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The Official SAT Study Guide
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Product Description

In March 2005, the College Board will begin to administer a new SAT?. To help prepare all students for the new SAT and college success(tm), the College Board introduces:

    The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT(tm)
Here's the successor to the College Board's #1 best seller 10 Real SAT?s. This new book is the only one with practice tests created by the test maker according to proprietary new SAT specifications. With the book's 700+ pages and 21 chapters, students:
  • Gain experience by taking 8 practice tests and receiving estimated scores.
  • Raise confidence by reviewing concepts, test-taking approaches, and practice questions.
  • Increase understanding of the new PSAT/NMSQT? and the new SAT. Plus, book buyers receive free online score reports and a discount on The Official SAT Online Course(tm) with auto essay scoring.
Changes to the new SAT include:
  • The name of the current SAT verbal section will be changed to critical reading, analogies will be eliminated and short reading passages will be added to existing long reading passages.

  • A new section called the SAT writing section will be added, which will contain multiple-choice grammar and usage questions and a student- written essay.
  • The SAT math section will be expanded to include topics from third-year college- preparatory math (also known as Algebra II); in addition, quantitative comparisons will be eliminated from this section. The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT is part of the College Board's new SAT Readiness Program(tm) of print, online, and professional development resources.
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Satisfied
      Purchased for my son. He is using this item and is very satisfied with the book....more info
    • Great product!
      This is the most trusted brand for college preparation. Collegeboard has never failed serving millions of high school students with the materials they need. Although it is not fun to do the book it will be worth while. I know it will later on help to accomplish what I want to be when I am older. This product will help with anyone preparing for the SAT....more info
    • Buy it.
      I got a 1990 on the PSAT, and I thought I could do better, so I bought this book a few months before I took the SAT. I studied a little bit every day, and I think it improved my score significantly. On the SAT, I improved on every section (700 writing, 710 math, 720 critical reading). Being able to take several practice tests from this book made me much more comfortable when taking the actual tests. The only problem was the essay, on which I earned a 7 out of 12 ("partial mastery") I usually get excellent grades on essays at my high school, and I wasn't sure what went wrong. This book doesn't really help much with the essay, but most colleges don't consider it yet anyway....more info
    • Essential for SAT
      Everyone who is preparing for SAT or PSAT needs this book. It includes 8 test that are as close to the real SATs as possible since they are prepared by the same people. I would recommend using it after reviewing most of the math and verbal subjects as a practice book. I use it in my prep sessions as homework and quiz material as well.

      One con is that the first part of the book that reviews Math/English subjects are not very useful which makes it unsuitable for being the only book to use....more info
    • The Official SAT Guide
      This book NEVER arrived. It was cancelled the same day, reorder from another vendor and also cancelled. Finally, my daughter's boyfriend found her one, almost too late and they studied together. The Guide was helpful but would have been better if delivered and on time....more info
    • No explanations!??
      This book comes in handy because it has great tips and sources coming right from the creator of the SAT's and also tells you what to expect on test day. The only problem is that it gives no explanations for the answers.There are explanations on the sample questions only, but there are none on the practice tests(there are eight practice tests). It is so frustrating, especially in the math section, don't just tell me the answer is "B", explain to me WHY it is "B" and HOW to solve the problem. If you want an effective and easy to understand study guide, I recommend "11 Practice tests for the SAT's and PSAT's" by the princeton review. That one actually explains the answers for every single question(both math and English) in the book. You can buy the college board's if you want great tips but don't rely on it for your practice tests because its not going to help....more info
    • The Official SAT study Guide
      I was sxtremely satisfied with the price, the condition of the book and its delivery time. Now I would be very comfortable to use Amazon for my future purchases. ...more info
    • The Best SAT Study Guide By Far!
      I am an SAT Tutor and have routinely seen students of mine improve their SAT scores between 250 and 300 points and beyond. The only book I use is this one because it's the only book on the market that has questions made by the test maker. This not only insures that students know and improve in content skill but, just as important, they become very aware of patterns. In other words, by reviewing hundreds of questions, students naturally become familiar with the common traps, errors and nuances of the test. This builds confidence. Further proof? The Amazon ranking of this book is routinely in the top 100 while it's closest competitors are in the thousands or tens of thousands!Rock the Test: The Newest SAT Solutions Manual to the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide...more info
    • Excellent for SAT/PSAT review
      The SAT examination is a test of a different character; it purports not to test a given set of skills pertaining to a specific subject, rather it claims to measure one's "readiness" for college-level work. In many aspects, this is true: learning a bunch of facts will not increase your score drastically. However, the key to success on the SAT is the knowledge of a few basic facts and a plethora of practice. This book will provide both.

