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First Knight [VHS]
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1995 had already seen the box-office success of sword-wielding heroes in Rob Roy and Braveheart when along came this glossy revision of the Arthurian legend, in which Lady Guinevere (Julia Ormond) is torn between her love for the noble King Arthur (Sean Connery) and the passionate knight Sir Lancelot (Richard Gere). As the story opens, Guinevere's lands are under attack by the evil knight Malagant (Ben Cross), and she must choose between marriage to Arthur and the security of Camelot, or encouraging the affections of Lancelot, who has heroically rescued her from a potentially lethal attack. Anyone looking for meticulous medieval authenticity won't find it here, but director Jerry Zucker (Ghost) keeps the action moving with exuberant spirit and glorious production values. Even if you don't completely believe Richard Gere as a somewhat too-contemporary Lancelot, the performances of Ormond and especially Connery are effortlessly appealing. --Jeff Shannon

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Customer Reviews:

  • First Knight
    Product was in excellent condition and quality upon arrival. Product arrived in a timely fashion....more info
  • One of my all time favorites!!!
    Loved this movie and I've watched it so many times. Great acting by Sean Connery and Richard Gere. All the knights of the round table carried themselves with dignity except the infamous Maligant-Ben Cross played the bad knight very well. You wont be dissapointed!...more info
  • appalling
    You might think you want to get this film but believe me; you don't! Just get Excalibur instead! Why does Hollywood insist on dumbing things down?!?!? Did they think they could better a story that has endured for over a millenium? UTTER DRIVEL. Can you imagine the outcry if another nation's folk traditions/legends etc. were treated with this kind of contempt......more info
  • First Knight Is First Class
    A very pleasing all-around movie is how I found this Knights Of The Roundtable-type story and a good one for DVD, even one that's been on disc for quite some time. For an early DVD, this was a real treat for the ears with some great rear- speaker sound. The story, however, not the sound, was the main appeal of this film for me.

    The three main stars in this movie were very appealing: Richard Gere as the cocky-but-good guy Sir Lancelot; Julia Ormond as Guinevere and Sean Connery, aptly cast as King Arthur. He certainly looks and acts the part, as does Ben Cross as the villain, Prince Malagant.

    This is a straight adventure story, too, with none of the hocus-pocus sorcery baloney who often see in these King Arthur stories. This is beautifully filmed with a city of Camelot that is awesome to view. Nice values in here, too, with - gasp - the importance of prayer mentioned. No wonder so many reviewers out there hated this message.

    This is simply a classy, great adventure and highly recommend to literally everyone who values a nice story that has values....more info
  • Simply the best version of this story!
    This movie is in my top-10 favorite movie list of all time -- Great actors portraying solid roles -- It's a great story of love & courage, while helping us to see that sometimes a person's will can be stronger than their heart ... I loved it ......more info
  • First Knight (Special Edition)
    I recieved my new product in a timely manner and was very satisfied with my purchase. The only thing I didn't like was not being able to track my purchase but other than that I was very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Unintentionally HILARIOUS!!!
    If you were sitting in the next room, you would have thought that I was watching a comedy...absolutely cracking up, giggling, and rolling on the floor at the horrendous script, corny dialogue and weak acting in this movie. Julia Ormond is very easy on the eyes, and the only redeeming feature of "First Knight"---Sean Connery pretty much phones in his stock role of Noble Wise Old Man which he's done about a million times before in his long career, and Richard Gere...well, Richard Gere is the main gut-buster here. His acting has always been mediocre at best, just a hair better than the Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruises of Hollywood, but here his lack of talent is truly showcased in scene after scene, aided in no small part by the outrageously corny dialogue that he, Ormond and Connery are all subjected to.

    Basically, this film is the Cumbiyah-version of the King Arthur legend, in which Camelot is this incredibly loving, altruism-based (almost Buddhist, though the word "God" is thrown around a fair bit) DEMOCRACY that just happens to have an enlightened despot, er, I mean, King Arthur. Gere's Lancelot is a fearless wanderer who spends most of the movie trying to woo Ormond's Guinevere away from her noble desire to not desire him because she's to be wedded to Connery's Arthur, the 30-40 year age difference between them be damned.

