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VeggieTales - Rack, Shack & Benny [VHS]
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Product Description

The latest in an animated Christian children's series, this video teaches kids the importance of standing up to peer pressure through a thinly disguised Bible story. When Bob the Tomato, our host, sees that Larry the Cucumber is trying to fit into what's "cool" by wearing an oven mitt as a hat, he tells Larry that it's important to be true to yourself no matter what the consequences. Bob tells Larry a story about three vegetables, Rag, Shack, and Benny, who are held hostage in a factory and forced to make chocolate bunnies. When the owner, Mr. Nezzar, takes a liking to them, he offers to promote them if they will only worship a giant chocolate bunny.

The story is based on the book of Daniel in the Old Testament, in which three friends stand up to King Nebuchadnezzar, refusing to worship a false idol. The slavery and death themes may be too dark for kids under 7, but the animation and songs are fun. --Elisabeth Keating

Customer Reviews:

  • Funny Even Without the Bunny Song
    Veggie Tales star in the story of the Fiery Furnace. Rack, Shack and Benny are faced with a challenge to their faith - bow down to a god other than the God they believe in or die. Our three heroes bravely, albeit a bit hesitantly at first, stand up for what they believe in and get sent to the Fiery Furnace. But their God remembers them just as they remembered Him and intercedes in a majestic way, amid plenty of light and awestruck bystanders. The songs in this movie are catchy and the message is solid - stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. The Silly Songs segment features Larry performaing "The Dance of the Cucumber" which is the most hilarious Silly Song ever!!! The translation by Bob the Tomato is guaranteed to leave you laughing as you watch Bob's gradual slide from mildly miffed to all out aggravated at his friend Larry the Cucumber! See this movie - you'll finish it cheered and smiling....more info
    This is wonderful AND powerful to watch the Bible come to life this way. You will laugh AND get ministered to. Simple ideas brought to life....more info
  • Fun for kids of all ages
    Combine a great message and an enjoyable, easy to understand and fun format to convey that message and you've got Veggie Tales. Rack, Shack & Benny takes a classic bible story and makes it fun and interesting for children and adults alike. Fun characters and easy to understand dialoge make this installment of Veggie Tales a great addition to any christian's video collection....more info
  • Fun to watch over and over.
    The story line is very easy for my 4 year old to understand and the songs are very catchy. We watch it everyday!...more info
  • Wonderful, uplifting entertainment with catchy tunes...
    Fabulous. We love this video. So glad that there is still some decent entertainment with good moral values to show my little ones!...more info
  • great way to introduce kids to the love & eternity of God
    Kids want to know if what happened to Rack, Shack & Benny really could happen. Good intro for parents or bible teachers to open the door to bible study....more info
  • Main theme in show: Stand up for what you believe in
    This veggie tales episode is a good one to show children in order to teach them to shand up for what they believe in no matter what (even if they feel pressure from their peers). It also shows the importance of obeying their parents even when their parents aren't around.

    It also comes with a silly song about a dancing and singing cucumber (which may be funny to some people but others might find it a bit rude)....more info
  • Larry is my hero!
    Don't be fooled: Another VeggieTales video, "LarryBoy and the RumorWeed," was shown to an excited group of college freshman at Grace University and everyone danced to the music video! This is more than children's entertainment. Its funny, its clean, and those Silly Songs will stick in your head for ages. I've been known to sing "The Pirates that Don't Do Anything" at the top of my lungs while driving down the highway.

    I grew up on Christian entertainment like "Psalty the Songbook" and "The Music Machine." This is FAR better. "Rack, Shack, and Benny" is my favorite of the series, but see them all! They are the BEST!...more info

