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What in the World is Going On?: 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore
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Is the current economic and political crisis actually prophesied in the Bible? If so, what are we to do about it? It is hard to piece together all this information in a way that gives a comprehensive picture of what the end times will look like. That's why so many theories abound. And that's why Dr. David Jeremiah has written "What In the World Is Going On?", a unique look that cuts through the hundreds of theories to identify the essential 10 most important bible prophecies. There is no other book like this. You'll find it the ultimate study tool for understanding the future. You'll have a greater sense of comfort that, even in these crazy times, God is indeed in control. If Bible prophecy has always been a mystery to you, Dr. Jeremiah's book will help you solve it! At last, bible prophecy can make sense, and make a difference. "What In the World Is Going On?" is shocking and eye-opening but essential reading in these turbulent days.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bible teaching, but too specific with predictions
    "What in the world is going on?" is a summary of Dr. David Jeremiah's teaching on biblical prophecy and current events from a dispensational perspective. From all the alliteration and parallel construction, it is obvious that Dr. Jeremiah put together 10 sermons that he preached on this topic and compiled them in book form for this publication. To be completely transparent before I review his work, you need to know that I am a fellow graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a committed dispensationalist in my view of Scripture and eschatology. With all that in mind, let's talk about Dr. Jeremiah's latest book...

    First, let's review what really works in this book. Dr. Jeremiah, because he writes not just from an academic perspective, but a pastoral perspective, is conscious in each chapter to discuss the practical applications of his eschatological views. I agree with Dr. Jeremiah's conviction that biblical prophecy has huge implications for the daily life of the Christian believer, and he does a great job of taking time at the end of each chapter to discuss what his theological views mean for everyday life.

    Another positive in this book is Dr. Jeremiah's faith in the truthfulness of Scripture. Even if you disagree with his hermeneutic or his interpretation of modern events in light of biblical prophecy, you leave the book with the strong sense that Dr. Jeremiah believes every word of the Bible to be trustworthy. His strong faith encourages the reader to have a higher view of the Word - always a good mark in my opinion.

    With regards to the individual chapters, I felt like his discussion about Israel and his discussion about Islam were the most helpful. The unique place that dispensationalism holds in evangelical theology is related to its view that God is not done with the nation of Israel, but that He will completely fulfill his promises to them when Jesus returns to the earth. Dr. Jeremiah is definitely in that stream of teaching (a lot of the book feels like an updated version of Dr. Walvoord's writings), and he does a good job of helping the reader understand how the nation of Israel fits into end-time prophecies. After the chapter on Israel, the chapter on Islam was the most powerful in my mind - maybe because it contained the most new information to me. The startling detail about the nature of Islamic teaching always makes me pause and pray.

    Not everything about the book is a home-run, however. Though I agree with Dr. Jeremiah's theology, his book is a good reminder of the danger of getting too specific in identifying the players, the motives, and the dates of end-time prophecy. Every dispensationalist in the 1940's was sure that Hitler was the Antichrist and that the end was near. Every book about the end-times over the last 20 years has had a section about oil and the impact that the energy markets will have on the end times. Dr. Jeremiah devotes a whole chapter to this topic, and I'm sure when he wrote it in May-June and oil was $140 a barrel, it made total sense to him. Of course, oil is now back to $40 a barrel and his insights don't seem that timely.

    My point here is simply to say that our theological beliefs need to be informed by historical awareness. Every generation looks for signs of the times, as they should, but the point I think from Jesus' generalized teachings is that we should be ready all the time, knowing that His return could come at any point. When teachers attempt to identify the countries that will attack Israel and the place that the Antichrist comes from, I believe they are speaking more specifically than the Scriptures. Dr. Jeremiah uses prophecies from Ezekiel and Daniel to speak to end-time players and the sequences of events. The problem with doing that (in my humble opinion) is that we are reading our 21st century worldview into an ancient document (with a 6th century BC worldview). If the end comes tomorrow, Dr. Jeremiah may end up being a genius. But history is full of prophecy readers who were sure they were close to the end, proclaimed it boldly, yet were terribly wrong. Do we want to hang our credibility as Christians on our ability to predict the end-times?

    I personally don't. I want to be very humble in my handling of biblical prophecy, and teach it and preach it in light of how many before me have been so wrong. This doesn't mean that we can't have a conviction about what Scripture is teaching; it just means we need to be extremely careful lest we speak with more specificity than the Bible itself....more info
  • Received as expected.
    I purchased this book because I heard Dr. Jeremiah preach this on a radio station I listen to. It is an excellent book on prophecy. I received the book in excellent condition and very quickly. I would suggest this book for those who are looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ soon....more info
  • Faith doesn't mean uninformed.
    Once I started reading David Jeremiah's new book, "What in the World is Going On?" (Thomas Nelson Publisher) I couldn't put it down. I will tell you - I was honestly surprised that it held my interest. I thought that the 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore would be a rehash of what I already knew as a Christian. I was wrong.

