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Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets
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Product Description

Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets reveals his successful methods for timing investments to produce consistently profitable results.

Topics include:

  • Stan Weinstein's personal philosophy on investing
  • The ideal time to buy
  • Refining the buying process
  • Knowing when to sell
  • Selling Short
  • Using the best long-term indicators to spot Bull and Bear markets

Odds, ends, and profits

Customer Reviews:

  • Eye Opener
    While this book is insightful to individuals who have never utilized technicals for investing it is somewhat dated. Adjustments to the moving averages and use of various time frames would enhance its value. ...more info
  • Start Me Up
    I read and re-read this book in the early nineties. It is an excellent book for those beginning to chart the market....more info
  • Worth its weight in gold!
    This book is by far the most outstanding book on investing that I have read and owned. Simply because, every technique, every statement Stan writes about has absolute clarity and no need for interpretation. Plus all these techniques can make you real money, as it has done to me.

    This book is about technical investing. So you may pooh at high PEs and buy; likewise, low PE stocks may not be the right opportunity. Technical analysis of stocks study the supply/demand equation more than anything else. Stan believes that you can make money either in a bear or a bull market as the title says.

    One of the biggest vaccuums in an amateur investors array of techniques is filled by this book's extensive coverage on shorting. Once you read this chapter, you will agree that shorting is as much a risk as buying long itself. Stan combines buying/selling short with excellent risk management techniques - the key to keeping sanity and preserving your portfolio from those two universal fears in investing - fear and greed.

    The book discusses when to buy, how to refine the buying process, when to sell, selling short, recognizing market tops and bottoms all in a manner so clear that you won't have to read a sentence twice for the sake of understanding alone. The quizes at the end of each chapter are meant to reinforce your understanding and I think it is a great idea.

    Though this book was published in 1988, every bit of it is relevant today and will be 100 years from now. In my 9 years of investing, I had gotten carried away with such classics as the 'The Intelligent investor' by Benjamin Graham and held onto its views for most of these years only to see very little profits - it didn't work for me at least. Switching over to CANSLIM'ing (read William O' Neal's books in this regard, click on all my review against my name to see my review on one of his books) and further coming across this gem from Stan Weinstein's has helped me be ahead of the averages this year. Moreover, with these books my decision making has matured and I have seen real profits. The emotions in investing are going away and that is a tremendous progress for an amateur.

    Don't even think twice about whether to add this to your library. Just buy it. If you are a serious investor/trader, this book is worth its weight in gold!
    ...more info
  • Fail to see the 5 stars
    I bought this book because of the high ratings in Amazon. I must say that I fail to see why it deserves such high ratings.

    The book introduced one central theme - look for a big volume jump when the price crosses the 150-day moving average - and was repetitive after that. The book tried to discuss chart patterns (e.g. head-shoulders) but was pretty lame. The book did not mention anything about other market indicators such as MACD, RSI, etc. Were these indicators unimportant? Were these indicators not in fashion back in 1990? I was perplexed.

    If you are looking for an introduction to technical analysis, there are better tutorials out on the web than this book (just google "technical analysis"). Save your money for your next investment....more info

  • Good, straight-forward pure TA system presented
    The skinny: This is a purely TA 'top-down' trend-following breakout system presented. Explained below..

    This book is fairily basic and as such will be especially useful to those new to the 'game.' While it will be tedious for experienced market participants to brush through explainations of what a moving average is, etc--I believe we can all learn something from the straight-forward TA employed by Stan Weinstein. For example, you wont see Elliot Wave defended or charts with pitchforks drawn on them--but rather a focus on moving averages (the simple logic being that MAs cut through volatility to give a better idea of the trend,) a top-down approach (i.e. Market --> Industry Group --> Security,) etc.

    While I hold less faith than Stan in breakout systems, it's presented here in a easy to understand manner with examples and answers to test how well you are following his instruction. This man is a good teacher, and reminds me of William O'Neil in the way he gets his ideas across.

    Particularily useful--at least for me--were his half-dozen or so favorite indicators he gave for guessing the future trend of stock markets.

    Stan also gives his view on when to take profit on an equity you own, when and how to cut losses, and position sizing: i.e., the other 3/4 of your investing success.

    I don't pretend to know a lot--but from what I've seen in my short experience, there is a lot of nonsense and questionable ideas used by some people under the TA banner, but Stan focuses on the simple, logical, common sense anaylsis. Being sophisticated--rather than demanding common sense--in many things in life including TA I believe causes more trouble than good; people want to believe they can figure something out and often vainly connect sophistry with (investor) wisdom....more info
  • Best time value investment book ever
    Before I even reached the 60th page I was able to understand and read stock charts. There was more value in those 60 pages than in thousands of other pages from investment books that I've read. Continuing with the rest of the book, concepts like when to sell and shorting sunk in. He does it simply and succinctly. Just the way you need it when you aren't devoting full-time to investing. I am not going to be a buy and hold investor anymore after reading this book. I'm going to subscribe to a stock and screening service and be in control of my own investing destiny. This book showed me how!...more info
  • 30-week MA and 0-line Relative Strength
    This is an excellent book. But I don't know where to find the website where it uses the 30-week Moving Average and 0-line Relative Stength as the author repeatedly recommended in his book. As I know, most charts are using 50-day and 200-day MA, and RSI which are different from what Stan suggested.

    Can anyone share some thoughts and information on this?

    John...more info
  • a classic...
    This was the first technical analysis book I ever read and I just happened to pick it up again after 15 years and it's as valid and relevant today as it was when it was first published. Weinstein was a trailblazer in the field. A book by one of his disciples, Gary Kaltbaum's "The Investor's Edge," is also quite good. I am reading that one now....more info
  • Simple and Effective Trading System
    In this book, Stan Weinstein teaches a very simple and effective method based on Moving Averages. Moving Averages will always allow you to follow the trend of the markets. Moreover, any successful trader can tell you that in order to make money, you must always follow the trend. Another important thing found in this book, is that it teaches in detail how and when to sell in a very intelligent way.

    There is so much information about the markets available right now, that people get overwhelmed very easy and just give up trying to learn to trade. Nevertheless, the reality is that if you look for ways to keep things simple, you can develop a winning system that works for you. This book will help you get there.

    ...more info
  • useless for most of us
    If you are not going to work at the center of the money making machine (NASDAQ floor) then it is a waste of money. I can sell you mine....more info
    Very simply a "MUST READ" if you wish to understand market action from a technical standpoint... most investors are not disciplined enough to look and understand technical indicators within the market and to base their actions on what the market is telling them... this book is excellent in helping you do just that... if you are tired of losing money and are seeking a much needed edge to improve your investment outcomes this book is it! Check it out. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • This should be common sense but it isn't
    I have seen this book recommended by many investors and traders. I finally bought it and read it. A lot of things I think, "yes makes complete sense" but I never put it together like Stan did. I am fairly new to trading and was worried this would be bogged down in lots of lingo I didn't know. It wasn't and I enjoyed reading this book and now profiting from it. It's a little dated but the market still works like this other than for the govt's meddling right now in Feb/Mar of '09....more info