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I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People (Book and CD)
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Customer Reviews:

  • I Can Make You Thin book review
    Great book, great price, fast shipment, CD was included and not scratched which is always a plus. Very smooth transaction. Would do business again....more info
  • My Wife Loves It!
    Having been a fan of Paul for sometime, I bought this book to read on a flight home. I didn't need to lose weight, but I always know that I'll "mine gold" from Paul's books. My wife took this book away from me 10 minutes after I walked through the door. Results? She has lost about 8 lbs in two weeks, and I've never heard the word "diet" or witnessed anything from that "restriction" mindset. She is enjoying the process!...more info
  • Rehash of Diets Don't Work
    This book is mainly a rehash of the "Diets Don't Work" series that's at least 20 or 30 years old. While this new material is derivative of that, I don't see anything wrong with re-packaging the same old ideas over and over again for new generations. All kinds of "new age" material is just a re-hash of ideas that are thousands of years old, after all. Sometimes people just need new packaging to get them motivated. I know I sure do sometimes! :)...more info
  • There's no magic here. . .
    There's nothing WRONG with this book; how's that for being damned by faint praise. The most recent crop of "diet" books seems to be divided into either the "do this, don't do that" variety or the more Zen-like "listen to your body" type. For most of us who are overweight, we have a million reasons the "rules" of a diet have to be altered or broken, or by the time our poor bodies get our attention we've eaten enough for three people. McKenna's advice is neither here nor there, in my opinion. There may be people who've never been exposed to his not-unique premise, and they may well find benefit. As far as the CD inducing a trance - not in me. There didn't seem to be enough time for thorough relaxation, I thought his voice took on a strange timbre - maybe that's his mesmerizing tone - which was jarring. So, I'm returning this book. Didn't make me thin, wasn't gonna make me thin. ...more info
  • The Zen of Eating
    I believe this book to be very helpful. Like what Buddha said, it is simple, but not easy.
    However, there is a CD, a wallet card with the four rules on it, and a journal for 7 days inside the book.

    The focus on eating is very much "be in the moment" and is very good instruction for anyone.
    Savor every bite.

    The thing is, it actually works for weight loss and staying focused in the moment. Very worthwhile read....more info
  • trance forming therapy
    Paul has done a proufound service by combing some of the most powerful techniques of rapid change and transformation.I am a therapist with over 28 years of practice.Follow the path of techniques,get the results!It works when you work with it.Gary dallek TFT.ADV,CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST,Laser hypnosis center,Mn...more info
  • Just the CD is worth the price, but this really works
    As many others have already said, diets and I just did not get along. I purchased this book after consulting a local hypnotist that wanted $150 a session. I knew there was more than willpower that was causing my weight gain.

    I've owned the book and the accompanying CD for a little over two weeks now, and listen to it every night before falling asleep. It's outstanding. I can already see significant changes in my relationship with food, my eating habits, and increased self-confidence.

    I look forward to purchasing more of Paul McKenna's products; I would have paid a LOT more for the "I Can Make You Thin" book and CD just on the evidence of the last two weeks.

    If you're even considering it, buy this now. You won't regret it.

    ...more info
  • The MOST Amazing Book & CD for Real Weight Loss!
    If you always thought losing weight "effortlessly" was a pipe dream, you've GOT to read this book and use the CD for guided hypnosis. I am 26 pounds lighter in just 8 weeks!...more info
  • Listen to the CD and read the book twice
    Excellent help offered in the book with the CD providing motivation. Repeated CD daily for several weeks to ensure I got it. Recommended....more info
  • It's working for me!
    I have lost 60 pounds since mid-July using this system. I can't say it's always been easy; changing habits of a lifetime never is. I CAN say I've never felt deprived, starved or desperate like I have on diets. I'm a "real" mom who doesn't have anything to gain or lose by recommending this product. It works....more info
  • It works!!
    McKenna's simple and easy to follow plan allows you to stop obsessing about food and get thin without even thinking about it....more info
  • It came highly recommended
    After several friends recommended this book to me, I checked it out for myself. I find his methods both straightforward and sensible. More than a traditional diet, McKenna's practical advice can be applied to all areas of good decision making. This book offers great strategies for losing weight and feeling good about yourself....more info
  • Talk Me Thin
    The book was a good, easy read, organized well for reference and not too wordy, but very directive and helpful; the pull out reminder card is handy and the cd is extremely helpful - I didn't realize how helpful until i realized i was buying fruit instead of cookies for snacks, examining my hunger level for "boredom" craving or thirst instead of real hunger - i use it every day when i lay down for an hour (a habit i have long practiced as a transition between work and family/personal time) and find it thouroughly relaxing, persuasive and soothing - i wake refreshed and recharged. I recommend this as a great addition to "wellness" and wellbeing habits. ...more info
  • Change The Way You Think About Food
    Paul McKenna has created one of the easiest programs I've ever encountered. The book takes a little over an hour to read and the included hypnosis CD is very relaxing. The book teaches you how to eat and when to stop eating and the CD reinforces the main ideas again once you are relaxed. In Paul McKenna's program no food is off limits, although on the CD there is a sentence or two about eating healthier foods.

