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The Copper Scroll (Political Thrillers Series #4)
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Saddam is gone, Arafat is dead, and a new Iraq is rising. But when a suicide bomber strikes Washington and assassinations unfold from London to Los Angeles, Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are drawn back into a world of terror they thought was over. At the heart of the mystery lies a 2,000-year-old scroll describing unimaginable treasures that could lead to the Third Jewish Temple. Some call it history's greatest treasure map. Others call it a road map to Armageddon. But the time to find the truth is running out fast.

Customer Reviews:

  • Tom Clancy of Christian Fiction
    Rosenberg did a masterful job of weaving a plot driven storyline with end times prophecy. It was a great read on par with his earlier works....more info
  • too too much
    Having no particular religious or political ax to grind, and never having heard of Joel Rosenfeld, I approached Copper Scroll in the same frame of mind as I approach any novel. The premise is certainly intriguing, and I enjoy reading about religious history, whether fiction or nonfiction. So I don't have an agenda to push when I say I couldn't make it first the first quarter of the story. The writing is just too sophomoric, sounding like some of the short stories high schoolers churn out. The golly gee, we're so in love sugary sweetness, the super powers of the "good guys" and the dastardly evil of the "bad"; too much for me. Just not my cup of cardamom tea, I guess. I got tired of James Bondian adventures a long time ago....more info
  • Thrill - good. Preaching - bad
    I'm breezing through these novels by Joel Rosenberg. The Copper Scroll is the fourth book in this political series. We're following the same characters. Jon Bennett and his new wife.

    They are called back to service while they're on their honeymoon. And they aren't happy about it, they quit there political positions in the last book. But if they refused this presidential request, we wouldn't have this book.

    There's a copper scroll out there (hence the title) that supposedly gives clues where the treasures of the Temple that Solomon built.

    Bennett and his wife are tasked to find it. And, wait a minute, if they find this scroll, they may find the actual Ark of the Covenant. (The one Indiana Jones found)

    Meanwhile, the new President of Iraq desires the treasure for himself and continue to rebuild Babylon. (can we say Anti-Christ anyone?)

    I'm glad I only have one more book to read in this series. Like I've said before, I enjoy the political thriller aspects but the religious preaching sickens me. ...more info
  • Tremendous book! Bible based and coming true daily
    All I can say here is that I do not read all that often but this book and the series is God inspired and based on His word. I use it as a devtional as well as a fiction read and couple it with non fiction books on the same subject such as the ones by Grant Jeffrey. ...more info
  • Great Read!!
    I have read all the previous books in the series and enjoyed this one. Learned alot about the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish history. I would highly recommend this book....more info
  • National Treasure Goes to Israel
    My 4th Rosenberg novel with heroes Jon Bennett & Erin McCoy. Book 2 (The Last Days) probably had the most exciting action. The Ezekiel Option, book 3, had the most awesome ending. This one is a treasure hunt a la National Treasure, albeit with global geopolitical implications. I kept wondering where financier Jon Bennett got some of his skills such as using a syringe, rapelling down a vertical cave, using automatic weaponry, etc. His kick-butt ex-CIA wife Erin I could see doing these things, but Jon? Suspend a little of your need for utter realism while you ride the end times roller coaster with these two and a large cast of politicians, assassins, and scientists. Irreligious folks, beware; the Christian salvation message is made clear and accessible in this story....more info
  • Someone really published this?
    I'm very glad that I didn't purchase the book--I borrowed the unabridged audio book from the public library. This was my first time reading Rosenberg, and I had chosen it thinking that it was a historical fiction/political thriller. I started the CDs open minded, hoping to hear a good story.

    My primary issue with the Copper Scroll, right from the start, is that the writing style is absolutely awful. The wording and flow are child-like, and my jaw kept dropping as I listened, thinking, "someone actually published this???" Also, Rosenberg has difficulty with being concise and choosing his prose and dialogue for best emphasis and effect.

    I am also unhappy with the way the characters and their relationships are presented. Bennet and McCoy (both the character descriptions and their dialogue) are so idealistic, sappy, and cloying that I continually cringed. Their relationship is written like a simplistic, idealistic teen romance novel. Other characters (the world leaders, for instance, or even peripheral characters like the helicopter pilots) follow national, religious, and ethnic stereotypes that made me angry.

