The Last Days (Political Thrillers Series #2)
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With over 400,000 copies in print, this New York Times best-seller opens with White House advisors Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy heading into Gaza when their convoy is attacked by a massive explosion. Soon, Yassir Arafat is dead, Islamic radicals are trying to take over the West Bank and Gaza, Iraqi terrorists are targeting Americans, and Bennett begins to wonder if he is witnessing signs of the last days before the return of Christ. Since The Last Days was first published, Arafat has died and Hamas has taken over the Palestinian Authority.

Customer Reviews:

  • Attention grabbing to the last page
    The author seems to have finger on the pulse of world events. An excellent read. So many things in the book have happened that it's premise is hard to ignore...more info
  • You Gotta Get the whole series...
    I ordered and read the first book in the series, the Last Jihad, and had to wait an agonizing week to get this book, The Last Days. I was smart and actually ordered all the other along with it so I could quickly go from cliffhanger ending to cliffhanger ending!

    I could not put the book down! I finished it in less than 2 days (and thats quick for a busy stay at home mom)! The way Joel Rosenberg writes this book, you get entangled into the events and the lives of the characters. It's a very smartly written book and i highly recommend it to anyone...ESPECIALLY if you are a Christian or a student of Biblical prophecy. EVEN IF YOU AREN"T this book will be highly entertaining and it's well worth the time to read it! ...more info
  • Fiction That is Almost Real
    This absolutely outstanding story provides very engrossing and titillating reading. The author brings to his writing tremendous geopolitical insights and an extraordinary mastery of details. The reader's interest will be piqued and held by a story line that focuses upon issues that are regularly in today's news.

    I actually found myself distracted from the current day-to-day news from the Middle East while reading this, as the story line began to generate an almost substitute sense of reality. In fact, even after completing this exciting story I found myself struggling to mentally distinguish between the real news of the day and the fictitious events portrayed in the book, so strong was the sense of reality that overwhelmed me. This was a strange yet powerful effect created by the author.

    This is a "must read" for anyone with even a passing interest in Middle East affairs. All other connoisseurs of action novels will enjoy reading The Last Days as well....more info

  • Its Slam-Bang Action Will Leave You Gasping For Breath!
    As was true in The Last Jihad, The Last Days, its sequel, is filled with exciting, suspenseful non-stop action. The plot is based on Jon Bennett's attempt to implement the Arab-Israeli peace plan, of which he is the chief architect. While reading this book I felt like I was on a treadmill that was out of control -- going faster and faster the longer I stayed on. While character development isn't Rosenberg's strong suit and some of his dialogue is at times a bit corny, these deficiencies are mostly overcome by his ability to create a very suspenseful and realistic plot -- a plot that is all too plausible and one that I hope we only have to deal with in fiction. Once you start The Last Days be prepared to change your plans for the next few days because you won't want to put this book down....more info
  • BREATHTAKING in its stupidity
    If this is what the CIA, FBI and Secret Service are like, then heaven help us. Obvious things nearly knocked me over. When looking for Jon's mom (she decided to take a week off to be by herself), did they bother to check w/ the post office to see that she'd stopped her mail? Of course not. And would any agent (especially Erin, who is supposed to be top notch all the way) let Jon and the others (herself included) roam freely, shopping and dining and paying w/ credit cards on the very rock that hides the peace talks? No agent worth his/her credentials would allow such a breach. Such blatant stupdity is, indeed, breathtaking!

    ...more info
  • One thing's obviouls
    Publishers Weekly's review doesn't leave much doubt that they don't like Mr. Rosenberg.

    Rosenberg worked as a communications strategist with Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, and Benjamin Netanyahu. He's advised some of the world's most influential leaders in business, politics and media.