      The Critical Reading review section of this book is necessarily devoid of much factual review (other than your basic test taking strategies), but contains much practice. And, if you think about it, how else can you study for a reading test than by practicing?

      The mathematics review section is extremely good. It has sections for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and miscellaneous topics. Every item that can be tested makes an appearance in this book. In addition, there are plenty of problems at the end of each section review, as well as a final math practice set. Reading this section will remedy any basic math weakness.

      The writing section of this book is also extremely good; It has numerous drills and real practice questions to help solidify the writing rules given. If you master the writing review section of this book, you're, in essence, guaranteed to score a 700+ on the writing section of the real exam.

      Finally, the real meat-and-potatoes of this book is the set of 8 practice tests that is included. Doing all of these tests under timed conditions will dramatically raise your score as you will learn the test better as well as solidify your knowledge of the topics by putting them to use.

      Do note that those of you preparing for the PSAT should also grab a copy of this book. Not only will you be prepared for the PSAT, but you'll also become prepared for the SAT. One of my students and I dramatically raised our PSAT scores with this book -- you can too.

      EDIT: I just got my December 2007 scores and I scored a 2340! It's all thanks to this book :) ...more info
    • Best SAT study available
      This book is the only source for real test questions. There are several knock offs but this is the one and only real deal. College Prep Coach, the premier test prep company in the country, uses this guide exclusively in its course. If you are serious about SAT test prep this book is a must have item. ...more info
    • Wrong old version!
      The book is too old!
      I expected to get 2008 version.
      Very dissapoint....more info
    • Great Book!
      Firstly,it is a great book with useful deals for different part of SAT. I think this book is like Baron's "How to prepare for SAT",but it has more details and is from the test maker.
      Secondly,as a official guide to SAT for people all around the world,it introduce SAT in a very detailed way,including some test skill.(though..just few..)
      As a official guide,it can just present some common skills and reference. It cannot be a top reference book but a necessary book for SAT.
      Thanks collegeboard for presenting such a great book for us....more info
    • A good investment--particularly if you use the $10 discount for online course
      It's hard to knock an item that is relatively low in cost yet has the potential to reap great dividends. My daughter has buried herself in the book and we invested the additional $50 (cost after discount with purchase of book) so she could use the online component. A must-have for any self-motivated student.

      Caveat: I suspect that (like any form of study), it is difficult to forcefully apply the contents to unwilling parties!! :D...more info
    • Bought this for the mystery tutor site, glad I did.
      I bought this book for my kid because it was recommended on, and I have to say I'm glad I did. The questions are different from what he was working on before, which was one of the Barron's books, just like the guy on the mystery tutor site said they would be. It just makes sense to use real questions to get ready for the test, especially when it's an important one.

      Some other reviewers have written about how the book doesn't provide solutions, and I agree that that's a problem, but if you go to the mystery tutor's forums you can get all of those solutions for free, so that way you can still use this book of real questions and not have to go with some other company's fake questions, but still have explanations.

      The book is full of real practice questions just like it says it is, and it's the only book of practice questions you should be using! Get it and don't think twice....more info
    • The Official SAT Study Guide
      This book is the filet mignon of SAT prep, but it has one drawback.

      I've tutored the SAT for over two years, and have scored over 2300 twice as an adult. This title is superior to the Kaplan and Princeton Review books, because it is designed by the people who produce the SAT. This simple fact is enough to elevate it head and shoulders above the rest.

      When you use the College Board book, you'll be exposed to the perfect difficulty level of questions - not too easy, not too hard. Therefore, you'll learn perfect pacing - not too fast, not too slow. And perfect feedback - not so easy that you think you're a genius, not too hard that you'll think you should go back to seventh grade. And perfect test perception - you'll see just how many "oh my god!!!" questions there are and will handle them accordingly.

      The only drawback is the lack of an answer key. The College Board is much more interested in a "fair test" than in helping you out. But if you combine this book with an established, talented SAT tutor, you'll improve your score tremendously with this book. ...more info
    • Good Prep
      This was a great guide to prepare me for what to expect on the test.

