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US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76
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Product Description

The US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 is a good basic guide, standard reading for our troops, and unlike some survival manuals, it is fairly well written and organized.

Customer Reviews:

  • nice info
    it's a standard survival book.
    nothing new, and some of it outdated.
    I keep a copy in my survival bag to remind me of how to do somethings and in case of emergency to use as tinder....more info
  • A true disappointment.
    This book is very disappointing. Poorly written and with weak descriptions leaves the inexperienced outdoorsmen with a false sense of security. Just because there happens to be a section on a particular skill does not translate into the ability of the reader to follow the lousy instructions to complete said skill. If anyone wants to learn survival skills they would be well suited to take a course and view first-hand the execution of the skills by an experienced practitioner of them. Purchase another book and let this one pass....more info
  • Keep in mind, this book is from 1970
    An... entertaining... manual, but don't read this expecting to conquer the wilderness! Some of the information is clever and useful, such as different types of shelter, navigating by the sun and stars, and a fairly extensive list of edible plants (black and white drawings only but still pretty accurate ones), but other information is very outdated, most notably some of the information on reptiles and fish. For example, treating a snakebite by cutting the skin and sucking out the poison - NOT a good idea, and will cause more tissue damage than benefit! Also, the idea that barracuda are aggressive fish that attack without warning or provocation... some of this stuff is straight out of a B-movie. Still, not a bad place to start if you're a novice and want to learn what dangers to watch for in the woods, and it's pretty cheap (free online if Google "FM 21-76"). Experienced hikers/survivalists/etc will know to look elsewhere for more up to date and accurate info....more info
  • This is the definitive guide for survival.
    This is the definitive guide for survival. I bought this book and I am going through all the chapters and it is taking quite a long time because the book is full of material including visual guides for building fires, traps, etc. Make sure you have this book in your backpack, truck, or car at all times. I believe you could save your life with the techniques if you learn them correctly. Make sure you read this and have the proper provisions. Also, be sure to share this with others. If you don't want to buy the paperback it is available as a free Army document, but I find I like the paper copy better. ...more info
  • Old, presented as New!
    I'm not sure why the publish date is listed as Jan. 1, 1992. The cover clearly shows the publish date as October, 1970.

    I lost an old copy of this FM 21-76 manual which had a slightly different title, mentioning evasion techniques and hiding and survival in enemy territory. I think it would be useful to obtain that one, unless this is it with a different cover.

    Without knowing whether this has the 'evasion' material, I'll give it a 4 star; otherwise, I'd give 5 stars, since I found the information quite authoritative and useful. I particularly liked the Ojibwa Indian bird catching techniques and the desert water still design.

    I must also say that it seemed imperative to me that you have at least a knife to actually realize some of these survival techinques, unless you have materials and skills to manufacture one on the spot!...more info
  • Great Book
    I have read many survival books, and ive noticed that sometimes they get way too involved on one topic, but this awesome book gets to the point and its easy to flip thourgh and find what you need quickly. This book touches survival from many aspects, dessert, rain forest, tundra, wooded forest, artic and other conditions. A great read, and nice to have if your going camping or to just but in your car just in case....more info
  • Survival Guide a definate valued necessity
    This book covers many areas of outdoor's experience, with everything except the (POW survival) part coming into usefullness for the avid outdoor enthusiast. My only complaint would be the brief explanations and mediocre illustrations of some of the types of plants and traps/snares. Still, as a hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I will still surprised to read a few things I've never learned about or thought of using as a means of outdoors survival / trade....more info
  • Life-saving content, bad printing
    This is the official military survival guide used by all US forces so its got everything you're likely to need if you get stranded in the wilderness. I used it for a guide teaching Civil Air Patrol cadets. Some of the survival lessons are aimed at in-field military (duh) but the techniques are clearly presented. Unfortunately, the print quality isn't what you might expect and several parts of the book looked like they'd run just a bit short on ink (budget cuts?). Once you get past that, though, its everything you need in a reasonable sized guide. Put it in the backpack and go. You're now reasonably assured of a safe return....more info
  • Good, but the SAS Survival Guide is better
    The Army Survival manual is a great find. It provides detailed, understandable information on how to survive in many situations: in the desert, at sea, in an area where you don't wish to be detected (For civilians it's possibly useful for hostage/kidnapping situations, I suppose). It also has a lot of emotional support written into the text. This is clearly written directly for soldiers, but it could probably be reassuring if you were actually on your own.

    I bought the book mainly as a reference that I could toss into our disaster-preparedness closet. I don't have any plans to use the information in the book, but I wanted a guidebook "just in case." This serves that purpose beautifully, but the "SAS Survival Guide" (the pocket-sized version of the "SAS Survival Handbook" is much better for this purpose. There isn't really much discussion of emotional issues in the SAS Guide, and there's no focus on evading enemy capture or things like that. But it's a much nicer book (the army guide seems like it's been Xeroxed a million times, and the print quality is questionable). The SAS Guide is a great size for tossing into a car glovebox, and it's easier to browse and search.

    If you have the space and inclination, get both. They do both offer slightly different information. For example, the Army guide tells you how to get fresh water from sea water in cold climates by letting small amounts of sea water slowly freeze. (Fresh water will freeze out of the solution first, leaving a slushy saltwater glob that you can then remove from the ice--or something like that). The SAS Guide, on the other hand, tells you how to get fresh water at sea from a fresh-water gland along the spine of a fish. If you were really stranded, it would be great to have both. If you only get one, I would recommend the SAS guide though....more info
  • Um, You Don't Have To Pay For This.
    This, like many other military manuals, is available online. Just type the FM number into your search box and a list of links to it will magically appear....more info
  • Good, Detailed Information
    Very good information. This book covers a wide range of subjects including the psychology of survival, unique and fascinating ways of obtaining food and water, shelter-building, fire-building, navigation and a lot more.

    I will say that the book assumes the reader is encountering a "survival situation". By that, I mean a 'short-lived' situation in which survival is at stake. Those who buy this book with the intention of learning to live off the land in a more permanent way may be a little disappointed in some way. Indeed, this was the reason that I got the book but that's not to say that I regret buying it. Far from it! As I said, it has a lot of good information (it was made by the US Army after-all).

    Inside this manual is the US Army's Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants which is also published in an entire book on its own, so if you planned on getting the two like I did, just get FM 21-76 and save yourself some money.

    My recommendation on learning survival skills is to acquire a variety of books. The extensive SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman and the more organic Primitive Wilderness Living ...more info
  • Survival Handbook
    A really great book. It is worth hanging onto. Money well spent. I highly recommend it....more info