    A corny, predictable formula movie like this can only have two possible redeeming features: sex and violence. Unfortunately this one fails on both counts...very PG-rated, no nudity or even heavy petting, and the fight scenes are amateurish at best, reminiscent of late 1970s medieval flicks, especially in comparison to the likes of Braveheart, Gladiator, etc. Julia Ormond provides the only visual pleasure, albeit a very clean scrubbed and pastoral-looking type that you're more likely to see in church, not much erotic energy going on there.

    The 1980s film "Excalibur" was much more entertaining, in both the sex and violence departments, and far less ludicrous. ...more info
  • First Rate
    First Knight, First Rate!

    Arthurian tales run the full gamut. From poor to exceptional, the various Camelot retellings share commonalities. King Arthur, Camelot, Lancelot, Excalibur, Merlin (usually), and Guinivere. There have been exeptional casts, but "First Knight" is an unusually wonderful ensemble.
    Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond portray Arthur, Lancelot, and the lovely Guinevere respectively. Connery makes a wise, fatherly Arthur with his love for the beautiful lady of Lyonesse his only blindness, and Gere gives an outstanding performance as a 'hero' torn by his passions. Julia Ormond projects joy, passion, and pertubation as the love triangle between Lancelot, Arthur and Guinever grows more complex. From a young mistress destined for marriage with Arthur, to a woman inflamed with passion for one she cannot have, Ormond projects joy, pertubation, and desperation from a pure heart. Gere is a cad in the beginning, making obvious advances towards the queen to be with no discernable results. Even as he joins the round table as knight, his inner struggle takes a toll during his rescue of Guinevere in the lair of Malagant. The only distraction other than his perfect hair is his lack of any Anglo accent, which Connery and Ormond deliver so seamlesssly.

    The turmoil in the film is not only between Lancelot and Arthur, but also the devious Malagant whose border raids into Lyonesse grow more bold as the wedding between queen to be and Arthur draws near. Malagant was at one point, a knight of the table, actually the first knight until his path for power forces him to leave the group. The commentary states that Malagant is the first angel/Satan image in the film as he leaves Camelot to be ruler in his own hell. At the same time, Arthur is Gods' servant, seeking His will before his very own, putting the needs of the kingdom ahead of his own. Lancelot is transformed from wayward wanderer into a devoted knight of the realm, taking over as Arthur falls in battle during the trial of Lancelot and Guinevere for treason. Biblical examples and themes run through the whole film.
    The beauty of the film is not only in the story, but also the scenery. Wherever the filming took place, it reflects the glory that `was' Camelot in our minds. The natural scenes are breath-taking, and the cave formations that Malagant uses as his headquarters (fittingly underground), are wonderful. Truly dream-like architecture characterizes the city that was Camelot, the ideal.

    My only concern is the documentaries used in the film. Only one delves into the Arthurian legends, while the others are based on the film itself. I guess I am more of a history buff than a medieval romantic.

    ...more info
  • One of the worst movies ever
    I really wanted my money back after watching this, but what I wanted more was the 90 minutes of my life that I wasted.
    Not much good about this movie at all: horrible script, terrible acting (even by Sean), the set was okay. And to it's credit, it was better than Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.
    Watch at your own risk....more info
  • Legend Forever
    As you can see, I am a Chinese. I happened to see this movie on TV. Although I am not a professor on European history, I learnt something about the Legend of King Arthur before. However, I have to say, this movie, First Knight, gave me a new idea about this legend figure. Undoubtedly, it is not the true history. However, as far as I am concerned, I think it is a good movie, which did impress me a lot.

    First, and the most important, is the theme of the movie. I consulted the encyclopedia and found that Lancelot, to some degree, was an amorous but mean person. His behavior eventually divided Camelot. However, in the movie, everything changed. Lancelot was still an amorous person, but he was not a mean person. He loved Guinevere, but after understanding Arthur himself and the order of Camelot, he changed and was ready to sacrifice himself. He became a knight not only because of Guinevere actually, but also the order of Camelot and the will to seek for freedom. Actually, the movie does not only tell us a love story, but the spirit of freedom as well. This deepened the main idea of the movie.

    On the other hand, Guinevere?s understanding of love is also very meaningful. As she said, the true love must be based on trust. If you love some one, you must love him or her with your body, heart and soul. From my point of view, the theme of a movie is the most important factor to me. I think the theme of this movie is significant.