    This book won't tell you what to eat or how little to eat, it is simply not a diet. What it does teach you is how to know when you are hungry and when you are comfortably full. Since a lot of people eat "unconsciously" this is very helpful information. In fact if overeating (due to emotional issues) is the problem you face on a daily basis then this program will help you get that under control. If you want you can write down everything you eat and see if by using this program you start eating less.

    While there isn't a lot of information about exercise, walking is recommended. You can get a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 - 20,000 steps a day. This is probably how you will lose the weight and keep it off for an extended period of time. So while the program this book promotes is fairly simple it will take willpower to stop yourself from eating more than you need. There is also no information on what to eat so you will probably want to read some books on healthy eating. If you are looking for books on that subject I can recommend two:The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating and Superfoods.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    Walking 90 minutes a day
    11,433 steps
    3.6 miles
    ...more info
  • Great book
    This book really appeals to me. It makes more sense than any "diet" book I've encountered. It's simple and true.
    The CD is a great bonus too....more info
  • Down 20 pounds
    By way of full disclosure: I work for the publisher. But I was as skeptical as anyone about this (I've seen many a diet come and go, and many a pound lost and returned) until I tried it. I've lost 20 pounds so far and, more important, have a new awareness about eating and a changed relationship with food.

    I think the difference is that, instead of telling you what to eat or not eat, Paul's system addresses the underlying issues that lead to overeating. Everyone's issues are different, but by separating those issues from the act of eating--and using his guided hypnosis CD to reinforce that--this system makes it much easier to let go of bad habits (and extra pounds) without giving up the foods you genuinely enjoy.

    You ever see a thin person eating a giant sundae and wonder how they can do that and still be thin? I understand that now, thanks to I Can Make You Thin....more info
  • I Can Make You Thin Book
    This is an awesome product. Used along with the CD that comes with it, it definetly works. I highly recommend it....more info
  • It works
    If you will follow all the
    techniques in this book it will work.
    I got book around thanksgiving. Normally every
    year during the holidays I put on 12 pounds from
    Thanksgivings till New years eve. This year using
    the CD and the tapping technique I lost 10
    pounds over the holiday and ate what I wanted
    even to the point on eating a small losf of fruit
    cake over the six weeks. I listen to the CD
    every night and every day. Only takes 28 minutes.
    At night I go to sleep listening to it. I have a cheese
    cake here that has been here over six weeks in freezer.
    Before that would have been gone in less than a week.
    I eat it when i want it--so far don't crave like I use to....more info
  • a better voice in your ear than your own ... duh
    First of all, nothing's new in terms of the eating plan; you just need to believe it might actually work. And it can. Here's his plan: 1. eat when you're hungry. 2. eat what you want. 3. eat consciously. 4. stop when you're satisfied. And if you do that, something very interesting happens: you stop eating because you're 'worried' about food: so, you eat what you want (come on, within reason: chocolate cake all day isn't eating, it's crazy-making) and you know if you don't have room for the rest of whatever the food is, now, you know can have it again any time you want. This approach helps stop the compensatory snacking when you're not hungry. The guilt is gone. It's paradox, it's sensible, it's how we should have been eating all along. It's 'duh.'

    And you can't weigh yourself for two weeks. Thank you for getting me off the scale long enough to judge by my stomach and clothes and pscyhe about how it's going.

