Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
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Part novel, part survivalist-handbook, Patriots tells of a small group of friends facing every American's worst nightmare—the total collapse of society. The stock market plummets and hyperinflation cripples commerce and then a seemingly isolated financial crisis passes the tipping point when an unprepared government fails to act. Practically overnight, the fragile institutions of democracy fall apart and every American is forced to survive on their own.

Evading mobs of desperate, out-of-control citizens who have turned Chicago into a wasteland of looting and mayhem, this novel's protagonists make their way to a shared secure ranch in the wilds of northern Idaho. Here the survival-driven group fends off vicious attacks from the outside and eventually assists in restoring order to the country. The compelling, fast-paced action-adventure novel has readers jotting notes and referencing the book's impressive index for informative survivalist tips on everything from setting up a secure shelter to treating traumatic flesh wounds.

Customer Reviews:

  • Work of Fiction, or how to homestead book?
    Overall a very interesting read. Doesn't read as much as a work of fiction as it does a "how to homestead" guide. There are lengthy and detailed descriptions about weapon selection, stockpiling what and why, homesteading, etc., and less emphasis on action. For the target audience likely to read this book (a survivalist), that is not necessarily a bad thing as the subject matter is almost certain to be of interest to the reader.

    For anybody who enjoyed Lights Out, I think that they would be happy with this book. Again, more focused on the practical "how to" parts of survivalism, but enjoyable....more info
  • Fire the editor!
    This has to be one of the worst edited books I have ever seen. You can tell it was written in the 1990s and updated recently; they mention the election of Barack Obama. But they did a lousy job of updating the text. The time lines, ages and historic events are screwed up. For example on page 22, it says that Todd and Mary found the ranch on vacation trips to Idaho in 2001 (happily married at the time). On the same page it states the idea for a group retreat was formed in 2006, while Todd and T.K. were in college. Later, it says that Todd started working from home in 2008, using a PC with a 20 gig hard drive and a dial-up modem. Dial-up in 2008? Especially for a corporate sanctioned telecommuter? That may have been the standard in 1988! On page 35, Kevin graduates college in 2007 and starts as a junior programmer. Next paragraph Kevin is starting SECOND career as freelance programmer in 2002. I guess he started his freelance in high school? Also, Doug states his age as 22, but he was born a year after his parent got married, soon after his fathers return from Vietnam. Let's see...The Crunch hits in 2009, so that means Doug was born in 1987, that means his father got home from Vietnam around 1986 or so. Delayed demobilization? POW release? These are just a few of the examples of bad editing and updating.

    Come on, the use of a simple whiteboard with a timeline drawn on it and used to update the text would have made this a much more enjoyable read. Any decent editor should have caught these errors and had them corrected before sending it to the printers.

    Plus, as another reviewer stated, recent college grads paying cash in the hundred thousand dollar range for ranches in Idaho is a bit ridiculous.

    The story was pretty interesting and informative but the bad editing ruined it for me. I could not get past the glaring inconsistencies. F--
    ...more info
  • Worst book I've ever read
    As I big fan of the collapse of civilization genre I had pretty high hopes for this book when I ordered it especially after seeing all the reviews that gave it a 5 star rating.

    However any hope I had for this book was pretty much dashed by the end of the second chapter and by the fifth chapter I had reached the conclusion that this was the worst book I'd ever read and possibly the worst book ever written. To call the characters undeveloped two dimensional carbon copies of each other would be an insult to two dimensionality. The book is northing more then the gun porn version of Penthouse Forum.

    The only thing I can say to anyone thinking of buying this book is save your money and your time.

    ...more info
  • The author's self-involved political manifesto.
    This novel is so poorly written and saturated with the author's political and religious views it is difficult to read. I, however, had decided that if I opened the book, I would read it cover to cover to give a fair review.

    The author, James Wesley,(sic) Rawles, (Why would anyone have a comma in their name?) goes into excruciatingly intricate detail of the weapons and equipment his characters use. He tends to give redundant and boring descriptions of inane objects that have no true impact on the story while skimming over or not even giving definitions to items that a "non-initiated" reader would have to 'Google' to understand.

    The story lines chronology is completely out of whack, with some sections jumping back and forth in time without much indication, or entire blocks of time missing completely (literally years.)

