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Takedown: A Thriller
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July 4th weekend, New York City:As thousands of holiday travelers make their way out of Manhattan, a flawlessly executed terrorist attack plunges the city into a maelstrom of panic and death. Amidst the chaos, an elite team of foreign soldiers is systematically searching for one of their own, a man so powerful that the U.S. government refuses to admit he even exists and will do anything to keep him hidden. Now, with the world's deadliest enemy upon America's doorstep, counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath must fight his way through the burning city streets to take down an invisible terrorist mastermind with the means to unleash hell on a global scale.

Customer Reviews:

  • Speed reading at its best
    It certainly was speed reading if you wanted it or not. This novel sped you from page to page with a non stop roll of plot. It never slowed. I have read all his books at this point and only find them getting better as he progress's. The next is First commandment and I am sure it will continue as a sequel to Takedown as the final page left it open for that. I highly recommend this novel....more info
  • A-
    "Takedown" by Brad Thor, is a very fast paced thriller dealing with Islamic Terrorism and the US's half hearted "War" to defend itself and western civilization from destruction. It deals with RENDITION (using other nations to do the dirty work of interrogation, to keep the US hands clean), and the absurd policies that hinder the west from defending itself.

    There is a action pact attack on the United States, things go very wrong, and the US Government is slow to react, and traitors within threaten the integrity of a super secret intelligence program. The hero Scot Harvath, a counterterrorism operative for the Department of Homeland Security, finds himself in the middle of the attack and leads a group of VA patients into battle to stop the terrorist.

    OK, the attack on the US city is very exciting, but not very realistic, not in operation, or in the US response to the attack (No US methods and practices given away to the real terrorist possibly reading this novel).

    Thor gets the terrorism thing, and understands modern fascist Islamic radicalism!

    ...more info
  • READ IT!
    Home Land Security is kidnapping terrorist in secret and a dwarf has a score to settle. New York is isolated and attached by a squad looking for one of their captured fellows. Scott and a rag tag team is all that stand in their way. Fast, intense and the best worse possible ending ever. Cool story, almost too realistic...READ IT!
    ...more info
  • a smart, explosive work
    Thor may be the god of thunder, but Brad Thor is the master of thrillers. Thor --- the writer, not the storm bringer --- hasn't been writing for all that long. His first novel, THE LIONS OF THE LUCERNE (published in 2002), introduced the world to ex-Navy SEAL and now covert agent Scot Harvath. Since then, Thor has quickly built an enviable career by exponentially topping himself with each new work. I was certain that he couldn't surpass last year's BLOWBACK, which features as ingenious a weapon as you'll likely encounter. TAKEDOWN gloriously proves me wrong.

    If there is one certainty in post 9/11 America, it is that there will be another successful terrorist attack. There have been attempts, foiled out of sight and under the radar. Unfortunately, one will slip through eventually. When it does, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will occur as described within the first 100 pages or so of TAKEDOWN. This attack, which paralyzes New York City and results in thousands of deaths, is astounding in its simplicity and devastating in its consequences. It is also, as it turns out, a cover for something far more insidious.

    In New York, following a mission that ironically dovetails into the terrorists' intent, Harvath finds himself improvising a search and destroy mission with random volunteers against a highly trained team of terrorists picked specifically for this mission and who know exactly where they're going and what they're up against. Harvath and his team, meanwhile, have no idea what is transpiring. In the course of picking up the pieces they stumble upon a secret known only to the terrorists and those at the highest level of the United States government.

    Thor's descriptions are gritty, realistic and true to life --- those who prefer to play in politically correct sandboxes would be better served to look elsewhere --- and give one the sense that he has been there and at least seen, if not done, that. Thor also apparently has been privy to some extreme interrogation techniques. There is one described within the pages of TAKEDOWN that would have had me happily betraying all that I hold dear within but a few seconds of its application, which is all the more reason why it is hopefully being field-tested even as we speak.

    Thor has created an enthralling work, surprising and startling the reader right up until the very end --- which sets things up for the next novel. Some words about the ending: have a defibrillator standing by. No peeking, but I read it four times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I wasn't. The ending is as explosive as the beginning and will keep you wondering about and waiting for Thor's next work.

    TAKEDOWN should head the syllabus for anyone taking a class in Thrillers 101. This is a smart, explosive work that details events about to happen outside your front door. Highly recommended.