    Although I am uncomfortable with the religious aspect of the book, the author has the right to write what he wishes and I chose to pick it up off the self.

    I will read almost anything if the writing style is worthwhile and creative. Unfortunately, that makes this book absolutely NOT worth my time. Again, I am very glad I didn't spend my money on this....more info
  • History and fiction blend
    If you liked Dan Brown's novels or the Indiana Jones adventures, this book is for you. Joel blends fact and fiction to make an interesting read. When you are searching for the Biblical treasure, you can't put the book down....more info
  • Enough to bring me back for more
    The Copper Scroll is the first book I have read by Mr. Joel Rosenberg and while I thought it was entertaining and parts were interesting I would not rate it as a must read. I think reading The Ezekiel Option would have been helpful for some additional background on the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

    The Copper Scroll takes place after the War of Mog and Magog which is referenced in Ezekiel 38-39 and is set in a world where Israel's enemies have been destroyed, such as Russia and many of the Middle Eastern countries. The plot relations to modern times and potentially future events were interesting items to consider especially a rebuilt Iraq and its rise to power and attempt to consolidate the Middle East into a Super Power. The differences between Europe and the United States were also interesting but I thought this friction could have been developed a little more.

    At times the interactions between the main characters was somewhat over the top but overall the book is a very fast read that is entertaining and after looking further at Mr. Rosenberg's website I think I will read The Ezekiel Option (Fiction) and Epicenter: Why Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future (Current Events).
    ...more info
  • Copper Scroll Thriller
    The Copper Scroll was a thrill to read - I love the weaving of fact and fiction. One has the feeling that it could come true any day - and I am looking forward to that possibility. Rosenberg has a real flare for the prophetic as shown in his previous works that have largely come to pass....more info
  • #4, I want more!
    This is the 4th book in the series by Joel Rosenberg and it is fantastic! I have read all of these and also his nonfiction book, Epicenter. Joel is not only a very talented writer, he is also very knowledgable about how current world and political events line up with Bible prophecy. I highly recommend this and all of Joel Rosenberg's books. I would also highly recommend his DVD of Epicenter. I am eagerly awaiting # 5 in this series!...more info
  • Contrived
    I purchased this book because I like mysteries based on historical events or puzzles (DaVinci Code, Romanov Prophecy, etc.) and the discovery of the Copper Scroll is a documented find in the same geographical area as the Dead Sea Scrolls. I have also read the Left Behind Series and a few other end times books. I did not think the book was in the best of either genre. I found this book's events to be too contrived to hold my attention and be believable. I would have liked more surprises; the plot twists were predictable. I did enjoy it anyway....more info
  • Reviewing "The Copper Scroll:
    Joel Rosenberg's "The Copper Scroll" is a fascinating book, the fourth of a series, but it can also be read as a stand-alone book. For anyone aware of today's current events, it is a must read in the light of Bible prophecy from the book of Daniel....more info
  • Outstanding Tense Adventure
    Non Stop Action. Fourth in the Joel Rosenberg's Series. Highly suggest reading the previous books prior to this one to understand the continuous adventure.

    Keeps you on the edge of your chair. When I am reading Joel's books I expect to turn on the news and see these stories being reported; they are so plausible and real. All of Joel Rosenberg's books would make great movies....more info
  • Another really good book.
    As usual Joel Rosenberg writes a fast-paced novel full of things that could be today's headlines....more info
  • Exciting book for our day and age.
    Joel Rosenberg is my kind of writer. I love political intrigue and he seems to be an expert in this genre. He certainly understands the mindset of the middle Eastern terrorist and the events he writes about have an uncanny way of actually happening later on. Scary at times!...more info
  • Good action but way too "preachy"
    This was my first book in this series, and that did not turn out to be a problem. A lot certainly happened in the previous book - death of tens of millions in the "Firestorm" - but that did not really detract from my enjoyment of this book. The action pulls you in from the very first page (or since I listened to the audiobook, the very first word). The pace is excellent, with the main characters John and Erin moving rapidly around the world a small step ahead a large contingent of ruthless killers. The dialogue is believable although often somewhat stilted.