    This book not only held my interest, it opened my eyes to a lot of the craziness going on today and its biblical meaning. Dr. Jeremiah's writing style created almost a conversation between the two of us. I really felt like I was sitting down having coffee with him, learning about what all of this mess in today's world means. Another thing this book has done for me is cause me to ask questions. Stimulate conversation between other believers and non-believers as to what their take is on everything going on.

    I really have enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others to purchase to read. You won't be sorry and in today's world where time is money - it's well worth the cost of both. As a Christian, we live by faith. But that doesn't get us off free from being informed.

    ...more info
  • What In The World Is Going On?
    This was an outstanding read, in a clear, and compelling prose on what God's heart is for Israel along with the dramatic Bible prophecies that will unfold in the last days. Most interesting was David Jeremiah's ability in examining and explaining the trends around the world, exhibiting our day through the lens of the Scripture. All the while describing Jesus' uncondidtional love and compassion for the Jewish people and Muslim people. Everyone should read this....more info
  • Worth reading
    Much good information in this book. Helps you understand the times we are living in....more info
  • A Book All Should Read
    New York Times best selling author Dr. David Jeremiah's newest release is, "What in the World is Going On: Ten Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore." I'm a fan of both Dr. Jeremiah and prophecy, so I started this book with the expectation I would not be disappointed.

    I wasn't.

    This book is a treasure. It's in simple language explaining both Biblical example and prophetic statements that are typically not easy to communicate. I found the book easy to read and comprehend. Dr. Jeremiah used practical examples we all can relate to, historical stories, political examples and the most important proof of all, God's word. You do not need a Seminary or Political degree to relish this book.

    I believe this book is definitely for those who call on Jesus as Savior, for those who are wondering, and for those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus nor care to.

    For those who do not nor care to, the reader will most likely walk away feeling overwhelmed and possibly in despair. What I love about Dr. Jeremiah is his style. He gives the facts as the Bible shares them, and instead of passing off condemnation, he offers hope through a personal relationship in Christ. Again, it's not David Jeremiah's sermon, it's Biblical.

    For those who have a relationship with Christ, my guess is you will long for the day to be with the Lord even more, but you will have a heavy heart for those you love who don't share that faith.

    You might also want to argue some of the points, but again, I find between the Bible, history, political and current events, we can't duck in the sand anymore. When I think of everything Israel has been through, I know I only have a glimpse, yet I feel the United States should be following the military and security examples Israel out of necessity has in place. The world's troubles can be traced right back to the Bible. People want to know the end. Well although there is mystery to Revelation, there is so much in our technology and world affairs that are making it clear. David Jeremiah is right. We have clues we cannot afford to ignore.

    Here are the clues he shares:

    The Israel Connection
    The Crude Awakening
    Modern Europe...Ancient Rome
    Islamic Terrorism
    Vanished Without a Trace
    Does America Have a Role in Prophecy?
    When One Man Rules the World
    The New Axis of Evil
    Arming for Armageddon
    The Return of the King
    Also: Jewish population statistics and June 2007 Conventional Oil Reserves by Country.

    This book by Thomas Nelson publishers is a must read for all. Even if readers disagree, it hopefully would send the reader, no matter what their faith background is, to the Bible to see for themselves....more info
  • What's going on in the church?
    David Jeremiah is a wonderful teacher of the Bible. I enjoy his show on Sunday morning. His book presents many views that are subject to various interpretations. Jesus only cited one prophet when he spoke of the end of the world, which was Daniel. If an issue was an issue to Christ it should be an issue to us. So what did Jesus say about the end of the world?

    The essence of the teaching of Christ was to be ready for his coming, not when he was coming. Jesus taught his disciples to be very concerned about performing their duties in the church to be ready for his coming.

    When the disciples asked Jesus what shall be the sign of your coming and the end of the world, Christ responds with when you see the Antichrist you've been left behind. Why? Because if you see the Antichrist you just missed your flight. Jesus said in the same day or night the Antichrist is seen by the disciples, two shall be in the field and one shall be taken and the other will remain. For those who remain, Jesus said abandon all your possessions and head for the hills. Christ gave these instructions so that the disciples (the church now) would have a better chance of avoiding apprehension and arrest by the Antichrist regime.

