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Dark Melody (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 10)
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A New York Times Bestseller

Lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours, Dayan was renowned for his mesmerizing performances. His melodies stilled crowds, beckoned, seduced. And always, he called to her to complete him. Corinne Wentworth stood at the vortex of a gathering storm. Pursued by the fanatics who'd murdered her husband, she was risking her life by keeping more than one secret. Fragile, delicate, vulnerable, she had an indomitable faith that made her fiery surrender to Dayan all the more powerful.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Strong and Moving Heroine
    I would never have believed that I'd actually like a heroine who is pregnant and has a heart condition. I would normally be calling her an idiot for getting herself into such a situation. But Corinne has more than obvious pathos going for her. She loves music, writes songs and is not a wimp. Seeing how her life blossoms through her relationship with Dayan was very moving. There are some very dramatic and powerful situations in this novel....more info
  • Wonderful
    I love this book. Shipped when and received as promised. Will order again....more info
  • Wasn't the best
    I really liked all of the previous books that christine feehan had written but I was really disappointed with this book. It focused way to much on character who were in the previous books. It was very hard to read with alot of interest. Unlike any of the previous books in the dark series all of which I read in one sitting this one was just boring....more info
  • Bland and lacking that vital element... a plot!
    This is the first of the Carpathian books by Christine Feehan that I have read; I've often come across comments about them and thought they sounded interesting.

    This book was disappointing. Firstly because the plot was incredibly thin; the first really interesting thing happened halfway through the book (which was a lot to plough through). Secondly, I didn't really like the characters as they were pretty one-dimensional; Dayan is a Carpathian (a sort-of proto Vampire, but a good one) and he has discovered Corinne, his lifemate, whilst singing in a bar. Unfortunately for him Corinne has a serious heart defect and is also pregnant with her now dead husband's child. Dayan could heal her himself but it would cause the death of the child, so he needs to find some other way of helping.

    The relationship between Dayan and Corinne is unsatisfactory in this book. Not because they don't like each other - they do - but because it's instant liking. There's no tension, no disagreement, no confusion; romance novels work much better when the hero and heroine have to overcome misunderstandings to find true love. Dayan and Corinne just fall headlong into it. I also found a lot of his behaviour pretty questionable - he gives psychic suggestions to anyone around and that includes Corinne and her sister-in-law Lisa; half the time it read like a mind rape to me.

    I thought the character of Lisa was one of the most successful - she spends the first half of the book burying her head in the sand about the problems they are facing because she doesn't like change and wants security. This was believable, as was her horror when her attitude caused serious problems to Cullen, her lover, and to Corinne. I didn't particularly like her as a person but at least she added a little spice to the narrative.

    Corinne is whisked away to a place of safety to be worked on by Dayan's fellow Carpathians in order to attempt to heal her and here we get a roll call of all the other Carpathian books' heroes and heroines. Perhaps this was meant to encourage me to buy the rest of the books but instead it made me a bit irritated by all the happy partnerships being paraded around. Yes, the romance genre hopes for happy endings but too many together at once remind you that you really are in the world of fiction. Sometimes a bit of dissent, sparky antagonism and alpha males getting bested by their women is far more interesting to read - but you don't get much of that in this novel.

    It wasn't particularly badly written and there weren't any colossal clangers such as plot holes (after all, the plot was scanty!) but the book just read to me like the author's fantasy fulfilment of poetic dishy men with superpowers who want to look after their weaker women. This book has not inspired me to read any of the others by this author....more info
  • Formulaic and dull
    The Carpathian series is slowly but surely petering out. The characters in this book are carbon copies of prior characters (the brooding, sexy, dark, handsome male paired with a weak-but-strong female) fitted into a predictable story line: meet, face a bit of danger, mate, convert, end. It's as if nothing happens to these couples once they are bonded, to wit, the bit about Tempest and Darius that pops up here. We're told Tempest has only been brought over for two weeks, yet she's fully adjusted to her new life. Sheesh, it took me months to get used to being married, and I didn't have to give up daylight and real food in the process! Time to put this to pasture - it was a good run while it lasted....more info
  • yummy story...yummy series
    I would say that having read all available Carpathian novels, Dark Melody is the one I love most. Dayan is my favorite character out of all the Carpathian men. He's the perfect hero, and CJ Wentworth is a brave and wonderful heroine. They are fabulously matched. Keep up the wonderful work Ms. Feehan!...more info
  • Will read again and again!
    I have read many of the Dark Series books, and this one has been my favorite. I really enjoyed Dayan's personality and his love for Corinne. Like a few others, I didn't like Lisa at all, but the book really isn't about her so it was easy to ignore. It also irrated me when Dayan called Corinne "honey", however, not enough to affect how much I love this book, Dayan, and Corinne. I have read this book twice and plan on reading it again in the future....more info
  • Dark Melody
    Dark Melody is love personified.

