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Rudy [VHS]
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This 1993 film by David Anspaugh (Hoosiers) is slowly building a reputation as a minor highlight of '90s movies. Based on a true story, Rudy stars Sean Astin as Rudy Ruettiger, a blue-collar kid whose father (Ned Beatty) worships Notre Dame football but who would never dare to dream that any of his sons could be a part of the team. The film is entirely about Ruettiger's ceaseless if sometimes wavering commitment toward that goal, despite tremendous obstacles in physical stature, education requirements, the dismissiveness of coaches, poverty, his father's envy, and endless delays of one kind or another. This is the sort of film that looks back on a life and says the battle was its own reward, not the glory. Astin is very moving as a boy who becomes a man and watches his world change, often in unexpected ways, through painful determination. Great support from Beatty, Lili Taylor as a hometown girl, and Robert Prosky and Charles S. Dutton as two valuable mentors. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • it was inspiring
    it was great i recamend it to anyone who wants to achieve what seems like an impossible goal ...more info
  • Recommended
    A good film. Inspiring to see what a person will go through to achieve his goals....more info
  • Rudy ( Special Edition)
    Excellent movie and the quality was excellent. I would recommend this movie to any sports fan....more info
  • Great!
    This is one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Rudy is fantastic character, very well played by Sean. Putting this on blu-ray makes the experience even more fun. If you have never seen this definitely go out and get it, you will not be let down...more info
  • Good enough to make a grown man cry!
    Great movie! Glad it is finally on BLU. Love the music, love the story. If you have never seen this, BUY IT NOW. One of the best movies you will ever see in your LIFE!...more info

    "Rudy" (1993) is one of those stories that could only be told about an institution like Notre Dame University. If anybody tried to make a film about a scrub trying to make the varsity at UCLA or Nebraska, they would never get it off the ground. As it is, Rudy Ruettiger had his share of troubles pitching the true tale of his appearance in Notre Dame's final 1975 game to Hollywood.

    "I had an appointment with a producer," Ruettiger recalls, "but he didn't show up at the appointed time and place. I was in Santa Monica, and I knew he lived nearby, so I asked the postman if he knew this guy."

    Ruettiger looks enough like the Midwestern rube he has been portrayed as than the sort of city psychopath the mailman might have suspected him to be, because he sent him right to the guy's house. The producer tried to fend Rudy off by telling him he was not a Notre Dame fan, but it ended up at Orion Pictures anyway, and was released just as the 1993 college football season was getting underway. Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz actually was threatened with N.C.A.A. penalties because he showed a bootleg copy to his players prior to the opener, trying to inspire the boys a la Knute Rockne. The infraction was providing entertainment to his team not available to the rest of the student body (somebody ought to go on a secret mission to Shawnnee Mission, Kansas and do a demolition of this near-useless organization). Anyway, it worked that day and most days in '93, as the Irish came within one loss to Boston College of the National Championship, but that is a different Irish tale. Despite a pretty good reception, the movie did not save Orion from folding up its operation about a year later.

    Patty Duke's son, Sean Astin (remember him in "Like Father, Like Son" with Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron?) stars as a blue-collar kid from a blue-collar family. He is a poor student, and a below-average high school football player despite his very best efforts. Upon graduation he goes to work in the steel mill just like everybody who ever lived in his home town, yet still clings to the fantasy of going to play ball in South Bend. Everybody scoffs at his craziness except his best buddy, who considers Rudy's goal quite within reach.

    When that buddy is killed in a mill accident, Rudy realizes it is now or never. Despite being closer to graduation than freshman age, he journeys to South Bend, is met by many obstacles and a kindly priest, enrolls in a junior college and makes good enough grades to get into N.D.

    Once there, he tries out for the football team, is kept around for four years as a "tackling dummy," but due to his popularity on the team and among the student body, new coach Dan Devine fulfills old coach Ara Parseghian's promise to let him play a few minutes. Rudy even makes a tackle during garbage time of a game against Michigan State.

    Director David Anspaugh ("Hoosiers") focuses on the character development of Angelo Pizzo's screenplay. The story is predictable (being true it was not easy to hide), but that matters less than Astin's inspired gullibility. Charles Dutton is terrific as the stadium groundskeeper, and Ned Beatty is great as his dad.

    Look, if you hate Notre Dame, this film will probably make you sick, but if you can at least tolerate the mythology for a couple hours, "Rudy" is one of the better sports movies of recent years....more info

  • Great edition of a classic show.
    I've always thought that Rudy was one of the classic sports movies ever. This edition is great. I love it when a movie that is based on real-life events is able to put together some DVD extras about the events in a documentary-style format. This edition of Rudy does just that. The documentary about the making of the movie, and the real life Rudy, is a good one and contains commentary from Rudy himself. I enjoyed it.

    The CD with the music from the movie was an added bonus. I hadn't seen the movie in a while and forgot how good the music was. I was surprised that I liked the CD so much....more info
  • Completey Marred by Wack Pacing and Annoying Plotline
    Look, my low rating does not account for any lame reasons such as the main character is from Notre Dame, or the fact that I am not a Notre Dame fan, though I'm not (Side Note: Go Trojans!). Rather, while this film is somewhat entertaining (hardly), the moral is pedestrian and tacked onto something as trivial as Football, and the pacing throws off whatever power the movie has.

