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Kathy Smith - Weight Loss Workout
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Product Description

This hour with Kathy Smith will get you sweating, burning fat, dropping pounds, and strengthening muscles. This moderate-intensity workout includes both aerobics and strength training. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, and the combination of aerobics and strength training burns more calories than either alone. Smith offers both beginning and advanced modifications so you can work at your own pace. Insets give helpful alignment tips. You start with an 8-minute warm up, then you work your arms with weights for 6 minutes. Four different aerobic segments follow, totaling 30 minutes. Most of the aerobic moves are simple and frequently repeated, with no difficult choreography until the last segment, which becomes dancier. After the aerobics, you do standing legwork for 5 minutes, add weights for another 5 minutes, and cool down for 6 minutes. At the end of the video, Smith explains a nutrition program for weight loss. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • An oldie but still a goodie, as they used to say:)
    Fitness level: Intermediate. Composition: 5 minute warm-up; 8 minutes arm and upper body toning; 35 minutes floor aerobics; 8 minutes lower body toning; 5 minute cool-down Equipment: one-to-five-pound dumbbells; can do toning without weights if you're just starting out. Heart Rate Checks: 2 Music: ranges from funk to traditional aerobic-style to Caribbean to 50's rock Impact: Mixed, but low-impact modifiers shown for most routines Choreography: moderate Settings: gym and studio. The settings and decor change with each section. Whenever the music changes, you'll see the song title, and section (warm-up, toning, aerobics, cool-down) displayed in the lower left hand corner of the screen, like MTV.

    She produced this tape after giving birth to her first child and filming her Pregnancy Workout, and some may think it shows its age, but it still is one of the most solid workouts on the market for intermediates and those new to weight work. Kathy Smith opens with her usual low-key but friendly, informative introduction that belies the energetic routine ahead. I don't know if this is the program that got her looking so great after her pregnancy, but she definitely looks wonderful in this video. Kathy has always advertised this as the follow-up to her Fat Burning Workout video. It's definitely on the next level--steps that are "aerobic" in that video are "warm-ups" here, and the first few times I did this workout I was grateful for the nutritional lecture at the end. Not because I needed it--although I probably did--but because all I could do after completing the cool-down was lie on the floor and pant!

    However, I persevered and I'm glad I did. I felt results in a few weeks, and saw them in the second month. At the risk of sounding like a FIRM testimonial, I looked better at age 37 than I had at 21! My arms and upper body were toned for the first time in my life. By the fourth month, I had tons of energy, and I looked great in my jeans. Then came pregnancy, and it wasn't until my daughter was weaned that I could once again exercise this intensely. When I returned to intermediate level, it was good to have this tape in my collection.

    This was the first time I'd ever used weights in an aerobic routine--maybe some wouldn't rate the weight work for "Weight Loss Workout" as "aerobic" but it sure kept my heart rate in the target zone--especially the lower body work. Kathy suggests that neophytes do the tape the first time without weights--and one exerciser demonstrates the toning that way. (Another exerciser has wristband weights--the rest use dumbbells) I ignored her and started with 1-pound weights, and had no problems.

    Two things I loved about the toning: it was "choreographed" so you keep moving instead of sitting or, Heaven forbid, lying on the floor. (At my 9:00pm exercise time, a prone position is an invitation to slumber!) Arms and upper body work follows the warm-up; the lower body work follows the aerobics. If they'd been lumped together, I'd have just skipped them and done only the aerobics, which to me is always the fun part. Also, when I was new to using weights like this, I don't think I could have done all 16 minutes consecutively--the division gave me a chance to get my second wind, which usually happens 20 minutes into the aerobics section. That reminds me. . .

    I haven't said much about the aerobics yet--which is why I bought the tape in the first place. I love aerobics the way a dog loves bones. Enjoyable routines and great music are part of what I live for, and this program has both. It's a faster pace and a little trickier than her beginner workouts, but Kathy is a master at teaching through "add-ons" and combinations. She also includes modifiers for people who are intermediate level but don't want to do "power moves." I especially enjoy the Caribbean and 50's segments--the crew has *almost* as much fun as the one in "Donna-Mite Workout."

