The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming
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When photographer and writer Shreve Stockton decided to move back to her beloved New York from San Francisco, she decided to take her time and make the trip on her Vespa. When she reached Wyoming, Shreve was captivated by the red dirt, the Bighorn Mountains, and the wide-open spaces. Unable to shake the spell of the "cowboy state," she soon found herself trading her New York City apartment for a house in Ten Sleep, Wyoming -- population 300.

Shreve threw away her cell phone and took to the rules of the land, adjusting to a lifestyle that was a near antithesis to that of the urban jungle. Time is of a different essence, nature is both livelihood and enemy, deer and coyote mark the dawn and dusk. After she met a local cowboy by chance on the side of the road, first a friendship and then a romance blossomed between them.

When Shreve was unexpectedly presented with a ten-day-old coyote pup whose parents had been shot for killing sheep, she had a choice to make. Despite her reservations and the terror of her tomcat Eli, Shreve decided to do the unthinkable -- to raise the coyote pup she came to call Charlie in her 12 12-foot log cabin.

In arresting prose and illuminated with Shreve's breathtaking photography, The Daily Coyote is at once Shreve's month-by-month exploration of Charlie's first year and a meditation on the nature of wildness versus domestication, of nature versus nurture, and of forgiveness, loyalty, and love in all its forms.

Customer Reviews:

  • Beautiful Love Story
    Animal and nature lovers will appreciate Shreve's relationship with Charlie, her adopted pet coyote. Their journey together is retold with much humor and heart. I also appreciated Shreve's beautiful photography of charlie strewn around the chapters. This is an enjoyable, easy read....more info
  • Shreve has definitely given me a new perspective on coyotes.
    It was natural for me to purchase this book, because I have been a reader of the Daily Coyote website for about a year and always found the text and photography intriguing. This book didn't disappoint and revealed some current information on how a maturing coyote behaves....more info
  • A touching and endearing story
    This is a wonderful book about a brave young woman who reinvents herself and finds that there's a lot more to life. Reading this book, I kept asking myself if I could take the kinds of chances she did and I still don't know the answer but I hope to someday....more info
  • Amazing story
    Having been a follower of the blog I really didn't know what to expect from the book. I thought I knew the story. I didn't know anything. The writing is superb, I felt like I was floating in the air above them all, watching as things unfolded. This book is so much more then a story of an orphaned coyote and this book not only brought me on their journey but helped me with my own. ...more info
  • Even better than I expected...
    I've followed "The Daily Coyote" for more than a year and eagerly anticipated the release of the book. It was so worth the wait and I wasn't disappointed. I read the book over the course of two days and plan to re-read it. The photography was amazing, the writing was intense, funny and thoughtful. I can't wait for a sequel....more info
  • Enjoyed This Book
    For the past seven years I have shared space with a pack of coyotes in my town. The have a fairly wide range. I hear them almost every night for a time and then they move off for a while and then they come back. Last winter I saw the male and female (they were spectacular) standing fearlessly checking out my yellow labs but they moved on soon enough. I've also seen them tracking deer in the orchard behind my house. I have a healthy respect for them, but I also love wildlife including the coyotes. I've learned their barks and howls and calls over the years and enjoyed the sound of "little ones" in the late winter / early spring. I was looking for a book that would help me better understand coyotes. I read this book in one shot and really enjoyed it. It is a very personal story and interesting. While it did give me some insight into the nature of a coyote, it is mostly an interesting journey by a woman who is bold, strong, capable and enterprising. I wish her and Charlie (and hopefully Mike) well! One thing I do know is that coyotes respond to a single alpha. And juvenille males are forced to leave a territory by the alpha male. The females can stay. I definitely think Charlie was responding to Mike as the alpha male and trying to establish rank. It would be nice if they can work things out now that Charlie has been "fixed" and is responding well again to this woman who raised him. He is a beautiful animal....more info
  • Excellent book!
    I loved this book for many reasons. The writing is the best that I've read in a long time. The words flew to my mind and painted the pictures with ease. The story is fascinating, and the adventures refreshing. The author compares and contrasts cultural detail in a very interesting and useful way. I could not put the book down.