    The biggest problem with the book is its overwhelming preachiness. It detracts from the action and the pace and is not believable. For example, the Israeli archaeologist Natasha is hiding from the killers and starts to think that maybe she should "embrace Jesus". Using logic appropriate for a 5-year old, she convinces herself that Jesus must be the Messiah and decides that she has to convert. It would even have been a little more believable if the rocks parted and she saw God, but this part was just laughable. Sadly, because it was an audiobook, I could not easily skip ahead like I would have in a book.

    Another part that bothered me is the implicit suggestion that Muslims in general are evil. All of radical Islam had just been incinerated in the previous book's Firestorm, and now in this book, the main villains are the unified state representing nearly all of the world's remaining Muslims. Jews fare better in the book but only because they are (in the book) more likely to convert to Christianity.

    So, bottom line, if you are looking for a thriller with a (very) heavy dose of religion, this is the book for you....more info
  • Joel C. Rosenberg BOOKS
    My latest purchase of "The Copper Scroll" is the 4rd in a series of books written by Joel C. Rosenberg. I have not started reading it yet, for I am finishing "The Ezekiel Option". Back in 2002, I purchased "The Last Jihad" and finished reading it within about one month. "The Last Jihad" is the 1st of the series written by Joel. That book is the best by far! It has a biblical prophecy feel to it, and it really seems ripped from the New's Headlines! Immediately, I purchased and read his 2nd in the series called "The Last Days". This too was very good! I finished that one recently and immediately started reading the 3rd of the series "The Ezekiel Option". Each of these books have a different feel to them, but with the same characters. They read as if you are getting to know and watch each character mature and grow! Like I said, once I have finished reading "The Ezekiel Option", I will start "The Copper Scroll"! I have no doubt that it will be just as good as the ones it follows! I also purchased Joel's non-fiction book called "Epicenter". I read a little of it and found it to be interesting and informative as to how Joel came up with the content to write about in his fiction series I have just mentioned. I decided not to read it further, for I like each book to be a mystery to me! There is a 5th in the series, and the name of the book escapes my mind right now. Of course, I will purchase that one once I've finished "The Copper Scroll"! Joel C. Rosenberg is one of my favorite Authors!

    [...]...more info
  • Definitely a fast paced THRILLER!!
    This is the 4th book I have read, by Joel Rosenberg. They are all very readable, fun, and will keep the reader involved. I enjoy the religious/Mid-East theme and they seem like they could be taken from today's headlines....more info
  • Always look for the specials
    When you want something good for a low price, do not click on the 1st picture that pops up. Even when Amazon has it for sale. This item had a range for price to double what I paid for it on the Amazon site. I got this item at 1/2 price the retail with free 2day shipping thru Amazon Prime....more info
  • A very good read!!!!!!!
    The Copper Scroll is the forth book in Joel C. Rosenberg's end times series. Its a very fast paced and exciting read, that is based around the Ancient prophecy's of the Bible. What Rosenberg does is look at the Bible prophecy's and modern trends and write up a fictionalized account about what may happen soon. He has had the uncanny ability to hit some things right on the head such as terrorists using airplane's in a terror attack (which he wrote of in his first book The Last Jihad) The death of Arrofat (in his second Book, The Last Days) and much more (the third Book in the series is the Ezekiel Option. Rosenberg's Books are centered upon His fictionalized cheaters; President James "Mac" MacPherson, Jon Bennett and Uzi Toting Super Model Looking CIA agent Erin McCoy; and many others. In the Copper Scroll Rosenberg center's on the search for the Ark of The Covenant, the treasures and implements of the Jewish temple, which have been lost for century's. The Copper Scroll a very fun read and at the same time educational, You will learn some of the important prophecy's that may soon come to pass. I cannot wait for the 5th book....more info
  • Suspenseful. Prophetic. Engaging.
    THE COPPER SCROLL is #4 in the political thriller series buy Joel Rosenberg about the last days. The series is engrossing, suspenseful and very timely considering world events in 2009!

    Our heroes Jon Bennet and Erin McCoy are in search of hidden treasure, but not just any treasure. A series of twisting turns bring ancient relics to their attention and they pull out all the stops to find the treasures of the Bible: the Ark of the Covenant and the Bible treasures of the first and second temple.

