Path of the Assassin: A Thriller
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Brad Thor's national best-selling debut, The Lions of Lucerne, was hailed as "high-voltage entertainment reminiscent of Robert Ludlum" (Literary Journal). Now, he again delivers a non-stop action as one man's quest for revenge thrusts him into a battle to save his country....

After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attentions to rooting out, capturing, or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out his list, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points toward one man -- the world's most feared, most ruthless terrorist, Hashim Nidal. Having assembled an international league of Islamic terrorist networks in an ingenious plot to topple both Israel and America, Harvath and his CIA-led team must reach Nidal before it's too late. One problem remains -- they have no idea what the man looks like. With no alternative, Harvath is forced to recruit a civilian -- a woman who has survived a brutal hijacking and is now the only person who can positively identify their quarry.

From the burning deserts of North Africa to the winding streets of Rome, Harvath must brave a maelstrom of bloodshed and deception -- before a madman's twisted vision engulfs the world in the fires of all-out war....

Customer Reviews:

  • awful
    true one can glean some interesting information about weaponry,warfare and such but Thor needs a couple of years in writing 1,2,3,4 until he gets it right.
    very formulaic and ultimately boring....more info
  • As Awesome As Ever
    Brad has another bestseller in this novel! Full of page turning action with Scot Harvath. A must read! ...more info
    Brad Thor's second installment in his new writing career is a fast paced page-turner, " Path of the Assassin". Thor brings back the hero of "The Lions of Lucerne" Scot Harvath, this time to track down the remaining "Lions". Harvath is interrupted suddenly when an unknown assassin kills the last Lion. Meanwhile, as the world is erupting with acts of terror Harvath is summoned by the president to join an elite CIA team to track down the terrorist responsible for the recent terror activity. Thor does an exceptional job with his description of the exotic places that Harvath must get to around the world. With lots of excitement and faced page turning action Path of the Assassin is a thriller that leads the reader around the world at a blazing pace. With the current events of the real world the reader may get confused between the fiction book and a non-fiction book. A must read for all Silva and Flynn fans....more info
  • Is Thor worth a second chance?
    I wanted to like this book based on the fact that according to his biography, Mr. Thor seems to be considered a knowledgeable person regarding terrorism. I am therefore willing to give him another chance since this book was one of his earlier releases and the fact that I believe some of the best ways to explore what possible terrorist scenarios we could face as a nation are through novel form.

    I am not the type of person who expects Les Miserables or The Fountainhead kind of character development and dialogue in thriller and spy novels. That being said however I thought the characters lacked much depth at all and the dialogue was extremely sophomoric throughout most of the book. The overall premise of the story I thought was interesting and could have made for a much better book.

    I will give Thor another chance at some point but if I feel the same way about the next book after fifty pages I'll have to give up. There are too many other great thriller/spy novel authors like Daniel Silva and Vince Flynn just to name a couple.
    ...more info
  • Page-Turning Junk Food for Action Fans
    This isn't a great book by any stretch of the imagination. But it's a fun book, and sometimes its OK to have some fun while you're reading. If you like James Bond, Die Hard movies, or mid-80s Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies, you're going to like this book. There's lots of chases, guns, macho posturing, and humor. There's an attractive female, too! No sex, but that's OK, because if you like chases, guns, and taking it to the bad guys, this book has it.

    What it doesn't have is good writing. It has long, long, chases and fights that are about as suspenseful as an episode of Barney. The reason there is no suspense is that the author never makes us feel as if the protagonists are in actual danger. There were times when I'd skip ahead six pages because that's how long the chase would go on for. Really, I get kind of tired reading about a car chase in which all the roads are named, but nothing happens to the plot. Oh, except the bad guy got away. Again.

    Fun, but not something you proudly display on your shelf....more info
  • I Could Not Put This Book Down
    This was an amazing book. I picked it up and read it almost non-stop for a couple of days. If you like spy thrillers, this is it. I hope they make it into a movie. I believe this was the first in the series....more info
  • Totally Stupid!!!!!!
    The main character Scott was so sophomoric I had a hard time believing a grown man created the character. Maybe that's the problem, man/man or that's the way the author himself would like to be perceived. It didn't work for me. The character Meg, the author wants you to believe, is a cross between Mother Teresa, Wonder Woman and Miss Madison Avenue. She was beyond stupid and silly but a perfect match for assinine, sophmoric Scott. She didn't work either. Two weeks training in the CIA and she compromises a deadly mission by not obeying orders and then jumps out of a plane WITHOUT a parachute,plus she has a fear of heights (Scott had a parachute and held onto her) Helloooo! On top of that, she single handedly takes down, with perfect shots between the eyes, mind you, a group of assasins bent on highjacking a plane. Her backgrond is she owns a PR firm with loyal employees which makes her a perfect candidate for the CIA (all two weeks of it) She whines a lot in this silly book. Add the bad girl who has SILVER eyes that turn black and you have this piece of trash wrapped up with a big red ribbon. My advice, save your money for a GOOD book....more info
  • Good, exciting read
    This is the third or fourth book in the series that I have read. This may have been the best one. The entire book is exciting. It is well-written and keeps you enganged the entire time. You know Scott Horvath is going to make it somehow (It is part of a series, after all) but you never know how.