    ...more info
  • If you love the site, you'll love the book
    Like many I have fallen for Charlie on the [...] The book covers the first year of so of Charlie and Shreve's life together. Nicely put together and a quick, enjoyable read. If you are a fan of the Daily Coyote this book is a must. ...more info
  • Fantastic Book, Fantastic Person
    I couldn't put the book down. I was so interested in learning about the coyote, since I too live around them. I am so pleased the author is devoting her life to protecting this little guy. I liked the book so much I immediately ordered one for my Mom. As always....Amazon got our books to us in a flash! Can't wait for her next coyote book....more info
  • Short, charming, deeply moving
    The year with Charlie the coyote is a poigniant, humorous, complex, and succinct book. I wouldn't say it moved me to tears, but I must have gotten a fleck of dust in my eye. More than anything else, this is a story of a random act of kindness, the rescue of an orphaned coyote, and the love that a person has for this canine and the ways the canine reciprocates. In the end, the author had to rethink her understanding of roles and responsibilities as Charlie required her to act like a pack leader rather than a friend, and eventually to accept harder decisions.

    The pictures are alternately beautiful and funny, and have an animal that is more wild than not in poses that any dog owner will recognized (making them funnier).

    A beautiful and moving book!

    E. M. Van Court...more info
  • mirror
    I have a dream of walking across the country with my best friend but the thought really scares me. Shreve's courage is very inspiring and her story gives me confidence in fulfilling my big dream... thank you very much for revealing your soul to the world.

    P.S. I made my Mom read the book and she loves it! ...more info
  • Nature vs, nuture?
    It was with no little skepticism I started The Daily Coyote. I live away from town, in a subdivision surrounded by fields and mountains and the sight of a coyote is a daily thing. When I moved in I was warned by neighbors not to let any pets roam, less they become a tasty snack. Coyote ears bring a small bounty in my neck of the woods. The idea of a coyote living with a human was patently foolhardy.

    Shreve Stockton fell in love with Wyoming on her way to New York. Soon the lure of the big city was forgotten and she returned to Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Soon her time was consumed by finding a place to live (not a very luxurious abode) and work. Befriended by Mike, a government trapper who's job included killing coyotes, she is surprised when he brings her a tiny coyote cub, orphaned by one of his kills. After she decides to keep the pup she names him Charlie. Soon Shreve's days are filled with Charlie's antics and trying to acclimate to the demands of living with a wild animal. She often depends on the kindness and understanding of strangers to help her and Charlie. Her friendship with Mike (a compelling character in his own right) develops into a romance and he is cautious about the burgeoning bond between Shreve and Charlie.

    This is a charming book, filled with Shreve's photographs of a developing Charlie against the Wyoming backdrop. The books title comes from Shreve's posting of the photographs for her family and friends to enjoy. Soon they were being passed along to others and eventually a blog was set up so others could enjoy the antics of Charlie. At the heart of this book is the fact that Charlie is a coyote and essentially a wild animal and there are limits with training and bonding between humans and animals. There is no sugar coating; Shreve is unsparingly honest and straightforward. As Charlie matures,i found myself torn between letting Charlie's wild side take over and sadness if Charlie were to disappear. This makes the unlikely friendship between coyote and the writer all the more satisfying. A treasure of a book.
    ...more info
  • Great Audio Book Reader
    Shreve Stockton's, The Daily Coyote, was an interesting audio book ( I also had the printed version from the library for the amazing photographs). Shreve Stockton tells the story of she ended up falling in love with a small town of 300 in Wyoming, when she really intended to drive a scooter all the way from San Francisco to New York City.

    In Wyoming, Shreve became romantically involved with a cowboy/government trapper whose job was to protect livestock by killing off the coyote population. When he finds an orphaned coyote pup in a den he just smoked out, he gives it to Shreve, and she decides to try and domesticate it. She names the coyote Charlie, and she soon realizes she has traded in her independence when she takes on this task of raising the young pup, and introducing Charlie, the coyote to her cat Eli.
    The photos in this book are amazing, especially the ones of Charlie. It seemed a little surprising to me that a city girl like Shreve, could end up living in a rural cabin with no running water, no heat and no inside plumbing.

    Although I did enjoy this audio book, something about this book did not settle well with me. The extermination of the coyote population was a little upsetting to me, but then again being the animal lover that I am, I'm opposed to deer hunting as well....more info
  • Lovely account of an unnusual relationship
    I am one of those people that love all things wild, so of course the story of a woman all but living off the land in Wyoming wilderness appeals to me. That is the guide for this book's following--you need to be an animal and/or nature lover and someone who will not be terribly offended at the idea of a person taming a wild creature. I'm okay with the concept. Even so, the tale of Shreve Stockton's struggle to deal with this loveable coyote is the meat of the book. Stockton writes honestly, simply, with some observation of the beauty around her and plenty of focus on this coyote.

