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The True Story of the Bilderberg Group
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Delving into a world once shrouded in complete mystery and impenetrable security, this investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world’s most powerful people—the Bilderberg Group. Since its inception in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, the Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The working press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the attendees' conclusions or discussions, which have ramifications on the citizens of the world. Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War—and in several instances putting his own life on the line—the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public. This second edition includes an entirely new chapter and updated information on topics such as an earlier attempt to break up Canada and the portents of a North American union.

Customer Reviews:

  • A must read for anyone interested in digging up secrets
    There's not much I can add here that has not already been mentioned by other 5 star reviews. The information within this book is priceless. But more importantly it serves as warning to us that lest we open our eyes we'll be conquered by corrupt forces from within....more info
  • A must read
    Every man woman and child should read the facts presented in this book to find out who are the powers that control us....more info
  • New World Order exposed
    The conspiracy of the Bilderbergers, CFR. and Trilateral ists is clearly exposed and explained in this book. Why nations are to be subjugated to one world control and the role of monied families behind it becomes clear. Socialism levels the playing field for control by the "chosen ones." The USA is being sold out. Its citizens need to wake up and stop the suspension of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It may already be too late....more info
  • Musr Read for all American Citizens
    Want to know what's wrong with your country? Read this book! Want to know who is to blame for all the worlds troubles? Read this book. That's right, This book lets you know who is the owner and master of your; money-politicians-land-media-education-wars-empires and soon even your very life!!!...more info
  • Before you go vote for the "Popular" Candidate, Read This..
    Your true masters, the people that control what you eat, what you buy and what news you are allowed to see on TV are no longer hiding in the shadows. The Bilderberg group is no longer a "conspiracy theory", CNN actually mentions them occasionally.

    Daniel Estulin's book is a good introduction to the subject, but I recommend that you do your own research on the subject also.

    People need to read this book, especially if you are going to vote ANY upcoming election....more info
  • Loved It, Loved It Loved It.
    I read it right through. Reality can be more entertaining than fiction. There's still many questions unanswered. The book is one sided. I'm only hearing the hound's side of the story. Great book. Much more information is needed. It's hard for me to believe its like an "evil empire" club. I'm not seeing things the way I used to....more info
  • Evil Empire Builders...
    I had a lot of expectations from Daniel Estulin's book, but finished up being rather disappointed. Despite his efforts to penetrate the secrecy of the Bilderbergers, very little is revealed, especially regarding their current plans. Much of the book is culled from the work of other writers, and overall it is really a work of history, rather than an investigation into what's happening now.

    The Bilderberg group was set up by MI6 under the direction of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and was named after I.G. subsidiary Farben Bilder which organised Himmler's "circle of friends", a group of corporations enjoying Nazi protection. The "idea" was to "organise the Bilderberg Group as the real power brokers behind the different governments of Europe and of the United States", promoting a "New World Imperial Order." Bilderbergers are always located on both sides of any political debate and according to Estulin, they aim to stifle competition and create monopolies; thus there was a good deal of support from them given to the Soviet Union. Estulin presents several interesting chapters detailing US. support for the Soviet Union starting before the Bolshevik revolution, this was arranged chiefly by the Rockefeller Rothschild and Morgan dynasties, who see state capitalism as a good thing, as they control the state and it's representitives; state capitalism is to them a ready made monopoly with the advantage of rigid social control. John D. Rockefeller sent his emmissary, George Kennan to promote revolutionary activity in Russia before the St Petersburg protest on Bloody Sunday in 1905 and Kennan continued this work for a further twenty years. Rockefeller was motivated by the aquisition of Russia's rich oil fields; under Tsar Nicholas II Russia had become the world's number one producer. After the revolution, Russia's industrial development practically stopped, and competition was eliminated.

    Sadly Estulin opposes the New World Order of the Bilderbergers with a naive faith in nationalism, surely this too can easily be exploited by the Bilderbergers.

    Estulin details the formation of the other "New World Order" organizations; the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, whose agendas and methods remain largely secret. The Council on Foreign Relations is another British neo- imperial surrogate, the American branch of the British "Round Table". The Trilateral Commission was established in 1973 by David Rockefeller to break down any nationalist barriers to his destructive program of global exploitation. It is divided into three regions, American, European and Pacific Asian.