    At last is the movie itself. If you choose to watch movie in order to experience the fierce battle field in medieval age, probably that is not a good decision. For one thing, the movie itself does not focus on the battle field, but the atmosphere of the war and the dialogues among person, which helps to highlight the theme of the movie. For another, the scenery and the background of the movie are marvelous.

    To make a conclusion, if I am in Lancelot's position and situation, probably I will do the same thing that he did. Although someone thought that Lancelot should be a better person, I disagree. I do not want to see a fantastic hero, but a sincerity person. Some others thought the movie should pay more attention on other knights. In my opinion, the main characters are Lancelot, the king and queen but not others. Considering the beautiful scenery of Camelot and the perfect performance of Sean Connery, I want to give the movie my highest recommendation.

    "Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead, but had by the will of our lord Jesus into another place; and men say that he shall come again, and he shall win the holy cross. I will not say that it shall be so, but rather I will say, here in this world he changed his life. But many men say that there is written upon his tomb this verse: Hic iacet arthurus, Rex quondam rexque futurus." (Latin for "here lies Arthur, the once and future king.") (Excerpt from Le morte d'Arture, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2004) The movie does not tell the history, but it will remind the legend of the king....more info

  • Fast response
    The title was in stock and shipment arrived in just a few days. Product was in good condition and was as described....more info
  • Spend A Night With "First Knight"
    This review refers to the DVD edition(Columbia/TriStar) of "First Knight"....

    I was one of those who also thought that Connery and Gere were TOO OLD to play their respective parts of Arthur and Lancelot in this film. Then I viewed the film. All thoughts of miscasting went out of my head, as I just kicked backed and enjoyed this highly entertaining and captivating story. The three major stars in this film, including Julia Ormond("Sabrina"), as Guinevere, had a wonderful on screen chemistry with each other, the scenery was beautiful, the costumes delightful, the romance enchanting, the battle scenes heartpumping, and the music(Jerry Goldsmith) haunting and thrilling.

    Young Lady Guinevere is about to be married to the wonderful King Arthur and she will take her new place as Queen in the beautiful land of Camelot. It's a time of happiness for all. But there's trouble amiss, just as the Knights of the Round Table are pledging their undying loyalty to the new Queen, Malagant, an ex Knight who wants to rule the land, is spreading terror and destruction, and is about to envoke his wrath on the people and the home of Guinevere, her beloved Leonesse. Enter Lancelot, newest member of the Round table(having already saved Lady G twice) to the rescue, who will now lead the Knights in battle against the evil Malagant.And then there's the battle for the lovely lady herself....

    The performances were touching, as Guinevere and Lancelot form a deep love for each other, but love their King as well. Ben Cross("Chariots of Fire"), is simply evil as Malagant and the illustrious Sir John Gielgud adds his wonderful talents as well.

    The DVD presents a beautifully clear picture, with rich colors. It may be viewed in widescreen or full screen.The sounds of the era and the music are excellent. You have the choice of DD5.1 or stereo. Languages include English, Spanish and French with subtitles in Spanish and Korean, but there are no subtitles or captions in English for those who may need them(what's up with that?)

    If you're looking for something that stays truer to the classic story, go with "Excalibur", It's a breathtaking and artfully directed film. However, "Excalibur" may not be suited for everyone. The violence is quite a bit more graphic then "First Knight" and there are sexual scenes as well. This one may be better suited for teens, but may be enjoyed for the pure entertainment value as well.

    Get the popcorn ready and enjoy....Laurie

    for a look at early sean connery:
    Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie
    A Bridge Too Far

    ...more info
  • A good love story...
    First Knight isn't faithful at all to the story of Arthur and the costumes, lighting, and settings were all terribly modern, but the story itself was well done enough that the movie makes up for the rest of it.

    It follows the story of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot and thier journey from the time Quinevere and Lancelot meet by chance as her carraige is ambushed on her way to marry Arthur, through some more kidnappings, a wedding, and a knighthood, to the death of Arthur. Lancelot, who begins as a mercenary, grows a great deal as a character, while Guinevere's struggle to control her feelings for him is painfully clear. Sean Connery's Arthur is the kind of king one would expect of Arthur, kind, understanding, with a rigid set of morals that he cannot break even for his queen. Julia Ormond makes it clear that Guinevere loves both men and Richard Gere's sensitive performance and longing looks tug the heartstrings.

