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Three chapters of revelation on the ways the powers that be gain their goal of total control over us, the people. Three great frauds. 1. Religion, The draping of Jesus' message in pagan trappings, to twist it into a tool for the mental decapitation of the masses. 2. Fear is Our Fuhrer. Video highlights of the 9/11 fake terror conspiracy demolished. 3. Money. How the banksters have fed fat on wars and panics to engineer the rise and fall of empires, as well as mere markets. Zeitgeist is the spirit of the times: we the people are on to them. They know that we know. Now let them be afraid.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Zeitgeist Review
    A very good documentary; informative and well presented. Such films enable we, the public, to become more aware of what is really going on and thus we are able to make more informed decisions about our lives. Such films, though slightly disturbing should be seen positively, and can be a stepping stone for us to take the necessary steps to change the way things are, thus helping to create a better future and more loving world for ourselves, our children and our children's children. ...more info
  • Zeitgeist
    This is the best documentary I've ever seen. (Although the first 5 minutes or so are really boring, but be patient it gets better) It's very thought provoking, it forces you to question everything you've been told and taught. I'm not saying I believe everything Zeitgeist says to be fact but I challenge anyone to watch and do your own research to find out what is true and what is not. The old saying is true, "seek [the truth] and ye shall find". ...more info
  • I watched portions from it, because most of it is recycling
    It sets up two goals: bash historic Christianity and elaborate 911 conspiracy theory

    While, I am myself has seen bunch of 911 documentaries, from Loose Change to Alex Jones' videos... Most of not all the data about 911 is present in other videos. I leave a viewer to decide the solidity of the arguments regarding this portion. It may be true, partially true, or false. Do your research, and make your own conclusions.
    However, when it comes to bashing Christianity via amateurish research, this is where I have problems with this documentary.
    First, and foremost the idea that Christianity has been an extension of some mystical religions has been in print fore ever, and there are plenty of rebuttals of it. For instance, what is the dating of those manuscripts? If they are dated 2-3 centuries AD, the question emerges who copied whom? Whatever the case, before you simply surrender your thinking to this ONE documentary, I recommend you read some books on the topic from the opposite side. For instance:
    -- Jesus Legend, The: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition
    -- The Gospel and the Greeks: Did the New Testament Borrow from Pagan Thought? (The Student Library)
    -- The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ

    I think, because author combined this two topics, his case suffered. This is mainly because, the historicity of Jesus and the validity of Christianity will drag this video down. Furthermore, the low grade of research on Jesus [in my opinion] will make 911 theories looks similarly badly.
    I truly wish, author would separate the two, and if wishes would create two documentaries instead.

    Well this is MY opinion on it....more info
  • War, Pestilence, Famine, Religion and other bad things.
    Production values less than ideal. Message edifying. Send one to each of your Evangelical Christian friends, they won't be bothering you anymore....more info
  • An interesting proposal...
    It is not the first that we have heard of Jesus (or any holy figure for that matter) being used to justify hate, intimidation, murder or genocide. Right? But this is a nice summary, I think, of the whole program of the hijacking of Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and any other person who spoke about piety, charity and peace.

    Now, since I have heard all of this in many different contexts before, I guess I am not surprised. But the question is, what to do about it? How to act so that we can return to the original messages, avert catastrophe in the current environmental, population and economic crises we are experiencing, and get firmly on the path to sustainable living?

    I would have liked the film to address those steps better. But perhaps it is a wake-up film, which agenda is valid as well.

    Everyone should see this. Just as everyone should see Robert Greenwald's, Frontline's and other indie producer's films. Just as everyone should read Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" or James Lovelock's Gaia. All of this, including Zeitgeist, should be required viewing/reading.

    But then we should figure out how to implement what we have learned, right?...more info
  • A Horrific, Claptrap Conglomeration of Lies, Misquotes and Unsourced Statements
    ZeitĄ€geist, noun: The spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation...

