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I Read It, but I Don't Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers
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Product Description

I Read It, but I Don't Get It is a practical, engaging account of how teachers can help adolescents develop new reading comprehension skills. Cris Tovani is an accomplished teacher and staff developer who writes with verve and humor about the challenges of working with students at all levels of achievement°™from those who have mastered the art of "fake reading" to college-bound juniors and seniors who struggle with the different demands of content-area textbooks and novels.

Enter Cris' classroom, a place where students are continually learning new strategies for tackling difficult text. You will be taken step-by-step through practical, theory-based reading instruction that can be adapted for use in any subject area. The book features:

  • anecdotes in each chapter about real kids with real universal problems. You will identify with these adolescents and will see how these problems can be solved;
  • a thoughtful explanation of current theories of comprehension instruction and how they might be adapted for use with adolescents;
  • a What Works section in each of the last seven chapters that offers simple ideas you can immediately employ in your classroom. The suggestions can be used in a variety of content areas and grade levels(6-12);
  • teaching tips and ideas that benefit struggling readers as well as proficient and advanced readers;
  • appendixes with reproducible materials that you can use in your classroom, including coding sheets, double entry diaries, and comprehension constructors.

In a time when students need increasingly sophisticated reading skills, this book will provide support for teachers who want to incorporate comprehension instruction into their daily lesson plans without sacrificing content knowledge.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent strategies for remedial to honors students.
    There is something for every type of student here. There are universal strategies from basic reading comprehension to literary analysis. I've always struggled with how to teach inference and analysis to students- I know how I do it, but how do I transfer this knowledge to my students? This book covers the strategies along with the author's personal experiences teaching them in the classroom. Most, if not all, teachers will be able to relate to the author's humorous yet realistic writing style. Student responses to reading are reenacted and I found myself nodding and smirking with the commonalities. The book makes it all come to life. ...more info
  • Must have!
    This book is a must read for all middle school and high school teachers. Provides quick, effective strategies for working with struggling readers....more info
  • inspiring
    It's a good book if you are looking for inspiration. Tovani discusses her experience in trying to promote reading in all classrooms. However, I feel that it is more reminiscient than a tool for instruction, although she does offer suggestions to use in the classroom at the end of her chapters....more info
  • Any Teacher Can Benefit From This
    I found that by reading this book, not only did I learn strategies for teaching reading to my students but I also learned how to improve my own reading. The books tells us to remind the kids that even though they arent the best readers, they still have time to be.

    This book is a quick read and you are bound to get a greater understanding of how to create a classroom climate that is safe, and provides a place for children to be honest about their learning, confusion and understanding on a text. Reading this boook has given me several lesson plans that will help me teach my students this upcoming year and I feel well-prepared! ...more info
  • Bravo!
    As a high school English teacher I am always looking for ways to make the invisible process of reading more accessible to my students. Tovani's book is wonderful! She not only provides sound advice for all teachers, but also models good teaching throughout her book. Usually, I am disappointed with educational authors as they offer impractical strategies that would never work with real students in a typical classroom. Tovani's book made me happy that I signed up to teach summer school and I am jazzed to try out her practical suggestions with students. Bravo!...more info
  • A great read for all teachers!
    Cris Tovani's book is fabulous! As a reading teacher, it helped me to find ways to help my students understand what they were reading AND to help them understand when they were understanding. It is obvious that the author knows her readers well and is able to help them to read for real purposes and to give them strategies for monitoring their own comprehension. I have read Strategies that Work by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goodvis as well as Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Keene and Susan Zimmerman. I Read It But I Don't Get It adds to the things I learned about comprehension from these books. Although this book is written about middle school and high school students, I have used many of the ideas in the book with my upper elementary grade students. So many of the issues are the same. Many of my elementary colleagues are also finding this book helpful and have added it to their professional libraries. It also has great insights for content teachers--thoughts for helping students comprehend content reading. I highly recommend it for all teachers....more info
  • A key resource for secondary or high school teachers
    Tovani has produced a concise and practical resource for literacy development in high schools. Full of practical ideas based on current knowledge about how we learn, the book is useful to teachers in all subject areas. I have used this book in my work as a school administrator, and now it is a basic textbook in our university secondary teacher education program....more info
  • Fantastic Book
    I chose this book from several options for a class. Tovani has insight into what stands in the way of students' reading comprehension and useful strategies for how to prevent "fake reading". Best of all, though, Tovani uses examples as 'models' for how to put her strategies into action in a classroom and what response to expect when you do. ...more info
  • An ABSOLUTE Must for any Adolescent Literacy Teacher
    The information in this book is invaluable to anyone working with adolescents. Tovani's narrative provide practical application of all of the strategies. I immediately tabbed the book for easy reference for use with middle school teachers. EVERY literacy coach needs to own this book! I used one of the activities from the book today to demonstrate reading for a specific purpose, and the teachers immediately said they wanted to use it with their students. This would be an excellent choice for a study group or book club!...more info
  • Outstanding service delivering an excellent book
    This is a must buy for anyone who is working with young adults, helping them to truly create meaning from the reading, especially academic, they are required, or choose to read....more info
  • Help for frustrated English teachers
    I teach seventh grade English in a district that expects 12-year-olds to read classics--and some really can, but others are stuck at a third or fourth grade reading level. I Read It, But I Don't Get It has some very practical suggestions that I can incorporate easily into my class to enrich the learning for all levels of readers. As I read this book, I became aware of the strategies I use to read difficult texts. Now I can pass those strategies on to my students. Few secondary teachers have the training to teach, or the time to gain the knowledge provided in this little text. Thanks to Cris Tovani, we now have a fine new resouce....more info