    I think the review has more to do with Mr. R's politics than it does his writing skills....more info

  • the last days book
    wonderful book. It is like you are there with the characters. Face paced. hard to put down....more info
  • Modern Nostradamus
    Paul Bedard, U.S. News & World Report (November 3, 2003) "Washington Whispers: Modern Nostradamus -- It's getting a little weird being Joel Rosenberg, the New York Times bestseller of terrorism thrillers and speechwriter in Steve Forbes's 2000 presidential campaign. First, he wrote The Last Jihad about a terrorist's kamikaze attack on a U.S. city and the subsequent hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. That was well before 9/11. Now he has written The Last Days, which opens with a Palestinian attack on a U.S. convoy, just like what happened a few weeks back. And look out, Yasser Arafat: Rosenberg offs you on Page 28. 'People,' said Rosenberg, 'are starting to think these books are ripped from tomorrow's headlines.'"...more info
  • Suspenseful. Thrilling, Foreshadowing.
    THE LAST DAYS is Joel Rosenberg's sequel to his hit The Last Jihad, a political thriller about terrorist, U.S., Israel, friends and foes of current times.

    Rosenberg weaves an exciting, suspenseful web of intrigue as Jon Bennet and Erin McCoy try to salvage peace out of the chaos and threats of Muslim terrorists. The tale is riveting as it follows the action from Washington, DC and the wounded President to the Middle East and Spain where the drama unfolds.

    For a work of fiction, there is so much of today's reality embedded in the novel, the reader wouldn't be surprised if the morning news broadcasted a similar reality! Today's events are certainly foreshadowing both darker and brighter times as the world endures its final agony before deliverance.

    Rosenberg has a gift for suspenseful credulity. This novel is believable, thrilling and entertaining.
    ...more info
  • If you get this, be prepared...
    Be prepared to get every book in this series. You won't be able to put them down. Joel Rosenberg is an excellent writer and his books are as "today" as they get. ...more info
  • another winner for Rosenberg
    Wow!!! couldn't put this one down, better than the Last Jihad. This guy is able to weave non-fiction and ficton and devise wonderful plots leading to awesome endings.

    I will read everything he publishes. Great writer....more info
  • Involvement at Every Level
    This book is amazingly on-track with current affairs and technology. It is action-packed in a Clancey-esque style. Laced throughout the storyline is a blooming romance for those who like the softer side. The development of a spiritual comprehension and conversion in a man who lived only for money is subtle and invites readers to think about such matters. The only detractor I found was the author's detailing of modern weaponry, military forces and strategies. When the action is going at a fast pace, I don't like to be slowed down to understand the technicalities that make this book so authentic....more info
  • Another fabulous Rosenberg book!
    I love all the Joel Rosenberg books! Great reading, interesting, thought-provoking, and suspenseful. Makes you wonder......more info
  • Great Book! Quick read!
    This will open your eyes, entertain you, and hopefully spur you onto a deeper relationship with our Savior!...more info
  • Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Read by Steve Forbes
    The Last Days by Joel C. Rosenberg is a rip-roaring, heart-pounding, page-turning, high-octane geopolitical adventure. Anyone out of shape should have oxygen nearby; the action never stops from the first sentence to the last. How's this for starters? The year is 2010. The U.S. secretary of state goes to visit an aging, yet still-potent, Yasser Arafat in the Gaza Strip in order to unveil a bold, out-of-the-box peace plan "that could offer unprecedented riches for every Muslim, Christian, and Jew in Israel and Palestine." His reward: Arafat's chief of security suicide-bombs the meeting, killing the secretary, Arafat and scores of others. The surviving American delegation finds itself under attack. This is no isolated assault. Soon all the Palestinian territories are engulfed in civil war; Israel is hit by waves of suicide attacks; and terrorists are about to launch numerous, murderous assaults on U.S. territory.

    So many complications would seem to block any path to peace. Enter presidential envoy extraordinaire Jon Bennett, assisted by Bondesque beauty-with-bountiful-brains Erin McCoy. Together they work to bring about ultrasecret negotiations between the Israeli prime minister and the new Palestinian prime minister for the mother of all peace agreements. Upping the ante, Bennett's mother is suddenly discovered missing from her Florida apartment, apparently kidnapped by terrorists.