    The series is a tour de force of suspense, Bible prophecy, and current political drama.
    ...more info
  • Dispensational
    One view of end-times. There are others, however, the Copper Scroll makes for good reading. A fine
    thriller and I found it hard to put it down. Therein lies the one problem with the book: I had finished
    in a couple days and was disappointed that it was over....more info
  • Awesome series
    This is taken right from today's headlines, it is a must read!! The whole series just grips you by the throat and carries you along and when you're done you just sit there and go "what just happened" I wanted more when I was finished with the last one!! Come on Joel, start writing, I can't wait!!!...more info
  • Not In The Same Class As His Earlier Efforts
    Joel Rosenberg is not for everyone. Those without a faith will probably have a problem with this book. However, faith alone will not make this an enjoyable read.

    There are parts of this book which move well, have a lot of action and help the story along. However, a lot of the book bogs down with the search through the scrolls and their meaning which are important to the story,but not the telling of it.

    I have enjoyed all of his previous books and I am looking forward to the next one which will continue the adventures that have brought us this far.

    However, this one was slow going. Perhaps there was no way to avoid it, given what the quest entails. Worth reading, but be prepared for the change....more info
  • Non Stop Reading
    Having read the other books in this series by Joel C. Rosenberg, this has to be one of his best. He is an amazing author who uses biblical scripture to tell a story and he has a way of predicting events before they happen. This is a must read for all.

    I would love to see Jon and Erin become characters on the big screen. ...more info
  • Worth its weight in....copper?
    I found this title, The Copper Scroll, while searching Amazon for items 'similar' to the Steve Berry books that I've been reading. Like Mr. Berry's books, author Joel C. Rosenberg has taken a fabled religious cache of riches, this time the 'Temple Treasures' of Jerusalem, and built a political thriller around them.

    The discovery of The Copper Scroll is nothing new to readers...having been unearthed in 1956, the scroll details ancient hidden riches, placed in unknown hiding places, thousands of years before. For fifty years since the discovery of the scroll, many have tried, unsuccessfully, to locate all the buriel places of the treasure. But despite all the failed efforts, the search continues.

    The unearthing of the treasures would surely be the penultimate victory of those who seek to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, the third such undertaking, and keep the treasures safely within the Temple's walls. But of course such a treasure entices many to seek its whereabouts simply for their own gain, which leads to many deadly confrontations, political maneuvering, and betrayals along the way.

    Ex-CIA operative Erin McCoy and her recently wedded husband, Jon Bennett, the former senior advisor to the President (and featured characters in past stories by the same author) find their idyllic honeymoon interrupted by a terrorist bombing in Washington, followed by the brutal slayings of a group of archeologists and scholars who all had one thing in common..the pursuit of the Temple Treasures, using the famed Copper Scroll as their guide.

    Erin and Jon get caught up in a chase that takes them from Spain to the Middle East in an effort to track down the killer(s) of some of their long-time friends, and to solve the mystery of what lies at the end of the trail that the Copper Scroll seemingly lays out.

    Political figures from the newly re-formed Middle East nations (following events in 'The Ezekiel Option') also play into the story as they chase down the Bennetts, at first trying to capture and kill them, then realizing that perhaps the Bennetts are the ones to unearth a treasure beyond imagining that has eluded even the most well-connected and well-outfitted searches.

    With a decidedly Christian pen in hand, Joel C. Rosenberg has crafted an interesting thriller for this outing with his well-traveled and often shot at protagonists. Though not as well written as Steve Berry's adventures, in my opinion, the story still holds a reader's interest well enough to reach the ultimate conclusion. And while the ending, though very 'convenient' in its styling, wasn't quite as satisfactory to me as other similar books, it still tied up the intertwining threads of the book well, and left the door open for another sequel to come, which has since been published.

    Not the best religious artifact thriller I've ever read, but not the worst.