    The pants are looser after just 5 days; I'm not nervous or guilty; I'm satisfied on less, on the food I like. The CD helps - it really does. Don't go 'Oh yeah, hypnosis, rrrright." Think about it: why discount the effectiveness of a smarter voice (McKenna's) in your ear than the one in your head that's been letting you bolt down food when you weren't hungry, eat too fast, keep going after you were full. All that voice has done is get you fat and guilty. ...more info
  • Life changing book!
    I have been trying unsuccessfully for over a year to again shed 15 or so pounds regained after a prior successful effort . . . and feeling quite irked with myself at my inability to do it. Just a couple of weeks after reading this book (and listening a few times to the CD), I've effortlessly dropped over 7 pounds, and I feel really great.

    This is a very, very effective book because it does two things 1) it teaches you that all you really have to do is learn to pay attention to your body, a natural self regulating mechanism that most of us ignore; and 2) it gives you some very helpful self hypnosis routines. For example, there is one little routine to make you look forward to exercising that will make you look forward to ANYTHING. I'm planning on using it next time I have to get blood drawn.

    The CD puts me to sleep every time I hear it, though the last time I did awaken at the end. I like having it but I think the book alone is worth the price. I just cancelled one of my diet subscriptions, because I know I no longer need it, and that alone means this book has paid for itself.

    Anyway, if you want to be thin and energetic, buy this book, read it carefully, and implement what it teaches. Voila, you will lose the weight and I think there is zero chance you will regain. This is not a diet book, it is a teaching tool to learn to live in a healthy way that keeps you tuned into your own body. ...more info
  • Good, But Still Prefer Body Esteem
    Paul's technique is interesting and his approach to not dieting is definitely in the right direction, so I'm giving him four stars. Much of his technique relies on the CD that is included with the book. I personally just couldn't get into it and relax, but apparently, judging by the reviews, it has worked for many people, so I'm not going to place the blame on him.

    I bought this book out of curiosity more than anything. I found his TV show interesting so I wanted to check out his book first hand. I've already mastered my own ideal body through a different technique that was established by Sherri Dawson in Body Esteem: Body Esteem: Weight Loss Through Self-Discovery (includes 2 Audio CDs). It's been a year and a half since I found her book/CD set and found my own personal path to freedom.

    I guess the point I want to make is that you can do and it doesn't take dieting, but a viable approach to internal change. There are certainly several paths, but they all lead to the same place. I suggest you try some different books and find what works for you. I'm including a couple of others that I know have helped others. My saving grace was Sherri Dawson and her beautiful recordings, yours could be Paul or Steven Gurgevich The Self-Hypnosis Diet: Use the Power of Your Mind to Reach Your Perfect Weight. Just believe in yourself and forget the diets because they simply don't work in the long run.

    Good luck to all!...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    Though the intentions are good, this book & The CD did not do a thing for me! It was diappointing to say the least!Certainly wasn't revolutionary!!...more info
  • It Works!
    I saw this book on Amazon and B&N a few months ago, with rather high ratings for a self-help book. I generally stay away from books like these because of their reputations, but I thought I'd give this one a try for its low price.

    I received the book with the CD in the beginning of February. I finished the book in one night because it is really really short, but also very informative. The logic and reasoning that Paul uses in it makes a lot of sense. Basically explaining in great detail how and why he came up with his 4 Golden Rules.

    The CD was helpful as well. It is not true hypnosis, which I think would be very dangerous especially if one tried to apply it to himself. But it is very very relaxing and takes about half an hour to listen to. You are told in the book to listen to the CD every day for 2 weeks. I did this and am still using it sometimes to help me relax and stay on track.

    As for results- well, I am extremely satisfied. Before I received the book, I was having a very hard time losing weight. I ran 3 miles on a treadmile 3 or 4 times a week and still could not lose any weight. When I received the book in the first week of February, I weighed 175 pounds. As of this review, I weigh 155 pounds. It has only been 7 weeks and I have already lost 20 pounds. I feel so much better about myself as a result and people are starting to notice. I notice that I am eating a LOT less than I used to and it makes me feel great.

