistic western ever made. It was not glamorized by any Hollywood standard. The locations, clothing and acting were completely convincing. You have to love a movie that can cause grown men to laugh and matter how many times they have seen it. A truly amazing picture!!!...more info
  • The Greatest-Bar None!
    Never was there such perfect casting-the actors were custom-made for their roles. Robert Duvall has to be the sexiest old cowboy ever filmed. This is a story with everything-friendship, adventure, loyalty, and love. I'll never tire of watching it, and I'll always cry at the same wonderful scenes. A classic....more info
  • Possibly the best western of all time!
    I first watched this movie when I was a young kid and fell in love with it instantly. You will never find a better western made. Even if the western movies are not your type, you will enjoy this film. Even to this day I still sit down and watch this exceptional piece of art....more info
  • lonesome dove
    wonderful - what a show - i could watch it over and over. i am not a western fan - but this movie is the exception to the rule - enjoy!...more info
  • My Lonesome Dove review
    I enjoyed watching (again) the movie. I like Jones and Duvall,and of course the wetern. ...more info
  • One Of The Best Movie Series Around!
    LONESOME DOVE is not only the finest western ever made. It may very well be the greatest motion picture of all time. The acting is perfect, and the musical score (by my favorite composer, Basil Poledouris) is the best ever written by ANYONE at ANYTIME for ANYTHING! The scenery is beautiful, and the storyline is pure gold, holding realistic humor, suspense, and drama like you've never experienced in front of a TV screen. This is far from your average cattle-drive flick! At six hours, LONESOME DOVE is an epic masterpiece that has yet to be topped. The only other film(s) that even come close is/are THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
    Rating: 5 Stars

    STREETS OF LAREDO, the sequal, is nowhere near as good as its predecessor. That said, it is most definitely a good film. This time around, James Garner replaces Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Call. Though he isn't as good as Jones was (he was perfect), Garner was the best choice for taking over the role. Besides him, the rest of the cast does pretty well. One big disappoitment is the music; there is NONE! Sure, there's a soundtrack, but you won't remember one second of it (it's that bland). Westerns are supposed to have good music! The storyline is pretty good, and holds a lot of suspense. The worst of it comes near the second half with Call and that little Mexican girl. That was just weird, and had no place in this film or any other western. Plus, it stole this subplot from Clint Eastwood's superior PALE RIDER. Overall, certainly not a bad movie, but it ain't all that great, either.
    Rating: 3.5 Stars

    The least of the trilogy, DEAD MAN'S WALK, is a prequal to LONESOME DOVE, tracking Gus and Call's earlier days as Texas Rangers. I must say, the best actors were the ones who were on screen from anywhere from five (Brian Dennehy) to twenty minutes (F. Murray Abraham), and all of it is very disappointing that they don't get nearly enough screen time. The two leads have to carry the immeasurable burden of filling in the shoes of Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones/James Garner, and I gotta cut 'em some slack for that. But still, the whole time they're just doing impressions of their characters' older selves. And that girl who played Clara [was bad]! The plot of DEAD MAN'S WALK is for the most of it handled with mediocrity, especially the ending! The last twenty minutes are the absolute worst I've ever spent in front of a TV screen. But the one section that actually has to do with the Dead Man's Walk is, on the other hand, one of the most emotionally powrful I've ever seen. This thirty minutes almost makes up for the entire four hour mess............almost.
    Rating: 3 Stars

    All three DVDs are bare bones, and what is there is just plain "BLAH". Sadly, LONESOME DOVE, by far the best of all, receives the worst DVD treatment in terms of picture and sound quality. This boxed set is only really worth getting if you're a diehard western fan and insist on owning the enture series....more info

