Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus Are Battling to Dominate . . .
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Inside the Revolution takes you inside the winner-take-all battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of the people of the Middle East. It includes never-before-seen profiles of the Radicals, the Reformers and the Revivalists. It explains the implications of each movement and the importance of each leader–not only through the lenses of politics and economics but through the third lens of Scripture as well. Today, wars and revolutions define the modern Middle East, and many believe the worst is yet to come.

  • How real and serious is the threat of Radical Islam to American national security eight years after 9/11?
  • Are there any Muslim leaders who oppose the violence of the Radicals—and is there any hope that such leaders will come to power in key countries in the Middle East?
  • What is God doing in the Middle East—and is there any hope that Muslims will find faith in Jesus Christ?
  • How can we as Christians help strengthen our brothers and sisters who love Jesus in the Muslim world, and how can we reach out to Muslims here at home?

Customer Reviews:

  • Read Rosenberg
    Read everything Joel writes and do it quickly......... He is one of the few thinkers in the world that understands the true battle freedom loving people are up against...... ...more info
  • The reality in the Middle East
    This book is helping me to have a more realistic view of the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East. It also makes me realize how important it is for us to help the moderates in Iraq who want to live peaceful lives.Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus Are Battling to Dominate . . ....more info
  • Eric's Review
    While I have not yet completed this book I find it difficult to put down. The book is written well and reads really easy. The information, while disturbing, is very relevant and is a must read for anyone wondering if Iran will really sit down to negotiate with us, because if they thought there might be a possibility this book will definately prove them wrong....more info
  • Inside the Revolution
    In this day and age when it is difficult know if you are hearing the whole truth about current events, Joel C. Rosenberg has done a magnificent job of enlightening us to the realities of the volatile happenings in the Middle East. Twenty-four pages of footnotes fill the back pages. This book is not one man's opinion but a compilation of historical facts written in a story like format, enabling a reader to develop for themselves an accurate opinion of the dangers the world currently faces. If we want to stand for what is right and not have history remember our generation as ostriches with our heads in the sand as in WWII, this is a must read. Every politician, voter, or those in the military absolutely will find within these pages a historical, current picture of the dangers the Middle East. Because people are frightened, they want to hide in their busy lives and ignore the monster that could very soon be on their own doorstep. Enlightenment of the subjects surrounding what is happening in the Middle East is imperative for this monster to be tamed, harnessed, or destroyed. Read this and find out for yourself! After reading it I would love to hear your opinion too....more info
  • Great book
    It is so important that American citizens understand what we are dealing with in Iran. Sadly, people, including our leaders, really have no clue on what we are up against. Joel Rosenberg skillfully lays out the facts that are disturbing to say the least....more info
  • Inside the Revolution
    I am fascinated with the work of Joel Rosenburg. This is the most complete and fair analysis of the ISLAM situation, RADICALS, REFORMERS AND REVOLUTIONARIES!...more info
  • Inside the Revolution
    This is an excellent book! It is well documented, and it presents a balanced, unbiased view of the situation in the world regarding Muslims, their beliefs, their radical leanings, and how their own world is changing. Muslims are coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior all over the world--in record numbers--because their own Muslim religion provides no hope for them, and because the moderate Muslim is tired of all the violence and brutality in the name of Allah. This book relates how Jesus Himself is appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions, winning the hearts of these people to salvation in Jesus Christ....more info
  • Inside the Revolution