    Yes, a coyote named Charlie is the focus of the book. This came as a huge relief to me; I was almost afraid this would become some romanticized tale of love and magic in the fairy tale land of Wyoming. Nope. Stockton is the author of a blog from which this book is based. While she adds the notes of a relationship between her and a hunting guide named Mike, she never step out of the boundaries of the novel, and I think that is what keeps this book going.

    I'm sorry to say that it did not entirely thrill me; Stockton has her blogs and a published cookbook but other than that has not stretched her skills as a writer (though I think she does more than fine as far as style and syntax is concerned!). This is a very personal and simple story, fleshed out with fantastic photographs. However, I read it with fondness and awe and respect for what Stockton has done and I am sure plenty of others will have at least the enjoyment I had, if not more....more info
  • It's good, entertaining, introspective, but could have been more.
    Shreve Stockton blindly and boldly moves her life to a small town in Wyoming and this is her story of personal survival. Along the way, she meets a man named Mike(who happens to kill coyotes for the government) that presents her with a tiny baby coyote pup that she raises as a pet.

    The book chronicles her life during the fist few years of her life with Charlie, (the coyote) as well as her relationship with Mike- though the story predominantly focuses on Charlie.

    To earn a living, Shreve sets up a subscription service on the internet for people to receive a photo a day of Charlie which eventually leads to a blog. (and later yet, a book deal.) She reveals that the blog garners her a great deal of both positive and negative attention about her raising a wild coyote pup. I sympathized with her over this, though I guess it was somewhat to be expected. I applauded her when she said that once she grew weary over the verbally violent flame wars that would develop on the site, that she removed the comment section altogether.

    Shreve has a distinct gift for writing, as well as for photography, and her pictures of Charlie and the beautiful Wyoming wilderness are liberally scattered throughout the book.

    My only complaint is that I wish she had not revealed that she only had 6 months to complete the book. The book does in some places read like a personal diary, and it can be repetitive, especially with regards to her clothing. I appreciated the little details about her life, but I was more interested in what kinds of meals she prepared with a grocery store hours away rather than what dirty clothes she put on that day. I think that with more time, this book could have been a knock it out of the park classic if she would have been able to further flesh out her own struggles with daily life, rather than focusing mostly about Charlie.

    There are some truly golden nuggets of wisdom in this book, and while it is a story about a woman and her coyote, I wanted more about how she adapted to a rural lifestyle after having moved from the city.

    With regards to her decisions on how she raised Charlie, I have no judgments and I respected her decisions. When she had difficulties, I appreciated how she would diligently seek answers, including reaching for Caesar Milan's book when Charlie started showing aggression.

    It's a good read, and I hope to see another book from her - one that will continue her own journey. ...more info
  • Why did she marry the coyote?
    First of all, I found the writing excellent and the photography truly stunning.

    What bothered me was the plot of the story: Girl meets nice boy (Mike) who cares about her, lets her be herself, doesn't try to control her. Girl meets bad boy (coyote), ditches nice boy for him.

    Shreve is always trying to change herself to make life easier for the coyote. She turns her own life upside down to accomodate him. He has a violent streak, but when he bites her (read: beats her up) she always forgives him and feels that it's because of something she is doing wrong. She has to be the one to change. She has to become more sensitive to his needs. Haven't we all seen this story before? If Charlie was a guy, no one would be writing all these glowing reviews. They would be saying she needed to go to a battered women's shelter before it was too late.

    I'm hoping that Shreve will write a sequel in which she comes to the realization that she is in a classic abusive relationship. She has given up her life, her friends and a wonderful boyfriend for a handsome cad with dangerous tendencies. I'm not criticizing the coyote - he's just being a coyote. I'm criticizing Shreve for falling into the trap so many women fall into. Where is Dr. Laura when we need her?

    I would like to know a lot more about Shreve's life - her parents, her childhood, her young adulthood. She drops a few hints which make me believe that there is a fascinating story to be told. In fact, I would rather hear about her thoughts and her experiences than about the coyote.

    Please keep on writing Shreve, but don't let the coyote run (or ruin) your life!