    The chapter on the CFR. and Psycho Political operations is particularly disappointing and says nothing of modern command and control networks which rob people of their free will and completely overthrow democracy. Estulin is correct in characterizing the Bilderberger's objectives as the division of the world into owners and slaves, where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non- conformists targeted for extermination. They aim to rape and pillage this planet and move on to pastures new with the rest of the "global elite"; perhaps this is why they are always so happy. ...more info
  • Only buy if you're a complete novice to the New World Order info
    This book has gotten glowing reviews from other readers and sold many copies world wide, which prompted me to get it. The info covered here is so minimal as how wide spread and powerful this bilderberg group is. It mentions the rothchilds, a powerful corrupt family, but barely and their history is so deep. The best part of the book is he details about the author meeting with some whacked out informant. I can summarize the book in one sentence Bilderbergs group, CFR, and Trilateral commision run the World the end. If you're new to this so called conspiracy theory it might be interesting, but for others I'd spend your money on books that get deeper into the hidden agenda of the new world order....more info
  • Are you aware?
    If you haven't read this book, you aren't informed. You don't have a clue how the world works and how the slimiest scum the world has ever produced, a tiny handful of people, fill the space around you with their brand of sickness, control, and raw evil. ...more info
  • Who really controls politics?
    I was generally disappointed in this book. The ascertions made about the impacts of the Bilderberg group (as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission) on world politics are poorly documented (IMO). There's also lots of claims that are hard to prove. On the plus side, the book serves as an okay introduction to anyone who's been minimally conscious of these organizations.

    ...more info
  • Revealing Information
    If you are wondering about the the troubles in the world, the wars, the recessions, price of oil, inflation, etc. this book may help explain how these happenings are not necessarily coincidences. They are more planned disasters and financial shakeups to allow the One World Bildebergers a reason for more and more control. One World Government is the goal and we are the pawns in the game. Startling information and he names the players complete with many pictures of just who is who.
    ...more info
  • The Real Un-elected Government; The Bilderberg Group:
    Daniel Estulin offers a frightening glimpse into the world of enigmatic shadow governance. In his book "The True Story of The Bilderberg Group," Estulin bravely traverses and infiltrates the world's most surreptitious think-tank, uncovering their plans to stay in control of the "New World Order."
    But, unfortunately, the reality is that most rightwing conspiracy theorists believe that institutions such as Bilderberg, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Trilateral Commission (TC) are plotting hegemony over the world, but the axiom to this theory is quite simplistic if anyone cares to notice. They (the globalist) have already taken over the world they just continue to manipulate events in the hopes of staying in control, but the good news is that books such as this along with the Internet gives us a fighting chance (as a global community) to wake up and uncover their Machiavellian deeds.

    Estulin offers many sources, news clippings and photographs of the Bilderberg conspirators, which allows the reader to envision what's transpiring during these meetings. Estulin also demonstrates how this cadre manipulates elections, conspires to enact wars around the world, owns all the banks, while printing the money, and uses other think-tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Club of Rome to influence global government.
    The bottom line is that these think-tanks are really tentacles of the Bilderberger establishment, along with the World Bank, The International Monetary Funded, and the recently erected World Trade Organization. Plus, Bilderberg manipulates the outcome of United Nations decisions by controlling the Global Eight Summits.

    The Bilderberg Group sets the agenda, and our leaders, corporations and elites enact their sordid policies in violation of the Logan Act.
    There isn't anything in Congress that gets passed or ratified without Bilderberg approval. Moreover, what makes this book pure cream is that Estulin names names, and has lists of CFR and TC members, plus the 2006 and 2007 Bilderberg attendee list. Make no mistake about it, Bilderberg is the world government that is trying to continue its primacy, however, China and Southeast Asia are starting to give them a hard time, and Latin America isn't making it easy for them either since individuals such as Hugo Chavez, and Evo Morales were elected to office in their respected countries. We must not forget that national sovereignty is a concept that the Bilderbergers want to eviscerate, and we can't make it easy for them to take it away from us. Daniel Estulin's book is a wake up call to all who care about freedom and love. 5-Stars.....!

    ...more info
  • everyone should read this
    I haven't finished my book yet but it has been a real eye opener. I suggest everyone pks this book up and gets a clue what is going on in our world....more info
  • The True Story of theThe Bidergerg Group
    This is a well written and inciteful book on the subject, although tainted somewhat by a slightly prejudiced view of powerful people. It caused me to do a lot more research of the subject, using the Internet. I found that much of what was said to be very believable, although it seems conspiratorial. The evidence given in the book seems circumstantial and is, because the participants in Bilderberg are very keen to cover their tracks. But I think the book is as close to the truth as might be found, without one individual group member agreeing with and signing up to the conclusions.

