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Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS
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Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition teaches web development from scratch, without assuming any previous knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development techniques. This book introduces you to HTML and CSS as you follow along with the author, step-by-step, to build a fully functional web site from the ground up.

However, unlike countless other "learn web design" books, this title concentrates on modern, best-practice techniques from the very beginning, which means you'll get it right the first time. The web sites you'll build will:

  • Look good on a PC, Mac or Linux computer
  • Render correctly whether your visitors are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari
  • Use web standards so your sites will be fast loading and easy to maintain
  • Be accessible to disabled users who use screenreaders to browse the Web

    By the end of the book, you'll be equipped with enough knowledge to set out on your first projects as a professional web developer, or you can simply use the knowledge you've gained to create attractive, functional, usable and accessible sites for personal use.

  • Customer Reviews:

    • Overall Great Experience!
      I really didn't know much, or anything, about XHTML, or CSS, or any of the basic web site components and this book is great at taking you step by step in order for you to successfully learn them.

      Great visual aids, and it's website counterpart is phenomenal! Would definitely recommend to any beginner that's looking to learn how to build a website. ...more info
    • great beginner, but don't stop here
      this book is a great read for anyone knowing nothing about html but having a basic knowledge of how the internet works. I read it in about a week, doing the practice site along with the book. Then when i was working on my family's site on iWeb, I got frustrated and just replaced the entire site with one I made from what I learned reading this book. Now I'm practicing on some sites that just for fun, but I can tell now that I can do just about everything without needing the book for a reference for positioning or my CSS page. I'd like to get an HTML-reference book for more advanced stuff, but the editor I'm using (espresso on the Mac) is fantastic with a list of HTML tags to use. This book is definitely one you read from cover to cover. I stopped at the part at the end about FTP and web hosting and forms because I've already got a good understanding of FTP and webhosting (I use webhosting). I'm now reading "PHP and MySQL web Development" because this is that I've been wanting to learn all along. I feel I have a good basis of HTML and CSS, but I want to do more with web development. I highly recommend this beginning HTML/CSS book for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with web development, or who just wants to make a basic website for their family.
      Also, the site that you make with the book kind of seems cheesy especially at first. Just stick it out, because you'll see how it comes together from ugly to decent. Then when you're done, keep the code around as a basic template and build your own site. Even if it the same layout, you can change the colors and obviously the content. Here are some sites that give you the binary color codes (you'll realize why you need these if you have no idea now) and patterns to use for backgrounds, etc.

      [...]...more info
    • The best book yet on CSS
      This book is brilliant, CSS is easy to learn using this book, the progress you can make is also very good as it is easy to understand. The book arrived earlier than stated and was in perfect condition. Full marks to everyone. ThanksBuild Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition...more info
    • Easy to understand!!!
      This is a great educational building block for those that want to jump into the world of web sites. It's clear and very understandable. You forget how to do something just go back and find your answer in the book. I was very happy to read this, it's very good....more info
    • Starter Web Creation
      I'd purchased this book as a guide to really get going on web building. I've some knowledge of HTML, but wasn't overly proficient in using HTML confidently. I'm still progressing through the "Create your own site", but so far it seems straight forward. It provides you with links to tools and additional help so that you don't need to have commercial web software to start out. I'll keep this updated as I progress through, but it's a good beginner book....more info
    • Strong book, but very basic
      This book is aimed at beginners. Although Mr. Lloyd tells us that upfront, I thought there would be complex topics in the book. I am familiar with the old-school (bad) method of HTML layout, but I wanted to start learning the new way from the ground up. After reading this book, I have a very good understanding of the basics. However, when the topic of the text starts to get into more complex and interesting CSS technique, Mr. Lloyd glosses over it or refers the reader to another book published by SitePoint. It got to the point that I thought that this might just be a teaser for the more robust book.

      Overall, it laid down the basics very well, but I was expecting a bit more instruction in the more complicated ares of CSS....more info
    • Great all in one web book!
      When you are starting out creating your first web site, many things run through your mind...What tools should I use? How do I layout my pages? What content should appear here? How do I make it look professional? How do I get users to send me feedback? What web host should I use? What is blogging? How do I track my sites statistics?