    ...more info
  • The Daily Coyote
    The Daily Coyote is more than an animal story. It is a memoir of a remarkable woman and her life in a western ranch/wilderness setting and a story of bonding, love, life and growth. As a biologist, I looked for more detail of coyote biology, but that is lightly woven into the fabric of the ongoing adventure. The narrative is certainly well written and the photographic journey is outstanding. I highly recomment the book for the casual reader. It was not intended to be a scientific treatise....more info
  • Couldn't put it down until I finished it!
    I expected a heart-warming animal story, but what I got was a personal shift in perspective regarding freedom, courage, and commitment. My copy of the book is full of markers, like touchstones, to return to and explore. I picked up another copy of the book today to share with friends. It will be interesting to see if any of them will see the bigger story that struck so many chords with me. And, if not, then the lighter story about Charlie, Eli, and Blue Eyes will be fun also to share. It's a great story, from a great story-teller.

    Thank you Shreve for your blog that has lifted my spirits on many a grey PNW day, and for this book that feels like a key to deeper self-knowledge and empowerment.
    ...more info
  • Unique mix of compelling story and images
    It's unusual for a book with a rich narrative to have such beautiful photography. The Daily Coyote is unique for that reason alone. The story itself is compelling: A woman takes in an orphaned coyote and raises him. For any animal lover, the day-to-day experience is interesting enough. But to also have such evocative photographs! It makes for a book tough to put down.

    The text pages are printed on a high-quality matte stock, but the photographs are on gloss paper. Most are in color, but some are black and white and some are duotones. These full-page images are on every sixth page or so....more info
  • Great pics, great read
    I first heard of The Daily Coyote blog when Charlie (an orphaned coyote pup raised by a woman in Wyoming) was featured on Cute Overload. I've never been much of a coyote fan (really, who is?), but this little guy was just irresistibly cute.

    Now Charlie's adoptive "mom," Shreve Stockton, has chronicled their story in "The Daily Coyote." The book follows her abrupt move to the wilds of Wyoming, her blossoming romance with a local coyote hunter (of all things), and how Charlie entered her world -- along with the challenges of sharing one's life with a wild animal.

    Shreve's photos are beautiful, and she's a very good writer, too. (Perhaps a bit too flowery for me at times, but then I'm a journalist, so my taste runs toward the pithy.) Being a die-hard cuteologist, I would have liked to have seen more photos of Charlie as a baby, but the ones of him as a lanky adolescent and a surprisingly noble-looking adult are fabulous, too.

    There's been a lot of controversy online about the wisdom of keeping a coyote as a pet. While it's easy to say, "Well, -I- would never do that," the fact is that a lot of us wouldn't know what else -to- do with a precious baby coyote whose life was in our hands ... especially when no wildlife rehabilitation facility would take him. I think I probably would have made the same choice Shreve did -- take him in, figure things out as I went along, and hope for the best. She's certainly honest about the challenges that she encountered as Charlie matured and tried to assert his dominance.

