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Consent to Kill: A Thriller (Mitch Rapp Novels)
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Product Description

On the front lines of the global war on terror, CIA superagent Mitch Rapp races to save one more life: his own.

An eye for an eye: that's what the powerful father of a dead terrorist demands in retribution -- and with his hate-filled plea, Mitch Rapp becomes the target of an explosive international conspiracy. The fearless operative has both killed with impunity and tortured to avert disaster, all in a battle to preserve freedom. But even among America's allies, some believe the time has come to bring Rapp down. Now the hunter is the hunted, and Rapp must rely on his razor-sharp instincts for survival -- and justice -- as he unleashes his fury on those who have betrayed him.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Great Rapp Story
    Vince Flynn has done it again. While the book follows the same formula as the previous ones in the series, it still works. Like the others, this one is action packed and keeps you on your toes. The emotional ending added a new twist.

    I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • a lot of Fun
    This was my first Flynn book but it certainly won't be my last! I travel a lot so having something entertaining on my Kindle at all times is a must and Flynn meets fits the bill (and then some!).
    I found I couldn't put it down so you may want to make sure you start reading on a work night.
    If you like good, fast paced reads, then check Flynn out; Cussler, Paterson and Johansen are among my favorites and I now I've added Flynn to that list. I just bought 4 others.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • Atypical Characters in This One
    I've only read 2 Vince Flynn books, but they've been enough to pique my curiousity and now I will go back and read the earlier Mitch Rapp novels to catch up on this assassin's history. I like Flynn's writing for the sometimes atypical bents he puts into the characters. Mitch Rapp is an assassin, straight-up, and almost never conflicted about his job. He is NOT a Jack Ryan (as some have likened) and we rarely get any moral pause in the action in these books. If you're squeamish, be forewarned that Flynn does detail the kills. I was shocked a time or two in the first book - Flynn took me a little past my comfort zone - but now know what to expect. I would liken it to a roller coaster you've never ridden before. A twist or turn will be too much - but then you get to the end and yell, "Wow - that was great! Let's go again!" The last few chapters of Consent to Kill are fantastic. Flynn does not take Rapp where I thought Rapp would surely go. Supporting characters are also terrific and you're left hoping to have them reappear in future Rapp stories or even to get stories of their own. Love Rapp's loyal friends. Wouldn't surprise me if Flynn has one or two turn out to be not so loyal in future books, but hey, let's just enjoy the "good guys" while we can. They kick butt (and never kiss any either!). I highly recommend this read! ...more info
  • Just loved it.
    Vince Flynn is officially my new favorite author. This book moved right along, good story, good character descriptions. Things happened that needed to happen in the time frame they needed to happen in. Give me more Vince Flynn!!!...more info
  • Adios Vince Flynn
    This is the second Vince Flynn book I couldn't get through. Memorial Day was great. Then, Term Limits was a disaster. Consent to Kill was absolutely atrocious. It seemed the entire book consisted of the assassins going back and forth trying to decide how much money they would get for killing Mitch Rapp. It read like drivel that Flynn put out to try and keep squeezing the Mitch Rapp machine. I've given him enough of my time. Mr. Flynn, I bid you farewell. ...more info
  • Mitch is finally turned loose!
    Deadly skills+revenge=Exciting book.
    The presidential support is fun to read as well. Wish we had current leadership like that....more info
  • Absorbing, informative, page-turner
    In a word, "satisfying." It doesn't depend (or try to depend) on shocking gore as many of the books in this genre do, but rather develops characters. In the process you learn something about people and world events. I'm already looking for other books by Vince Flynn. If I have any criticism -- and it's minor -- it would be that Flynn spends a bit too much time developing the back stories on secondary characters. ...more info
  • Barn Burner!
    I have read all of Vince Flynn's books.(including his latest "extreme measures")If it is a Flynn novel buy it! Be warned,you will stay up all night reading!...more info
  • This one is a keeper!
    If you're a fan of the genre, you will love this book or any of the Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp books. I, personally, could put this one on the bookshelf for a while and read it again like rewatching a great movie. This is one of the most thrilling thrillers I have ever read. Definately a keeper!...more info
  • First but not my last Flynn novel
    This was my first Flynn book but it won't be my last. Grabbed my interest immediately and kept it the whole time. Highly recommended....more info
  • Commentary on Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn
    So many of the other reviewers have done a wonderful job of briefly telling you what the story is all about; so I won't duplicate their effort. But, being a big fan of Vince Flynn in general, and Mitch Rapp, in particular, I urge you to RUN, not WALK, to grab this novel. It is absolutely FABULOUS! The best of all of them so far and probably pretty hard to top going forward...but, then, that's what Vince Flynn does so well. The character development is fine; and Mitch has an emotional side that we have not really seen before, and you will be genuinely surprised at the heart that beats within him. There are few surprises when it comes to what Mitch will (and has to) do but, nevertheless, you will find yourself shocked at some of his actions...great finesse! Let others give away the story, I just want to give this book away to anyone I care about who loves modern-day terrorist thrillers. And if you can listen to it on Audio Books, you get the extra "hit" of it being read by George Guidall. Nobody does these readings better! Reading Vince Flynn is, for me, like waiting for a Wilbur Smith novel to come out (eg: the Courtney series or the Egyptian series with Taita)...I hang there just waiting for the new book to pop out. Grab this book, sit back and enjoy yourself thinking: "Go ahead...make my day!"...more info
  • Interesting Twist.....Fun..Don't Make Mitch Mad
    This is my second Vince Flynn novel. (Memorial Day was first) There is some need to get the sequence of when you read them right, but it is not critical. It has you speculating on outcomes from the beginning, making it very tough to put down. Flynn is not afraid to hurt the good guys or make the bad guys successful, and in the end, you are curiously pleased with the outcome. Good stuff....more info
  • bought for husband, read in less than 1 week
    I did not read the book myself but my husband loved it. The shipment came very quickly....more info
  • Vince Flynn thriller
    The items I ordered came within the time frame and where in very good condition....more info
  • Satisfying story
    No time to write a well-crafted review, but here in a nutshell: It is a great read, it is well written, the bad guys get what they deserve, our moronic politicians are...oh...that moronic and self-serving, there are still some good guys left in this country, and the book...I recommend it. ...more info
  • Ding dong the itch is dead
    Although I read the book when it first came out, I'm now enjoying the incomparable reading of the audio book by George Guidel. He is the best voice I've heard, with the possible exception of Kenneth Branagh doing the 1st Narnia book. As far as the book is concerned: SPOILER ALERT: Thank heaven the atrocious wife Anna is no longer cluttering up the bookscape with her insufferable ego and disrespect for her husband and his work. From her tendency to be late (which invariably means that the person who is late considers her own time important and yours of no value) to her attempts to worm secrets out of the man who die to protect her (and all of us), there were times when I wanted to blow her up myself. She may have served a purpose in showing that even superman Mitch has a weak spot in his brain by getting involved with this gal, but gosh I'm glad she's gone.For that alone, this book would be worth the money. I've read every one of Vince Flynn's books and I've preordered the newest one. Go Vince!...more info
  • Please write more!
    Clive Cussler, move over. You've got some competition. My husband has read every book written by Vince Flynn. He is reluctantly finishing the last one now. They are just too good - intrigue, multiple plots, and very well written. More, please!...more info
  • Pushing all the right buttons
    This is my first Mitch Rapp novel but it won[t be my last. A great story about the classic rogue CIA agent, but rogue for the good guys. And the book serves up rough justice on an assortment of bad characters, from imam apostles of hate, to inside-the-beltway paper-pushers, to amoral terrorist enablers. SPOILER ALERT. I mean, when you have the protagonist go to Saudi Arabia, strap a bomb vest on the evildoer's son, then blow up the son and the bad guy while flipping off a security camera, there isn't really anything more to do to satisfy the bloodlust of the reading audience, myself included. I only worry about one thing, which is that I share many of the geopolitical attitudes of the former East German bad guy. I hope Flynn isn't trying to tell me something.
    ...more info
  • amazing
    consent to kill is one amazing book. from the beginning to the end it never slows down. i only stopped reading to work or sleep....more info
  • A GIFT
    This book was a gift for my son, an avid reader. I had read several of Vince Flynn's books ( not this one ) and knew he would enjoy a fast paced spy novel by this acclaimed writer. A good buy....more info
  • Great Author!
    I love Vince Flynn's writing style. It is very reminiscent of Dan Brown and keeps your attention throughout the whole novel. I have read almost all of his books and have yet to be disappointed! ...more info
  • Mitch Rapp is Much More Believable in This Novel
    The story is predictable to a point. The novel very entertaining. If you know the character Mitch Rapp, you already know he will prevail. Unlike some other Rapp novels, his character is much more believable & human in this one. The international tale is nicely woven & written. There's a good little twist used to finish the story...more info