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Dark Magic (Leisure Paranormal Romance)
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They were masters of the darkness, searching through eternity for a mistress of the light...WOULD SHE FIND MAGIC Young Savannah Dubrinsky was a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there was one--Gregori, the Dark One--who held her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality sent shivers of danger, of desire, down her slender spine. With a dark magic all his own, Gregori--the implacable hunter, the legendary healer, the most powerful of Carpathian males--whispered in Savannah's mind that he was her destiny. That she had been born to save his immortal soul. And now, here in New Orleans, the hour had finally come to claim her. To make her completely his. In a ritual as old as time . . . and as inescapable as eternity.

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't say enough!!!!!!
    I just can't say enough good things about the 'Dark Series'. 'Dark Magic' was one of my favorites. Seldom have I found books that so very acurately describe "sensual". After reading about Gregori in a couple of the other books (I didn't read them in order) I was thinking that Gregori's story could possibly be too "dark" due to Gregori's nature....... I am very happy to report - Not So! CF put in enough touches of humor concerning Gregori's protectiveness & the other men's reaction to same said protectiveness that it really kept me entertained. This guy could be overly-protective of me anyday!!!!!!!!! :)...more info
  • Not Great, Not Bad
    I don't think the book sucked by any means, but it just didn't have that certain...somethin somethin. And I really can't tell you what exactly is missing. The sex was hot, the chacters...good. Maybe it was just the story in general. If you were to purchase this book, buy it used. Oh and if you want something that will make your toes curl and blow your socks off. Then check out Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark Series. Good stuff baby!...more info
  • Rape is rape
    I must admit that I find Christine Feehan's "Dark" desires deeply disturbing in many ways, and this book, along with _Dark Secret_, is the most disturbing. I was happy when rape stopped being such an essential part of romance novels; I still remember reading Kathleen Woodiwiss and Rosemary Rogers' novels when I was young and being freaked out by how often the heroine ended up falling in love with the man who had raped her. But Feehan's books have returned us to those dark days, when sexy heroes force themselves on young and innocent heroines, who then blame themselves for tempting the heroes beyond reason - just as Savannah not only excuses Gregori for raping her, but actually blames herself for wanting some choice and freedom in her life. Frankly, the whole doomed Carpathian species/lifemate thing seems like an excuse to indulge in the misogynist fantasies that say that men can't control their sexuality and that women like to be raped. It is possible to write sexy paranormal romance/erotica that doesn't indulge in the most retrogade gender stereotypes around. Try Emma Holly. ...more info
  • Hilarious
    This novel is hilarious. Savannah puts Gregori through hell and he deserves it. He is too serious all the time and needs to take a chill pill and Savannah nearly overdoses him. The story is well developed and well written. This was nicely executed novel.

    Write on, read on
    N.M. Phillips...more info
  • One of my favorites in the series
    This is a good if typical Dark series stories, not the worst a pretty good plot line...more info
  • What's the deal?
    this book is good, esp. when the reader thinks about ref. made to it in Dark Gold and other books where Gregori is mentioned.
    But what's the deal with power? all the carpathian males are 'the most powerful', but then someone els is. what's going on? Lucian is more powerful than Gabriel (Dark Guardian & Dark Legend), who's his younger twin and two thousand years old. both are said to be legendary, matchless hunters & whatever, but now it says that their younger brother (?) Gregori is the most powerful. and Aiden in Dark Gold is held up to be the 'most powerful' too, but he's barely 900 years old, and his twin Julian is more powerful than him, even though he's younger (?) what's the deal here? there's too many contradictions between what's written on the back cover and what's in the book itself - and that goes for all of them. what's going on? and how can you be 'ageless' if you're 800 years old and not if you're like 1,000 or 2,000? (ref. to Aiden in Dark Gold)
    even so, this book is really awesome, and definitely worth your time. just don't read a lot of other christine feehan novels before this if you don't wanna know basically what's gonna happen. take a break, then read it - it's really good, in spite of the whole age-power conflict in the series....more info
  • I LOVE Gregori
    Gregori..... In my eyes, no one is good enough for him... he is my favorite but far. So powerful and alone. So many sins to atone for and at first Savannah fights for her freedom. When she accepts his claim on her, he fears that he wronged her and manipulated her to be his lifemate and that there is another one, her REAL lifemate out there waiting to claim her, something Gregori would never let happen. It takes a while for him to come to realized that she IS his true lifemate. They have a strong bond and she is a match for him and will keep him on his toes for years to come with the power she had lurking deep inside. She is the princes daughter after all. ...more info
  • typical feehan
    I have read almost all of the dark series and must say that I like them. I have a tendency to skip over some of the love scenes at times, but I like the total story line and the idea of one eternal love/lifemate/soulmate. That there are no others but them. This is a typical Feehan Dark Series read. You could change the cover page and get the same principal story, but then you wouldn't get to know each Carpathian. ...more info
  • Cute and Refreshing
    Savannah is Gregori, the dark one's, lifemate. He has known this all her life because he inadvertantly becomes "best friends" with her when she is a child. And so their connection grows so Gregori can ensure his partnership with Savannah. On her 18th birthday, Gregori vows to give her five years of freedom so she isn't shackled to him right away. So, with one kiss that leaves her breathless and dizzy, he removes himself from her life and makes a home in California in the mountains. He knows he is becoming more dangerous with age, and being away from humans and others like him will decrease the chance of him harming anyone until Savannah is brought to his side.