    The only problem I have with this workout is that the toning is wonderful, but doesn't include work for abs and back. Kathy implies in her intro that she geared this video in part toward new mothers. But she left out exercises for their most common trouble spots! Had she included them, this would be the perfect routine for intermediates, in my book. But since I now rotate videos rather than stick with just one, I can include that work on a "strength day" instead. Or I can supplement on the same day with one of the FIRM's "More 5-Day Abs" routine. It's a good tape nonetheless, that fell just a little short of being great....more info

  • 80"s Stuff - cover misleading
    I was very disappointed when I bought this tape. It seems like Kathy Smith compiled several clips of her workout tapes all of them in the 80's and made it into 1 hr tape.. I felt really disappointed since it is 2001 - why would I want old stuff give use something new to work with. I wish Kathy Smith would have been more honest to her consumers. I feel it's a waste of my money....more info
  • Working 4 Me
    I started working out with Kathy 2 months ago and I haven't regretted it since. I was able to work muscles that hadn't been worked in years and really felt the burn that I needed. I enjoy working out with this DVD everyday and I never get bored with it. She's really a joy to watch and workout with. She's a terrific motivator!...more info
  • Wacky but it works
    I admit to being a bit confused when I first got this workout, with the set changes and choppy editing--I thought it might be a compilation. But after watching 1 or 2 times, I came to enjoy the set changes 'cause it adds variety to the wrokout and the quick flashes between takes is usually done when you're doing a move with several repititions and just counting down. So now I see it as an entertaining break & by the way, those editing embellishments are only done in a few segments, not beginning to end.