    In essense, it is the acting and the love story that make this movie enjoyable. It is a remarkably un-historically accurate movie and there is not much in common, aside from the names, with the traditional Arthur legends, but these old stories are made to be interpreted. The romance of the movie is what makes it worth watching...that a Richard Gere looks really, really good....more info

  • First Knight Review
    I bought this movie for my 14-year-old son and he absolutely loved it. He watches it all the time. The action is wonderful....more info
  • "No Dream Lasts Forever" ~ More Milton Than Merlin In This Arthurian Pursuit Of The Ideal
    The '95 film `First Knight' is a romantic and adventurous reinventing of the timeless tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. As already mentioned in several previous reviews, the script takes a very different approach to the subject matter than one would expect. There are no personal appearances nor mention of Merlin, Morgan le Fay, or Mordred. Even more unexpected is the manner in which the identities of the 'Knights of the Round Table' remain anonymous.

    As if that wasn't enough to send the Arthurian purist screaming into the night there are more surprises ahead. You will find no Holy Grail, no pagan deities or prophetic utterances and no mention whatsoever of the sword Excalibur in this film. When all is said and done the movie resembles the '38 classic `The Adventures of Robin Hood" more than anything else.

    Oddly enough, in eliminating the usual esoteric elements long associated with Gnostic Christianity and Celtic paganism the developers of the film saw fit to replace the time honored storyline and symbols with a strong, more traditional Christian allegorical subtext. Relying heavily on the vivid, literary themes and imagery found in John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' and Dante Aligheri's 'Divine Comedy' the film centers on the ages old battle waged between good and evil, the war between God and the rebellious Lucifer, once the greatest of all the heavenly host.

    Ben Cross does a superb job of exploring the persona of Lucifer in the role of Malagant, the "first knight" (hence the title of the film). Now banished from the hallowed walls of Arthur's realm, Malagant (i.e.: malignant, maligned) is definitely the embodiment of the "Great Adversary" bent on overthrowing the ideals of Camelot (Heaven) and its fatherly ruler King Arthur (God). As he waits impatiently for the right moment to attack, this black armored knight dwells with his followers in a dark, dank fortress appearing more cavern than castle. The passageways within his abode are poorly lit with an occasional torch here and there. This nocturnal environment was most certainly designed to conjure images of a Dantesque Hell.

    This suggested association of Malagant with the Luciferian archetype is made crystal clear when he makes a dramatic appearance before King Arthur and his knights during a Round Table gathering. In true Milton fashion his arrogant demeanor and boastful rhetoric are straight out of `Paradise Lost'.

    While `First Knight' lacks the depth and substance the more mythical Grail elements would have supplied, the loss is more than made up for with a tender romance acted out beautifully by Richard Gere (Lancelot) and Julia Ormond (Guinivere). The two forlorn lovers are perfectly matched. Gere is at his best, delivering in my estimation his most memorable film performance and Julia is mezmerizing as the strong-willed, yet hesitant Queen of Camelot. Not one to miss the obvious, Julia looks absolutely beautiful which always helps to maintain the complete, undivided attention of the males in the audience.

    I certainly wouldn't consider this to be the definitive Arthurian film, but it's certainly an enjoyable one. I could watch 'First Knight' over and over again and when all is said and done isn't the repeatability factor the litmus test for any movie?

    My Rating: -4 ? Stars-....more info
  • A solid film
    This is a hard movie to review. I actually did love this film as a film. That said, it is also not really related to the King Arthur legend. There is less mystery and fantasy here and more action and romance. I am not a fan of Richard Gere and this movie did not really improve my thinking of him. However, Sean Connery was brilliant in this as the King and Julia Ormond was also quite lovely. I wish she would act more nowadays. The film looks beautiful and it is romantic and somewhat adventurous. However, anyone looking for it to resemble the famous tales of Arthur and his famous knights and the mighty Merlin, this film isn't it. ...more info
  • A Most Romantic Adaptation of Arthurian Legend
    OK, so I'll admit it- if you're a King Arthur nut, you may not like this movie. It takes many liberties with the old legend. If, on the other hand, you just want a good romantic story- this movie is most definitely for you. Two things really stand out in this movie: the acting and the orchestral score. Many movies ask us to buy into love only minutes after the lovers have met, and most of the time, it is quite difficult to buy into. Here, the acting is so credible, especially from Connery and Ormond, that their emotions are easy to feel. The movie also sports perhaps the most beautiful love theme ever written as well as some very good choral work for the action sequences. It goes without saying that a movie with such big names comes with big production values as well. The movie is also very well written...most all of the movie comes off as natural and un-forced, no easy task in an Arthurian movie. If you haven't seen this and aren't too picky about the details of the legend, then you owe it to yourself to rent this one- or buy it, it can be found for some very scandalous prices now, indeed....more info
  • Last Knight
    Typical big-budget Hollywood cookie-cutter production that appeals to the masses with big names and catchy scenes in the previews before word gets out on how appalling the film really is.