    Having said that one of the leaders and cofounders David Rockefeller of the Oil and Banking Rockefellers has said in his own book about his life. ".......guilty as charged" when referring to his alleged membership of the Group and other associated fellow travlling organisations.

    David C. Molyneux...more info
  • I would like to thank the author for letting us know ...
    I would like to thank the author for letting us know that there is group of people who are conspiring against us. The book is shocking. I find especially shocking Chapter Five: Bilderberg Objectives. Quotes:

    "Centralized Control of the People. By means of mind control, they plan to direct all humanity to obey their wishes. ... under the New World Order, no middle class, only rulers and servants."

    "A Zero-Growth Society. ... Prosperity and progress make it impossible to implement repression, and you (Bilderberg) need repression if you hope to divide society into owners and slaves. ..."

    "A State of Perpetual Imbalance. By artificially manufacturing crises that will put people under continual duress - ... - it is possible to keep people in a perpetual state of imbalance. Too tired and strung-out to decide their own destinies, populations will be confused and demoralized ..."

    "Centralized Control of All Education. ... control of education in general is to allow One World globalists to sterilize the world's true past. Their efforts are bearing 'fantastic' fruit. Today's youth are almost completely ignorant of the lessons of history, individual liberties and the meaning of freedom ..."

    Book has many unique values - it presents a lot of photographs and documents listing Bilderberg meeting attendies, agendas and reports. Reader can see familiar or famous names from elites around the world, politics, US and foreign countries governments, corporate executives, scientists, and even celebrities.
    I wonder why "Radical reader" in her/his review says that book is poorly documented? Does this person have access to more documents?

    I think we should spread the word about this book, talk to relatives, talk to friends, to whomever possible. Please see also review of this book posted by B. Conover "Unmasking the wannabe masters of the universe", Nov 2, 2007.

    Many thanks to Daniel Estulin for light of truth. ...more info
  • What's really going on in the world???
    This books gives an excellent introduction to the Bilderbergers - the most that we are able to know about the powerful group anyway. As the discussions at the meetings are a mystery for anyone who has not attended the meetings, there is not much we can know anyway.

    However, this book takes all the leaked stories about the Bilderbergers in the past few years, and gives a detailed account of the meetings, discussions and further details on the individual points discussed at the meetings. The last version is updated to the Obama era, and includes Obama's suspicious "Carter" administration.

    If you think Estulin is full of it, then please read Jim Marrs, Wesley Tarpley, watch Alex Jones DVDs, Jim Tucker interviews, research the background of the Bilderbergers, and especially read Obama's advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's books. This will all give you an excellent idea of what's going on, and what is planned for the future.

    Enjoy the book! I remember I contacted the Shell boss as a sales manager , and he told me to never email me again, little did I know he's one of them!...more info
  • Gripping and disturbing...
    I first learned of this book through a video produced by Alex Jones. The definition of a conspiracy is two or more working towards a common objective, more or less. What is disturbing about this book is the documentation Daniel Estulin painstakingly takes to document his adventures. I will admit the first and only mistake he makes: he refers to Bush 41 as George W. Bush (that's the current 43), and not correctly: George H.W. Bush, the father.

    However, I'm amiss at the human need for secrecy, for being the "ones" in-the-know of how things work. That this organization has been in existence since 1954, that only the elite of bankers, journalists, politicians and multinational businesses can attend, that the location of each meeting is secret to the public (and no minutes are taken), that Governor Rick Perry went just last year - - makes me look at the election cycle differently. We're ignited. Both sides are excited, but I wonder sometimes if democracy is a well-orchestrated "dream," and the reality is more than we can bear (or dare) to admit....more info
  • The Plans of the Elite for One World Domination.
    Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty; and I am proud of it. - David Rockefeller.