      All these questions and more are answered in this great book written by Ian Lloyd.

      The book is geared towards beginners creating their first website and/or designers who already have a site on the internet but want to update it with current technologies like CSS and Web Standards.

      The book starts out talking about the different tools you can use (Windows or Mac) starting from the basic text-editing tools to professional like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. But this book is created for people who want to learn how to create their site with proper XHTML and CSS, and does not focus on a particular tool. In my opinion is the best way because if you only know how to create a web page with a particular program (i.e. Dreamweaver), you must always use that tool no matter what and you never really learn how to do it yourself. That is what I also teach my students as well.

      The next chapter focuses on basics XHTML structure and how to use each tag type (head section, headings, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks, etc.) effectively and shows you how to define a proper home page. Lots of code snippets are included.

      Chapters 3 - 5 are the mean and potatoes (150 pages) chapters in my opinion because it focuses heavily on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The author first starts by explaining the different ways to use CSS (inline, embedding, and external) and the advantages of each. I like how the author takes an example and explain what each part does and how to best use it. He first goes through how to style text using different font styles, colors, sizes and weight (bold) and then shows some practical examples of each dissecting each part. Further example are shown using CSS to style paragraphs, links and headings as well as information on when to use DIV and SPAN in your markup. Then the author shows more advanced topics with CSS by explaining how the box model is used to separate your structure (HTML) with borders, padding and margins. These three items can start making your web site look very professional if done correctly. Finally the author reviews how CSS can style images on your web pages to have them appear exactly where you want using floats and other properties.

      The remaining chapters focus on:
      1. tables - to display column-like data and how to make it look professional;
      2. forms - to allow your visitors to submit feedback or other information
      3. getting your web site online - (great chapter) - how to use free FTP programs to transfer your web page files to your web host
      4. blogging - how to use a blogger and also how to create a template that can be used within your website
      5. free tools to monitor your site.

      This is an all-in-one web design book that covers all the basics in creating, designing, publishing, and optimizing your web site. ...more info
    • XHTML and CSS for beginners in a nontechnical way
      Despite the title the book is teaching you XHTML, a more standardized and stricter version of HTML.
      XHTML is set to be the progression from HTML so you should learn the XHTML standards rather than HTML.

      This book is ideal for anyone starting out in web development/programming, you need no prior skills in it whatsoever.
      It is particularly well suited for self-study.

      The focus is on using XHTML and CSS together, all explained in a non-technical manner; the author does not have an academic degree in computer science so you will get a humane explanation of things.

      The book is structured like one large tutorial: you build a website (about diving) from scratch.
      The first part of the book covers basic (X)HTML stuff - fonts and such.
      It then quickly dives into CSS.
      The author shows you how to integrate CSS into all major (X)HTML functions as you learn how to build tables, forms, insert images and sounds, etc.
      At the end of the book you will have built a complete website.
      The final chapters cover more administrative things such as setting up a website and updating it.

      I have a few minor perks though:
      - the reference section is not very good
      - because the book is built up around a single tutorial it is not very
      practical for looking up specific things, this is a problem only
      if you are using this book as a complement to a course and not
      for self-study
      ...more info
    • Great book for novice web site builders!!
      Build your own website is a great book for someone who wants to build a web site and has little or no experience. This book is applicable to both Mac and Windows users. A novice web site builder will gain many skills and confidence as they work through this book. The reader is taken from the very basics of defining terms to creating a web site.

      Due to the name of the book, I expected to learn how to build a web site. This book exceeded my expectations. Many computer training books have you download preexisting files and work of off those files. There is a file available with all of the coding used in the book, but you can proceed without it. What I really like about this book is the author guides you step by step through all of the directions and the reader does all of the work. You start from scratch - just a blank notepad page. Ian Lloyd gives sites to download the tools you will need and most of the downloads are free. There are screen shots of the coding you do for each section which helps to avoid mistakes.

      Once you get the hang of some basic coding, you will also learn about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). I have heard about CSS, but didn't really understand them. This book explains the benefit of a style sheet, how it works and gives directions on creating and applying CSS. In addition to CSS, you will learn through step by step directions how to create tables, forms, adding pictures with captioning and setting up borders. As you build your web site, you will link pages together and also set up a link for email replies.