    Now, as for the workout itself, I have to say that it definitely works. I work out a LOT & have long since reached a plateau in weight loss, even with running, step aerobics, other videos & tennis, but adding this video I began to see a few extra pounds & inches come off, probably thanks to the length (1 hr) & the toning. Very effective. I skip the stretching & cool-down 'cause I just don't have time. Love the 50's routine, the popeye arms & the standing leg segment. Stick with this & you will see results for sure. ...more info
  • Great all-around workout
    I got this because I needed a good cardio workout and was drawn to it because it had muscle-toning sections, too. I have also enjoyed the other Kathy Smith tapes I own (Aerobox and Time-Saver Lift Weights to Lose Weight). The tape lasts just over an hour. Normally I have trouble keeping up any workout that lasts more than 20 minutes--but I can get through this one completely. AND I do it every day, and even follow it up with a short ab workout (Abs of Steel with Tamilee Webb)! I have been doing this for a few weeks and feel better than I have in years! It's probably a little advanced if you're an absolute beginner, but even if you can't get through the whole tape or need to take breaks, it is a fabulous workout and well worth the effort!...more info
  • A lot of fun, hard work!
    This video has been a favorite of mine for years. But I hated it at first. Beginners should definetly start out with her March to Fitness video and steer clear of this one. Despite the description of the video, the choreography can be very difficult at first, which is frustrating the first ten or so times you do the workout. The workout is intense, once you get the hang of the moves. I have many videos and this is definetly the most difficult of them. This should definetly be categorized as intermediate to advanced. The music and the moves make it a lot of fun to do, again... once you get the hang of the moves....more info
  • Non-stop fat burning! Great!
    I have had this video for a long time and never bothered to look at reviews on it. I can't believe that people are complaining about the edieting and hairstyles!!! It sounds more like they were making excuses. If you do the video more than once, then the edieting is not confusing at all, the very first time maybe slightly for those with one headlight out, but come on people this is not rocket science! I Very highly reccomend this video for anyone who is looking for a great 60 min non stop cardio workout with toning included. If you would rather watch somone like Cher, who had ribs removed to improve her figure, because her hair is better, or maybe Cindy Crawford has one for you, but if you are looking for a Great workout by someone who has been in shape for a long time (hence the big hair) then go for this one you will be very pleased....more info
  • Terrible to watch
    I usually love Kathy Smith workouts but this video is terrible to watch. It looks like they filmed it twice and then edited the two together - one moment you will see Kathy permforming a move and the next moment you see her messing up the move while the people behind her laugh and then it flips back to the regular workout. It just cuts in and out way too much. I think they were trying to make it more entertaining to watch but it ends up being harder to follow if you are trying to concentrate on permforming the moves correctly....more info
  • Results Are Real!
    I am a consumer who owns five of Kathy Smiths videos. I find this one to be the most challenging.I purchased this video with three others at the same time. I tried them all but i keep going back to this one because I get the best workout from Weight Loss Workout.I've been doing aerobics for almost a year and a half now. My body has changed so much for the better since I added exercise to my life.
    I used other videos before I purchased the last four Kathy Smith videos. I started out Walking outdoors first since I hadn't exercised in too many years. I started to lose some weight and began increasing the distance and time of my walks.I began to notice that simple everyday chores in my home didn't leave me huffing and puffing anymore. At this point I thought I would give and areobic video a try. The first video I used was from Richard Simmons.Eventually the tape became too easy and I purchased a second one of his videos.It also became too easy to complete. I used a video of Kathy Smiths about ten years ago before I had children and I lost over 90lbs back then. I knew her videos could be challenging and thought I could use something new to help me get past a plateau in my weight loss. I have had a weight problem most of my life and because of the loss of loved ones due the health issues I have never been more determined to get my weight to a healthy place. I have been constantly looking for ways to improve my weightloss efforts. To date I've lost 70lbs. I had so many aches and pains before I began. I had borderline highblood pressure, very painful heelspurs and muscle tightness in both feet, aches in both legs when I would try to sleep on my sides, an achey lower back,palpatations of the heart.All of these discomforts have gone away for me now. I haven't felt this good in many years. When I have days I don't really feel like exercising I remind myself of all the good things that have come from doing it. I think to myself I can't stand to go back to all those awful syptoms of being overweight.Today I think of exercising as my medicine for keeping away all those things that caused me discomfort in the past. I still have alot more weight to lose but know with exercising, educating myself about nutrition and reading about the latest new information on eating healthy to aide in weightloss I'm going to reach my fitness goals one day at a time. Everyday counts and they all add up at the end of the year to pounds lost. I came on this website to look for any new videos.I truly enjoy Kathy Smith videos and her method of teaching the moves.If you stick with the videio eventually you will catch on to all the moves. This video has helped me shed many inches. The other reason I liked it was because it uses weights to help build muscle.We know that muscle burns more calories and I can use all the help I can get. I have noticed muscle tone where I had none. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants to see results....more info
  • Disappointing
    I love other Kathy Smith videos, but I'm really disappointed in this one. I find it hard to get past the cheesy props and big hair. The aerobics moves are OK, but I found myself watching the clock, hoping I wouldn't have to look at the big hair much longer. The weightlifting part is the redeeming part of this video. I'd suggest sticking with her time-savers series and the fat burning breakthroguh video....more info
  • This is the most effective exercise video I have seen.
    I have been exercising to videos since the first 20 Minute Workout tapes became popular. I bought and used Smith's first videos, and I haven't wasted money on anyone else's since. This is the best of the Smith videos and the best I have seen for developing upper body strength and losing weight with a "just right" combination of weight training and aerobics. If you are an at-home exerciser and can work out for approximately 70 minutes, this is your best bet. I will be ordering my second copy soon. The first is worn out, and I don't intend to change my routine (although I wouldn't mind another Smith video along the same lines as far as the work out, but with updated costumes, hairdos, and music)....more info
  • A Great Workout
    I love this video because it is the first that I have found that is non-stop aerobics for a full hour. There is no floor work in this video at all. They use light weights in two short sections but they are not manditory and you can do the tape without them and still get a great workout. There are two heart rate checks in which they help you time your heart rate and tell you where your heart rate should be according to your age so you will know whether you are working too hard or not hard enough. I have only had this video for a few weeks and I alternate it with Firm workouts w/ weights and Yoga tapes and I have seen a difference already just by adding this tape. It is helping to get rid of those last few hard to reach areas. Highly recommended video... but warning.. it is NON-STOP for 60 full minutes. If you want to start with something easier maybe start with her Timesaver workouts.

    Also included in this video... Kathy talks at great length at the beginning of the video which is good for beginners. At the end she speaks briefly on nutriion....more info

  • Always one of my favorites!
    I first bought this on VHS in about 1990. I really love it. I always have and even now that I am getting back into shape and am nearly 20 years older, it's still a challenging video.

    I like that the video actually works out almost all parts of the body while dancing on your feet.

    If you don't like it because of the music, sets, costumes, you need a) accept it for what it is and b) look at the exercise value.

    I find it entertaining and nostalgic. I will admit, I am a child of the 1980s and still love the music. I never had mall hair, though....more info