    --- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub...more info
  • A modern Charles McCarry?
    If you liked Charles McCarry's novels about espionage in the Cold War, you should like Brad Thor's about the current war. In contemporary novels versimilitude is crucial. Unlike many pretenders, Thor structures the plot around the interplay of the characters, and avoids pasting personality into an organizational flow chart. Characters are not required to interact only with their superiors, deputies, and liasions, but are given contacts much the way people are. The reader is not given a tour of the training and doctrine of any agency, but given a chance to watch personalities interact based on their "off hours" connexions. Personal relationships are what makes agencies work, and Thor's story in Takedown is all about that....more info
  • Knockout!
    Good solid techno thriller. Let's just hope OBL is not reading this novel up in Bora Bora someplace! Plot was interesting and Mr. Thor's use of techno gizmos and action tactics was entertaining and kept the story lively and moving. Plausible? No, I mean even the terrorists have a problem keeping a secret! But a fun read yes. Mr. Thor is getting better with each book and the main character, Scot Harvath, is growing in personality and stature. His ability to dodge bullets and take an explosion is a bit over the top but as a central action hero he gets the job done. Character development was average. I am looking forward to seeing "The Troll" in future Thor novels. That is a character of the first order and could use his own novel. Very interesting persona that could stand to be developed.
    Some violence during the torture narratives but in today's world of kill or be killed it is necessary to flesh (no pun intended) out the fast paced story. No gratuitous language or sex.
    All in all a good solid summer beach read. ...more info
  • grab your rifle
    Grab your assault rifle, strap on some ammo....Great summer read - terrorists wreaking havoc all over New York, but one man, Scott Harvath, is gonna take em out. Fairly interchangeable with the Mitch Rapp books, of which I've read a few this summer. Does touch on an interesting legal/moral point that starts most liberals flip flopping like tuna - if one man has the knowledge of an imminent "dirty bomb" attack on a major city, is it alright to "torture" him to get the information?...more info
  • Terrible
    As a lover of contemporary fiction, I cannot describe the level of frustration I had reading this book. Though much balyhoo'd in its editorial review and it's enthralling inside jacket overview, Thor's depiction of a massive terrorist attack on New York City was shallow to point of amateurish. His descriptive words of choice have less color than the ink they're printed with ("The terrorists came in fast, but he shot them dead"). His ubiquitous cast of characters all started with the letter "H" for some dreadful reason, and the character development was nil. Thor also likes to show off his detailed knowledge for tactical weaponry and gear, but nobody outside of the special forces understand (or cares) what gauge bore the gun of a tertiary character is holding- especially when the story is so flat. This was the first book I can remember having to put down before reaching the end, because I just couldn't stand it anymore....more info
  • Thumbs Up!
    This was the third of Brad Thor's novels I purchased in June and it was the best of the lot. I read this book in a 12-hour span...just couldn't put it down until I finished. Subsequently I purchased the remaining two novels from Brad Thor. ...more info
  • Another Great Book
    Well, I bought this book last Saturday, promptly laid down the current book I was reading, and started to read "Takedown". It took me about 2-1/2 days to finish it and I have to say it was great. Definitely one of the best action/thrillers out there. I have read all five of Brad's books and would place this one as number 2 (Lions being #1).
    I have read other authors to include Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Alex Kava, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett but my top two favorites have to be Brad and Vince. Both are awesome military style/good guy writers and I highly encourage everyone to read both authors books. I anxiously await Scot Harvath's next adventure and hope he avenges the death of someone (I won't ruin the story for those who haven't read it) at the end of Takedown.
    To a previous reviewer, I don't think it was the Troll who is the murderer but someone else who Scot knows. ...more info
  • An amazing read...
    I have only recently become a Brad Thor fan. Takedown is action packed and just when you think you've worked it out, yet another twist in the tail appears. I find his writing so engrossing, I feel like jumping into the book and working with Scott to take the bad guys out !! I read this book in 3 days, would have done it in 2 but had to sleep some time ! Beware then ending...........more info
  • scott harvath returns
    with better charecters and an ingenious plot scott harvath pulls together a team to help and assist.the idea of having this team to support scott is a great idea and one that could be looked into again.brad thor is now getting into his charecters and in this novel you get to care what happens to them.into todays super heroes saving america books it is refreshing to have someone who needs help from other sources to accomplish the mission.using a team of iraq and afghanistan war veterans scott and his team must locate a man nobody in government will admit exists.the power play in the white house is brilliant with each department head trying to be one step ahead of the next.Brad Thor brings to this book one of the most original villians i have read in any book ,and he isnt just their to make up up the numbers but is integral to the paced,great subterfuge,tremendoes plot this really was a page turner in the real sense of the word.oh!and the finish Brad Thor what have you done.this is the fifth book from Brad with his hero Scott Harvath and i can recommend them all as Brad gets better And better as he developes his main character.the books dont have to be read in any order but i would seriously tell you that if you only buy one book this summer any of Brad Thor's will hit home.the only complaint i have is that he doesnt write quickly enough as i cant wait for the next book...more info
  • Takedown is awesome
    Takedown, the latest thriller by super author Brad Thor was shipped early by I'm not sure whether that was by design or by mistake, but either way I was excited to receive it earlier this week. My plan was to read it during my holiday weekend trip to the beach. My plan failed.