    I was looking forward to this one since 'Dark Desire'. I was a little curious to see what Gregori had done to Mikhail and Raven's child when an incident arose, and Raven almost died.

    Savannah is adventurous and spunky; She's just what Gregori needs after all his years of unrestfulness. She really brought Gregori to life. And it was so sweet. It was cute to see Gregori 'allow' Savannah to be his sidekick as much as possible without her being in danger. It kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat to find out what came next.

    Truly an adorable tale....more info
  • Gregori lifemate to Savannah ( humm to die for)
    Gregori the dark one,best friend of the prince , fear and respected by everybody, he is the one that always deliver justice to renegade vampires, a great ancient with great power
    the healer of his people, using his power he make sure that the daughter of his best friend the prince and his lifemate, in her mother wounds was tie to him for eternity.

    Savannah a beauty like her mother runs away from her family and people away from Gregori the ancient carpathian tha in her 18 birthday told her that her destiny lies next to him. afraid of the feeling that Gregori make her feel Savannah lives her homeland and travel the world as a magician. but litle that she knows that the five years that Gregori allow her, was causing him so much pain and almost cost him his life.

    Gregori that one that used to told that others carpathians, what to do with their lifemates, would learn soon that hard way that once your feelings and emotions, desires and jealousy come back to a carpathian men, their is nothing he wouldn't do to make his lifemate happy. nothing.

    This is one of my favorites books, Gregori is once of my favorites heroes and he soon learn to do what he never could in all the centuries he have survive. To really laugh and enjoy life next to one person that mean that world to him.

    Savannah is young and inexperienced but she learn quick to become a woman, and together next to the love of her life, she
    start a new life.

    I enjoy this book so much, it haves everything and it makes you
    feel warm inside. and I share my tears too.

    definately a good one to keep

    savannahmb...more info

  • Dark Magic
    I love Ms. Feehan's work! Ever since I discovered her when I purchased "Dark Guardian", I've been hooked! This book delivers - from the steamy romance, conflicts between the main characters while they find their way to true, everlasting love -- Ms. Feehan can tell a story! Her Carpathian characters are what every hero should be - devastatingly handsome, strong, powerful and totally comitted to their one, true love. Her story lines are fresh and she has the ability to draw the reader in and make them feel what the characters are experiencing. I would recommend this book (all of her books, actually) to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance - as far as I'm concerned, she's the Queen of this genre (no offense to the other fine authors out there, but that is my opinion...)

    ...more info
  • A must read!
    Christine Feehan is one of the best authors of this genre, and this book is a reason why. Dark Magic pulls you in from page one, holds you tight till the last page, and stays with you long after you finish reading it. After Dark Guardian, this is my favorite in the series.

    There are some reviews which are less than sympathetic towards the hero, Gregori, and while I don't agree with them, I can understand their annoyance because, there are certain parts of the novel, which if misinterpreted, may be slightly disturbing to certain readers. The first love scene in the book has been labeled in some reviews as rape / forcible seduction by the hero, and there I disagree completely. The author portrays very realistically the darkness that threatens to take over Gregori, and it was that very darkness that was responsible for his behaviour, and not the person he really was. I personally thought Gregori was a marvelous hero, and Savannah was his perfect match, balancing out his brooding, tortured personality with her irrepresible sense of humor. I loved how she slowly brought him out of his reclusive tendencies and taught him to enjoy life. She wasn't a shrinking violet, she was just accepting of his faults.
    Gregori's possessive attitude towards Savannah might annoy some readers, but I'm convinced that that again was brought on by his insecurities, and he had quite a few of those, believe me.