    Rosenberg's first novel, The Last Jihad, was a national bestseller. Critics wondered if he was a one-book wonder. The Last Days decisively answers that--there will be many more of Rosenberg's riveting reads. (review appeared in FORBES magazine, December 9, 2003)...more info

  • It's No Longer Fiction, It's History
    The Last Days is supposed to be fiction, but like The Last Jihad, that's no longer the case. It's history. I don't know how Rosenberg does it. His books are like a look into the future. It's bizarre. I love how he writes his novels. They start out as fiction and a couple months later, they end up as history books.

    I like the way Rosenberg shows some of the faults in Bennett in this book. He shows that he gets scared while in the gunfights, he over estimates the peaceful condition of the Palestinians, and he blows cover while trying to make the peace plan. I like that because it shows that Bennett is human. He makes mistakes, and I think it's cool that Rosenberg makes his books realistic in that matter.

    I highly recommend this book for all readers. Politics, action, adventure, romance, and Christianity all have their parts in this fabulous, fabulous "history novel." You cannot do without reading The Last Days. It's a part of history....more info
  • Joel Rosenberg #2 IN SERIES
  • A Breathless Geopolitical Roller Coaster Ride
    Tom Clancy rocks.

    There, I just had to get that off my chest. And now you know my secret --- that even though I could be called a snob when it comes to fiction, I have a soft spot for fast-paced global political thrillers in which Americans are always the good guys. It's my own form of escapism.

    That's why when I read that Joel C. Rosenberg's latest book was "Clancyesque" it was a good omen in my eyes. Indeed, THE LAST DAYS, the bestselling sequel to the bestselling THE LAST JIHAD, is a breathless geopolitical roller coaster ride. It follows on the heels of THE LAST JIHAD's war on terrorism plotline to focus on the potential for peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

    The cast of characters is familiar to readers of THE LAST JIHAD and Jon Bennett, Wall Street strategist come senior White House advisor, takes the lead as the architect of a plan for peace between Israel and Palestine. Its basis? Vast oil reserves found in the region stand to make every Palestinian and Israeli man, woman and child wealthy beyond their dreams if they can just learn to work together.

    Assassinations and attempted assassinations ensue. A Palestinian civil war breaks out and several shadowy groups with their own interests do their best to wreak havoc with attacks on sensitive locals such as the Dome of the Rock and Washington D.C. Admittedly, for reasons I'll talk about in a moment, I wanted to put this book down. But I couldn't. I was hooked and had to know what would happen next. Perhaps my biggest endorsement of the book would be the fact that I stayed up until 3AM to finish it.

    One of the ways Rosenberg creates the narrative vortex that sucks you in is by warping the timeline and populating his story with real people in imaginary places. As the story opens the war in Iraq has just ended. Saddam Hussein is dead. His sons are dead. And the year is 2010. Huh? Didn't most of this just happen a few months ago? You don't even realize that it's 2010 until later on in the story. By then you're also scratching your head at the appearances of Abu Mazen as prime minister of Palestine. In the real world Mazen relinquished the role several months ago in 2003. And while the president in 2010 is the imagined James MacPherson, references to the real President George W. Bush, officials in his current administration and their policies also add to a sense of reality that is slightly askew. I'll warn you: for a few days after reading THE LAST DAYS the stuff of the nightly news will seem so seven years ago.

    The reason I wanted to put the book down stems from what I perceived as Rosenberg's conservative political agenda. As a sometimes-conservative evangelical Christian with Jewish roots, I share a lot of the affections of the author. I like democracy. I like Israel. At the same time, I'm generally critical of those who use fiction to make a point that could be made more honestly in a nonfiction arena.

    The tip-off to me that this might be the case with THE LAST DAYS is its cellophane-thin characters, the most offending of whom is Jon Bennett's bodyguard and romantic foil Erin McCoy, an "Uzi-toting, Arabic-speaking CIA supermodel." Please. The characters are at their strongest when they're engaged in action --- running through rat-infested sewers or trying to escape the Rock of Gibraltar --- which, thankfully, is the bulk of the book.