    This movie has spread through the internet like wildfire, and it's obvious why. It takes the greatest and deepest fears of fringe culture and gives them a voice that not only sounds legitimate but is also done with eloquence and a deep understanding of marketing. From the opening montage of horrific war images set to a cacophany of disrupting sounds, the viewer is placed in a hypnotic spell almost certainly designed to shut down the logical, questioning part of the brain and put the viewer into a completely emotional state. Then... the film talks about Jesus.

    I'm an atheist. I don't believe in a god. I'm certainly not a Christian apologetic, so I was very interested in researching what this film had to say further. Unfortunately, I was soon to discover that almost all of this so-called documentaries claims regarding the historicity of Jesus come from a single source: "Acharya S", aka D.M. Murdock, a person without the credentials to make the claims they make. Further, even a cursory examination of the primary sources reveals inconsistencies, misquotes and outright lies. The disputed claims are far too numerous to mention here, but a few tidbits have to be listed for the discerning mind.

    First, the earliest depictions of the zodiac do not have 12 signs. Some have as many as 20, such as the Mayans, while others have as few as 4, such as the early Japanese. Second, the movies depiction of Horus is pretty inaccurate. A reading of the Egyptian Book of the Dead reveals that Horus only had 4 disciples, each of whom was semi-divine himself. It further reveals that he wasn't actually killed and was certainly never crucified. It further reveals that his mother, Isis, had intercourse with Osiris to conceive Horus, and while the details of his conception are certainly complex, Isis is not a virgin and the conception is certainly not immaculate. Horus was not born on December 25th, he was born on the 5th day of the "Epagomenal Days", which does not even take place in December on the modern or ancient calendars. The other gods likewise have a series of factual errors. Dionysus was not born of a virgin. His father was Zeus. Mithra did not have 12 disciples, he had thousands upon thousands of servants. Krishna was born on the 19th or 21st of July, and he was the 8th son of a Queen (certainly not a virgin). The list goes on and on and on... The constellation Virgo is never mentioned as the "House of Bread" in any text I can find, there's very little association between astrology and the cross. I could go on for hours.

    That's just Part 1.

    Part 2 is even worse. The second part starts with the claim that a Pakistani general financed 9/11. The original source of this claim is the Times of India, which is itself unsourced. Given the long history of antagonism between India and Pakistan, the bias of this article can easily be called into question. The "of little significance" quote is taken completely out of context as well. the commission actually said that they knew funding came from Al Qaeda, but where Al Qaeda itself received the money was not known, mainly because they had so many sources of money. They did attempt to track it down, and the leads ran cold. Therefore, "at this time", finding the exact origin of the money used for 9/11 was "of little practical significance". You will note the word "practical" is removed completely in the text of the film. As with Part 1, the errors in Part 2 are simply too numerous to completely list, but there are a few more that deserve some special attention. The film claims that in the 9/11 Commission report, building seven is not mentioned at all. It is actually mentioned on pages 301, 310, 319, and 322 (twice). The 9/11 Commission Report is a large document, and it can be assumed that most viewers haven't actually read it. With that in mind, this inaccuracy is either an outright lie or a representation of the filmakers laziness.

    Part 3 continues this trend of misinformation, but is punctuated with edited quotes and quotes taken completely out of context by a whole litany of people, from our nation's founders to modern bankers. Again, the examples are too numerous to mention all of them, but a few need to be expounded on. "The real truth of the matter is that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson." This is attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Unfortunately, it isn't sourced, and a lengthy search did not reveal any source that was not itself a conspiracy theory website. "If you want to remain the slaves of the bankers and pay for the costs of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control the nation's credit." Attributed in the film to Sir Josiah Stamp. While he did indeed say much of this quote, the ending is actually about deposits rather than national credit.

    I could continue pointing out error after error after error, but the fact of the matter is that almost the entire film is counterfactual and stemming from a preconceived notion of conspiracy that is not supported by the evidence. The film's aim, getting people to question the truth and think for themselves, is admirable, but then the film goes on to provide a healthy dose of the disease that it's supposed to cure. Misinformation, lies and information taken out of context only serve to further obscure reality rather than make it clearer.