    All in all, we have a hero who isn't perfect, has a serious tendency to brood, is very protective of his lifemate, and is sexy as hell. In other words, he is the ultimate alpha male, and that's not such a bad thing, all things considered.
    If you like paranormal romances, read Dark Magic, and read it with an open mind. Trust me, you won't regret it....more info
  • gift
    Dark Magic (Leisure Paranormal Romance)
    This was a purchase for my granddtr who is currently reading Chistine Feehan's Dark series. I have never read Feehan's books so I can't give a review....more info
  • a 'MUST READ' !!
    The Dark and Imposing Gregori is seen as one that is untouchable and undefeatable by many. In this book, its very heartwarming to see how he is trying to open up to Savannah , his lifemate as well as the offspring of his prince, Mikhail and Raven.

    This is a total page turner as i was kept busy with the book all afternoon.

    A bit of a feminist and dreamer, its nice to see how a hard and unforgiving character like Geogori goes all out of his way to keep Savannah safe and agree to go with her whims. Savannah does help Geogori to ease his guilt that he may have manipulated with Fate in order to get a lifemate....more info
  • Boring with no story
    I started this series from the beginning and enjoyed all of them. i was intrigued by Gregori when he was first mentioned in Dark Prince. So i was eager to read his story. what a snooze fest it turned out to be.

    First of all, i didn't care for all the Old-World style language. I understand Gregori's old and all that but the constant lack of contractions in the dialogue became cumbersome after a while. Second of all, and let me say the story started out promising action-wise, everything came to a screeching halt by the second chapter. The author goes on and on and on with the same monologue over and over. Gregori's the dark one, everyone fears him, he's always alone, Savannah wants her independence, she's afraid of Gregori, yadda, yadda, blah blah.... this goes on for about the next hundred pages and i found myself skipping entire pages to get to some meaningful conversation or maybe...i don't know... action maybe?

    Then there's all the repetitive descriptions. Savannah's violet eyes, Gregori's molten gaze, savannah's body quivers every time he's near. MS. Feehan needs to pick up a thesaurus and find a more inventive way of describing her characters or maybe not try to drum the same point in our heads page after page.

    Like i said, i did enjoy the first three books but now i'm seriously considering whether or not to even read any more in this series. If you're looking for a good vamp romance try Lynsay Sands or Erin McCarthy. they really now how to write witty, sexy males that aren't monotonous....more info
  • Don't miss the bigger picture
    I am saddened by the slew of reviews claiming *rape* over and over. I agree Gregori is Old World, and he can be extraordinarily overbearing, but that is the point! That's who he is. And if readers would continue the story, continue with the rest of the series, they would learn and understand not only him, but all of the Carpathian males. These creatures are in agony - in desperate need of their other halves. Without these women, they are hollow and empty, living with only glimmers of hope that they can find that mate. And when they do find that person, their only purpose becomes keeping that person safe and happy. Yes they take what they need, but they don't take more than their mates are able or wiling to give! They also give sooooooo much more back.

    IF you are looking for a simple "guy meets girl and live happily ever after" find another author. If you are ready to dig deep into the bigger picture and see these characters as evolving people, this is a great series for that. ...more info
  • love triumphs
    a have been waiting for a book exclusively on Gregori The Dark One and frankly ms. feehan didnt disappoint,for one you can expect him to be the ultra alpha-male,coz that what he is supposed to be,the way he should be and as always women in this case savannah, under his thrall should be eclipsed by his character...more info
  • Dark Fire
    The very first book that i have read of the Christine Feehan collection was Dark Fire and after i read it i was taken prisonner to this collection. Every fiber of me was wanting to reach for her next book. I was addicted to it. I wanted nothing more than to hear the words. I was amazed of how captivating a writer she was. I am the kind of person to only read one or two books of a writer and then just lose interest but Christine has made me want to never stop to want to go on to the next one. If you are someone who has a passion for romance novels and love trilogies then go to read her books. They will want you to keep coming back for more....more info
  • Its Ok
    Ive been hooked on this author since I picked up and read Dark Fire (BEST OF THE SERIES) Since then I had gathered her books together to make a complete collection which I re read quite frequently. This book let me down a bit. Its a good book just didn't have the spark that some of the others like Dark Desire and Dark Prince had. ...more info
  • Boring!
    This book was so boring I actualy found myself skipping pages. There is little to no plot beyond getting the two mains in bed, and once they are there Gregori spends most of the time lecturing Savannah on the fact that he knows best and she needs to do as she's told. Savannah pouts and whines and ends up following orders while telling him she's not always going to do so.

    I was also disturbed by the first "love scene." I use the term loosely because it read more like a rape sequence than first time lovers. She is coerced into the bed, her mind manipulated and controlled, then she is violently used.