    Here the Arthurian genre has been reduced to an expensive but unconvincing stage backdrop for modern characters with modern values wearing tights and shiny armor. Given the disposition of the characters, one wonders why the writers even bothered to set this story in a medieval setting: it could have been 20th century New York City and it wouldn't have made any difference. Connery, Gere, and Ormond all deliver boring "stick to the script" performances with no emotion.

    This movie isn't even worth renting or having as a gift. Don't waste your time on this Hollywood fodder: it's not even worth one star.

    ...more info
  • Please make it stop!
    Okay. I feel compelled to write a review because of all of the silliness in the other reviews. Yes, there is a Melagant (or Meleagant) in Arthurian legends. It is one of the oldest Arthurian legends to appear in the Romances (it's in Chretien's Lancelot). He's a villain who abducts Guenevere.
    That said, the movie strays as far from the Arthurian legends as possible. At the end [SPOILER ALERT], Arthur dies and Lancelot rules Camelot with Queen Guenevere at his side. Lancelot and Guenevere remain chaste until Arthur's death, however. Oh, and Lancelot defeats some automatonic gauntlet thing. This is worse than heresy. It's like one of those 19th Century rewrites of Romeo and Juliet where Romeo and Juliet come back to life in the end to avoid a sad ending.
    There is an episode of the Simpsons where the Simpsons watch a Zorro remake. At the end of that movie, after Zorro defeats the villanous Scarlet Pimpernel, King Arthur makes Zorro the King of England. Watching this movie is an experience akin to what I imagine watching that movie would be. You simply cannot tag on a happy ending to the Camelot story without being ridiculous. This movie is ridiculous....more info
  • an unforgettable tale
    I liked this movie. Some people give me weird looks when I tell them I enjoy adventure stories such as this one. Maybe it's a childhood fascination with Nintendo and the Legend of Zelda series I was never able to shake off, I don't know. Kings, queens, sword-fighting, everything you'd want in that kind of thing is right here in this movie, and done well. The acting overall was very well done, with there being only a couple times when some exaggerated lines occurred. I tend to think of these kind of movies as more adventure-like and just a little bit of romance on the side. The action was nice, the story-telling was solid, and it was just a great movie overall. ...more info
  • Fantastic! One of the Most Enjoyable Movies We've Seen in a While
    We watched this movie with two teens and three young adults -- we all LOVED it. "First Knight" now ranks as one of our favorite movies of all time. Sean Connery is perfect in his role as King Arthur. And we were happily surprised with the versatile, athletic performance Richard Gere pulls off in this film as Lancelot -- a far cry from several of his later movies where he typically portrays a "stiff" businessman figure. There was ZERO cussing in this movie -- that in itself was refreshing! And enough action and daring to keep the four men in our group satisfied...

