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You Can Read Anyone
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Have you ever wished you could peer into someone?s mind to find out what he or she is really thinking? Now you can . . . really. This book is not a collection of recycled ideas about body language. It does not suggest that a woman?s hairstyle will give us unprecedented access into her soul, neither does it draw wildly ambiguous generalities about people based on our intuition or gut instinct, nor does it reach conclusions based on how she folds her hands or he ties his shoelaces. This book contains specific, proven psychological techniques that can be applied instantly to any person in just about any situation. Dr. Lieberman has demonstrated the ease and accuracy of these techniques on hundreds of television and radio programs. In a special report for FOX News, host Jeff Rosin declared, ?It?s simply amazing! I was with him and he was never wrong . . . not even once. I even learned how to do it and that?s saying something.? In fact, Dr. Lieberman has gone ?head-to-head? on live television, with skilled polygraph examiners and scored just as well?every time. You Can Read Anyone shows step-by-step exactly how to tell what someone is thinking and feeling in real-life situations. For example, you will see precisely how to determine whether another poker player will stay in or fold, whether a salesperson is trustworthy, or whether or not a first date is going your way or the other way. And when the stakes are high?negotiations, interrogations, questions of abuse, theft, or fraud-- knowing who is out for you, and who is out to get you (or a loved one) can save you time, money, energy, and heartache.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good info, bad presentation
    The information contained in the book was interesting. However, I thought it was very poorly written and organized. Some chapters are one or two pages long. Some ideas are introduced but not explained. Perhaps if Lieberman collaborated with another author the book would have been more helpful....more info
  • Great Subject, Book Needs A Lot of Work
    I can see why the book is a Top Seller. The title, topic, and the possibility of the content being great is appealing. However, it's my opinion that in order to have been a great book, consistent with the author's talent and zeal, it should have been twice as long to create clearer thoughts and more connected content. It needed more focused examples, either focusing on law enforcement or business or card playing, not all three. The concepts needed to be better explained with better logic and better continuity.

    Though a great book potentially, I had to rewrite sections on note paper in order to have it make sense. I kept getting the picture that the book was transcribed from a free flow of thought recorded between appointments. Then the editor was on vacation when the publisher okay-ed it to be printed.

    I suggest the publisher re-release this one in an expanded form. I would buy that version before this one. It has a lot of potential and the author's credentials are the best.

    I am reading his other book, How to Change Anybody and am hoping the money was worth it. ...more info
  • Studying people
    This book is good for people new at tring to read people but should have book for follow up....more info
  • You Can Read Anyone
    I enjoyed reading this book and learned much from it. It answered the questions I had on the subject. If anyone out there is interested in the subject, I would say it's a good purchase....more info
  • Lieberman is a genius.
    I have read all of his books. I use the psychological techniques in the books constantly (whether it be with, co-workers, the girlfriend, family, or everyday people). If you can't quite understand the technique, he gives examples of how the technique is used in real life after the description. BUY THE BOOK(S)! They are full of priceless psychological knowledge....more info
    I agree completely with another reviewer, Shane, who said, "I have read all of his books. I use the psychological techniques in the books constantly (whether it be with, co-workers, the girlfriend, family, or everyday people). If you can't quite understand the technique, he gives examples of how the technique is used in real life after the description. BUY THE BOOK(S)! They are full of priceless psychological knowledge." This book is deceptively smart and If I can say so, I don't think a person who is not too bright will really understand just how effective the technqiues are. Another reviewer who really got this book, Philip Graves (of the UK)wrote:

    "Like any book that looks to bring social psychology to a wider audience (than just social psychologists!) the author has to find a balance between the technical and the practical. In my opinion, Lieberman does an excellent job of making his expertise accessible.

    Equally, there is no magic tool when it comes to reading other people, and the reader must work with the structures and concepts Lieberman provides and practice them.

    The author's style is excellent, with a great balance of examples and explanation that quickly conveys his ideas.

    An excellent read: the first of Lieberman's books that I've bought, but it won't be the last."

    I would give it 10 starts if I could. You Can Read Anyone will no doubt go down in history as the finest book on the subject....more info
  • Good Theory, but Always Requires Context
    I have to admit that if this line wasn't in the book, I would have likely rated this book lower:

    "Does this mean you will be able to read anyone with perfect precision, every time? No. The system is not 100 percent foolproof. However, you will gain a definitive statistical advantage in every encounter."

    The theory mentioned in this text is sound, but without a good grasp of the context of a situation, the information here is useless. It's important to understand how someone is, the experiences that affect them, and the context of the situation (formal vs. informal for example) so that reactions can be gauged properly.

    Another warning about this book: Some of the examples are unclear without a conceptualization of the context, and without a firm grasp of the concept being discussed. It's not unusual to need to reread sections of the book and (to an extreme) ask questions.

    As far as who I would recommend this book for... Although the title of the book makes it sound ideal for everybody, it really takes both intelligence and a good character to apply the techniques properly and accurately. When I say good character, I mean someone who is good at avoiding the pitfalls of human nature, such as egotism. Keep in mind that this book is based on Psychological principles, some of which we ourselves are subject to and that can intefere with our ability to use the methods defined here effectively....more info
  • Don't buy this book if you really want to learn about this stuff.
    This is yet another "buy-this-to-get-the-secrets" book aimed at corporate America, exploiting that mainstream desperate, competitive edge. But when examined closely, this book really doesn't give you any helpful tools to use in the social arena of reading others' sincerity; it is anecdotal, non-rational, and provides examples that are too narrow and templative to provide a deductive understanding of this concept. There are no photos at all, only insets of anecdotal fictions used to describe what the author says you should do. It amounts to an poser's list of conversational phrases and maneuvering tactics to bludgeon out responses from other people, and will just make you look like the confrontational equivalent of a Stephen Covey geek.

    If you really want to learn how to perceive non-verbal stress, self-doubt, insecurity, etc., if you want to learn the *gestures* that exhibit these things, buy the book "What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People." It is full of photos and it describes the underlying instincts causing all of them. Needless to say, it also has a more substantial and academic bibliography.
    ...more info
  • You can read anyone!
    I was very interested in this book when I came across it. It was an easy read and got a lot out of it. The information does seem like it is a little old, but it still works. I reccomend this for people in sales....more info
  • more than the typical pop psychology
    Just got the book and I stayed up all night reading it. Very insightful and useful....more info