    Overall, this was a great read -- I'd highly recommend it for any animal lover....more info
  • From a blog reader
    I am an avid reader of the Daily Coyote blog, which I found through the dooce blog, and watched some of the author's taped video book tour, though not all of it. I have a dog who I love and feel extremely connected to, so I was completely prepared to love the book but a little afraid of being disappointed, thinking perhaps I wouldn't click with the writing or I would find the material a rehash of the blog. I was wrong! In fact, the book explains a lot that I wondered about when I read the blog and when I watched the video tour, and the author offers a surprisingly frank and critical view of herself, which makes the book even more accessible. I was moved to tears several times (I read the book in two sittings) and have already begun a second reading....more info
  • Fresh
    The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of WyomingThis book is fresh and simple. It fills a need nursed by our troubled times which is difficult to find. We, as a culture, seem to have lost so much of the simplcity of survival and its importance. This reading touches that and more. I recommend this book and am very impressed with this author's talents both in the writing of this account and her splendid photographic abilities. She truly has something solid and worthwhile to share....more info
  • A wonderful story of caring
    This is a wonderful story of a coyote pup who needs caring for and a fascinating young woman who needs someone/something to care for, besides herself. While the story is very much about Charlie, the coyote, it is just as much about the young woman who adopts him and the search she conducts to find herself. It is a lovely tale that just goes on a little too long. Still, it is worth the reading. ...more info
  • The Daily Coyote
    I just finished this book and found it very heartwarming and interesting. The photos in the book are outstanding. It was recommended to me by a friend....more info
  • Loved It
    I loved this book, I couldn't put it down. I think this book teaches us that we don't give animals enough credit for what they know and what they can learn. The pictures in the book are as beautiful as the story. We should all be so lucky to live in Wyoming surrounded by such beauty and the love of a wonderful friend like Charlie....more info
  • Definitely a good read
    Shreve Stockton being a free spirit decides to move from NYC to a small Wyoming town of 300.
    One of her new friends gives her a coyote puppy and the story begins.
    Shreve's book is the narrative of her adapting to the small town and the adopting of the coyote pup named "Charlie".
    Ms. Stockton provides a great narrative of her experience interspersed with her fabulous photos.
    This was an enjoyable read and I found myself comparing my new puppy experience with her Charlie experience.
    Hopefully there will be a follow up book on Charlie.
    ...more info
  • Emotional, Excellent and Beautiful
    Like other reviewers I have also been following The Daily Coyote blog for some time, but not from the US, from Greece. Every morning I check in to see what Charlie, Eli, Chloe and MC have been up to and to admire the photographs.
    I received the book (pre-ordered from Amazon) just before Christmas and I sat down and read it from cover to cover. The writing is evocative, the photographs stunning and I didn't want it to end. Although it gives wonderful descriptions of the landscape and life in a rural cabin, the true heart of the book is Shreve herself and the way she describes her relationships, first of all with Charlie, but also with Eli and Mike. I felt true admiration for the way she faced difficulties and overcame them with much heart searching.
    Finally, like other reviewers, I hope there is a sequel in the pipeline and I highly recommend this book to everyone.
    Thanks Shreve....more info
  • Scargosun
    As a daily visitor to her blog, I already knew a lot about Shreve, Charlie, Eli and Mike. The book just gave me so much more. I loved not only the story but the writing itself. The reality of it all really came through. It was not someone who turned a coyote into a pet but the book was about the life that all the people in it shared. I do hope that she will write a continuation, after all, this was just one year. I am sure that with the relationship and the responsibility that Shreve and Charlie share that they will be together for a long time....more info
  • A must read for animal lovers!
    This book is a must read for all animal lovers. Shreve's style of writing and honesty in her experience is touching and educational. Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Pictures are awesome!...more info
  • May "The Daily Coyote" Live Forever !
    What a wonderful tale Shreve Stockton weaves for us suburbanites who love the outdoors and the animals who dwell there. What excellent insights into how to live with the animals. And what superb photography that just seemed to depict what she was saying a few paragraphs before - and so provided us with "ten thousands words" instantly. This is a lady who has totaly given herself to nature. Who else would wake up in a below zero degrees winter cabin and toss it off as "the way it is?" My question is: What does Shreve do for an encore, can we look forward to further captivating tales of her encounters with the four legged set?...more info
  • girl meets coyote; story melts hearts
    "The Daily Coyote" is a touching story about a woman and her coyote. Urbanite Shreve Stockton was driving across country when she was enchanted by Wyoming. After moving to a small town in the Cowboy State, Stockton comes across a coyote pup. The rest of the story consists of the relationship between the author and Charlie, her pet coyote. As with any relationship, it is filled with ups, downs and more than a few surprises. Charlie's adolescence is packed with both heart-melting and wrenching moments. Warning: this book may turn the most cynical into coyote lovers! Aside from the emotionally charged story, the book offers a rare look at life in rural America. As an outsider, Stockton's observations and experiences offer rare insights into life in a tiny Western town. This is a remarkable story that's refreshingly candid, personal and at times even confessional. All of that written, the pacing drags for about the last quarter of the book. Charlie eventually has problems and as the story is told, much of the last seventy-five pages or so could have been compressed. After this, the book finishes with an unsatisfying resolution. While "The Daily Coyote" could have been better edited, it stands as a compelling story of self, relationships and geography. One of the book's surprises is that much of the enjoyment comes from the illustrations. As the author reared Charlie, she took unimaginably adorable photographs. Showing a side of the coyote that is unknown to most, the book is flush with heart-melting photos that are sure to make any reader gush. Read Shreve Stockton and get your coyote on!...more info
  • Daily Coyote
    Very well written, and I liked the tone the author maintained. She was vulnerable enough, but never let the story become sappy. She revealed enough of her personal path to make it clear that trust is not just given or abruptly revoked, but is a process. This remains true whether the trust is in connection with a coyote, a relationship, or that the Universe will be supportive. The photographs are magnificent. Read it. You'll fall in love with Charlie Coyote and his family. ...more info
  • critique
    This is a fascinating book and one that many would enjoy even if they are not "Coyote fans". The writing style is quite good and the author is able to make a humourous story about the simple antics of animals.
    Well worth reading....more info
  • A story filled with life lessons
    A truly magical book. I won't belabor what others have already said here; I only add that Shreve is astonishingly brave and willing to move forward out of comfort zones and complacency to experience all that's available to her. It's interesting how a day-to-day recount of her first year with a coyote name Charlie--a tiny bit of wildness quite literally placed in her lap for care--is so deeply compelling! In those day-to-day events, Shreve confronts her fears, helps her man confront his, refuses to back down from the most difficult of circumstances, and becomes something she never expected to be and do things she never expected to do. Right up my alley. You can hear a recorded interview with Shreve on my website, She is honest-to-God inspiring, the book is exquisite, and the sacred trust she has taken on is a wonderment. ...more info
  • Beautiful!
    A wonderful book. So nice to read an animal book where the main character is still alive at the end of the book!
    Also be sure to check out the author's blog at for many more fabulous, heart-warming pictures and comments....more info
  • Great book
    This is a great story about a number of remarkable characters. The photos are amazing (as they are on the blog) and the perspective Shreve proposes is eye opening. I gave a few of these books as gifts this Christmas and I just finished reading my copy last night. Loved it....more info
  • When Planets Align.........
    The planets aligned perfectly to bring Shreve, Charlie, Eli and Mike together under the stars. The experiences they have had, and will continue to enjoy, are truly miracles of a deep nature.... I fell in love with all these souls in this book and couldn't put it down for a moment....I will hold this book forever in my heart..

