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Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement
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Since its publication in 2000, Strategies That Work has become an indispensable resource for teachers who want to explicitly teach thinking strategies so that students become engaged, thoughtful, independent readers. In this revised and expanded edition, Stephanie and Anne have added twenty completely new comprehension lessons, extending the scope of the book and exploring the central role that activating background knowledge plays in understanding. Another major addition is the inclusion of a section on content literacy which describes how to apply comprehension strategies flexibly across the curriculum. The new edition is organized around four sections:

Part I highlights what comprehension is and how to teach it, including the principles that guide practice, a review of recent research, and a new section on assessment. A new chapter, Tools for Active Literacy: The Nuts and Bolts of Comprehension Instruction, describes ways to engage students in purposeful talk through interactive read alouds, guided discussion and written response.
Part II contains lessons and practices for teaching comprehension. A new first chapter emphasizes the importance of teaching students to monitor their understanding before focusing on specific strategies. Five lessons on monitoring provide a sound basis for launching comprehension instruction. At the end of each strategy chapter, the authors outline learning goals and ways to assess students' thinking, sharing examples of student work, and offering suggestions for differentiating instruction.
Part III, Comprehension Across the Curriculum is new. Comprehension strategies are essential for content-area reading, where information can be challenging, and presented in unfamiliar formats. This section includes chapters on social studies and science reading, topic study research, textbook reading and the genre of test reading.
Part IV shows that kids need books they can sink their teeth into and the updated appendix section recommends a rich diet of fiction and nonfiction, short text, kid's magazines, websites and journals that will assist teachers as they plan and design comprehension instruction

Through its focus on instruction that is responsive to kids' interests and learning needs, the first edition of Strategies That Work helped transform comprehension instruction for teachers across the country. For them, this new edition will be a welcome extension of that work. Those coming to it for the first time will find a current and essential resource. When readers use these strategies, they enjoy a more complete, thoughtful reading experience. Engagement is the goal. When kids are engaged in their reading they enhance their understanding, acquire knowledge, and learn from and remember what they read. And best yet, they will want to read more!

Customer Reviews:

  • Strategies that Work
    This book is a gem. It is written in a graceful and readable style. The authors fill the book with examples that illustrate keys to improving reading comprehension, apt books, stories or readings that reinforce the point, teacher-student communications and examples of teacher-student work. For anyone involved in teaching reading comprehension or tutoring students with reading difficulties, it is an invaluable resource....more info
  • Excellent condition
    The authors write as if they are there talking with you. It's easy to read and a phenomenal resource....more info
  • Philosophy put into action
    This is a great book but I think its better for teachers of third grade and higher. This is like third, fourth, fifth grade version. "Reading With Meaning" is better for K, first, and second grade teachers. Its great as a part of a series....more info
  • Not happy
    I read all the reviews for this book before I purchased it and was assured that these strategies would work for high school kids. I do not see that. All the illustrations etc are for grade school. I tutor freshman and do not see a correlation for use with 14 year olds. Sorry...more info
  • Best comprehension book on the market
    This is an insightful book with regards to teaching reading comprehension. I believe it truly focuses on the differences between comprehension skills needed during reading and comprehension skills students use for application. I would recommend this book to anyone....more info
  • Great strategies for teaching Reading Comprehension
    This is a well written book. It has several great examples of strategies for teaching reading comprehension to K through 8th grade. ...more info
    This is a totally fantastic book. It is written so well and in a down to earth fashion that I couldn't put it down. It was as easy to read as my favorite novel. Most importantly, however, it clearly explained how the best learning takes place. The strategies in this book hit every facet of learning as described by American Psychiatry. Put a study of this book together with a study of how our memory works, and you can't help but understand better how to teach, as well as clearly understand why other strategies have only limited success. This is a book that will stay on my desk and be read and studied over and over again. My thanks to the authors. ...more info
  • WOW!
    This book is an absolutely wonderful resource!!! There are a tremendous amount of strategies and examples provided to teach students how to enhance their comprehension. The best thing about this book is that it not only provides the various strategies, as many often do, but it shows real world examples of how each strategy can be used for a variety of ages and subject matter. In addition, it provides an excellent resource list of recommended books, magazines, and newspapers for teaching content.