  • A classic Veggietales adventure
    This is a classic episode and I love it. The silly song is absolutely hilarious. The story is a good one too. Kids and adults will love it....more info
  • Fabulous video for the kids!
    This has got to be one of the greatest videos for kids on the market today. It is absolutely hysterical and has a wonderful message. I find myself singing the bunny song to make my son laugh when he's feeling mopey and I think it's a prerequisite for every mommy to learn the "wherever you are" song. The entire video is fabulous! I am always genuinely pleased when he opts to put in this video above his others....more info
  • A great video for all ages
    I first saw Veggie Tales at a camp, and this is one of the best! The ebntire series is appealing to everyone, at our church the high school youth group and the nursery children watch right alongside each other. This video is full of bright colors and good lessons for the young ones, but if you look carefully there are a lot of messages for teens and adults as well. This is a lovely video with messages for all about peer pressure and a wonderful set of songs....more info
  • Great Message and Great Fun
    This is a fabulous series which teaches valuable lessons. This is one of the best of the lot. The conveyor belt scene reminds me a lot of my workplace! A great video for kids aged 2 to 102....more info
  • A Veggie Classic
    I thoroughly enjoyed this VeggieTales movie and can understand why it is a favorite for some of my Veggie-loving friends. The plot was good, the characters were lovable (except for Nezzer who of course isn't generally liked, though his singing is fun to imitate). I saw the video version, so I'm not aware of this line-changing business but it does seem kind of sad. I liked the story, liked the characters, liked the silly song too (Larry doing folk dance in spanish is pretty laughable). Highly recommended to any VeggieTales fan that hasn't seen it yet, and actually for those who have. It's one that you can rewatch again and again and still enjoy it....more info
    It's difficult to say something about this or any VeggieTales title that hasn't been said already. It's a Christian-lite message that kids will be entertained and educated by. It's amusing to the whole family and it's probably the best thing to happen to our religion since Easter. So to write an entire review of this volume, being a comic retelling of Shadrach, Meshiach and Abendego and the Fiery Furnace, would be banal to say the least.

    But here goes.

    Rack, Shack, and Benny (as the protagonists are called for short) have been removed from the King's castle and now work all day in a chocolate bunny factory under the guiding eyes of Nebby K. Nezzer (I know it's a [silly] joke, but he's a pickle! Come on!). Nezzer decides that everyone in the factory should love The Bunny as much as he does. To this end, he builds a ninety-foot rabbit and makes everyone sing "The Bunny Song" (this caused some real-life controversy, discussed on the DVD in detail). But our boys know not to do things that aren't right and, well, there's a lot not right about that song. Their faith saves them from the furnace and everyone lives happily ever after, even Nezzer who learns he was wrong to make them sing the song. Throw in the traditional Argentinean ballad "The Dance of the Cucumber" in the "Silly Songs" segment (and yes, the translation is accurate) and you have one of the top five VeggieTales videos ever.

    Now, for the original part of my review. The other day I returned to my dorm after a long day of work. Classes, research, rehearsal, I was beat. I opened my mailbox and inside was a note that alerted me to the presence of a package at the front desk for me. It was the VeggieTales DVD I ordered. So I wasted no time popping it in and watching it. And it made my night so much better.

    There, that'll do....more info

  • Great video for parents and kids alike!!
    Another wonderful video from the Veggietales gang! They are all here in this video based on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the book of Daniel. What a great lesson. With God you always win, but you do have to stand up for what you believe in. Bob, Jr. and Larry are right on target with not bowing down to Mr. Nezzer's big chocolate bunny. My children had no problem figuring out that God was with them in the firey furnace and they got the concept of the video right away. I highly recommed it!...more info
  • In with the old out with the new.
    Rack Shack and Benny brings many fine moments to the Veggie Tale franchise. It boasts the first appearance of Mr. Lundt, Mr. Nezzer, Laura the Carrot and George,the security guard narrator who also narrates the Toy that Saved Christmas. With Dave and the Giant Pickle, which came out the same year, Rack Shack and Benny departed from the previous and current Veggie format of two stories regarding the episodes theme by telling a longer story interspersed with a silly song at intermission. And what a silly song at that: An Argentinean cucumber folk ballad sung in Spanish by Larry, translated in to English by Bob; often at the interpreters expense.

    The story itself adapted from the book of Daniel takes Shadrach (Bob) Meeshach (Junior Asparagus) and Abednego (Larry) from captivity to cavity prone by making them workers at a chocolate factory. It capably tells the story of standing up to persecution for doing what you know is right. The boys are commanded to bow down to a chocolate bunny and sing the bunny song. They know that many of the words in the song are wrong and refuse to bow or sing. As a result they are sentenced to be thrown in the incinerator with the rest of the "bad" bunnies. I hate to leave you hanging on the plot line but you'll have to watch the video or read the bible to see how it comes out.