    Dialogue is a weakness. When the characters start talking about the issues or where extended attention is given to their inner thoughts, everyone is the straw man for Rosenberg's ideas and perspective. In contrast Tom Clancy, conservative though he may be, has a habit of creating rich characters with minds of their own. Neither author writes what I would consider life-changing fiction, but Clancy is the more honest storyteller. Having said this, I think Rosenberg is consciously trying to represent perspectives other than his own --- this is admirable --- and shares with Clancy the ability to keep the reader engaged.

    THE LAST DAYS benefits greatly from the author's intimate knowledge of the Middle East and his understanding of the competing interests in the region and the Washington D.C. political machine. His vision of the potential for peace in the near future in the Holy Land is intriguing. And while I think that the thin substance of the story is better suited for a two-hour movie (one I would go see), the larger time investment required to read this book won't detour many from burning the midnight oil to see what happens next.

    --- Reviewed by Lisa Ann Cockrel...more info

  • Action packed but flawed
    I read "The Last Days" right after reading "The Last Jihad". "TLD" picks up where "Jihad" leaves off, 3 weeks later. It is as action packed as its predecessor from start to finish. If you're into political intrigue and action, these two books are pretty good. My only concerns with "TLD" were that it takes place in 2010,giving the Bush administration a second term (most likely, anyway). The problem with setting it so far in the future is that you are stuck with a 2003 perspective. For example, references to things like Britney Spears (I'd like to imagine a world without a Britney Spears career in 2010, thank you very much) rob the writer and reader of any foresight. Siting a list of historical examples constrains the writer to only those examples up to 2003, seven years before the action in the book takes place. How many of us site historical examples only up until 1996? The Christian perspective is kicked up a notch in this book as compared to the last one, which is fine because it doesn't preach in a heavy handed way, yet still gets the message across.

    "The Last Days" is an excellent adventure read and I look forward to Mr. Rosenberg's next effort....more info

  • Sins of omission
    One of the most blatant omissions in TLD was any reference to the US nuclear strike. NOTHING AT ALL is if it didn't even happen. And the funny part is the suggestion that meetings/press conferences take place in Sadaam's palace. Now, first of all, the city was nuked. Secondly, concern for radioactive fallout isn't even mentioned (either regarding the targets of the nukes or the neighboring countries). Nothing along these lines is addressed. If this is a follow-up to "The Last Jihad", then please refer to the very last page of that book...TWO nuclear bombs are dropped by the US (TLD starts up two weeks later...the Prez is still in a wheelchair from the attack on him in Denver). If we mere citizens can ask these questions, why oh why can't Mr. Rosenberg who is a supposed expert? And why should the US come across as being blatantly cavalier about nuclear devestation? ...more info
  • Continues to keep readers on their toes!
    I started Joel's series because I'd read Epicenter. This entire series rocks with focus, twists and turns, and incredible insight ~ both real from study, and imaginative "what if" scenarios. No matter what your belief system is ~ consider keeping up with Joel....more info
  • The Last Days
    This is a great book, grags your attention and holds it to the end! Well written, great content, exciting....more info
  • Very Good, but not as good as Last Jihad
    This book starts out explosive, but seems to get somewhat intrenched in backstory and tends to go on with long periods of time between action sequences. An excellent library read, but maybe not a purchase for those saving money. Joel Rosenberg is an excellent writer, but this novel seems to leave you wanting more....more info
  • Good Followup To The Last Jihad!
    Jon Bennett and his bodyguard Erin McCoy attend a historical
    summit that is also attended by the U.S. Secretary of State and Yasser Arafat. The Palestinian security becomes a suicide bomber
    killing the Secretary of State as well as Arafat. A civil war
    breaks out among various faction who want to replace Arafat.Our
    hero Bennett and McCoy and their delegation have to find a way out of the west bank.You have two villains,a Russian Gogolov and an Iranian,Jibril who are the masterminds behind all of the plans
    of evil.The evil planners have decided to dispatch suicide bomber
    squads to the United States.Bennett and McCoy finally escape but
    face an attack from terrorist forces bent on their demise.There
    is never a dull moment in this book.You will definitely find this
    book hard to put down.I hope Joel C. Rosenberg writes more books.
    His first two have been outstanding....more info
  • The Middle East Aflame!
    The Last Jihad was so heart-pounding and sensational, I couldn't wait to pick up The Last Days. I had a little fear that the story wouldn't or couldn't live up to the first one, but I was not disappointed by Rosenberg's latest effort.