    _The True Story of the Bilderberg Group_, published in 2007 by Trine Day, by investigative journalist Daniel Estulin is an English edition of an international best seller, which attempts to lift the veil off the plans of the elite for global domination. Daniel Estulin who is of Russian ancestry and is based in Spain has researched the Bilderberg Group for over 15 years. According to this book, the author in 1996 uncovered the efforts of the elite to break up Canada and because of his work at investigating the Bilderberg conferences prevented this from occurring. This book unveils the schemes of the elite for global control, showing how through secret organizations such as the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Trilateral Commission (TC) attempts have been made to erode national sovereignty and place the control of world governments into the hands of a one world elite of transnational bankers and industrialists. As such, it remains highly important for the common citizens of the nations of the world to understand where the elite plan on taking us.

    The Bilderberg club is a secret club frequented by the elite of the world's governments from the North American and Western European political elite. The club is held each year at a different location in which various presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and leaders in banking and industry are flown in and meet in secret. The meetings rarely receive coverage in the mainstream press and with the exception of some rather obscure journalistic coverage in such magazines as _The Spotlight_ and _The American Free Press_ have largely gone unnoticed. It is alleged that part of the reason why the meetings are so secretive is that it allows the elite to discuss matters off the record in a free and private forum. However, the author will argue that such secrecy allows the elite to set policy for the future unknown to the populace at large. The author begins by examining the Bilderberg rules of order and showing how he believes such rules may violate the Logan Act of the United States. The author also examines the various roles that have been played by leading members of the Bilderberg Club in world politics, showing how presidential candidates are frequently selected from among Bilderberg elite. The author also shows some of the objectives of the elite, including the goal of a one world order socialist welfare state, the empowerment of the United Nations, internationalism and centralization, as well as a zero-growth society. The author shows how the Bilderbergers have continually meddled in the affairs of foreign and third world countries, often with disastrous consequences. The author also shows the importance the Bilderberg Club had for such figures as Bill Clinton and the Aldo Moro assassination. Following this, the author turns to showing the role of the Bilderberg Club in the Watergate scandal, as well as the use of psychological manipulation by the Tavistock Institute. The author also shows the role of the Bilderbergers behind such free trade agreements as NAFTA and GATT, which will ultimately serve to erode national sovereignty. This ends the section on the Bilderberg Club.

    The second section of this book is devoted to the Council on Foreign Relations, the elite secret society that plays such a prominent role in the determination of the foreign policy of the United States. The author explains the founding of the CFR with the help of Edward M. House, the elite power behind Woodrow Wilson as well as a noted follower of Karl Marx. The author explains the role of the CFR and notes the mutually supporting influence of such other organizations as the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission along with the CFR. The author shows how the CFR has been active in journalistic manipulation (explaining how political consensus is arrived at as well as the reason for why the Bilderberg conferences are not covered in the mainstream press), cabinet control (noting the powerful influence of the CFR behind presidential candidates and in the choosing of presidential cabinets), and in psycho-political manipulations (mentioning the role of the Tavistock Institute and the CIA in mind control).

    The third section of this book is devoted to the Trilateral Commission, an elite organization composed of American, European, and Pacific-Asian sectors and headed by David Rockefeller (who plays a ubiquitous role amongst the elite). The author shows the importance of the Trilateral Commission in achieving world order as well as the role of the Trilateral Commission in the cabinets of important presidents, including particularly Jimmy Carter. The author mentions such elite figures as Zbigniew Brzezinski and their anti-nationalist and pro-globalist policies. The author also shows how the goal of such organizations is to erode national sovereignty. The author then shows how influential elite international bankers and the Wall Street elite were behind the Bolsheviks and the Russian revolution, showing how despite the discrepancy between finance capitalism and Soviet communism that in fact both seek the same goals and attempt to preserve the monopoly of the elite. The author also shows the role of Britain in seeking to overcome an "American System" of political economy as outlined by Alexander Hamilton and the nationalist economist Friedrich List and thus create a one world order by destroying American self-sovereignty.

    The book concludes with reflections on the author's role in uncovering the schemes of the elite, and a series of documents and pictures as well as the Bilderberg Reports.