    When Dayan, a carpathian and lead guitarist, finds his lifemate, he finds the worst kind of hell imaginable. She is dying and carrying a precious little girl who will not be born if Dayan can't get help.

    Corinne knows she is dying and is afraid Dayan will fall in love with her and be hurt. On top of that, she and her sister-in-law are marked for death by a fanical group who think they are the dreaded vampire.

    It is an all round great read.

    I sat on the edge of my chair, not wanting to put the book down. ...more info
  • Guilty pleasure gets guiltier...
    I don't know why I read these, they're often awful but I can't seem to help but find them entertaining. The quality varies and I'm afraid this one isn't one of the better ones. (My favorite quote: '...she garnished attention...' What!? She sprinkles it like sprigs of parsley? How about: 'she garnered attention'?) Anyway, I think the stories work out better when the heroine is powerful in some way as in Dark Guardian and Dark Legend. I think this one is comparable to, but somewhat better than, Dark Symphony, one my few non-keepers in this series, and also one in which the heroine had a serious handicap of some kind. Perhaps it precludes interesting conflict when the hero has to coddle the heroine so much....more info
  • Dark Melody
    Dark Melody (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 10)

    I was given one of the later Dark Series books back in April of this year and got sucked in immediately -- no pun intended. I have enjoyed reading every book in the series but I must admit, some of the events in this one brought tears to my eyes. An awesome example of how loved ones will do anything for those they care about. ...more info
  • Great Book
    I am hooked on these books.The author is great.I have not read one of these books that I didn't like.Worth the read if you want to feel you are right there in the book....more info
  • Good, but not one of Christine Feehen's best.
    I have read all the books in the Dark series and I'm a big fan. This last one is good, like the others, and has an ingenious plot, but it had a few flaws, in my opinion. First, it concentrated on one of the secondary characters way too much. It was as if the author was trying to convince the reader over and over again on why we should like the character. By the end I really didn't like that character at all. Secondly, the people in this book talk much more than in the other books. I like it when they discuss things, but in this one they discuss the same things over and over again, and usually it's about that secondary character I already mentioned. Aside from those two things, this was an excellent book and I definitely recommend anyone who is following the Dark series to read it. But if you haven't read the other books in the series, definitely don't start with this one. Start with Dark Prince and then work your way to this one....more info
  • Dark Melody
    Dark Melody is another great book by Christine Feehn. Just my type of book to crawl up and read next to the fireplace. Truly intriguing from start to finish....more info
  • Leading Lady is a "Mary-Sue" ! My head is going to explode
    "You can't tell me what to do!...Oh, what ever you think is right, honey..." What the hell? strong-but-weak? Mary-Sue all over the about Bi-polar personality!

    "Look into my eyes...I am your lifemate, I know your thoughts, I am a God..." Pompous know-it-all.

