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Beauty and the Beast
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  • The best of Disney storytelling... animated or otherwise
    I generally can get cranky when I consider buying a new video for my granddaughter and yet again realize that the sanitized and perfect little princess/fairy tale type animated films that Disney puts out are nevertheless the best that's out there.

    You have to admit that the Disney studio knows how to tell a story, probably better than anyone in this genre, even though not all have been the home run that B&B is.

    This is an old, old tale, told in many countries & cultures. I have read most of them, and ironically, all the old tales tend to get wound up in details that tend to distract one from the story line. But Disney knows what can be left out, how to create believable (if stock) characters, develop tension in the story as well as take artistic license where it adds drama and moves the story along.

    And of all of Disney animated movies, Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite. Belle seems nearly flesh and blood; smart, curious and headstrong. She knows what she wants and learns to look in the right place. The Beast is wonderful as are the rest.

    Oh! And the music is the BEST that Disney has ever offered.

    I only have an old VHS tape but need to buy a DVD....!...more info
  • very disappointed
    I am very disappointed I never received this item. I tryed to contact the seller but got no response. I finally had amazon reimburse me my money. ...more info
  • Liars!
    This vendor stated by email that they shipped the product by first class mail on the 16th of December. They did not. They actually did not ship it until January 2, 2009. This is a perfect example of a vendor who did not have a product marketing an unavailable product online, taking people's money under a agreement that it would be shipped immediately, lying about the ship date and ignoring requests for information. I would not buy anything from this vendor. I believe what they did was in violation of's vendor agreement. ...more info
  • the best
    Great movie when you have kids. My kids loved it. They haven't stopped watching it....more info
  • Great Seller
    Product came in perfect condition and the seller was a pleasure to do business with....more info
  • New Song? Total Garbage!
    Another awesome classic Disney movie where they added a new song and called it platinum. The new song "human again" is horrible. I have to skip it every time I watch this (which is a PITA) but other than that this is an awesome movie that I would recommend for everyone. ...more info
  • DVD Purchase
    Great product recieved my item very quickly within 5 days of purchase.. was sent standard mail international to Australia... will definately buy from this sellar again!!...more info
  • Beauty and The Beast Special Edition DVD
    Excellent product, excellent dicription of product
    well packaged
    fast delivery
    very happy

    Tankyou :)...more info
  • Save your money
    The picture of the front cover that is shown is not the cover you will see when you receive this product. This seller charges a lot of money for a bootleg version of this movie. Buy from a different seller!!!!!!...more info
  • Great film
    Disney took this story and made a great film with it. I can watch this movie over and over and not get tired of it. Great music in it also. ...more info
  • Beauty and the Beast DVD
    This product arrived promptly and in great condition!! I would seriously consider purchasing more from this supplier! Great stuff!...more info
  • My Neice Loves the Movie
    I bought this as a christmas gift for my neice. It is her favorite movie,
    she was so happy to get it. Her movie was lost when we moved last year and disney has it in the vault, so she thought she would never see it again. Thanks amazon....more info
  • The missing dvd!
    I did not receive the ordered dvd, Beauty and the Beast, nor did I receive replies to my e-mails inquiring about the delivery problem. I am very unhappy with mandapanda of Product was ordered mid-Jan. Other items ordered at the same time were promptly delivered. I would never order from mandapanda again! Beauty and the Beast is a 5-star product. I just wish I had a copy. L.Patterson WI...more info
  • Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition
    Great movie! One of the best of all time. Our kids have probably watched it about 20 times since it arrived ... and we've only had it for two weeks! Still going to see alot of this movie, but it's great family viewing, time after time after time....more info
  • loose dvd
    The dvd was in the wrong case it was sliding around in the case because ther wasn't enought space for it and the bonus dvd ....more info
  • Bad Movie
    This movie was a bootleg and I told the owner who sold this to me. She did not believe me and basically told me I was wrong and I need to change my opinion about her because she is trying to make a living. I do understand that people are trying to make a living, however, when a customer complains about a product that was sent to them I feel like you should try and make the customer happy. This was not done. The movie was reviewed by a professional and it was a bootleg. Everything was copied. If I wanted a copy of a copy I would have went down to a corner somewhere and bought a copy. Amazon refunded my money to me immediately so I will give amazon 5 stars for working with me, If I could give the seller 0 I would but I have to give one because that is the only way you can comment. I would give a 0 because she was not nice or cooperative at all....more info
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Pre order said it was new but when recived it had a Snow White security label the DVD turned out to be a burned copy of the original DVD. Some parts of the movie freeze up color quality is not so well. I own the original DVD picture quality is alot brighter than this purchase. ...more info
  • perfect for disney fan
    disney movies are desired by anyone with children, especially girls, the problem is they are very difficult to find. i looked in all the major stores for dvds to purchase and asked around, and was always told the same thing, they only come out during certain times, they arent produced anymore etc. so i got the next best thing, vhs. Vhs movies are easy to find online and considerably cheaper than purchasing a dvd. most are used, but in very excellent condition depending upon which seller you choose. i have purchased about 10 disney vhs movies through, and am pleased with all. the only thing that is sort of ironic is usually the shipping costs more than the product itself!:P...more info
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Received for my granddaughter for Christmas. Received in plenty of time for gift giving. Thank you....more info
  • A entertaining movie with profound messages of love and inner beauty.
    *****WARNING!****** There maybe spoilers in this review for those who haven't seen the movie yet!*******

    Beauty And The Beast happens to be my all time favorite Disney animated movie. I saw it in the theater at least 4 times when it was first released in 1991 and I must have watched it a dozen or so times since then. There are several reasons why Beauty And The Beast is my favorite Disney movie. For one, Belle is a heroine that many young women today can definitely relate to. Her love of reading, the fact that a man being handsome alone doesn't impress her (Gaston) and her curiousity about things makes her personality very realistic and endearing.

    Another reason why Beauty And The Beast is my favorite is the music. I've never enjoyed the music in a Disney movie as much as I have this one. The clever and sometimes touching lyrics draw you in and make one caught up in the story. Songs such as "Belle", "Gaston", "Something There" "Be Our Guest" and of course the title track add so much to the overall story and give the viewer a deeper understanding of the characters.

    Yet another reason is the animation. True, there are many Disney movies where the animation is dazzling, however, I'm just so drawn to (no pun intended) the animation in this movie. The scene that impresses me the most is the one where Belle and The Beast dance while Mrs. Potts sings the title song. The combination of tradiditional and computer animation has the end result being such a stunning and beautiful scene. Probably from an artistic point of view (not to mention an emotional point of view), my favorite scene from the movie.

    Finally, lets not forget the story itself. I think the meaning of it is beautiful. It's about looking at the person's inside and finding the true beauty of someone's soul, which is Belle's POV. I think we all forget sometimes about that, and this movie is a lovely reminder of that. Another lesson is how people can change, can learn and grow, which is the Beast's POV. It also demonstrates how love conquers all things, even when you think all hope is lost (the last petal of the rose falling after Belle tells the Beast that she loves him). That is a profound message.

    ...more info
  • the movie is not real
    i bought this thinking it was the original but its a fake its not original
    can somebody please help me with this matter!...more info