    It's no secret to regular readers of Dr. Blogstein (hi Nana Blogstein!) that Brad Thor ranks top shelf in my bookcase, so it shouldn't come as a shock that I couldn't resist starting the book. So I popped it open and before I knew it I was halfway into it. At that point, there was no stopping me. Takedown is awesome. I read it in two sittings. You've got to get it.

    Takedown is about a systematic and highly coordinated attack on New York City by Al-Qaeda for the purpose of rescuing one of their own. But what I didn't realize is that the attack on NYC occurs in the beginning of the book!

    What follows is a harrowing mission through a devastated Manhattan to bring the terrorists involved to justice by Counterterrorism hero Scot Harvath and a group of random soldiers he was able to recruit along the way.

    But, the best part of Takedown is a little man known as "The Troll." Be honest now, who doesn't love a midget villain?!?

    The Troll is a tiny, evil Scottish dude who keeps huge, rideable dogs as pets and peddles intelligence to the highest bidder. In this case, the highest bidder is Al-Qaeda. Not since White Castle introduced the Slyder has something so small caused so much damage. With all the action and scary thrills in Takedown, The Troll steals the show.
    ...more info
  • Another wow from Thor!
    Scott Harvath is a wonderful character that you wish were real and on our side. Events in Takedown make 9/11 a walk in the park, and Harvath is in New York and goes on the trail of the terrorists and to find out why.
    The action is nonstop, and the relationships of the characters are fully drawn and real.
    Brad Thor is consistantly an excellent choice of authors. He, like Harvath, will never let you down....more info
  • exciting yet frightening thriller
    Bypassing government channels and working with Canadian Black Op Agents who want Al-Qaeda terrorist Sayed Jamal in American hands, counterterrorist agent Scott Horvath sneaks the killer across the border and gives him to a waiting team. At the same time Al-Qaeda weapon's expert Mohammed bin Mohammed who vanished two days before 9/11 is kidnapped from his Somalian residence.

    Mohamed is preparing to buy nuclear material that a contact will only sell to him; the Americans want the material and those involved. The Al-Qaeda leadership seeks Mohammed because he is there only member who can put the nukes together. A daring plan is implemented when the terrorists learn where the Americans are holding Mohammed. They blow up the tunnels and bridge effectively closing Manhattan to all traffic, disable the subway system and use missiles to keep boats and helicopters from leaving or entering. They search the city for Mohamed while Scott who was in town visiting a pal, chases after the terrorists with a group of ex-agents to help him.

    What makes TAKEDOWN an exciting yet frightening thriller is that the tale seems plausible after the events of 9/11. Readers will picture what Brad Thor describes happens in Manhattan and then see a city quickly dissolve into chaos, death, and destruction. The protagonist is a patriotic warrior risking his life to stop his country's enemies. Mr. Thor is a terrific thriller writer and fans of Dan Brown and Thomas Harris will want to read his latest masterpiece.
    ...more info
  • Takedown is a letdown
    This has been one of the most disappointing adventures in reading that I can remember. Normally I would not bother to write a review, but this book was such a downer that a comment was needed. Why the author felt that any American would want to see our guys be out smarted, maneuvered and gunned by Muslim terrorists is beyond me. To my dismay I actually read to the end in hopes that some uplifting thing might happen. Only to have it jerked away on the last page....more info
  • Takedown
    I like all of Brad books, he is the one that got me started reading again....more info
  • Almost a great book..
    ..but there's just something a little off in this one.

    The plot is a little implausible, and the dialogue is a bit stilted.

    The pacing is great, however. The book is great for the airport or on the beach. Escapism at its best.

    ...more info
  • "The war on terror is not working."
    Brad Thor's "Takedown" focuses on the conflict between Islamic extremists and their enemies in the west. Mohammed bin Mohammed is al-Qaeda's master bombmaker as well as the head of its committee on weapons of mass destruction. An American covert action team kidnaps Mohammed from his hiding place in Somalia and brings him to a secret location in New York City. Abdul Ali, a man implicated in a number of terrorist attacks and high-profile assassinations, is determined to get Mohammed back. He enlists the aid of a villainous dwarf known as the Troll to put together an extraction team to rescue Mohammed.

    Meanwhile, thirty-six year old Scot Harvath, a former Navy Seal and counterterrorism operative for the Department of Homeland Security, crosses the border into Montreal to nab Sayed Jamal, an Algerian-born terrorist. Although Scot is a patriot, he has grown tired of the red tape and secrecy that hamper his ability to carry out his job. In addition, Scot would like to have a personal life and start a family someday, but as long as he continues to travel all over the world on highly secret missions, his time will never be his own.