    If you remove the not-so-subtle political (the Government is out to get us) and religious (only God-fearing, non-drinking, holier-than-thou's allowed in this bible club) overtones, and reworked the novel with some dedicated skill of successful writers, this could be repackaged as a good novel while still maintaining it's "survival guide" intentions....more info
  • Rawles gets you ready!
    As a few others have pointed out already, a minority of readers gave low ratings for this read. It turns out that almost all of them have only reviewed Patriots in their entire catalogue of reviews.. interesting.
    The strengths of Patriots are encased in the situational awareness that individuals and groups should aim to adopt for surviving difficult times that lay ahead. Also, I enjoyed the myriad of product references which are mentioned. I think that Rawles is probably 90% correct in his predictions of events coming down the pipeline in the U.S. while writing this. Unfortunately, too many reviewers here are focusing on the fictional basis of this book, which is only thinly veiled as a comparison to our current reality.
    As a survivalblog reader for about six months, I have an appreciation for the wonderful collection of stories and anecdotes from contributors offering a helping hand to modern city dwellers like myself in preparing my family for the coming paradigm shift. ...more info
  • Wonderful food for thought
    This is a great fictional read that provides a lot of food for thought on what would actually happen should society collapse. Societal chaos will bring the worst out in many people. I believe many will be unprepared because they don't want to face that issue. Patriots faces that issue and many others....more info
  • A good read for the new and old "prepper"
    This isn't a Dan Brown novel, it's an instruction manual written as a book- a mental exercise designed to get the reader to think about their own situation. Wargame scenarios and plan responses to a grid down situation....more info
  • A fair review
    I have read through some of the other reviews, I find it sad that a few offer disdain for this eye opening book. Some bash it for obvious Christian faiths portrayed in the book. Personally I am an atheist, but I believe that if you are so short sighted to miss the point of this book because of its religious content you are a fool. The book is about the fragility of the systems that make up our infrastructure in this country. It is about, when the systems breakdown, how the world will plunge into chaos. It offers ideas to make you think about what to do in the environment without the conveniences we are use to and how to survive in that world. I am a centrist that leans left; I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I guess you could say I am a Democrat-Republican. This book is for all sides, it is a wake up call to all sides and it is a dialogue starter for all sides. If you want a cookie cutter book to pander to your fantasies then find another book, if you want a book to help open your eyes then read this book. While I respect Mr. Rawles immensely, we don't necessarily agree on politics, or religion. The thing is we don't have to. The only thing we have to do is survive and when the time comes rebuild. ...more info
  • See the light!
    I first bought this book as an easy read to kill some time while traveling. What I found though was an eye opening look into our possible future as individuals and a nation. While I have never considered myself a survivalist type, I do consider myself intellignet and prudent enough to recognize good advice when I see it. Though this book is a work of fiction, it is also a road map for those who choose to see the light. Individual and family prepardness, as well as humbling ourselves and our nation before God, is the point of this book. If you miss this point or misconstrue this point, the problem lies with you and not the author or the book....more info
  • Must Read for Preparing
    This is a great book that I was not able to put down as I read. Very well researched and written. This should be required reading for anyone who is the least bit concerned about the problems our country faces in the near future. However, as far as writing style...the book reads more like a survival manual with a story interwoven. The characters and dialog are a bit trite or shallow at times, but the overall information and practical info throughout the book more than make up for the lack of literary zest.
    Get you copy now and send it to your friends and family....more info
  • Great book on survival from a leading expert in the field
    The book is a bit dated now, but contains a wealth of information that deals with surviving an economic collapse that seems very pertinent to todays events. Highly recommend this book and the authors blog....more info
  • A well done reference novel
    Rawles does a good job of wrapping up a reference work into a captivating novel. While some of the dialogue is a little contrived, this is far outweighed by the valuable instruction the novel gives on family preparedness. Also, the interlude chapters (starting with 6 I think) are absolutely riveting with action, IMHO. The religious overtones throughout were refreshing to me, as a Christian, even though this is where some of the cumbersome dialogue appears.

    Were this piece simply all of the preparedness info listed out I would have given it 4 stars. Giving it an exciting plot to go with it just added the extra star.
    ...more info
  • Excellent read - and tutorial
    A chilling account of a time not that much different than the one we are in, with an economic collapse of unimaginable magnitude. The aftermath of said collapse forms the bulk of the book. It is a harsh, unblinking look at one possible outcome for our society if we do not look to control a government gone berserk with power, greed and corruption - if in fact it's already not too late.