      The only thing that study guides like these lack is the testing monitor who can be a little overwhelming at times....more info
    • Official CollegeBoard SAT Review Book - Exactly as Advertised
      Study Guide is great and less expensive than through the College Board website.

      Very unhappy with Amazon shipping - the "free" shipping took over 2 weeks....more info
    • Another SAT Tool
      Bought this for grandson, a senior in High School, starting to prepare for his SAT test. Arrived in a timely manner in New condition. Sorry for late submission of feedback....more info
    • Great book
      This is the best book to use in preparation for the SAT. I own an SAT tutoring company and I only use this book. I skip the tips and go right to all the practice tests. They are very realistic; not too hard and not too easy....more info
    • useful, but no solutions...
      College Board's Official SAT Study Guide is the only book with real SAT questions, but it lacks solutions to those questions. You need to get this book too:

      Official SAT Study Guide Solutions Manual: 2007-2008 Edition
      ...more info
    • Very Helpful
      The Official SAT STudy Guide is an extremely helpful tool when studying for the SAT's. Inside the book are test taking strategies, explanations of every section on the test, practice questions for each section (plus answer explanations for every question) and eight fill length practice SAT's. This book is a must have for every SAT taker....more info
    • Official book but needs better strategies
      I thought this is a straight forward book. It provides lots of examples but it is hard to sometimes learn from each questions (students I find keep making the same mistakes over and over).

      Also, from the test maker I would like to see some more free material since they are making lots of money off of each student that takes the exam. If you are going to pay for a book, check out rocket revolution or Gruber's book for great material. ...more info
    • less than 75
      Before I decide to purshase this product I knew what was about it. The book is not for me. But I know it is very helpfull for my son. When we were searching it was a very nice experience 'cause we saw many amazing products we wanted to get. Even do was my first time buying on line I am so satisfied with Amazon. As third parties as well. I come here often since then. Thanks Amazon. ...more info
    • The Best and Only Source You Will Need Preparing for the New SAT
      I purchased a number of other books to prepare for the test, but ultimately found them all pretty worthless. What you need to do is get this book and take the practice tests; in fact, that's all you need to do. The SAT is not about being smart or skilled in the content. The test is simple once you understand it. Doing well is knowing the test, understanding how to manage your time, recognizing your errors, and gaining a general intuition in terms of the ways the test will attempt to trick you or lead you away from the correct answer. There is no better way to learn these things than practicing with questions written by the people who make the real test! By the time you're done, correct answers will leap out at you, and you'll be extremely comfortable on the big day, knowing exactly what to expect. I only took 4 of the practice tests and ended up with an 800 on the Critical Reading, 740 on the Math, and 730 in Writing (that only amounted to 5 questions wrong total out of 170, no questions skipped). No classes, hardly any other practice, just a couple of Sundays set aside....more info
    • Excellent Guide!
      This is an excellent guide for the SAT!
      The content is thorough and very helpful....more info
    • Good, solid study guide
      I bought this book for my daughter. It is easy to navigate, well laid-out, and fairly clear and precise in its presentation. ...more info
    • Great Buy
      It is so worth what I paid, and then some. It explains in great detail and the wording is easy to understand. I just wish the book would focus more on problem areas and not just the whole SAT test. I still think the book will help me tremendously on the exam....more info
    • Hey
      Collegeboard is the one who opens the "official'SAT tests.
      And it gave us a study "sheet" for that.
      it's thick, but the best stuff.
      10 Practice Tests I like the best.
      you can get some anticipation of the test.
      the best SAT!...more info
    • Not a rating
      This is not a rating - never received product because it was never really available. Vendor contacted me right away concerning the discrepancy....more info
    • Good Practice
      This is a good book to practice the SAT with, if you use it. It will help to know what kinds of questions are on the SAT when you acctually take it....more info
    • good primer
      I bought this book for my nephew and now reportedly he's going to ace the SAT. We'll see. But he found it to be a quick study and claims it helped me a great deal.

      That remains to be seen. BUt he completed the book which is more than he did with other SAT prep books. So it's already ahead of the curve. ...more info
    • SAT Guide
      This book was invaluable for SAT studies. Many of the vocabulary words were on the test. ...more info