    So Jesus gives them many parables illustrating what his disciples should be doing to be ready for his coming. It's all about performance of duties in the church. It has nothing to do with speculating whose jockeying for position in the middle east. Spiritual speculators are a dime a dozen and worth even less because they focus on non-issues and forsake the major issues of the gospel of Christ. The major issue according to Christ is being a good and faithful servant and never saying in your heart my Lord delays his coming. Christ always ends these parables with the truth about those who fail to perform their duties to make us remember we must serve Christ with all our heart to be ready. Jesus didn't stop there, he also gave notice of what the results would be for the servants who fail to perform their duties. They are cast out into the tribulation and beaten with stripes. The wise and the faithful come from the east and the west and enter into the kingdom of God, and the negligent remain to endure the tribulation. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the Word of the Lord. It brings all other doctrines into perspective that spoil the church such as the deceitful prosperity doctrines that corrupt the churches.

    The greatest gift I can offer you is the gift of the truth. Believe the gospel with all your heart and be faithful unto him, or be cast out into tribulation when the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night. ...more info
  • Not just the same stuff
    Dr. Jeremiah is not new to this subject, and even though I have studied prophecy for quite a long time myself, he is one of my favorite teachers on Bible prophecy, and I continue to learn from his teaching. In fact, he has studied it for over 40 years and has written at least three other books on this topic, two of which are already in my personal library.

    But this one is different. The normal way to teach biblical prophecy is to march straight through the (controversial) prophetic timeline as presented in Scripture, pointing out the interesting landmarks along the way, like a tour guide at a popular tourist site. This time, Dr. Jeremiah walks us through the future using our favorite TV news channel and news headlines website as the starting point.

    With the subtitle of "10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore" as his basis, Dr. Jeremiah points to things like the new Russia-Iran deal, the recent American election season, and the growing influence of the European Union to show his readers that the promised future may not be as distant as they might like to think.

    One of the things I really appreciated about this book was the amount of current information Dr. Jeremiah compiled. Theories about Israel, oil, the Antichrist, etc. have abounded for many years - usually just recycling the same out-of-date myths. Not so here. Consider this:

    - The two appendices are charts of population and oil reserve statistics from 2007.

    - The 14 pages of end notes include 257 notes - not surprising if you have ever read Dr. Jeremiah's previous works. What is surprising is, in that mix of many commentaries, I found over 130 citations of websites from which he collected his information - most of them news articles from 2007 and 2008. This isn't the same old stuff rehashed so he can sell another book. These are real, up-to-date events that are helping usher in the future we have only read about until now.

    Picking a favorite chapter is really hard because I learned the most in chapters two, three, and four. Much of what I thought I knew about oil, Europe, and Islam was confirmed, but I gained a huge amount of information I had never known.

    My only criticism is that I saw only "8 Prophetic Clues...", not the ten promised in the subtitle. While I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Jeremiah's teaching in chapter five (on the Rapture of the Church) and chapter ten (on Jesus' final return), I didn't feel that he offered any modern-day "clues" to those events like he did so well in the other eight chapters.

    That being said, I loved this book! In fact, its message is so timely that I will probably use it for message prep for an upcoming teaching series myself. Thanks, Dr. Jeremiah. And thank you, Thomas Nelson, for publishing another great book!...more info
  • Prophetic...
    What In The World Is Going On
    10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford To Ignore
    Dr. David Jeremiah
    Thomas Nelson
    ISBN: 9780785228875
    Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for
    5 Stars
    What In The World Is Going On?...
    Dr. David Jeremiah attempts to answer some very difficult questions concerning the end times. He backs up his answers with scripture, research, and the support of other scholars. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation present warnings to what the future holds. Jeremiah presents a well-organized, easy-to-understand discourse in Biblical prophecy.
    I am not sure I totally agree with his timeline concerning the rapture. I am certainly not an expert and frankly hope he is correct. The chapter on the Rapture was very interesting. I was also surprised but fascinated on the chapter concerning oil. I pray He comes soon. I hope Dr. Jeremiah develops a small group study based on this book.
    ...more info
  • What in the World is Going On?
    Sometimes books about prophecy use a scare tactic to draw the reader in. Not so with this one. Jeremiah writes a well-researched book that takes the reader through ten various prophesies. From Israel to oil, from Islam to the rapture, this book puts in plain English how what we are seeing today and what we've been taught to look for in the Bible are signs from Scripture. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on America's role in prophecy. How (and why) God has blessed our country and how to identify signs of the decline of the USA. The detailed account of the invasion of Israel and the uprising of the Biblical forces of Gog and Magog show just how much our battle is not with flesh and blood but is a battle in the spiritual realm.
    ...more info
  • What In The World Is Going On? Plenty.
    I found this book very up-to-date so far as prophecy and today's world events are concerned. Although America is not mentioned by name in prophecy I do believe we are involved and this book brings out many things that are happening today which pertain to our country.
    David Jeremiah is a very good and informed writer. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Dr. Jeremiah has done it again!
    Every book or sermon I have read or listened to by Dr. Jeremiah has been excellent and this book is no exception. What in the World is Going On? will keep your interest from the beginning to the end. This book will make a great Christmas gift. ...more info