    For a full, honest, unbiased and intelligent debunking of the movie, visit http://www.conspiracyscience.com/articles/zeitgeist/. I used this as a source for much of the above information.

    ...more info
  • Everyone on Earth should see this!
    I love the time, intelligence, and work that went into making this film. What an amazing experience. People need to hear this message. It is both illuminating and inspiring. I will spend more time with this film, it's not just a one look and you're done with it. It will continue to haunt. It breaks the doors of illusion down flat!...more info
  • Excellent Movie eye opening!!
    This Movie is For Independent Free thinking Individuals not bogged down by Religious Dogmas it must be viewed with an open mind and not with preconceive Notions.The Gigantic Fraud of our Debt Base System is Exposed,911 and of course the Similarities Between The Egyptian Religion and Christianity are shown, much to the Detriment of The Christian Fanatics.Alex Jones has criticize The movie because he believes They are Promoting World Govt.I don't know I'll leave that for open interpretation.but overall the movie is eye opening highly recommended!!!...more info
  • too expensive
    Awesome movie - a must see. But you can get it for $5.00 from the mfg. Just do a google search....more info
  • It's just a ride.
    A must see. Find the reasons behind your perceptions of the world and raise the consciousness of others.I had heard about the film through some friends and, truthfully, I was stunned. The visuals behind the sound bites seemed tailor made for the computer, but it was kinda psychadelic to be so engrossed in the words of the speakers while visually tripping. Thought proking postulates about the world-we-dare-not-speak-of squeeged my third eye....more info
  • Unfortunately, it's fiction
    If I had been presented this film as an alternate history fictional documentary, I would think it would make for a fun alternate-timeline science fiction premise for a book or TV series, or even video game potential!

    Instead, it's being presented as real world truth. And the only people this can be "real world truth" for is (and I mean no offense) the uneducated. A whole lot of this is easily refutable, and another reviewer already pointed out this website [...] from which anyone can see virtually every argument ripped open and exposed as fraud, along with dozens of citations (which the movie does not have) to support it.

    So they divide it in three parts.

    Part I is hilarious in how completely wrong it is, and how elementary school-level lessons on mythology can completely DESTROY many of the arguments placed forth in it.

    Quite frankly, I don't see how ANYONE who is properly educated can take much of this part seriously. I'm not a very vocal person (meant literally, I'm not one to literally burst out laughing) but I literally did burst out laughing when they compared Dionysus to Jesus Christ.

    Dionysus. Greek God of Wine and Screwing and Ecstasy.

    What made me laugh loudest was the idea that Dionysus was some kind of "traveling TEACHER" who performed miracles, turning water into wine.

    Dionysus (going by the belief that this mythology is real) did not TURN water into wine---he made WINE out of NOTHING! And he and his followers drank it all, and start orgies! How very Christ-like, I snobbishly say. And just what in the hell would Dionysus "teach" that would be in any way similar to not just what but HOW Jesus taught. I don't think getting people liquored up and frisky can be considered "teaching" in the same regard as Jesus did.

    And then there's Horus of Egyptian myth. The idea that an Egyptian man-turned-god was CRUCIFIED is in itself so narrow-mindedly stupid that I cannot imagine how any educated person could think this kind of crap up, as if LITERAL Christian doctrine were actually present in ancient civilizations.

    Crucifixion was something the Romans did to slaves and non-Roman criminals. It's nothing of religious significance until Christians made it into something of religious significance.

    Moving on, however, Part II.

    I will say this simply as it was spoken in an episode of South Park: Anyone who believes in a 9/11 conspiracy is a retard. And I honestly do not think it would be a far stretch to say 1/4ths of the entire United States is retarded.

    Every single bit of evidence of a 9/11 conspiracy CAN and HAS been struck down as at best, speculation and arbitrary (mis)interpretation, and at worst, complete lies.