    This book offers an important and fascinating glimpse into the schemes of the elite for one world domination. It shows the secret forces that work together to achieve a one world government and an international global economy. As such, this is an important book for all thinking individuals of the nations of the world today.
    ...more info
  • Great Book on the Bilderbergers!
    I loved the book. The history and detail was very good. The book was well written and the writer gave as much detail as he could given the limitations he is/was faced with in gathering the material and obtaining sources that are otherwise impossible to get regarding this controversial and secretive topic. Overall it's a very accurate portrayal of a system that seems to control us at the voting booth rather than us controlling the system through the voting booth.
    I look for more info from this writer in the future regarding this elite creme de la creme group that seems to call all the shots while the rest of us jump like little puppies in a show right on queue. Well done and well worth the time for anyone who is a conspiracy buff or just interested in alternative theories about our "political" system.
    ...more info
  • Finally an expose' of the men of global power
    What people need to know for their own good, and what citizens need to know to fulfill their responsibilities to insure good government, are those factors which have the greatest influence on the outcomes of our world. Yet almost all of us have been ignorant of the events and decisions by men of global power which are most determinant of our futures and our children's futures. Tersely put, we all need to get our priorities straight.

    The single largest reason we are so ignorant is that there have been very few people willing to tell us what's going on. And so whenever one comes along, we must jump at the chance to learn, and to debate the implications. Daniel Estulin offers to tell us what's going on. I wish there were a thousand like him.

    There is no shortage of stories about the "front lines", the experiences of the lowest ranks. And there are plenty of accounts of the middle managers of the world, e.g. the senators and military generals, although secrecy is already rife at these levels. But as for the very highest level of decision making, we have learned very little since Machiavelli in 1513. So some of us are a wee bit starved for more information! No matter how much you already know about the middle managers, you still cannot predict what happens next, let alone control your own fate, unless you really know how the highest levels work. This is the most urgent task for humanity these days.

    Daniel does journalistic reporting on this highest level of power in the world. They do not want him to know anything, so he must function as a spy. With limited inside collaboration, he gets some of the agenda, and some of the decisions on that agenda, and reports them to us. By his own admission, there is still a lot of work to be done. The exposing of those whom wish to remain opaque will merely cause them to create new channels of operation. Expect new hidden forms of meetings to be founded as a result of this book.

    Daniel can certainly get you started piecing together the puzzle of global power. He offers important insights into neo-liberalism. It is better thought of as false-liberalism or as the great betrayal of liberalism. We should each begin offering up whatever scrap of evidence on the workings of global power we may have come across, to some common clearinghouse, that the systems analysts can flow chart its potential to manipulate us. Daniel needs our help.

    This book makes an excellent "honors poly sci" course text, and important reading for anyone ready to experience the pangs of learning that one's own government is *not* comprised of "good guys".

    Do not take any book as gospel however. Doubt is a healthy thing. For example, Daniel tells of being in the CTT tower in Toronto, and having the elevator doors open at 650 feet, with no elevator car there, only an empty shaft. "When the mafia want someone rubbed out this is one of their preferred methods" he quotes a cop as saying. So I asked a Chicago elevator construction crew about this. They were quick with "Impossible!", explaining that all the elevators in the western world built since WWII have the motor that opens the door *on the CAR*. There are no motors to open the doors on each floor. Ask your fire department. Elevator doors all must be opened manually, unless the car is there to do it. This does not mean "impossible", only that someone had to go to a lot of trouble to design a very thin mechanism of motor, gears, levers, slides, and install it right over those particular doors. If so, then the follow-up police investigation should have found that mechanism. Did it?

    More importantly, Daniel covers a top ten list of topics of monstrous import to humanity. The role of the most powerful people in: the rise and fall of the Bolsheviks, WWII, the Marshall plan, taming of the Orient to western capitalism, mass media control of public opinion, geographic monopolies over resources, selection of US presidents, sacrificing small nations for profit, international banking, and the U.N. That's plenty to fill an encyclopedia - if only it weren't being held as so secretly from us.
    :: Norm Dyer, UIC...more info
  • Sloppy trash
    The topic of explaining the Bilderberg Group is extremely important, too important to be left in the hands of this hack. Mr. Estulin's book is poorly documented, includes unlikely tales of intrigue on his own reporting, and fails to explain his own background adequately. Is he Mossad? Is he former KGB? Is he current FBI/CIA/NSA/DIA? Further, he makes a number of ridiculous points -- Noam Chomsky as a "revolutionary" Stalinist, Bilderbergs in alliance with the UN, "terrorists" on the Mexican border, etc. Look elsewhere for the real story on the sordid Bilderberg clique. It is one worth telling by an author who is not a spy....more info
  • Left out the Rothchilds
    I was surprised that he never mentioned the Rothchilds in this book. They have been the seat of power in England for many years. And the one world government may have run for it's money when the Chinese get fully up to speed. That civilization has been around for 7 thousand years and they don't need the West....more info