    This is a must have for anyone interested in helping students develop their comprehension skills!...more info
  • What they should have let you read before you graduated
    This book is absolutely wonderful. The ideas are fantastic, it breaks it down and gives you examples of how to use the strategies! This helps the new teacher and the teacher that wants to re-vamp their strategies. I definetely recommend this book to EVERY teacher. It's also a great addition to a professional development library....more info
  • great read
    this is a great resource for a teacher looking to add something new to his or her bag of tricks...great refresher!!...more info
  • Strategies that Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement
    A group of our teachers is doing a book study and are getting lots of great ideas from this book!...more info
  • Also buy Comprehension Connections
    This is an amazing book if you've always wondered what strategies and thinking (and not specific skills that will soon be forgotten) to teach whole group in reading. I've used this in my 2nd year of teaching, but my colleagues in their 10th and 20th years of teaching love it too. The authors give specific lessons to teach THINKING strategies: metacognition, making connections, visualizing, questioning, inferring, determining important info, and synthesizing and summarizing.
    This book is great but will be even better if paired with this book (which isn't packaged with the "Buy Together" from Amazon) Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading. S. Harvey, one of the authors of Strategies that Work, writes the foreword. This book discusses the lessons you teach before teaching each of the strategies Harvey, et al. covers (i.e. schema) by using concrete experiences to help students understand and NOT forget what schema is (i.e. using a lint roller and pieces of paper with your experiences, opinions, feelings, memories. Use the lint roller to stick everything together and this represents your unique schema.) After giving students several "sensory" experiences with the strategy, you then teach lessons from Strategies that Work with the concrete experiences in place. She gives examples of using songs, art, wordless picture books for sensory experiences and basically hits different intelligences. My students are definitely thinking more, but I think they would have retained more if they would have had these concrete experiences first. This is a glowing review for both books :)...more info
  • excellent
    The book was in great condition. It didn't even look used! Great seller and great product!...more info
  • The Best book for the classroom
    This is an AWESOME book. I had the opportunity to listen to Stephanie Harvey talk and she is amazing! This book makes such perfect common sense. We use the Comprehension toolkit in our school and this book goes right along with it. I actually want to expand and use this book more. It is great not only for the language arts classroom but for all content area classes. This is a must have for your professional library!!!!...more info
  • When they say K-8...they mean it
    Most of the reviews mention what a great teaching tool this is so I thought why can't it work for me? I'm an adult that was looking for a book to help increase my reading comprehension. My thoughts were to to go back to the beginning. Though there were some good ideas, this book was by far elementary. It does cover the basic reading comprehension skills about making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, etc. However, the articles, examples, drawings are all written for and by children. I can 100% understand how elementary teachers and children could benefit from this book. But if you are an adult who struggles with reading comprehension this is NOT the book for you. My suggestion is to try "Read Better, Remember More" by Elizabeth Chesla. It is fantasic. It has exceptional practice exercises and skill building ideas that can help you become a good reader who interacts with the text....more info
  • Excellent comprehension lessons
    I absolutely love the lessons in this book. There are excellent modeling lessons and ideas to help your students increase their reading comprehension skills. You won't regret buying this book....more info
  • I love this book!
    I've had this book on my shelf for 4 years and have decided to use this book, along with Reading Strategies that work by Laura Robb to enhance my reader's workshop with my third graders. You have to own this book because it gives great teaching tips on how to teach comprehension. My favorite part are the lists at the back of the book which have book to help teach a strategy and ideas on how to teach response (discussion, writing, etc)using each strategy....more info