    Thanks Paul for this wonderful book!...more info
  • WON'T work if you only have 5-10 lbs to lose...
    I read the book, and listened to the CD day after day for 3 weeks. I absorbed and followed the four rules... but after my third week, I gained 3 lbs! My original goal was to lose about 5 lbs; but I think the CD/book made me over analyze what I "wanted" to eat ("Eat what you want")... so I ended up actually eating more calories than I think I normally would. I think a more strict diet works best for me. I feel that this book would work if you had over-eating or emotional-eating issues... but I don't think it's going to work for people who just want to lose that last 5-10 lbs to get to your goal weight. ...more info
  • I Can Make you Thin by Paul McKenne
    One of the most soothing, relaxing CD"s anywhere, common sense approach
    to weight loss and it works simply by following simple ideas, no diets.
    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and wants to relax
    and feel good about themselves. The hypnotic words reprogram your unconscious
    and you find youself content and eating less. I only wanted to lose a
    few pounds. But the CD is so soothing, I love listening to it every day.
    Like a gentle breeze washing over you. ...more info
  • Libraries will find it a popular lend
    Any who want to lose weight while eating whatever foods they wish will welcome a book/cd combination offering a revolutionary new weight-loss system just in time for the post-holiday struggles. McKenna's perspective is to re-pattern thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about food and body: I CAN MAKE YOU THIN covers the system's key principles and tells how to lose weight permanently. It's not a fly-by-note system either: some three million people worldwide have a proven success rate of over 70%. Libraries will find it a popular lend.
    ...more info
  • He CAN make you thin
    I picked this up after stuffing my face over the holidays. After a full week of eating cookies, muffins, stuffing, more cookies, etc., I felt that I needed a change. I browsed the bookstores and came across McKenna's book. The promise seemed simple - train your mind to eat sensibly and your body will follow. I've been doing the method now for 10 days and I couldn't be happier. I stop eating when I'm full and I actually ENJOY what I'm eating rather than just blindly stuffing my face. I've only lost a few pounds so far but this is a program that I can stick with for the long haul. The CD is a grea tool and I refer to the wallet card when I am eating out with friends.
    I think this book is a winner....more info
  • "I Can Make You Thin" - Review
    For almost 3 years now I have been handing this book and 'mind-reprogramming' CD to every patient who comes to me to lose weight, or who is caught up in the mentality of diets, scales, cravings, or overeating.

    I am *delighted* that this version of "I Can Make You Thin" is finally available on rather than having to hunt it from the UK site. The long wait is over!

    At the risk of making this book seem too simple, here are Paul McKenna's 4 golden rules...
    1. When you are hungry, eat.
    2. Eat what you want (not what you think you "should".)
    3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
    4. When you are full stop.

    I've seen other "I Can Make You Thin" reviews that dismiss the 4 rules as just obvious common sense. I'm not sure what common sense they can really mean since the rules make a mockery of the majority of get thin / lose weight approaches around. Rule 2 in particular certainly disagrees with the 'common sense' that I was taught as a medical doctor.

    Even if the rules are common sense, McKenna needs to be given great credit for showing people HOW to live these habits. Hopefully you are buying this for the results, not just to have a fun read and a relaxing, new-wavy listen.

    Yes, the coverpages are a bit hypey, but the inside is less so. The book is refreshingly thin :), jargon-free, and entertaining.

    McKenna's style also involves techniques such as tapping (TFT/EFT), hypnosis and NLP . Hypnosis is what first made Paul famous, and I've seen NLP Practitioners review this and say they knew all of these tricks before. In NLP terms Paul is saying that the Golden Rules are the "model" for being "naturally thin". Just knowing all the geewiz psych techniques won't help if you have the wrong model as I suspect most NLPers do.

    More importantly, you don't need any of these techniques to apply the 4 golden rules and lose weight.

    Most people can go the book & CD, discover the Aha moments, and get started on transforming their relationship with food and their weight straight away.

    There might be a group of people that could eat according to the 4 rules and not be thin, but I agree with what Paul says. For myself, I'm yet to meet such a person.

    I have counseled people who thought it didn't work for them, but it turned out they hadn't gotten the rules into their behavior, so here are some extra pointers...

    - Just listening to the CD over and over doesn't seem to be enough. The book plays a big part too. Expect to re-read the book at least once. You can succeed without the CD, so if it doesn't suit you, no sweat.

    - Don't add more rules. Extra rules almost always conflict with the four golden rules. Must eat breakfast? No. Just eat when you are hungry. Have to eat only fresh food? Check you really want to eat it, and whether you might want to eat anything else a bit more. Etc, etc.

