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Firm Parts: More 5-Day Abs [VHS]
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Product Description

If you're on the lookout for effective ab exercises and you don't like to do the same workout every day, this 27-minute video is for you. Five instructors lead you through five different ab workouts, each five or six minutes long (that's plenty for working the abs!). Before the exercises start, you get some technique instructions for doing effective crunches and reverse crunches. Then get ready for serious, non-stop ab strengthening. Though each workout is short, you'll be groaning from the intensity and specificity of the exercises. Some are traditional ab exercises; some use weights. Realize, of course, that if you really want to trim those abs by losing belly fat, you'll also need to do aerobic exercise (to burn off body fat) and reduce caloric intake (so that you don't eat back what you just burned off); abdominal exercise alone won't do much. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • great abs tape
    This tape has given me a great waistline.On use this tape almost everyday along with the other 5-day abs tape from the Firm.There are 5 seperate ab workouts compiled from other great Firm workouts.Firm Cardio,Firm Stength,Better Body,Better Buns are just to name a few.
    I know since I have used this tape with my other visdeo my stomach has gotten toned.This tape is good for beginners and advanced.I guarantee you`ll love it....more info
  • Looking for a new ab video?
    If you are looking to work those abs in the least time possible, then this video is for you. In less than 10 minutes a day you can get a complete ab workout -- upper, lower, as well as obliques. The video is made from spliced portions of other Firm workouts so you get 5 different instructors, just like in the original "5 Day Abs". Although this video seems a bit easier than the original, it still provides a tough ab workout and a nice change of pace. There is not much instruction during each segment on proper form so beginners may want to watch the segment first before they try some of the moves. If you can only get 1 ab video, I would buy the original "5 Day Abs" first, but this would be a good addition to your video library if you need a little something different to stay motivated....more info
    I haven't used this video in a while, but when I did, my abs were the flattest they've ever been. It's only a few minutes a day, but it is the toughest ab workout I have ever found. You might get the urge to scream out in pain, but it'll be worth it!!...more info
  • Great set of ab routines....
    This is a later version of the original Firm 5 day abs video, and the one I prefer. It contains clips of ab work from Better Body and Buns, Fat Blaster, Maximum Body Shaping, Firm Strength and Firm Cardio, in that order. Each routine runs about 5-6 minutes long and has a brief introduction before each clip. Some of the ab routines use light weights for resistance which is optional of course. My personal favorite is Day 2, from Fat Blaster, the music really fits the routine and it is fun as well as effective, at least I always feel it anyway. But all the routines are unique and interesting in their own way. My favorite Firm videos are from the "middle era", following the classic volumes 1-6 and preceding the BSS1, BSS2, BSS3 and BSS4 series. These are some of the best ab routines and I am glad that they are all available on one video. Firm and tone your abs every day of the week!...more info
  • Great Abs Tape
    This is a great tape for the abs. The wonderful part is that as you increase in ability, the tape grows with you. If doing one segment of 5 day abs get too easy, try doing two segments ... You will see results!

    I've been using this video for about 6 months now and I'm still not tired of it. 5 different abs work outs is enough to keep me from feeling like I'm doing the same thing over and over every time I work out, but it's also few enough that after going through each workout a couple of times, I can consentrate on doing the workouts and not have to keep looking at the TV to figure out what's going on.

    It's a great addition for any video work out library....more info

  • One of the Absolute BEST Ab workouts on the market
    I am 44 yrs old and my abs look great...I owe a lot of the way I look to the aray of Firm workout tapes that I've used off and on throughout the years...The "More 5-day Abs" video is great...The workouts are short but extremely effective...Everyday a different workout and each day a little more challenging than the day before....Because they only target the abs, the workouts are short and allows me to stay consistant even when I'm crunched for time...The longest one is only about 6 minutes long..I love this tape and highly recommend it to anyone who's serious about reshaping their abs but only have a short time available to do so...Definitely a wise investment......more info
  • More 5-Day Abs is more interesting than the original!
    I have the original 5-Day Abs by the Firm which is cut from videos from their Classics series (primarily from the 80s). Most of the classic Firms are great workouts, but somewhat dated, so the ab routines do not seem that innovative or interesting. But More 5-Day Abs has ab routines from the Firm's more recent videos, so you get to experience some really different routines that are not the typical boring gym class crunches. There is one routine in particular on day 3 with Tracie Long where you do obliques (muscle on the side of your abdomen) sitting on a chair that really works because I felt it the next day. This tape is a great resource if you want to add an ab routine every day to your fitness regime, whether you workout with videos or not. I would even recommend it over the original 5-Day Abs because it is so diverse and interesting. You will not be bored with this tape!...more info