    Clearly, this man is a qualified expert when it comes to assessing the geopolitical nature of the Middle East. He also is a classic Washington insider and a expert on military affairs. That being said, this book is tight and concise and avoids boring the reader with technical or policy minutiae. It is a heart-pounding thriller of the first rate.

    One of the problems readers often have with fiction is that at times the scenarios are unrealistic. But, what critics of Rosenberg and others must understand is that this is fiction, a work of art. Moreover, I would argue that the Last Days is not terribly out of this world. He properly describes the Middle East as the powder keg it is and he drops the matches that ignite this historic region into near world war.

    There is a drawback to the Last Days in that it can't really decide which era it wishes to be in--2003 or 2010. Seven years from now, pop culture, technology, and politics will look much different and it seems that Rosenberg likes to launch into this unknown future, but leave the 2003 time warp. I also thougth the book was weak on guaging public and press opinion. It seemed as though the notoriously liberal American media and notoriously fickle American public gave President MacPherson a blank check to reshape the world. But, those are minor quibbles that any reader will find with any piece of great fiction.

    One of my favorite aspects of this book is Rosenberg's subtle Christian message, that approaches Jesus first from the logical viewpoint of a Israeli security chief (check the sources!), and then from the emotional need. Rosenberg doesn't preach a sermon, it is displayed in the everyday lives of its Christian characters.

    The Last Days, like the Last Jihad, is a heart-pounding thrill ride into a very possible future scenario. Rosenberg's plots not only will make this book a must-have, it will set the gears of your mind thinking of "what-ifs" and "who knows?".

    Clearly, this talented journalist and storyteller will educated and inform you about the complicated world in which we live. Make this one of your brand-new reads this year....more info

  • Not what I expected
    The book was very slow, only really keeping my attention the last few chapters. The description sounded like it would be action packed, but just moved very slow. Should have put as much effort into the entire book as he did the final chapters....more info
  • The Last Days
    Current day political, suspense and a dose of religion book. Interesting series. I enjoyed it....more info
  • Loved it!
    I can't believe the complaints of people who say the characters are not developed! I loved the characters and felt like I was right with them in their struggles and adventures. This book captured my imagination right from the beginning and I can't wait for the next one!...more info
  • The Last Days leaves you praying for one more chance!
    A thoroughly engrossing political, military, and terrorist novel about what would happen in the Middle East in the event
    of the murder of Arafat, by one of his own henchmen. The ensuing power struggle, and civil war for leadership of the terrorist organization, not unlike a Mafia power struggle, leaves you stunned, and gasping for breath.( In my opinion, I would have let them kill each other off, then we be done with them, once and for all!)
    A Peace Plan between Isreal, and Palastine to drill for oil, making citizens of both parties wealthy? Sorry, it wouldn't happen. Terrorist are too hate driven to allow any peace plan to work. Arafat has been offered land more than once, and he refused it, because his, and most of militant Islam's whole purpose isn't to get their own land, but the deaths, and destruction of Isrealis, Christians, and everyone else they consider "Infidels".
    The book gives you insight into the Isreali Palastinian(Philistine) problems, and is a lot of fun to read! Better in many ways than the first book "The Last Jihad"....more info
  • Book Review
    The Last Days is a must read. A fast paced book that has you wanting more every page. You cannot put it down....more info