    The twists in this book are startling. You won't see the big one coming. ...more info
  • Another great book by Brad Thor
    This was another great thrill ride as was Brad's first book. Scot Harvath is a great hero and odvious patriot. The X-Seal, Harvath seems to always make the correct decision under extreme circumstances. The book will keep you turning the pages, or in my case clicking the pages on my kindle, anticipating Scot's next move. I look forward to the next book, "State of the Union". I strongly disagree with some of the negative reviews. Thor is an excellent author and should be given the proper accolades for his superior writing skills....more info
  • Lame writing, totally ripping off Vince Flynn
    The writing is absolutely terrible. The dialogue is fit for a children's novel. I found myself almost ashamed to be reading something so juvenile. However, the story was pretty good and that is the ONLY thing that kept me going. My biggest disapointment is that his characters are a complete copy of the Vince Flynn characters. Scot Harvath is a very annoying and juvenile version of Flynn's Mitch Rapp character. So much so that even his love interest is a physically violated, daughter of an ex-cop, beautiful woman from Chicago. Come on! This is a total rip off on Ana Riley in the Flynn novels.

    Even the character's professional progression follows the Flynn story line. The main difference, of course, is that Vince Flynn can actually write believeable, semi-mature dialogue. If you want a thriller of this genre then get a Vince Flynn novel. Only pick one of Thor's books if you are REALLY bored and have LOTS of discretionary time....more info
  • Excellent book
    I like the political/military thriller genre and this book did not disappoint. It was a quick read, but also required some thinking. The book was well-written and the dry sense of humor from the author that surfaces from time to time is also refreshing. I look forward to reading the rest of Mr. Harvath's adventures....more info
  • Top notch!
    Brad Thor is an outstanding writer and I look forward to his future releases. Path of the Assassin is a non-stop roller coaster of a ride and when you finish this book, you'll miss the characters like you would a friend. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Phenomenal Sophomore Effort for Mr. Thor
    While Brad Thor's first book, the Lions of Lucrene was a fun intro into Scot Harvath's life (ex-Navy SEAL/Secret Service agent), the Path of the Assassin is a much more sophisticated and intense read.

    Scot Harvath is back to get the terrorists who killed members of a SEAL team that were killed in trying to get back the president from the first book. In the process however, he essentially uncovers a plot to ignite a very real war in the Middle East.

    This book is superior to its predecessor in every way imaginable. From readability, to pacing, to seriousness, to gunplay, to complexity, to sheer excitement, this book is really a wonderful step forward for Brad Thor.

    Midway through the book I came back onto Amazon to purchase the third book in the series and I cannot wait! From what I understand, Brad Thor's Scot Harvath series is similar to the TV show 24 in that it simply gets better as it goes...He's sure hoping!

    This book is highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • A Superb Second Effort
    The second book in the Scot Harvath series was no letdown after "The Lions of Lucerne". With imaginative plot twists, exotic locations, and a new unlikely heroine, this second effort by Brad Thor is every bit as engaging as his first was. And as far as the cold-hearted assassin is concerned, the identity is surprising. Against the backdrop of current events, Brad Thor recognizes that politically incorrect fact, that we are at war with elements of a group of religious extremists; radical Islam. As fantastic as the action in this book was, I found it to be plausible, if not realistic....more info
  • Action, action, action, and more action
    Secret Service Agent Scott Harvath is doing his job when he risks his life to keep President Rutledge safe. With an increase in terrorism at alarming levels from multiple sides in the Mideast confrontation and a recent kidnapping attempt of Rutledge, Scott has job security. His current assignment is to eliminate those who assaulted the president but escaped, though Scott insured their mission failed.