    The author,Joel Rosenberg, has a God given talent! I read his last series and I was intrigued through all the books. Sometimes it is hard for me to stay interested in non-fiction books, but because I was so taken with his ability to bring his books to life, I bought "Inside the Revolution". I have not been disappointed. This book gives great in depth information on how people came to power in the middle east, events that occurred, and how it affected people's lives there. How some are becoming reformers and others are becoming revivalists. I feel I am more informed on what is taking place in our world, especially in the middle east and how God is working with these people....more info
  • Well researched by an insider
    As a reader of all of Joel Rosenberg's books since "The Last Jihad", I looked forward to his latest book and was not disappointed. It's well worth the read!...more info
  • Joel Rosenberg has done it again
    Joel Rosenberg is a modern-day prophet. It is amazing how he seems to have an understanding into events of the future. Of course, much of it is gleaned from Holy Scriptures, which are quite clear about the future course mankind will take and the consequences of that course. Everyone who believes the authority and truth of Scripture should have no problem understanding what is going on in our 21st-century world, and of accepting the fact that all of it is engineered by, or under the watchful eye of, God. ...more info
  • A must to read for all!
    I cannot say enough for the information in this book. If you love History and want to know what is going on in the world this book is for you. It is easy to read and very understandable. Read it and be informed today! ...more info
  • A great insight into what is going on in the Middle East
    This book is a "must read" if you need clarity as to what is and will be going on - in the most important part of the world. ...more info
  • Inside The Revolution
    This is a very timely, and VERY sane approach to the issues facing the world, with Muslim population growth....more info
  • Awsome
    This is one of the best books I have ever read. The author goes into great detail about the thoughts of each world view and helps you to really understand each one. Very informative and enjoyable at the same time. ...more info
  • Great insight and wisdom to today's world.
    The author has done a fabulous job in researching and writing this book. There is much to think about, so it isn't a fast read. It makes you look at current events in light of the Bible and put the pieces together. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in what is happening today....more info
  • Radicals - reformers - Revivalist
    After listening to this book,I was educated and enlighted with real knowlede and understanding of the middle east. It brought a new understanding to the struggle going on and the reason for the heatred for the United States and Israel. Would recommend it very highly.
    ...more info
  • Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus Are Battling to Dominate . .
    This is a book that everyone should read if they want to understand what is happening in the world today and maybe in the future. This is a good resource, bringing together much relevant material about the struggle over the control of the world. Joel provides one with much to think about....more info
  • Revelation of the "Revolution"
    Am thoroughly impressed with this written account of what is actually happening in the Middle East today and how it applies to end time prophecies. Joel Rosenberg didn't just use his knowledge of prophecy from the scriptures, he has interviewed almost every major person involved in bringing the peace of Jesus Christ to the millions of lost Muslims who reside there. This is an in-depth revelation of how God is using His people to bring His Word to those who are His. A fascinating account of how God works and how He brings salvation to His people, especially when the truth is being denied through death threats from family and friends. Joel has covered this subject from every possible angle and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how God is working to bring end time prophecies to fruition. ...more info
  • inside the revolution
    Awesome book; I've read all of Joel Rosenberg's books and found none of them lacking. He has helped me to learn of the current national affairs that almost ALL the media has ignored or been too swayed to see or write. I applaud him on his work, and I also feel that he has had and shared many of the audiences with foreign and homeland leaders. Fox has done well in this area, but CNN and others have bought into the Kool Aid. We need well informed books such as this to give us insight into our current situations, for unfortunately, we are not hearing it from our leaders or media. Rosenberg writes very understandably and gives us the biblical and the current world affairs, which are happening so quickly I am thankful he has a website that can also be checked for daily updates. I would suggest this book to everyone, who, like me, want truth, yet cannot decifer nor depend on getting it from the media. Rosenberg does not slam others, he simply speaks the truth and has an uncanny way of projecting it before it plays out.