      I don't think there was anything I didn't like about the book. A website was given to access typo errors found in the book; to date there is 1 listing. There is also an extensive XHTML reference section in the appendix. The title of the book leads the reader to believe there are right and wrong ways to build web sites. Lloyd explains best practices and why it is important to follow them. As a novice, I appreciated learning how to build a web site the correct way.

      I think the best audience for this book is someone with very little or no experience building web sites. The very basic topics are covered. If you already have some experience and want to increase your knowledge, this book might not be for you unless you want to make sure you have a good understanding of the basics. There are references to other books to increase your knowledge after mastering the basics. I highly recommend this book.

      ~ Karen Katz
      ...more info
    • This is a review of the 2nd edition
      Lately, when choosing between books I pay great attention to ratings and reviews. I found that they are a good indicator of quality and generally are a sign that a book simply was very well written. This is also true for this book, of which its first edition (search for ISBN-10: 0975240293 or ISBN-13: 978-0975240298) attracted 37 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. I absolutely agree and am also giving it 5 stars and will only add that all steps involved in building the model website are explained and there were practically no parts I had trouble with.

      Because I had to wait a little while for the 2nd edition I was granted a free pdf download of the 1st edition so that I could start right away. I want to make a case here for this format. A few advantages:

      - It's easy because in this case you're behind your computer anyway
      - The pdf is in colour whereas the book is greyscaled
      - I found it very easy to cut and paste the html code into the files
      - It's probably cheaper

      With regard to the 2nd edition major changes are in the chapters that deal with online services (for instance form processing, webhosting) because they change rapidly. Also it must be said that it misses the 57 pages HTML reference of the 1st edition, probably to promote sale of the reference by the same author. Also the layout changed a little.

      Little downsides:

      - It misses a HTML reference. After you finish this book you definitely know how and where to start with building your own website but I still feel you need some kind of reference to know all possibilities (for instance all possible attributes and values)
      - I found the book sometimes just a little too funny for my taste
      - When it comes to recommending books it too often recommends books of the same publisher, whereas some other books received much higher ratings with Amazon...more info
    • An enjoyable reading
      I learned HTML programing a few years back and had not used it much since then. After starting making a new website last month I realized I had forgotten much of what I learned and I knew that the HTML language had changed a little over the past years. I had never used CSS so I thought it was time to refresh my knowledge and I bought this book. The book helped me get a good grasp of both HTML and CSS. It is written in an easy and fun way to read and I never got bored, much better then most of the programing books I have read. So I higly recommend it for anybody taking there first steps or wanting to freshen up on old knowledge :)...more info
    • Perfect for Beginners
      This book gets right down to the basics about how to build a website. The author totally goes step by step and stops to explain each part. He's talks you through everything.
      It's not really a reference book, and if you're already familiar with HTML, you probably don't need this book. But the author makes it really simple and takes it really slow- perfect for beginners....more info
    • A MUST have for beginners
      Best book EV-ER! Before buying this book I really had NO idea what html or css was. Not a clue. After working through the step-by-step process in the book, (building up a fictional site), I feel I could put together a professional looking website, (with my book right next to me every step of the way of course).
      Kudos to Ian Lloyd, he is awesome. Thank you Ian!...more info
    • This second edition is packed with keys to best practices
      The second updated edition of Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML & CSS includes all source code available for download in a step-by-step guide to building one's first web site using professional tools rather than lighter newcomer interfaces. From controlling style and text layout with CSS to tracking visitors with Google Analytics and optimizing web presentation, this second edition is packed with keys to best practices.
      ...more info
    • Works fast
      As a beginner of website design, I knew that I would need help and this book so far has been great. Not perfect but great. I have just finished chapter two and already I have developed a basic, plain website. All I did was follow the instructions for the sample site and added my own twist to it. So far so good. The only issue I have w/ it to this point is that there is no reference to possible mistakes that maybe made. But If you go to the forum that they reference, as I did, then you should receive an answer to your problems. Overall, this is the best technical book on computers that I have read. ...more info
    • The Definitive Guide for the Novice
      What would I do without this book? I am still in the process of building my site, but I had to come over and gush about this book. The glowing reviews of the previous edition led me to this new edition. Thank goodness.