    You don't need a "Zeitgeist" to turn you on to the idea of a 9/11 conspiracy, and you don't need a specialized "Zeitgeist" counter-guide to easily counter any and all ideas of 9/11 conspiracy.

    Part III is the most unoriginal, but it does present a fun science fiction timeline to follow. It seems to me an easy world to set up a fictional series that would seem to fit in to the same sort of format as "1984", before The Party's total control of Oceania.

    Unfortunately, the "facts" in this section can range from at best, speculative and arbitrary (mis)interpretation, and at worst, complete lies, misquotations, fake quotes, and ideas that create plot holes worthy of an Ed Wood movie.

    Example: If the world is being controlled by "banking interests" (interchangeable with "Jews", "Nazis", "Illuminati", "Skull and Bones", "Freemasons", "Aliens", "Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, the nWo") interested only in making money and exploiting people for money, then where in the blue hell does the idea to microchip EVERYONE in the US (much less the ENTIRE WORLD) and monitor ALL their activities fit in to MAKING MONEY?!

    As argued on the site, it would cost a STAGGERINGLY titanic amount of money just to microchip EVERYONE and to keep track of their DAILY ACTIVITIES for their entire lives. And to what benefit? How would this bring in MORE money? Even if it did bring in more money, how would this offset the backbreaking costs of upkeeping such a system, and would this amount even be worth establishing such a grotesque system if they would just be earning the exact same amount of money without it?

    Another gaping plothole: the film apparently states that "they" have control over economic systems, and can bring ENTIRE SOCIETIES to their knees with their sheer economic power... then why war? Why have war? To distract people? If these systems can completely hide their power so well, why would they go through the extra effort to hide these "setups" for war if they could just vanquish their enemies economically rather than waste lives (and subsequently, waste valuable tax income) in wars?

    It doesn't need to make sense, because it all works anyway---because it's all fiction.

    There is almost no fact in this movie that cannot be rationally explained, or outright dismissed as false.

    If this movie had reached me eight years ago or so, I would probably be one of its most verdant supporters. When I was a child, I was gullible and fell in to believing all sorts of conspiracy theories from the CIA killing Marilyn Monroe, to the Apollo Moon Landing hoax, to the Kennedy assassination conspiracy. And over the years I saw all of them stripped down and destroyed by facts, logic, and reason.

    "They" are not out to exploit you for money---THEY are. THEY, as in the filmmakers.

    Why do conspiracy theories consistently exist and consistently spread among the uneducated and educated alike?

    Because there's money to be made among propogating them. Websites get hits from people reading their crap. And filmmakers make money by making films like these. Even if you can view a film like this online for free, they still released it on DVD and people still bought it.

    And here's another thing you should ask yourself: What next?

    What are we supposed to do with this "groundbreaking" and "mindblowing" information gained from this film? What do you think they expect from you now that you "know better" and are "on to" the government and the bankers and all the Illuminati Jews Skull and Bones Freemasons conspiracy secret society groups? Are you supposed to rise up in rebellion and wage a civil war? Are you supposed to sit and smile at the government, and simply refuse to pay taxes?

    The real answer: You're supposed to tell more people about it, and get them to buy more of their stuff.

    Everything within the film has been completely debunked, and is very well compiled on this website [...]...more info
  • WOW!
  • realism in it's purest form
    Very enlightening on the religious and political front.I find it impossible to ignore the facts presented and as a person who has always questioned religion and as an adult government it seems to answer a lot of questions.If you are happy with the status quo and comfortable with your government and beliefs then I wouldn't recommend it. But, if you seek the truth I believe this is it.It isn't a feel good film in fact it is disturbing but I feel a must watch for everyone.Wake up and smell the coffee and first and foremost pay attention and be ready!...more info
  • amazing movie
    This film will transform the way you think about American govt., politics, religion, and 9/11. I recommend that everyone see it and give it as a gift to everyone you know so we can spread the knowledge around....more info