    With synagogues and mosques exploding, the CIA believes the trademark evidence points to the 1980s deadliest assassin Abdul Nidal who supposedly died during that decade. Scott assumes the report of Abdul's expiration is true especially when the CIA points towards the son of the terrorist, Hashim. However, the Agency claims no pictures or description exists. One American Meg Cassidy has seen and survived Hashim's deadly destruction. Desperate Scott drafts the civilian to help him bring down the world's deadliest terrorist, but will soon learn there is more to this dangerous mess than the CIA, Mossad, and the American Home security agency has told him. That lack of information could cost Scott, Meg, and their allies their lives.

    No description seems strange with a survivor witness, but fans of adrenaline highs will not notice. Action, action, action, and more action as that fails to describe fractionally the global events of this non stop thriller that seems so pertinent with recent events starting with 9/11 and still current with the precedent setting Saddam scenario. Scott retains his hero mantle first earned in the exciting LIONS OF LUCERNE, but the tale of the tape is ACTION as PATH OF THE ASSASSIN is a one sitting thriller.

    Harriet Klausner...more info

  • Brad Thor - be prepared for a lot of good reads
    I just finished Takedown and I can tell you Path of the Assassin by Brad Thor is not the place to start - but it is definitely a stop along the way that you will not want to miss. The Lions of Lucerne is where it all begins. And thank Glen Beck for the introduction as he had Brad Thor on his show as a guest a few weeks back. A search for Brad's name on Amazon revealed a number of Thor books and I decided to order them all sight unseen. Some risks pay off in dividends. To say Thor weaves a tale that will claim many an evening from your life is an understatement. I know, I bought all six at the same time and began to read them in order, and often finishing one book early in the evening was a blatant invitation to begin the next immediately, and so it went and has gone. Thor takes you quickly and rarely gives you a place to stop for the evening. Like his larger than life hero, Scot Harvath who has few dull moments to rest while hunting down those who would subvert our way of life, you do not want to stop to rest or catch your breath.. Torn from the pages of today's news you find yourself travelling about the globe with Scot in Europe, the Middle East, major US cities, all the while barely on the edge of your seat.

    But if at all possible, try to read them in order - and Amazon can make that easy. In addition to The Lions of Lucerne and Path of the Assassin, there is State of the Union, Blowback, Takedown and The First Commandment (which I will begin this evening as soon as I finish this review)....more info
  • Path of the Assassin
    Typical Scot Harvath adventure. Entertaining and fast paced. An easy read for those who like fiction that moves and is predictable....more info
  • I should have paid attention to the 1 star reviews
    thankfully, I got the book cheap because otherwise I would be furious. I'm already upset that I wasted some of my life trying to read this book. Finally, after 200 pages, I had to stop. The dialogue is juvenile.Harvath is the only one who can do things correctly; he's the only one among trained agents who can think; he's the only one who can shoot straight (oh, except for the convenient beautiful woman who just happens to take on armed terrorists). Please, don't make the mistake I made: pay attention to those 1 star reviews. Save your money for something that is worth it....more info
  • It's more of a continuation, then a sequal.
    I picked up Thor's first book The Lions of Lucerne this summer. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it much. It sounded a lot like a Tom Clancy novel, and he's not one of my favorite authors. I was very surprised when I finished the book in about three days. I've been waiting for Path Of The Assain every since. I picked it up on the first day it was available. It petty much picks up right where the Lions left off. Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath is tracking down the rest of the terrorists responsible for kidnapping the president in the first novel.
    I think the characters are what makes the book so good. Thor has created a very real bunch. Harvath maybe larger than life, but at the same time he is very real.
    Thor's writing is excellant and the pace of the book is so fast, it just flies. I was hooke from the first page. It does drag a bit in the middle, but over all this is one great read!
    I'm already waiting for Brad Thor's next book....more info
  • Good escape
    The summary is quoted from

    "Fresh from rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attentions to rooting out, capturing or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out his list, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points towards one man - the world's most feared, most ruthless terrorist, Hashim Nidal. Having assembled an international league of Islamic terrorist networks in an ingenious plot to topple both Israel and America, Harvath and his CIA-led team must reach Nidal before it's too late. One problem remains - they have no idea what the man looks like..."

    I give this a five star rating because it was outstanding escapist fiction. The pace is relentless. You'll visit Bern, Chicago, Cairo, Jerusalem, The island of Capri, and Rome, along with a couple other spots. And yes its main focus is the dispute between the Israeli's and the Palestinians. What a surprise there, huh?
    By the way, when two jumpers use one parachute it's called tandem jumping. A good way for beginners to get their first jump in....more info

  • Useless
    Useless, I bought it by mistake. It is not my style listening to a silly "actor" I prefer a book.
    Best regards,
    Sven Fščrst...more info