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Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Netter Basic Science)
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Product Description

Using outstanding anatomical illustrations from Netter's hugely popular Atlas of Human Anatomy, these 324 flash cards help you learn and test your knowledge of muscles, bones, vessels, viscera and the joints. Each card features a full-color Netter illustration on the front, while concise text on the back reviews areas of origin, insertion, action, innervation, and anatomical relevance. A regional organization parallels Netter's atlas as well as most of today's anatomy courses. The cards also note clinical correlations, where appropriate.

  • References the original plate in Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy.
  • Offers an accurate source of anatomical information in an easy-to-use, portable format.
  • Cards are hole-punched in the upper left corner and can be placed on the included ring for maximum portability.
  • Online access available through

Customer Reviews:

  • Anatomy Class
    I used this set for studying the lab portion of anatomy, it has greatly helped me for all my lab tests. And everytime I bring them in early to class to review lecture, some one will always ask..."So, where did you get those?"...more info
  • great flashcards
    great flashcards. nice way to review pictures from netter's atlas when you are on the road. not comprehensive (not all the plates/structures included) but includes a pretty decent selection from the netter's atlas. also, the online student consult makes it easy to study flash cards when you want to use just your computer to study....more info
  • Excellent resource
    This is an excellent reference for anyone taking an anatomy course. The cards are easily divided into sections such as bone, muscle, etc. I have studied them to help me pass my bone test and will use them for my muscle test coming up soon....more info
  • Faster Learning!
    These flash cards are fabulous! I'm learning anatomy faster and easier. I can review in minutes and my card are the envey of the class. We've enen used them in class to lighten things up and play a reveiw game. THey are thorough colorful, and informative. They've been worth every cent I paid in the knowlege I've gained.
    RG...more info
  • Anatomy Flash Cards
    These are very good cards to have for human physiology as well as anatomy. Very detailed though. Maybe more detail than needed but still a very handy thing to have for memorization....more info
  • Great Study Aid
    Purchased these for my pre-med Granddaughter. She found them to be an excellant study aid, very useful....more info
  • Netter's Flash Cards
    I am visual learner, and these flash cards are great. They concentrate on the major topics, and are really conveniently organized into the thorax, upper limb, lower limb, head and neck, etc. I really recommend them for any one that is studying anatomy. ...more info
  • 2.5 Stars Really.................
    I went to the bookstore to buy some flash cards to help me study for my Anatomy & Physiology class (I am in a Nursing Program at a University). And, all of the boxes of Anatomy flash cards were sealed, so I chose this box based on the the number of cards that came in the box (over 300), the proudly proclaimed "online access", and also the fact that the cards are hole punched, and actually come with a ring to put the cards on.

    Once I opened up the box, I was immediately disappointed. The cards are organized regionally.....NOT systematically. Which if you do not know what I am talking about, this means that rather than the flashcards being organized by organ system (i.e. skeletal system, cardiovascular system, etc), these cards are organized according to region such as, "Head and Neck" or "Abdomen". Now for those of you who are studying Anatomy by this regional approach, these cards might just do the trick.

    However, for my Anatomy Class, (and all others that I am aware of), we are studying the body systematically.....The Skeletal System, The Reproductive System, The Endocrine System....etc, etc, etc...... I think this is how most Anatomy classes are arranged. However, with this deck of cards if your class is studying "The Skeletal System", you will need to go through all 7 different "regions" in this deck to pick out all the cards relating to the Skeletal System. Very inconvenient.

    The next thing I noticed is that this deck does NOT contain any of the Integumentary System (Hair/Skin/Nails)!! I expected to find flashcards with diagrams of the skin, a hair follicle, a sagittal view of a fingernail, etc....but there were none! But, my disappointment did not end there...I went online to register this product to take advantage of the "online access" that is advertised all over the box. I was expecting some interactive learning material...but guess what? All the online access is, are the flashcards all over again, but on your computer. There is nothing new on the site that I could find. So once again, I was let down by this purchase.

    Here are a few pros---The illustrations are very well done, the cards themselves have a quality, almost laminated feel to them, and the holes punched in the corner, and the included ring are indeed quite handy.

    If you are taking an Anatomy Class, and want flash cards organized in a systematic way, that include ALL of the body systems (as well as cards with regional/directional terms), then you need to get "Kaplan Medical Anatomy Flashcards". I went back to the bookstore, and bought those, and they have fit my needs perfectly.