    - Having trouble visualizing? Just act 'as if' you are visualizing, or on the CD just leave it to Paul.

    - Don't make exercise the focus. Improved fitness will improve your chances of living longer, but unfortunately the best research evidence is that exercise doesn't help much in losing weight. Keep to the four rules, which are all about food and getting back in control.

    - If you have a question or a difficulty, the answer is somewhere in the book. The book alone truly is comprehensive (unlike watching YouTube videos or reading this review.) Indeed the updates have covered the two or three remaining gaps I had found before, including the extra information for self-sabotage issues.

    In summary, McKenna is not the only person to propose this way of eating, but his is the most accessible version I know about. His is also the most likely to reach out from the page and permanently change your thinking and your behavior, and thereby your weight.

    You can buy his measly book just to prove Paul wrong :)

    Oh and then come back here and add your own review. Let people know what your results have been, whatever they are. No one book/CD can fit everyone but "I Can Make You Thin" deserves way more reviews here on Amazon from people just like you who have been wondering if this might just be what you need.

    If this review helps, please click "YES" below. ...more info
  • Love it but not for weight loss!
    I love the cd that comes with the is very relaxing and i listen to it every night as i go to sleep. I have not noticed any weight loss. In fact, i think i have gained a few pounds since starting this.
    The book did not really help at all in my opinion and like i said - the cd is great but has not worked for what i bought it for. I listen to it every night for about a month now....have made better choices in food and i felt like i had cut down tremendously on the amount of food. Maybe it takes a while to get going???...more info
  • Makes perfect sense..
    As you read this book, Paul Mc Kenna explains the four golden rules, which, if you are like me, you will find very illuminating. Listening to the cd tended to make me nod off, but that's ok because the unconscious mind works 24/7, and he is an excellent hypnotist.

    The very first day I noticed different thinking around food. Following the golden rules, I started paying attention to when I was actually hungry before eating, and stopping eating when I felt full. This made a difference to how much I consumed and ordered. I thought ordering the fries with lunch would make me feel more than full, and so I passed on them.

    I also attempted to eat more consciously. This was actually the hardest part, but, it's like anything, the more you practice, the better you get.
    The easiest rule to follow was to eat what I want.

    I found his explanation of the golden rules very compelling, I mean when we deprive ourselves, our body thinks there's a famine, and slows down the metabolism, and goes into fat storage mode. Also, what you resist persists, so if you give up a certain food you like, you might end up thinking about it more, and we know how that story ends, right?

    The visualisations, and self image exercises are excellent.

    It's too early for me to say it definitely works, but I do feel pretty excited about the possibilities.

    If you were to find this review helpful, please click yes. ...more info
  • Only YOU can make yourself thin!
    Paul McKenna has a wonderful, soothing voice and delivers a terrific guided hypnosis CD to accompany the book. I found the CD great to listen to and relax, taking in the points from his book and helping to reinforce good habits.

    The book itself is filled with very easy to use instructions, inspirational tips and real-life stories from those who have changed their lives due to this "process". It has techniques that are new to many and helps you find more than one way to re-program your habits, perhaps the way that that works for you.

    What it boils down to is to motivate you to eat less and move more. Be more thoughtful and concious of what you are doing and once you remove any other reasons to eat beyond true hunger itself, you will find yourself healthier. It is all complete common sense in a new package.

    I did find it more insightful that many "diet" plans as it is aimed at making you look at food, and life in general, in a completely new and positive way so I enjoyed it.

    Since it has made me think more clearly about food and exercise it has certainly been a success for me. No tons of weight lost yet, but I do feel that he has inspired me to make changes that have improved my eating habits and my I recommend it to those who really want to make the change themselves.

    The BOOK will not make you lose weight, but YOU may just do it yourself!
    ...more info
  • Relieved in Raleigh
    After years of yo-yo dieting I skeptically watched McKenna's show on TLC last year and I am impressed by the results. I don't fixate on food any more and have dropped 3 dress sizes. It took a few weeks to completly adjust my eating habits, but now I automatically eat slowly and leave food on my plate. It worked for me and I can honestly say I had pretty much given up hope anything would. It's great this system is now available in simple book form and I bought it just to get the free hypnosis cd which in itself is worth the cost. I recommend it to everybody I know. Buy this book, best thing you can do for yourself this year....more info