    The only problem I have with my copy of Rack Shack and Benny is that Big Idea broke one of my favorite credos. That credo being is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    You see there are two versions of Rack Shack & Benny: the original and a re-release, with the only difference being lines of dialogue in the Bunny song. You would not think that switching lines in a song would make much of a difference but in this case it's like watching a video without actually putting in the VCR, it alters the entire presentation.

    One of the lines I am referring to sung by Nebby K. Nezzer is:
    I won't go to church and I won't go to school that stuff is for sissies but Bunnies are cool. In the re-release they change the first part of the line to: "I won't eat beans and I won't eat tofu". Another change is I don't love my Mom or my Dad just the bunny to something much more benign.

    The problem with the line changes is that it undermines and all but obliterates the entire conflict of the plot. It makes Rack Shack and Benny seem to be willing to give their life over gastronomical differences.

    Now I understand that the line change may well be in order not to have children singing such bad lines. But the point is that the kids in the story would not sing it. I thought the matter was resolved in the first sing a-long video when a reformed Nebby performs a new improved version of the song advising not to make the bunny an idol.

    In all, I would still highly recommend Rack Shack and Benny to veggiephiles everywhere. And if at all possible try to get your hands on the original version and if you can, please send one to me!
    ...more info
  • Not suitable for younger children
    We own several Veggie Tales that our children really enjoy. But this particular one is not suitable for small children at all. We thoroughly read the description and reviews for Rack, Shack & Benny and felt comfortable ordering it, but it turned out to be frightening to our young children (Rack, Shack & Benny were threatened to be thrown into a firey furnace if they didn't sing the bunny song). A warning was added to the description after we purchased it. ...more info
  • Good message, may be too much for really young children
    I really like all the Veggie Tales videos, and so do my children. However, since my children are very young (1 and 4) they found this one is their least favorite. They find parts of the video scary and prefer to watch all their other tapes instead. The music is great, and so is the message but it's probably better for older children....more info
  • A great video for kids and adults!
    Great computer animation! Wonderful Songs! Wonderful charaters! Great story line! Great message against peer pressure. My children and I have seen this video (and the other VT videos) over and over again! Big Idea, keep making these Bibical stories so it can speak to the heart of a child as it does....more info
  • Veggie Tales DVD
    Yet another great Veggie Tale. Our daughter loves the veggie tales and enjoys watching this one over and over again. A great story, good music and a great lesson for teaching....more info
  • Give it a try
    This is great 4 the entire family or any1 else willing to watch. It teaches kids something that is 100% true & inspired by the HOly Spirit...give it a try....more info
  • Love these guys
    What great stuff! Fantistic animation, wonderful characters, a solid easy to understand message (stand up for what you believe in, God is right there with you), and best of all, wonderful music. My daughter loves this, almost half as much as I do....more info
  • VeggieTales RULES!
    I'm fifteen years old, and even though VeggieTales was originally created for preschoolers, me and my friends ADORE them! Even though I have all eleven episodes (my family buys them THE DAY they first come out), Rack, Shack and Benny is my absolute favorite. The whole story is retold in a new way, so, instead of hearing the same story from the same point of view in the bible, it's remade in a different situation with the same consequences and the same portrayal of God's protection for his children. Plus the great solo by Junior Aspargus makes it all worthwhile, because, let's face it, Junior Rules! The dance of the cucumber is cool, too. (I like his clothes!)...more info
  • A good movie that is just slightly off
    I enjoyed this movie just as I enjoy most of the Veggie Tales movies. The music is entertaining and there is a good message. I just think that the message and the retelling of the story in this one is just not as good as some of the other ones. Your kids will be entertained though and as usual, this is a quality piece of work that Big Idea has put together. On the plus side, it contains my favorite silly song "The Dance of the Cucumber"! In addition, the DVD has some fun things you can do like change the voices on certain scences and a narrative from the founders....more info
  • Another Great Veggietales!
    Veggietales are entertaining for the whole family. We own nearly every one of them. Highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent!
    I am very pleased with this product. Veggie Tales are the best. The messages children get from these DVDs is exceptional and they are always done with warmth and humor. I recommend them very highly!...more info
  • Good Movie
    This is one of my most favorite Veggie Tales. I, of course, bought it for the kids, but I personally love the Veggie Tale stories. This one is one of my particular favorites. It's pretty catchy too....more info