    ...more info
  • The best so far
    This last book in the series leaves you wanting to read the next one but where is it? I've read the series and enjoyed this one the most. Having traveled in Israel I could picture in my mind's eye many of the places described in this novel. It is a very interesting premise....more info
  • The Copper Scroll-3.5 Stars
    While I did not enjoy "The Copper Scroll" as much as I did the "The Ezekiel Option", I was intrigued because of the storyline and the players involved. Jon Bennett, former White House liaison and his new wife Erin are swooped back into the arena of international terroroism. Their investigation involves the Copper Scroll, found in 1956, but until this point never truly deciphered.
    As they investigate, they determine that there may be more the the meaning of the scroll and try to determine its impact on the global scene. Fast-moving and relevant....more info
  • Paradise Flossed
    This book may have a fantastic plot and outcome, and Joel Rosenberg may be "The Modern Nostradamus," but I will never know because I couldn't get through it. The writing, as craft, is just awful; the character development is bitterly amateurish; the characters are the most annoying and cloying I have ever seen; the "action" sequences are bumbling, unrealistic, maybe not even researched for authenticity, and, in a word, corney: "Then Erin was there, Beretta in hand. She opened fire...'Let me go,' she screamed. 'Let me die with him!'...Bennet shielded Natasha with his own body." Ack, ack! I went from reading with sinfully cozy anticipation, to skimming, and then to finally tossing it at page 163, "Bennet was stunned. He had no idea how the man could have recovered so quickly, but it hardly mattered. The two of them were now hurtling down the stairs, and soon they hit the floor with a bone-crunching thud." Rosenberg's talent for prognostication far exceeds powers of craft. Serially, he should find a "collaborative" writer, or another venue. I hope he made his sell-through....more info
  • Inspirational fiction
    Although the nonfictional Bible is the greatest book of all, this fictional one based on Biblical events is an inspirational read and should encourage anyone to search their Bible for themselves for both fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled prophecy-that which encourages, inspires, and gives authenticity to the 'book of life'. With so many dark novels today, it is a pleasure to finish a book with a sense of hope. ...more info
  • The Copper Scroll
    I have read all of Joel Rosenberg's books now (including the new Epicenter). Each book was fascinating and brought you up to current events and our world problems today. This book was very good and I could not put it down; however I was disappointed in Joel swaying from bible facts (as the story centers around the scroll and finding the ark. It was beginning to sound like one of Jennings "End Times" books on the last half of his series which I no longer could purchase or read. Hope Joel doesn't sway too far away from the bible facts on his next book due in March 2008 "Dead Heat"....more info
  • An enjoyable Treasure Hunt
    Very interesting read. I always like Mr. Rosenberg's books as they not only entertain but also inject history with a dash of current events. A contemporary novel with a Da Vinciesque treasure hunt twist. Bad guys, current political intrigue, a race to find a lost treasure and voil¨¤ you have a good suspense thriller. The plot was excellent, my only critique was the story line was a tad weak. A little too much shoot-em-up bang bang by ex-government operatives. I mean how do retired out-of-play government agents get access to so much classified information and use of top secret spy toys? Mr. Rosenberg needs to scale back on this or bring back the 2 protagonists, Jon and Erin Bennett, into full government employ. That would give a little more credence to the story. But hey, I'm nitpicking here. The plot was good and I like how Mr. Rosenberg educates his readers on Jewish history and the Temple Mount.
    Basically, the plot revolves around the rise of Iraq as a world economic superpower, and the increased Israeli pressure to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Between the two global forces is the hunt for the Temple's massive treasure and the Ark of the Covenant. The Copper Scroll is the treasure map and like in the Da Vinci code Jon and Erin are on the hunt. Unlike many of today's Da Vinci lite books the Copper Scroll actually delivers in the end.
    The Copper Scroll is the 4th book in the Rosenberg middle east political saga. You can get by without reading the prior 3 but it could cause a little confusion at times. Mr. Rosenberg does a good job of keeping the reader updated from the previous books but still it can cause some confusion. The ending is excellent and of course lends itself to another book in the mega saga.
    No gratuitous violence, language, or sex.
    Good read, recommended. ...more info
  • A good story with bible prophecy.
    Joel Rosenberg uses his international,political,and bible prophecy knowledge to weave a possible great story of how things will happen in the end times....more info
  • Thumbs down on this book.
    Very amateurishly written, downright "corny" plot that thinly tries to disguise a conservative, backwards political agenda. Don't waste your time on this one....more info
  • The Copper Scroll
    This book is a page turner from the beginning. Based on the fact that these scrolls do exist, but with a fictional narration, one can see this story unfold in an exciting way.
    I enjoyed it tremendously....more info
  • Hats off to Joel Belz
    Non-stop action, following the author's novel, the Ezekial Option... this is too close to current events, and too well done to leave on the shelf....more info