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Charlotte Church - Voice of an Angel in Concert
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Among the more charming--and improbable--of pre-millennial success stories is the left-field crossover triumph for this Welsh soprano, 12?years old at the time of her debut, and still on the near side of her teens in this concert video derived from a hit PBS special. At a time when "teeny pop" reigns over MTV and radio playlists, Church's serene program of Welsh and Irish folk airs, devotional hymns, and generally tranquil classical melodies gives alternative music an entirely new meaning.

Then again, it's just possible that Church's very appeal rests on the delicate balance between the unapologetic sweetness of her music and the unforced girlishness she flashes between songs, rare qualities indeed against the harsher foil of sexualized pop culture. Given the degree to which various predecessors, from Brenda Lee to Tanya Tucker to LeAnn Rimes, have been groomed to transmit a precocious "maturity," Church's virginal typecasting may be methodically anachronistic, but at least it offers a calming refuge from the mixed messages and soft-core spin offered by Britney Spears.

Director David Mallet, who's become the DeMille of up-market music videos and a staple for PBS fund drive specials, applies a familiar balance of sure technical craft and slick sentimentality. He dresses the Brixton Academy concert site with a faux stained glass window, flickering candle light, and delicate laser lighting units that imbue Church with a backlit radiance, just so we won't miss the angel connection. Skeptics will also note her Andrew Lloyd Webber connection (the signature Pie Jesu), as well as canny nods to Celtic chic in the inclusion of such warhorse choices as "Danny Boy" and "My Lagan Love." Still, whether or not the young star achieves her dream of singing Tosca at La Scala, for the moment Church achieves a poised lyricism that's no mean feat. --Sam Sutherland

Customer Reviews:

  • The best!
    Voice of an Angle in Concert was what first made me a fan of Charlotte Church. I think she was at her best at that point. Her voice was crystal clear and beautiful, and she had such a spark about her. It was evident that she did not want to be anyplace other than on that stage singing. She handled every song exceptionally well, bringing emotion that is hardly to be looked for in a twelve year old to each one. The documentary that follows is delightful....more info
  • the girl is great
    i bought the video to find out more about the cd and was pleasently suprized by the fact that there was a lot more in the vhs tape than the CD...more info
  • A distant shadow of a beauty
    Ok folks, I thought I`d just be fair here:

    First, I simply can`t understand why there is so many people outthere that are so extremely fond of this signer. Her voice sound very mature for her age, and she looks pretty average, too - at 14 or so, she allready looked like a young woman. While she had a distant (she looked already ruther mature than) foretaste of a child prodigy at her very first debut on this album, she eventually grow out of this status few years later. What could, *could* make her a slight point of interest, was the fact that she allready at 12 attempted to sing professional arias and songs thus being a child prodigy, is now no more. She growed up, and being in her 17`s, she doesn`t look like a child anylonger. Her voice and especially her technique, however, seem to be unchanged and that is, in my opinion, one of her gratest disadvantages up to date. Without a slightest exaggeration, her voice have a great portion of terrible shrillness, often forced and nasal notes, that are mostly harsh and unpleasant to the ear. While it`s true that it have some sort of mysterious freshness and purety about it, though ruther distant, it is at the same time obvious that her technique seem incomplete, her style outdated and weard - her voice, with few and infrequent notes of beauty and melowness, is mostly violently penetrating and uneven. It`s enourmous luminosity and harshness is striking to the extreme - and it gives more pain to the ears, ruther than satisfaction. To summoraze it all, I want to conclude saying that while I find the voice of Charlotte Church to be ruther curious and beautiful, at the same time, I find her technique poor at best and terrible in general - if she doesn`t change her technique, she may never have a right to claim that she sings in a true classic style. No way.

    Cheers....more info

  • Opera Spice's First Solo Concert
    Charlotte's voice is even more spectacular when she is singing in concert. And who could not love a singer who introduces her Teddy Bear to the audience? It was so cute and made you realize how young she actually was when she sang at her first solo concert. Here she takes center stage for the first time, makes jokes that the audience loves and declares that various songs are of unknown origin.

    She is quite the personality and I had to just laugh when she declared that the Men of Harlech were looking so "posh" in their matching suits.