  • dead man's walk / lonesome dove/ return to LD
    Mr. Mc Murtry sure can write the ultimate western!! I enjoyed Dead Man's Walk. Casting this flick was top notch. It was interesting to see how it all started. Keith Carradine was superb.
    Eric Schweig totally rocks as Buffalo Hump. I think the native actors need to get more recognition for their roles. Return to LD
    was just OK. Some of the actors didn't return to do this flick. That was disappointing. I thought Angelica Houston was excellent and what can you say about Mr. Duvall. Just an awesome actor! ...more info
  • Lonesome Dove Collection
    I already had the Movie Lonesome Dove on VHS, it is nice to have all 3 available on DVD as I travel extensively, and enjoy watching movies on my laptop when I am away. ...more info
  • Awesome
    No doubt the best, most authentic, most realistic, most convincing western film I have ever seen in my 62 years of life. Going back that far, thats a lot of westerns under my belt. I don't know where the Texas scenes were filmed, but being born and raised among the mesquite and cactus of South Texas, I can tell you that it seemed they filmed the scenes on my grandfather's land. Great performances by everybody involved, especially Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones. Ricky Schroder was awesome in his character, as usual. So, if you want to be entertained by a group of professionals doing their job well on a great script, you must get this film, I highly recommend it....more info
  • An Awsome Story!
    I was originally given the book Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry when it first came out. Being a big fan of westerns I fell in love with the characters and the action-packed story. As the mini-series was announced I was both excited and skeptical at the same time. How could you take as detailed a plot as Lonesome Dove is and give it justice? Very well it seems.

    The series, starring Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones as retired Texas Rangers, follows the book almost to the letter. As good as the stars are (and Duval & Jones ARE good) the series doesn't make it without the VERY strong supporting cast. Danny Glover as Deets (the scout) Robert Urlich as Jake Spoon (the gambler) Diane Lane as Lori (the good-hearted whore) and Ricky Schroeder as Newt (the teen-age orphan) are all as good as it gets. The action is non-stop and the twist and problems that befall everyone throughout the story all seem true to life.

    I would strongly recommend this mini-series to anyone looking for good story telling, great casting, and exciting action....more info

  • The best western movie-picture ever!
    The best western movie-picture ever! but alas, we europeans can't enjoy it. We desparately need a VHS-Pal release!...more info
  • Lonesome Dove Collection
    I had loved the series when it was broadacasted on TV several years ago. I had left the VHS tapes behind when I got divorced so was very happy so obtain this collection on DVD in great condition and at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • great western
    This is certainly one of the best movies ever.It does have clear social issues: male-bonding, women who want to domesticize men, the black man who hangs with the cowboys, but who doesn't give orders...I'm not knitpicking. This is still a powerful movie. The only mini-series I've ever seen that I would recommend....more info
  • Soothed my fears
    I was concerned when I heard there would be a movie made of the magnificent book "Lonesome Dove". Film makers have hurt many excellent works of literature and I didn't want to see this happen to "Lonesome Dove." I not only was placated but extremely gratified to see the excellent work of Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones and all concerned in the making of the movie. They enhanced the enjoyment I received from the in my mind's eye, they are inseparable...literature translated perfectly to film. Thanks to all concerned....more info
  • Never received the product
    One star was the lowest allowed, but for some reason I never got the product and I've been too ill to figure out what to do so I just ordered from someone else....more info
  • Dead Mans Walk
    One of the worst movies I have seen. Terrible acting, terrible dialogue, terrible story line. This movie is just a bad....bad...bad. It should not be included in box set, its a rip off...more info
  • Lonesome Dove the Saga
    This set really pulls the story togtether. From the early years, the Lonesome Dove years, into the retirement years. I also ordered the Return to Lonesome Dove DVD to round it out. If you are a fan of this western, you have to have this set....more info
  • Lonesome Dove Collection
    Item arrived on time and in great shape. Everyone needs this collection for the Western Movies...more info
  • Become a part of the western feeling
    If you can live with the out-dated visual effects, this is a mini-series really worth the time. A splendid charactirization of the west in all its colors, from comedy to tragedy. The movie is in constant motion with only few slow passages....more info
  • Must see!
    One of the best western mini-series every made. The characters are likeable and the story draws you in....more info
  • Why bother when you only need Lonesome Dove?
    I own and have watched all 3 miniseries (along with the non-canon Return to Lonesome Dove), and quite frankly, the only one worth rewatching is the original, Lonesome Dove. So skip out on Streets of Laredo (quite dull) and Dead Man's Walk (quite headscratching).