    The villians finally make a real showing after half a book of Gregori's bossing, mind control and, at one point, taking control of Savannah's body to force her to do what he told her. The "action" there is still weak, with Savannah interrupting Gregori during action sequences via telepathy to remind him that she doesn't like having to sit at home and wait.

    While I know she didn't compose it, the back cover blurb is also deceptive. It says the story is set in New Orleans, while they don't get to NO until more than halfway through the book, and it makes it sound like the story is about them getting to the "claiming the lifemate" marriage ritual, which actually takes place very early in the book. The book isn't about getting to the marriage, it's about them nagging each other and him forcing her to give in to him in all things. I think the back-cover writers were also at a loss to find the plot.

    I'm very dissappointed with this book. I've read Feehan's other series and know she can write strong, alpha males who don't resort to this kind of abusive control of a woman. She knows how to write engaging and intriguing men and women. She knows how to write action so intense the reader leaves sweaty fingerprints on every page. None of that is evident in "Dark Magic." I think the one star I gave it is generous, but no stars wasn't an option....more info
  • Magical
    This book was very good, it could have been better if Darius had converted his lifemate....more info
  • I wanted to give it 5 stars but...
    I was introduced to Christine Feehan's Dark Series about a week ago. I read Dark Prince and then was forced to get Dark Magic because I was so captivated by Gregori's character, like so many other readers. The Carpathian world is too detailed to go into in a short review, so I'll the other reviews speak to that. I wanted to touch on something else, which applies to Dark Prince and Dark Magic especially:

    It appears that Feehan has found an original way to solve the dilemma that romance writers face: how do you strike that delicate balance between wanting the man to take of you (security) yet at the same time not wanting to be constantly dictated to (the feminism)? Easy -- just invent a race where the women are genetically "okay" with being dictated too. Even if that doesn't solve the dilemma, Feehan has a backup plan: put the woman in constant danger from vampires. (It helps that the paucity of women makes them natural targets.) Then, make sure the woman is young, stupid, or human, so that she has no knowledge or experience at being Carpathian and protecting herself from vampires. That way, the man is FORCED to order her around. Gregori isn't dictating that Savannah bring him coffee -- he's just making sure she's protected from vampires, or is well fed, well-rested, etc. Within the Carpathian universe, the whole control thing actually comes off as being reasonable.

    Once you get past this premise, Feehan is rather consistent. I can't criticize Dark Magic for making Gregori, the hero, a controlling figure, because that is consistent with the Carpathian world. I can't criticize the Dark Series for being repetitive, because this is the romance genre, where women eat up repitive plotlines with a spoon. I can't criticize Savannah for being a stupid brat, because most romance heroines are stupid brats. And come on, she's a 23-year old without much practical education with vampires, and he's a vampire hunter with a 1000 years of experience and power. Compared to him, of course she's going to look stupid. The text of the book is well-written, and Gregori is so well developed that I wanted to take him home myself. The whole plot with the wolf-pup is what romance is made of (for me, anyway.)

    So why did I not give this five stars? Because this book falls apart after the first half!! I was so captivated by Gregori's character in Dark Prince. I was pretty much gone for him after the first half of Dark Magic, when I read more of his background. I was so happy that he found (yes, even subdued) his lifemate, that he was able to avoid turning.

    Then, right when they move to New Orleans in mid-book, Gregori and Savannah start trading wisecracks as if this were an episode of Seinfeld! I guess at some point she taught him how to love, but we get zero exposition on how she did that. Maybe it was all that sex. Then Gregori starts giving Savannah her freedom and letting her take chances "just to make her smile," even when the vampires are STILL after her. He's lucky those vampires didn't get her. Maybe readers liked that she was being feminist and taming him, but this is NOT the Gregori I bought the book for. I was attracted to Gregori for the powerful man he was before, not the limp cupcake Savannah whips him into. I took off a ratings star. Then at the end Feehan throws in some really cheesy elements straight out of the "Thriller" video. I took off another ratings star.

    Then I took off another star for the repetitive phrases. I got tired of "white heat" and "licking flames" and "lightning bolts" and "molten mercury." But by FAR, the worse offender was "[character's] HEART SLAMMED AGAINST [his/her] CHEST." If I had a nickel for every time I read that....

    Then I felt bad for Feehan, because this is better than a two-star book. So I put in a star for Gary. That's how I arrived at three stars. Sorry all, the Dark Series is a great universe, but I bought the book for Dark Gregori, and Dark Gregori loses too much of his darkness. ...more info