    Look, I have an open mind like no other, but the main dude in this story is a controling ass. Don't even get me started on the other Carpathian characters....more info

  • Good but
    This feehan book was good but most certnly not her best but it is still worth the read....more info
  • Tender
    With grace and tenderness Ms Feehan writes a moving love story of two people desperate for answers and running out of time. In her most compassionate and moving story Ms Feehan takes readers into a world where incurable illness can be cured, where life and love are eternal,where family stands together and the bond of blood is the bond of life, the world of the CARPATHIANS. Begin with Dark Prince and read through the series savoring each story and learning the way of the Carpathians. As you do you see the true gift Ms Feehan has for writing and how her talent has grown and blossomed. They just keep getting better and better. Way to go Christine. We LOVE YOU and we love those sexy Carpathian guys....more info
  • Like it...
    It is a good book. It follows the series well, the plot stays with the ones that come before it.
    The sex scenes are too drawn out, the story line is good though. I have become accustom to skipping the 3-4 page long sex and then starting to read again.
    I'll continure to buy the dark series, just because I like the stories. ...more info
  • Keeps Getting Better
    Christine Feehan has created a series of books that sucks you in and keeps you begging for more. I waited very impatiently for this book and after reading it, it will make it that much harder to wait for the next one. I can only hope that Christine Feehan never runs out of ideas for this series, because I have become a life-long fan....more info
  • What a Wonderful Read
    Well I was just blown away by this book. I agree with another review that the love scenes can be a bit long and very similar so I tend to skip the pages but this story was a refreshing change. I also get quite attached to the characters so I get annoyed when the Prince is meant to be the strongest and then the next story states Georgi is the strongest and then Gabrielle, Lucian not to mention Darius is unrivalled. I have a soft spot for the Prince and the twins so protest everytime a male is stronger than them. This book wasn't about Dayan's ability as a hunter at all the story line was completely different. I also like that for a fleeting moment Corinne spoke to Lisa as girlfriends do and talked about the sex appeal of Dayan and how attractive he was prior to her actually meeting him. In most of the books the interaction by the female is soley with the male and you don't get the giggly girly convesations with their friends. If you are getting the feeling that the story lines have been similar and the character names are just changing from book to book I would highly recommend this one as a welcome change. I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew by and I was at the end before I knew it. ...more info
  • A world that exists only for love...
    Though as a Carpathian male Dayan long ago lost his own emotions, he is still able to make beautiful music, evoking passion in the hearts of many. Until he meets Corrine, he has none of his own. When he finds her at one of his concerts, he finds what is missing.

    Corrine is unlike the other heroines who have saved the Carpathians. While many of them rival Wonder Woman, Corrine, though brave and strong, is pregnant, and barely clinging to life herself. This is a case where neither the man or woman can exist without the other. Saving Corrine's life is the only way to save his own for Dayan. When she tries to save a friend's life, though, Corrine may have put not only her life, but her unborn child and Dayan in peril.

    **** This is the most moving of the Dark series. Ms. Feehan has created a world that exists only for love, and puts passion in its proper place. Dayan is much like Caleb, only gentler, for all Port Charles fans in withdrawal. ****

    Reviewed by Amanda...more info

  • This writer is going to the dogs !!
    I used to be such a fan of this writer but you can take it to the blood bank this was my last FEEHAN book! She has gone rock bottom with this piece of garbage !! There wasn't anything, not one, that I enjoyed in this story....more info
  • Great Read!!
    Dark Melody (DM) has definitely become one of my favorite Christine Feehan's (CF)Dark series. However, I suggest that before reading this book you read at least Dark Prince, Dark Magic, Dark Legend, & Dark Guardian. These four books will provide with enough information about the Carpathians and about their world. The other books I found to be entertaining but did not leave me with the same enthusiasm as those previously mentioned.

    Without going into detail about DM since its story has been already explained... I found this story line very touching and heart-warming. Although the ending ends nicely and may seem to some people predictable. I think we all mostly read romance novels because to some degree we want that happy ending. The ending that is impossible to really happen in real life. This book is part of a series of books of which some may end nicely but there is a lot sad and dark parts to it. Different aspects of life is addressed not in this book specifically but for example in Dark Legend we learn of child abuse, abandonment and loneliness.

    I have to mention that it was nice to see several of my favorite characters and the sense of community.

    It goes without saying that although some may find the plot itself weak this book was well written with very little to no major quirks in it. Certainly a book to pick up and give a chance.
    ...more info