    Guinevere, as Princess of her tiny province, is unable to defend her people from the marauding Malagant whose ultimate goal is to usurp Arthur from Camelot. Out of love and duty to her people, Guinevere accepts an offer of marriage from King Arthur -- who had been a great friend of her father's. While this is a marriage of joy for Arthur, it is a marriage of expedience on Guinevere's part -- not one of the heart. While she is sincerely attracted to Arthur's character strengths and political beliefs, he is old enough to be her father. Before Guinevere reaches her wedding day, she is kidnapped and single-handedly rescued twice by the daring young Lancelot -- who succeeds because he cares for no one, not even himself. But his bitterness with life is about to change. As his heart burns for Guinevere, Lancelot's growing respect for King Arthur brings him to the honorable decision of leaving Camelot... The magnificence of King Arthur's lifelong concern for the welfare of others over himself comes through in a grand finale of forgiveness and blessing. ...more info
  • First Knight Review
    I saw this movie in school yesterday for the first time. And if you do not have it.i reccommend putting it on your Christmas List. I would not recommend it for children under seven due to the violent parts in it. Overall I thought it was a great movie and I definetley want to get it for christmas and if not that see it again...more info
  • Camelot needs a new costume designer and head of security!
    After the brutal first few minutes of the film, I thought it was going to be a more realistic telling of the Arthurian legend; it turned out to be quite the opposite, but I still enjoyed it.

    The Good: The (unrequited) love between Lancelot and Guinevere is more understandable given that Arthur is depicted as being a contemporary of Guinevere's father, and easily old enough to be her father, if not her grandfather, whereas Lancelot is young and very heroic and dashing. Even so, there is genuine affection between Arthur and Guinevere, and she never breaks her marriage vows, either during the betrothal or during the marriage. I also like the way Lancelot is depicted. He is more human; he is not the font of virtue he is depicted as in other versions of the legend. His association first with Guinevere and then with Arthur has an enobling effect on him, making him a better man at the end of the film than at the beginning. Also, the evil knight Malagant is played wonderfully by Ben Cross.

    The Bad: Where in the world did they get those hideous royal blue uniforms? They look like something out of a Star Trek movie (or TV series). It is unusual that costuming makes or breaks a film, but these awful costumes almost single-handedly destroyed the film and any credibility it might have had. I was trying to watch the film and I kept being distracted by how terrible those blue uniforms were. The other thing was, Camelot seriously needs a new head of security. First, they nearly let Guinvere be captured on her trip to Camelot to be married, then they let her be effortlessly kidnapped from Camelot, whisked away as if by magic, then they let Malagant's army waltz right into the city without a fight. Hello? King Arthur wouldn't have lived long enough to have gray hair if he was this sloppy about security.

    Still, I felt the good outweighed the bad in this interesting retelling of the Camelot legend....more info
  • I love Blu ray
    I have a weakness for Sean Connery. Watching him in Blu Ray is devine. Now I have to wait for the blu ray releases of the early Bond movies. But no kidding. First Knight is a good movie. The performance of the actors is OK. I personally don't like Richard Gere and I think Julia Ormond could be included in more scenes. It's good entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.
    The image quality is excellent for a movie of this age. Sound is very good. All in all a good blu release....more info
  • A good movie.
    I found this movie in Wal-Mart's $5.00 movie bin. I just had to buy it. I think that this is a good movie....more info
  • Good but not great
    This movie was the average movie on King Arthur, you know, story, battle, romance. But above all that, I didn't think it lived up to the new King Arthur[the one with Clive Owen], and I did not like the Lancelot in this movie. Most of all the dialoge was fitting for the film and the battle between Lancelot and uthat one dude [I forget his name] was awesome.
    This movie is rated PG-13 for some brutal medival battles, and the rating is well deserved! Though they were not crazy with the blood it still had it's far-share, like when Lancelot slit the bad dude's throat at the end. There was no language and the kissing was kept mild.

    overall: Good but not great...more info
  • Great Family Flick Great Action and Romance
    This is one of Sean Connery's great films. Jula Ormond never was better and Richard Gere was in top form. All my children love this movie and this is one film my daughter wants to see with me over and over. It is just a perfect blend of romance and action with the emphasis on romance. It also is about justice and natural rights. Good versus evil. It is also a very Christian film though this is not emphasized and the figures of Christ and Mary are very remote in the dark church scenes. But in the final battle sequence the chorus is in LATIN and clearly they sing GOD IS THE LORD (DOMINUS DEUS). This is not a dumb movie. The twist of Lancelot finally getting the girl is nice. Why not? All the stories are ficitonal anyway. Arthur may have been historical but Lancelot was a fictional additional to the old legend.

    But the point is this is a film which promotes good values, democratic values, and even moral is clear that adultery is wrong....
    My children boys and girls all loved this film and want to see it again and again. In doing so I have fallen in love with the flim too. This film has many virtues and the chief among them is that it is rattling good entertainment!...more info