    Soon, terrorists stage a series of attacks on the infrastructure of New York City. Besides claiming many innocent lives, these attacks insure that all of the major emergency services are tied up with search and rescue missions. Meanwhile, Abdul Ali and his hired band of fierce Chechens are busy with a mission of their own--to find the place where Mohammed bin Mohammed is being held and bring him to safety.

    This novel features enough explosions, weaponry, and chase scenes to please any action-adventure junkie. The villains are merciless fiends who commit unspeakable acts in an effort to bring the United States government to its knees. The author implies that America is currently losing the war on terror. As long as there is bureaucratic infighting and too much emphasis on the rights of suspected terrorists, Thor seems to be saying, America will be unable to defeat al-Qaeda. The book's epigraph is "exitus acta probat": "the ends justify the means."

    "Takedown" has an enormous cast of characters, including former soldiers who accompany Harvath on his quest to stop Abdul Ali. One of them, Tracy Hastings, was maimed when a bomb that she was trying to defuse in Iraq accidentally detonated. Tracy and Scott form a bond that soon blossoms into romance. At almost four hundred pages, the book goes on a bit too long and is so frantically busy that there is little room for character development. However, its courageous heroes and "ripped from the headlines" plot will undoubtedly earn "Takedown" a receptive audience among fans of contemporary thrillers....more info
  • A Scary Action Book!
    The United States decides to launch "Operation Driftwood".
    They send a commando force to Somalia.There they cpature a noted
    Al-Quada terrorist figure,Mohammed-bin-Mohammed.He is in charge of the Al-Quada weapons of mass destrruction program.He istaken
    to New York City where he is to be interrogated.Our hero Scott
    Harvath goes to Canada and captures Sayed Jamal.He sneaks him back across the border and he is in turn put into custody.
    Al-Quada comes up with a master plan to rescue Mohammed-bin-
    Mohammed.Al-Quada operative Abdul Ali calls upon the services
    of the Troll.He is a dwarf who has unlimited intelligence that
    he sells to willing buyers.He and Ali come up with a plan.
    On the 4th of July weekend they forces of Al-Quada strike New
    York City.All of the bridges and subways are blown up by the Al-Quada forces.Abdul Ali and a small force of Chechen soldiers
    begin the search for Mohammed-bin-Mohammed.Harvath joins forces with somw former Special Forces warriors and begin a struggle to stop the forces of Al-Quada.No reinforcements can enter New York by water or air because the terrorists have snipers set up
    to repel them.This turns into a battle between Harvath's forces and the Al-Quada warriors.To add to the problem the U.S. government denies the capture of Mohammed-bin-Mohammed.This is
    an exciting book that is a real page turner.It is action packed from beginning to end with some unusual twists....more info
  • Takedown
    If you liked "The Lions", you will love this book. Typical 'Thor', fast paced, keeps your interest. I can't wait for the next book from Brad thor....more info
  • Mr. Thor... please give us more...
    Holy-freaking-Wow! Anything I say now will be overkill. Brad Thor is one of those author's who when once you read one of his books you HAVE to read them all. Because of my political views most of the author's I read are on the opposite sides of me. That's cool because I read them because they are talented... not right! :-) But it's REALLY nice to come across an author (or at least his stories since I've never met Mr. Thor) with whom I can agree. Especially one that has a hell of a skill in telling a tale. Scot Harvath is the closest thing that you can find to a real true superhero... minus the Viagra inducing tights and frilly cape.

    He's covert, he's ruthless, has a sense of humor, doesn't hesitate to kill when it's time to kill, and hates anything remotely connected with political correctness! AMEN! Terrorists are once again plotting to bring horror to the United States and these cowards (again) attack New York City. They plan a series of pure horror and death so grand that once it starts... well... becomes the worst in our Nation's history. The background that Brad gives on our covert operations, the insane PC laws, the crazy weapons being uses, the government "secrets", coupled with his action-movie style writing is enough to keep you up waaaay past your bedtime. I don't think I've ever spent more than 3 days on a Brad Thor book. Not because I'm a speed-reader. Quite the opposite actually. I don't want to stop reading because there isn't a good spot to stop because the action is just too dang good.

    I love having an author who, no matter which book I choose, is going to be good. It's amazing the common sense that Thor brings to a lot of our Nation's problems in his stories. He doesn't hold back from saying exactly what he wants to say. He's not preachy like some authors but he gets his words out. Kinda like, if Halle Berry was teaching Geometry in a lace, see-thu cat suit (wow, where did THAT come from?)... It may not be what you want to learn but if you're going to learn it make sure you have fun doing it!! This really is a good book that will entertain you, scare you, and think you (sorry English teachers)....more info