    I have never quite understood the Muslim culture, why some call it the 'peaceful' religion and yet I see terrorist, etc. This book has opened my eyes to their way of life, Iran's leader Ahmadinejad and his feeling that he must be considered their Iman of prophecy, etc. Rosenberg has met with many who understand this, and others who are thankfully being led out of this radical culture and into the truth of Jesus Christ. He has shown me as no other author the horrible deceit these people grow up in, and the huge destruction they plan to unlease on our world. Unfortunately, he has also shown me the great concern for our nation whose 'socialist' leaders from Obama to many in congress, have either decided to ignore or embraced Islam and chosen to have 'peace talks' with terrorists. I suggest everyone read this book for a greater understanding of Muslim's beliefs and where our world is headed. ...more info
  • Genuinely insane
    This man is either cynically manipulating a credulous audience by posing as something he is not and espousing these bizarre ideas, or he is completely insane. Either way, this is dangerous nonsense and, as they say, not to be lightly cast aside but rather to be flung with full force across the room. Sad really....more info
  • Insight For Today's World
    Rosenberg provides documented and insightful information for the average person who wants to go beyond the political speak of today. ...more info
  • Escatology
    This book seemed to take a long time to arrive. Don't know the reason, but too long for me....more info
  • Inspiring
    While this book covers three distinct schools of thought on the battle for the hearts and minds of the Muslim world, I was especially inspired by the section on the Revivalists. This book made me want to be part of the solution by actively reaching out and loving the Muslim community. This is a "meaty" book, full of the latest intel, developments, and trends in the Mulsim world. You'll find this book to be extremely entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Buy this book!...more info
  • Enlightening and Informative
    Inside the Revolution is the latest book by Joel C. Rosenberg. It is his second non-fiction work, the first being Epicenter, published in 2006. Rosenberg has also published a five-part speculative fiction series dealing with world events as prophesied in the Bible. I highly recommend this series of political thrillers, the first book of which is The Last Jihad.

    With Inside the Revolution, Rosenberg breaks down people of the Middle East into three main categories: Radicals, Reformers, and Revivalists. The book is separated into three sections, each dealing with one of these categories.

    I found the first section of the book, dealing with the Radicals, to be particularly disturbing. Although I was already aware of much of the information presented here, including Shia eschatology involving the 12th Imam, there were some new facts that I was not aware of. In all, at the end of this section I did not have much hope for America or Israel. The second section of the book presented the Reformers. This part of the book was more comforting. I was not aware of all the Islamic Reformers in the Middle East, especially those in high levels of government like the kings of Morocco and Jordan. It was good to hear that there are many influential people in that part of the world who are as much against the Radicals as America is. The third section of the book introduced us to the Revivalists, or those people who are seeking to bring Christianity to the Middle East. Again, I was not aware of the amount of effort being put forth in this regard. Nor was I aware that Christianity seems to be more popular in the Middle East right now than it is in the West (that is my own personal observation after reading this book).

    Rosenberg has obviously done a massive amount of research for this book. As he notes, he traveled extensively throughout the Middle East conducting interviews with dozens of people over two years. His Epicenter book and his fiction series has made him a popular man around the world and has granted him access to some very important people in the world. He also read more newspapers, websites, and other documents than I can even imagine. Every quote in this book is documented, giving a high degree of trustworthiness to this work.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the relationship bewteen America and Islam. There are a lot of negative aspects to this relationship, as we see in the Radicals. But there are a lot of positive aspects as well, as we see in the Reformers. I would suggest every American read this book to better understand the beliefs of Islam and how those beliefs are driving policy in the Middle East, especially in places like Iran.

    My only criticism of this book is its length. Although all the information is informative, I found some of it to be repetitive. Some of the stories of the Revivalists, for example, could have been left out because they were all pretty similar. I would say the same for the other two sections as well. But this is a minor criticism. Too much information is better than too little when it comes to this subject. [...]...more info
  • Who's opinion can you really trust?
    Has anyone ever just sat down with you and asked if they could help you understand what is really going on? And even if they did, what is their angle...what is their agenda? So much has been written about terrorism that can offer little hope of a future. Fear is most often shrouded in ignorance. I found someone who goes after the facts first hand and reports the way a true reporter should; not just painting a picture he believes his audience wants to see. Joel clearly understands the so called Radicals who mask themselves in a religion called Islam. He has reached out and made friends with the moderate Muslim leaders while at the same time unapologetically draws his insight from the prophetic word of old. Past, present and future held together with a thread that can only be seen through the third eye. This book brought understanding to the often confusing reports I hear from the Middle East. I thoroughly enjoyed this authentic, factual and insightful look at the real enemy and the blessed hope for those caught in the conflict....more info