    The original 4-part Lonesome Dove is the best out of the bunch, so save your money and buy it on its own instead of in this boxset. Unless of course, you wanna pay $35 for Lonesome Dove plus four coasters......more info
  • Lonsom Dove Collection
    I have read all of the above books by Larry McMurtry, and I can say that the Lonesome Dove Collection are 95% accurate to the books.
    The downside is that whilst the books are wonderfully slow and descriptive allowing the readers imagination to let them live the storey, the pace of the films, following the books so faithfuly, is a little slow for my taste. Too many views of empty sky/desert, and lone horsemen cantering along.
    Well worth watching though....more info
  • The best damn movie ever made
    There's not another movie that compares to Lonesome Dove. I was 4 when it came out. I know everything about it. Gus was my hero. He still is. I would'nt even answer to my name for years. I was Gus. As you can probably tell, I'm not very good on computers but I am a cowboy and that's what a western's supposed to be like. I'm obsessed with it. The other two movies can't compare. Return to Lonesome Dove wasn't that good either. Streets of Laredo would have been alright if it didn't have to compare to Lonesome Dove. Dead Man's Walk sucks. I've read the Lonesome Dove book and Street's of Laredo. They were both good books.I think the Lonesome Dove book may have been better than the movie. I've also read Comanche Moon. I wish somebody would make amovie out of it. Well, that probably would'nt be a very good idea because after the other two this one would probably suck too. Nothing can compare to Lonesome Dove.I could be a Lonesome Dove historian. So if anybody sees this and wants to know anything about it then look me up. I could quote the whole movie and maybe miiss aword or two. It's the best damn movie ever made....more info
  • best movie ever awesome
    the movie is the best western ever,all I want to know when is coming out on dvd?...more info
  • Best Movie!, Best Western!, Best Actors! Best Everything!
    About every five years or so, especially on a rainy day, we gather up family and friends to watch the entire Lonesome Dove movie. We build a fire, pop popcorn, (the women grab a box of kleenex), and we all transport ourselves to the magnificent world of Augustus MaCrae and Captain Call.

    Every scene is perfect, and even the smallest line delivered is classic. I love the way so much is said in this movie with very few words or with a simple look or gesture (Robert DuVall is a master at this).

    One of my favorite scenes is when Woodrow beats the heck out of a roughneck who is riding with the calvary. The ignorant bully decides to pick on Newt Dobbs (big mistake!). Augustus has to lassoe the captain to prevent him from killing the thug. Then Capt. Call (in his plain no nonsense way) says something like... " I can't stand rude behavior in a man, I won't tolerate it".

    The casting is perfect, including the pigs. I think every girl would love to marry Augustus.

    When the movie ends, we all slip into a blue funk because we miss the characters and the story.

    We would LOVE to see another movie like this, with Robert DuVall and Tommy Lee Jones teamed up with the same director, etc.

    This movie should have made #1 movie of the century!...more info

  • Great movies/productions, but who's in charge of QC?
    Great package set, I enjoy having this set in my western collection. Only problem, as I've heard in other reviews, is the tape quality. Very poor, it's a good thing I really like the movies and got through them....more info
  • Lonesome Dove
    Lonesome Dove is one of the finest Western films I have ever seen. Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are top notch in this movie....more info
  • Lonesome Dove Collection
    I thoroughly enjoyed this group of genre. I read a lot of historical fiction, and it was most entertaining to learn so much about Texas and surrounding areas during the 1800's....more info
  • Lonesome Dove Awesome Movie
    I am so glad that I purchased this movie. It is one of the best I have seen, and would advise anyone who enjoys a good western that this is the series to have. A must for your collection.

    Deirdre and Barry Hancox...more info
  • Lonesome Dove on DVD
    Lonesome Dove has always been one of my favorite movies. I was delighted when it was available on VHS to add to my library and be able to enjoy whenever I wanted. I purchased the VHS version a couple of years ago. I was so disappointed. They had taped it in EP to get it all on one tape. The picture quality was fair to poor. When I see that this DVD version was now available, I hesitated, but ordered it anyhow. I want to say that the DVD version is excellent. It is not a straight run movie. It is devided into 4 parts, but that's ok. I finally now have a copy of Lonesome Dove I can enjoy over and over again....more info