    By watching her in concert you will be able to see the contrast between her teenage personality and her angelic and almost adult presence when singing for an audience. It is as if an angelic force pervades her very being. She could be as ancient an angel as one who first sang for God at the beginning of time.

    Within her is a beautiful soul which radiates throughout her being when she is on a stage. I noticed how while practicing her songs she seems much more shy, but she comes alive completely onstage. There are times when she does seem under the spell of her own voice.

    Not only does Charlotte take on some complex songs for her age, she sings each song as if she has always known these songs. In fact, she started singing at a very young age and has a very musical family. The beauty of her voice has the power to bring
    a grown man to tears.

    Songs in this Concert which are also from the Voice of an Angel CD include:

    Panis Angelicus
    The Lord's Prayer
    Mae Hiraeth yri y Mor
    In Trutina
    Pie Jesu
    Danny Boy
    My Lagan Love
    Y Gylfinir
    When at Night I Go to Sleep

    In this DVD, you get to see behind-the-scenes footage and glimpses of her life. Everyone in her life seems to just come alive in a new way when they are around her. It is as if the light in her being also flows to everyone around her.

    Of course, she was also a very young Welsh schoolgirl at the time who was known to pout and have disagreements with her mom. She is very human and yet has been blessed with an amazing talent. We forget all about how human she is when hearing her sing her signature tune, Pie Jesu. Especially while surrounded by candles and an amazing orchestral accompaniment. The sheer confidence everyone places in Charlotte was part of what impressed me.

    Part of the beauty of her voice is the innocence. She is truly a natural. In a way, it is unfair to compare her to anyone else. She is unique. This is a child who took charge of her own future at a very early age. In this DVD you will see how she actually started her career by her own actions. It is not her mother pushing her, but rather encouraging her to be the best she can be. They show Charlotte and her mother laughing and it does seem they have a very good relationship.

    "I was watching Richard and Judy and they said they were looking for talented kids. No one was around so I phoned up." "The producers said I had to sing down the phone. So I did 'Pie Jesu,' and that was it. I was invited on the show! Mum and Dad were the last to find out!" -Charlotte Church

    I look forward to seeing her acting in the 2003 release of "I'll be There," which is a comedy. She actually made her acting debut in the UK TV drama 'Heartbeat'.

    Charlotte's biggest ambition is to sing in her favorite opera - Madame Butterfly -at La Scala in Milan. You know, this Welsh soprano might just do it one day. After all, she has already had a concert at The Megaron in Athens.

    At 17, she has seen so much success. I can only imagine a wonderful future for this motivated young star. She was born Feb. 21, 1986.

    Also look for:

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    Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far)

    Sometimes in this world where we live with tragedy and sorrow day after day, God does something miraculous. He gives us a Charlotte Church.

    ~The Rebecca Review ...more info
  • Remessa para o Brasil
    Amazon esta de parab¨¦ns.... tudo foi perfeito

    A Receita Federal Brasileira sobre taxou os DVD's em 60%, mesmo contrariando o artigo segundo da lei de importa??o abaixo de US$50,00..... mas tudo bem, foi para ajudar a pagar o Mensal?o do Governo....more info
  • Misplaced Popularity
    Charlotte Church's current popularity clearly shows the public's general distaste in classical music. Any vocal pedagogist or singer, from watching this video, could sit down and write a substantial critique of everything the young Welsh soprano does wrong.

    The human voice is a fragile instrument indeed. Used properly, it can create a beautiful sound. Used in the manner of the young Miss Church, one will experience general fatigue and laryngitis in extreme cases.

    Hopefully, there is a pedagogue out there who can correct Miss Chruch's vocal issues, and help her to achieve the status that the public places her in. Otherwise, she will continue to develop techincal problems that will eventually prematurely end her career....more info