    ...more info
  • Almost there
    Cards are nice and portable. Great pictures. Two faults: #1 The cards only show anterior and posterior views of muscles and their insertions/origins. Some of the muscles require lateral views to see the proper insertions. #2 The online product is EXACTLY the same as the cards. There are NO three dimensional views here. You spend $35 and you think they could at least provide that on the website....more info
  • Great focussed anatomy study tool
    This is a great addition/alternative to the Netter atlas. The flashcards guide your studies to the important information....more info
  • Best investment I made last semester
    Last semester I took a fast track A&P course. It was a year's worth of A&P in one semester. Each half (A&P I and A&P II) was 8 weeks, so you can imagine how quickly it went. I did very well in the class, and these cards helped a lot. The detail of the drawings is exquisite. We had a cadaver lab and I had no problem identifying things on the cadaver even though I primarily studied the Netter cards. We also used models and our table had a terrible time getting a hold of the good models--as in, half the models we never even got a chance to see before the test--and I was able to get through without a problem using the cards.

    I highly recommend these cards. I purchased a couple other references--a coloring book and an atlas--and I ended up using only these....more info
  • great product from Netters
    I bought these for my wife who works in the medical field, she really loves them. What more can i say....more info
  • Great Place to Start Your Anatomy Study
    Just like Netter will be your bast artistic Anatomy Atlas, so these cards are your best artistic Anatomy flashcards. The cards are tied to the Atlas of Human Anatomy and divided into 7 sections:
    1. Head & Neck
    2. Back & Spinal Cord
    3. Thorax
    4. Abdomen
    5. Pelvis and Perineum
    6. Upper Limb
    7. Lower Limb

    Each plate comes from the Netter atlas and contains (usually) the most important structures and landmarks from the big plate in the atlas.

    You must be aware that these cards do not contain everything in the atlas. But I have found that because they focus on the most important, they are less overwhelming. Once I have mastered the flashcard, I have a better chance of filling in the missing details from the big atlas.

    The cards are printed in high resolution on thick cardstock. The flashcards include a metal ring on which you can keep the cards you are working on. As a bonus, you get access to the cards online. The images are too low resolution in my opinion to be super useful. This is a nice addition, but probably not really necessary. Having previewed a few other flashcard options, I highly recommend Netter....more info
  • Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards
    The cards are as clear to understand as the book from which the cards are derived....more info
  • Great tool!
    I am in PA school and purchased these cards for review prior to the start of school. They were excellent for that as well as a huge help during gross anatomy. If flash cards, in general, help you then I feel you will really benefit from and be happy with these. However, if flashcards, in general, don't seem to suit you then don't bother - these are not miracle cards....more info
  • Awesome for an anatomy student
    If you are in an anatomy class like me and you want the best study tool around, look no further then the Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards. Detailed pictures, a metal ring to hold the cards on, everything is perfect....more info
  • Netters flashcards
    great product, i use them to review anatomy at the gym since they are laminated....more info
  • Best anatomy flash cards but incomplete.
    Talking to several people in my med school class we all agree these are the best cards out there. After completing the back and both limbs I do notice some minor muscles that are overlooked that I would have included. Still a great resource. ...more info
  • Excellent Study Tool
    These flash cards are so great in studying for anatomy exams. Its easy enough to make flash cards about the functions of the organs of the body and say what they are near. However there just isn't enough time to draw notecards yourself, nor does any med student want to be carrying around a netter's text book with them all day if they get a moment to study. And the best part is it comes with this handy ring so can keep all the cards in order and so you can take them in an organized fashion wherever you go. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's a notecard studier. You will definitely get your money's worth with these....more info
  • Great tool for Anatomy
    These cards make anatomy so much easier. They have just about any structure you will need to know and are durable, easy to understand, and come with full explanations on the back. ...more info
  • I love these cards!
    I absolutely love these cards - laminated, full-color, not too wordy or too skimpy. If you are studying anatomy and find textbook pictures to be inadequate these are the best I've found. Hopefully their new histology cards will be as good....more info
  • great information & graphics
    Great graphics and information. I love the ring that comes with the flash cards- it makes them very portable. ...more info