    The tutorial part comes in Rawles' detailed descriptions of why and how, along with the what - raising food, medical treatment, communications, security and so on. It's a veritable how-to on how to start planning to survive....more info
  • A Must Read!
    This is an terrific book -- a treatise of what might happen if things keep going like they are going in the world today. It's great fiction; but it is also instructional -- what to do to prepare for the worst. You can skim the instructional portions and enjoy the story, and then go back and use the rest as a refenence book whenever you might need it!...more info
  • Excellent Fiction mixed with real how-to. Would make a great movie!
    Great Book that tells a wonderfully American story about grit, determination and freedom. Plus it mixes in real how-to information into the dialogue to create a seamless, exciting story set in the todays thematic setting. Since the book was written several years ago the practical story line is spooky for its real world relevance in today's uncertain times. This is a must read for anyone who has the intellectual integrity to examine America's "Just-in-time" or Drive thru culture and its resulting vulnerabilities. I also appreciated the author's ability to paint a correct picture of the real American culture in our rural geographies which includes Faith, Honor and a Sense of Duty to the Constitution. NOT FOR LIBERALS-You don't have the emotional maturity to understand and learn from this book. Go back to your Latte's unless you can put aside your ideology and learn some real charcteristics of the Preparedness Paradigm....more info
  • Skeptic converted
    This book was sent to me by a respected friend. If it was sent to me by anyone else I would never had read it. To say the least I was skeptical. The further I read the more I looked around and realized how very unprepared My family is. Thanks to this "Novel" I am trying to take some prudent steps to protect those who are important to me.

    As a review of this as a literary work it captivates, Entertains and informs. I have since purchased copies for my distant family....more info
  • Wonderful book
    Above all else, this book makes you think in terms of "what if..." What if our monetary system collapsed, what if the government was not there to take care of you and your loved ones, what if society's predators were suddenly free to wreak havoc on the law-abiding? What would you do? How can you do a little preparation now to mitigate the risk introduced by these events? Very nice work, Mr. Rawles. Thank you....more info
  • Well worth your time to read!
    This is one of the books that will make you think and as such is worth reading!

    SRC...more info
  • Fact or Fiction
    I found Patriots to be both entertaining and educational. It is a work of fiction, but could easily become fact with the way the world's economy is currently headed. Please note it is a novel and not a how-to manual on urban survival, James covers that in detail on his web site.

    The book is filled with gold nuggets of useful information if you read it with an eye for detail. ...more info
  • Very informative.
    I enjoyed the information provided through a interesting and gripping story. Gave me a lot to think about....more info
  • Stayed up late reading!
    This book was excellent. Yes it is fiction as we have never experienced anything like this yet but, the what if's it gives you to think about are important in these uncertain times. If anything like this did happen are we ready? I loved this book for pointing out some weak points for me and giving my husband and I things to think about and work towards in our preparations. Thank you Mr. Rawles...more info
  • Absolutely awful
    This book is terrible. I really tried to read it, but it is just so poorly written I couldn't take it. The characters are lifeless - after 100 pages, I had no idea who any of them were, because none has any personality. The dialog is so unnatural, it reads like a high school play where everyone is reading note cards because they can't remember any of their lines. I gave up after 100 or so pages - glad I checked this one out of the library. This may be your type of book, but do yourself a favor and try it before buying.

    Rawles is an ex-Army intelligence officer. He is also obsessed with guns. Thus, the book (and his website) have an overwhelmingly "Commando" view of the world. In his view, if you don't have a bunch of semi-automatic, large caliber military style rifles and at least a zillion rounds of ammunition (preferably for each rifle), you are woefully unprepared (and that's to say nothing of the shotguns and pistols you should have too). He also recommends all sorts of things like night vision goggles, two way radios, and other such "battle gear" - it gets tiring, like a GIJoe fantasy or something.

    The concept of the book sounds good: a survival manual written as a novel. It could work, if the characters acted human and you could follow their motivations, reactions, and thoughts during a full blown societal collapse. But Rawles's characters fail miserably, so the novel fails. He says he is working on a non-fiction survival guide, which should be better, as long as he doesn't attempt dialog.

    A word on his website: it is a good site, with a lot of information. However, it must be said that the vast majority of the information comes from other people, links to other websites and articles, and sponsor advertisements. Rawles does not provide much value added with his personal content, but does a terrific job of hosting and cataloging an incredible amount of information.

    Readers of these reviews will note a ton of 5-star ratings for May 26, 2009, for this book - on his May 26 daily update to his website, he asked his readers to please post more 5 star reviews, because he was disappointed that his book slipped from 4.5 stars to 4 stars overall. That seems just a bit lame. He also asks his readers to all buy his book on the same day, to create a "book bomb" (another war metaphor) and spike his book in the rankings. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, though it seems rather vain.

    To sum up: this book is terrible, there are many far better preparedness books out there, and his website is a good resource for information and links....more info
  • Excellently researched, thought provoking survival novel/handbook!
    Mr. Rawles has done a tremendous job researching for this book. He has managed to put together a multitude of lists of things to consider - water, food, power, fuel, charity and more. This book will definitely get anyone, with even a slight thought of survival or preparednesss, in the mood to get busy and start stocking up. Buy several copies, as you will want to share this book (but not give yours away) with like-minded friends and family....more info
  • Makes you think
    i have read this book numerous times over the years and enjoy it each time as a book of fiction, but i also remember some of the tips and thought patterns that he is trying to instill on us..People you just never know what can happen in this it , enjoy it and learn from it......more info