      Before I received this book, I was literally to the point of thinking I would have to hire a web design team because I could never do it myself. In the past, I had tried to build my site with basic website building books available at the library, but it was a nightmare. The books were never thorough enough or explained the information in simple enough terms for me to grasp it. While I had some prior experience working with HTML, this new CSS was a complete mystery to me. As I attempted to build a site before (all in HTML) I was blasted by other designers on message boards for not building it "the right way-using CSS" and that's another reason I was led to this book.

      So far, this book has taught me so much about how to actually plug in the code to make it happen. So many books waste time talking about how to layout the site and market the site, but they never actually tell you HOW to BUILD IT. This book actually spends all its time telling you how to build the site and that's all I ever wanted from the other books, but never found. This book has been a goldmine of information for me and I suspect it will not leave my side for all my days- it is that critical and vital for information, in terms of website building.

      I will update this review later, since I have not yet completed my site, but I had to stop and take a breath and let everyone know that this is THE DEFINITIVE BOOK on HOW TO BUILD YOUR WEBSITE for anybody. I only wish I'd found it sooner....more info
    • Great Book But Lacks Color
      'Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS' is another great release by the masters of the web sitepoint. This book will get you up and running and learning quickly with HTML and CSS as the title says. From the basics of pictures, forms, style etc this book is great for the beginning web developer that wants to get something up and running now now now

      My only complaints with this book are that it really needs to have color within and that the content is a little dated. This book would have been fine 7-8 years ago but with the focus on dynamic development and more database backend necessities nowadays it's a little TOO basic.

      All in all a nice release by sitepoint but not as fantabulous as releases in the past.

      **** RECOMMENDED...more info
    • Mr Bridge
      'Mr Bridge' by Evan S. Connell was totally unknown to me until I saw the DVD with Paul Newman in the title role. The film so roused my curiosity that I sent for both books which form the composite story, 'Mr & Mrs Bridge' To a British person, 'Mr Bridge' is tremendously American - though I have read lots of American novels - but the character (could I call him a HERO ?) must have some Scottish blood in him. I can't tell you how many Scotsmen are exactly like him, even today ! You may think Mr Bridge is repressed, but he is kin to the average expressive, middle-class Scot. I could show you a roomful of Mr Bridges any day in Edinburgh! I was curious as to how Evan Connell would present Mr Bridge, but I find that he simply paints him as he is, and whilst he has insights into the working of his mind - " he felt bewildered. Why had she chosen this night to grow nostalgic ?" the author doesn't attempt any judgements. We take Mr Bridge as he is, and he is straightforward in the extreme.
      This 1930s and 1940s world is bright with certainty and an enviable morality, even if only a small number of Americans would have agreed with Mr Bridge's notions. Most of the Bridges' beliefs are conveyed in direct speech, in short, staccato sentences. Every short, brilliant chapter begins on a different note - and is so beautifully written that it is difficult to put the book down. The Bridges' house is full of sunlight and order, and the Bridges' children are harbingers of an age of disorder which is about to (along with the really serious harbingers of the time, like Hitler...) destroy our certainties. Maybe I am reading too much into a simple portrait of a family, for I see the book on two levels. However, the portrait of Mr Bridge is quite fascinating taken on its own, and one can enjoy it as a charming period piece. ...more info
    • Perfect Book for a Beginner
      I am so pleased with this book! I was unhappy with web site templates I had purchased, and I discovered that I needed to know HTML and CSS in order to change the templates. I knew very little HTML and nothing about CSS.
      I'm about half way through the book and, from what I have already learned; I believe that I will be able to alter the templates to meet my needs. Better yet, I'm realizing that I'll be able to create web sites from scratch!!
      The entire web site creation process always seemed elusive and scary, but this book has given me clarity and courage.
      As someone who works with individuals having various disabilities, I am so pleased that this author takes the time to note design strategies that make web sites more accessible.
      This book is well written - easy to use.
      The information in this book has been empowering....more info
    • Very good for a beginner or someone brushing up on their coding skills.
      This book was very easy to read and understand. The examples were relevant and helpful in building my own site. I would recommend it for pretty much everyone from the beginner who is learning the very basics to very experienced coders who would like to unlearn some bad habits....more info