    For those of you who love and understand the pain, turmoil and ecstasy of nature and animals, you will also cherish this book. The photos of Charlie and Eli are so sweet and delicate in their essence. I wish I could have reached in and hugged them both and brought them both out with me so I could take them home.. I am truly a cat lover and a dog lover and I live where coyotes come to my window at night and peek in....They pass by my house pretty much every day or I see them in the fields as I drive by. I have always remarked at how perfectly stunning they are with their fluffy coats and their beautiful eyes. They are exquisite in their danger.

    I am going to buy this book and give it as gifts this year. I hope those who receive it will pass it along to all their friends and neighbors so the circle of knowledge will continue. This book will touch you in a place that needs to open up and re-awaken. I hope it will give you...what it gave me. ...more info
  • A delightful story
    I love free spirits, those people who let life take them on a journey. Shreve Stockton's story of her life with Charlie the coyote in the wilds of Wyoming is full of patience and honesty, of despair and exhilaration. It is a melding of hearts and spirit, a way for our own lives to be brightened in the most delightful way by this woman so full of a free and easy love Animal friendships, like all relationships, are complex, and even more so when the animal is considered by some to be wild, not domesticated. I trust that Shreve will find the right way for her beloved friend, protecting him when she needs to and always guiding him toward his best life. I'm beginning to sound a bit Oprah-esque here. Share this story with someone you love. It's well worth the read! Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, 'A Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' and the upcoming novel, 'Night Surfing - A Story of Love & Wonder in the Waves of Malibu'...more info
  • I love this book!
    It's been a while since a book pulled me in enough to not want to put it down until I knew the whole story...this is one interesting story! I was thrilled that Shreve was able to take the baby coyote in and raise him. I loved hearing all about her life with Charlie and her cat, Eli. But even more than enjoying everything about Charlie, Eli, Shreve and her man, I fell in love with the wilds of Wyoming from Shreve's descriptions of life there. Is it hard? Is it rugged? Yes, but it sounds wonderful!!! To get that far from the craziness of every day life and experience the wide open spaces the silence....

    I want to know what happens next! What's the next chapter? How is Charlie doing? How is her new puppy Chloe? How is that brave and bold cat Eli? And are Shreve and her man still together?

    Also, the pictures in her book are awsome! She is an excellent photographer as well as an author. She has a real eye for taking a picture that really feels like you are there or that you want to be there! The pics of Charlie are adorable!

    I like her writing style. It's easy to read and she is so open and honest, you feel like you know her by the time you are done reading the book, she has become your friend.

    I have recommended this book to everyone that I know. It's a sweet story with some hard facts about life out west, living with a coyote!...more info
  • Quality purchase all the way
    Shreve's story is compelling because it's unusual, but Shreve is also a highly gifted writer and photographer. I am grateful she possesses these skills because many people have stories to tell, but few are storytellers. Like the Wyoming landscape, Shreve's prose is strong, direct, irrefutable, and evocative. She speaks factually and truthfully and yet always from the heart. Readers won't find shallow sentiment or a Disney movie here. There is pain, heartache, and great beauty. This story has me kicking off my shoes and staying awhile.

    On a personal level, Shreve's story is helping me examine my tendency to play it safe and avoid risks.

    The book itself is beautifully bound and the paper is high quality. This one's a keeper for collectors.

    ...more info