  • Best Ever!
    An absolutely spellbounding performance! What a voice on such a young girl!...more info
    My friend Mark and I sometimes have similar tastes in music. When he starts raving about something I know that it is either the cheesiest thing, and I best stay away from it, or it is something truly great. I mean back in the 70s Mark knew that Tommy James was more than just bubblegum music. I didn't know anyone like that except myself. He had this fantastic stereo and he put on 'Kathleen Macarthur" and wow! I once played Tracy Chapman's "Baby Can I Hold You" and told him, that this was the best music video ever created, and without hesitation he agreed and confessed that he once spent a whole day just playing it over and over, he couldn't turn it off. The point is, years ago when Charlotte Church was all the rage, he came to me and told me I had to see this (her first concert video), and we both agreed that we were looking at something unusual. It was like getting the chance to see Mozart when he was alive. Charlotte does have a voice like an angel--no strike that, she is one. ...more info
  • An Angel Indeed
    Charlotte Church will hopefully remain one of the voices of the future. She is a remarable talent proving that today's young people are capable of great things besides hip hop and rap. Without seeing her perform, it would be hard to realize that such a magnificent voice came out of someone so young. She is the essence of youth untouched by the drugs, booze, and sex emulating from today's modern music culture. She is a refreshing change from the stale, everybody sounds alike music of our supposedly dominate society....more info
  • Charlotte's voice is stunning
    I have never been so impressed by a young person's voice as I am with Charlotte Church's. She truly has the "voice of an angel." The video of her first concert is heart-stopping. I hope and pray that this lovely young girl stays as sweet and unspoiled as she seems to be now, and that her magnificent voice never changes....more info
  • Charlotte's voice is stunning
    I have never been so impressed by a young person's voice as I am with Charlotte Church's. She truly has the "voice of an angel." The video of her first concert is heart-stopping. I hope and pray that this lovely young girl stays as sweet and unspoiled as she seems to be now, and that her magnificent voice never changes....more info
  • Excellent performance. Horrid, distracting light show.
    The performance of Charlotte Church is excellent, with a superb rendition of 'Danny Boy', and the rousing finale of 'Men of Harlech'.

    Only flaw is the really horrid, distracting light show that overwhelms Charlotte during some of the numbers....more info

  • True "Voice of an Angel"
    Charlotte has the most beautiful voice I've heard in a long time. I saw her concert on my local PBS station and was amazed at her professional and poised performance. I found her obvious voice training evident in the manner in which she sang all of her selections. I'm looking forward to adding her video and CD to my collection. I highly recommend Charlotte Church to lovers of all types of music....more info
  • Concert video of Voice of an Angel is divine
    When Voice Of An Angel came out, people wondered just who Charlotte Church was. Despite being an ace singer, through it all, she was also a schoolgirl in Cardiff, Wales who has homework like everyone else, but who happens to be very talented and with some famous friends. Oh yes, and with more stuffed animals than I've had hot meals--(OK, maybe not that much, but you get the idea).

    Her televised concert at the Brixon Academy in London on 2-3 March 1999 is a visual triumph in terms of the red, blue, and yellow lighting that flash during her performance, and her red jacket and trousers outfit is a smart and stylish. The kid in her is there, as she puts two of her stuffed animals, a large white bear and a goofy-looking spider, as a kind of security and moral support. Given her performance in the concert, they should be paid overtime. Though not listed on the video box, here are the songs played in order. All but one are taken from her debut album.

    1) Panis Angelicus

    Charlotte gets help from the London Symphony Chorus on this Cesar Francke composition.

    2) The Lord's Prayer

    Yes, this is the "Our father, who art in heaven" done in song, and she has to ask the conductor who wrote it, to which he responds Albert Lamotte.

    3) Mae Hiraeth yu y Mor (There's Longing In The Sea)

    In that song, the lights fan out behind her, giving her an angelic penumbra, and with her singing, she does have a voice of an angel.

    4) In Trutina

    5) Pie Jesu

    In her signature tune, she gets a guy her age, Gwillem Evans, to duet with her, and he does an admirable job, and has a good voice to match.

    6) Danny Boy

    7) My Lagan Love

    Again, the same penumbra lighting effect is done, making this a highlight.

    8) Suo-Gan

    9)Y Gylfinir (The Curlew)

    10) When At Night I Go To Sleep

    11) Men Of Harlech

    This is a climactic closing highlight, as it features the Welsh Male Voice Choir, smartly decked out in red tuxes, singing a stirring, traditional Welsh song.

    Those who have Voice Of An Angel who want to program their CD in order of the concert, follow this sequence: 2, 4, 15, 3, 1, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17. Then program her eponymous CD for track 16.

    After the concert, there's a behind the scenes prequel of the week before the concert, including interviews with Charlotte, her family, vocal coach, Sony Music rep, manager, leading up to rehearsal at the Brixon Academy.

    A stunning concert debut and the signs of things yet to come....more info