    The acting is aqequte, but the somewhat good acting and okay setting is marred by the WACK pacing. THe problem is that it just seems rushed. It doesn't feel like a journey. Maybe that's because you cannot make a road to this "dream" condensed into less than two hours (with credits, from birth as well, no less), but each scene feels tacked on. It's just throw away, and it feels like a hastily thrown together script and a series of skteches. Take for example, the diner scene with his best friend. He gets into a fight, then he's dead 2 minutes later. What's with that? I think if there were more screen time of him, I think it would be a lot better. Heck, the only way to even make the death feel like it has impact would to show just how much time they spend together.

    Also, I hate the notion of this whole dream and the fact that they even try to pass it off as inspiratoin. Look, Rudy, I realize all your life you were weak and were undersized. But to me, is it really worth it? No! I don't have the skills to be an actor, do you think I'm going to waste my time trying to get some 3 second rule in a dinky movie? I'm not going to waste my life. Big deal, you recorded one sack. The fact is, the dream of doing something that is out of your reach seems a waste, especially when it's something like Football.

    Rudy is really a movie worth skipping. And forget the fact it's accurate, the coach, who is considered an atagonist, actually insisted putting Rudy in. So really, this is not edgy or realistic, it's still HOllywood moralizing. The only inspiration I felt was the inspiration to smash the DVD into the wall.

    D+...more info
  • Great movie to encourage people
    It is a great movie to encourage people, I show it to my team members in order avoid the "I can't do it" thought. Specially when you hear the story from the real Rudy....more info
  • Rudy was a professional pest.
    A gifted athelete that overcame the odds? No. A stellar career in college sports? No. An enormous desire to have a Notre Dame education? No. Rudy had an unhealthly obsession with ND football. He was not good enough to play for them. He merely wouldn't go away and so he pestered his way into a couple of plays (if that). Mind you he should be proud that he got an education at a fine university like ND but that isn't why he went there. If you want a good ND film try Knute Rockne All American. Do you want an inspirational sports story, try Brian's Song, The Pride of the Yankees or Hoosiers. These are the stories of athletes that gave it all for their team. Rudy had nothing to give so he asked the team to give it to him. Sorry, I tried to watch the movie without getting depressed but Rudy's just too pathetic....more info
  • RUDY
  • Rudy
    This is one of my favorite movies. GREAT that it is a true story. The real Rudy is behind the dad in the bleachers at the end of the movie....more info
  • Neverending Story
    I never grow tired of this movie. My son attends Notre Dame, so it has a special meaning for me. There is an excitement surrouding this University. From the Stadium to the Dome to the Grotto, there is a certain magic and "RUDY" brings it out....more info
  • One of the Most Inspirational Movies Ever Made
    I'm not even a huge football fan and 'Rudy' is one of the most inspirational films that I've ever seen. If you've ever had a dream that you wanted more than anything, but were told by almost everyone that you just didn't have what it takes to realize that dream, then 'Rudy' is for you. It is the true story of someone who ignored everyone who told him what he couldn't do, and set out to realize his dream through sheer heart and determination. It is a story about so much more than football. I've watched 'Rudy' probably half a dozen times and it brings me to tears every time. Tears of joy, that is, because it reminds me that yes, dreams do come true after all....more info
  • Rudy was a professional pest.
    A gifted athelete that overcame the odds? No. A stellar career in college sports? No. An enormous desire to have a Notre Dame education? No. Rudy had an unhealthly obsession with ND football. He was not good enough to play for them. He merely wouldn't go away and so he pestered his way into a couple of plays (if that). Mind you he should be proud that he got an education at a fine university like ND but that isn't why he went there. If you want a good ND film try Knute Rockne All American. Do you want an inspirational sports story, try Brian's Song, The Pride of the Yankees or Hoosiers. These are the stories of athletes that gave it all for their team. Rudy had nothing to give so he asked the team to give it to him. Sorry, I tried to watch the movie without getting depressed but Rudy's just too pathetic....more info
  • A Heartwarming football movie
    We purchased this for someone for a gift--we have seen this movie many times-aside from the "cursing" from one fella in the movie(not Rudy), it is a heartwarming and soul touching movie about how a person can achieve their dreams when you try, trust GOD, and also how things can come together! Don't want to say too much- a MUST SEE movie!

    Also, another great football movie is "Facing the Giants"......more info
  • Rudy -movies
    Purchased as a gift for a neighbor and friend and they loved it
    A very Heartwarming movie which I enjoyed and I know they did also...more info
  • Wouldn't watch again...
    "Rudy" is a film about fighting for your dreams, having confidence in yourself, and never giving up. While this is a good message, I can't say that this story is the best way to present the message. We laughed pretty hard at some of the parts, simply because they were so 1) un-real (would never happen) or 2) so expected, therefore just like what you think would happen, and really does. The main character gets a little annoying sometimes with is mentality that he will make it onto the Notre Dame football team, even though he wasn't a great player.
    While the message is memorable, "Rudy" is one of those films that you watch and think, "Why did they spend thousands of dollars on THAT?". ...more info
  • One Of The Best!!!
    This has got to be one of the best true story sports movie I have ever seen. It's shows that to NEVER give up on a dream and if you want it bad enough and work hard, it can happen. The acting, the music, EVERYTHING was a winner. You need to see the movie because it leaves with a great message.

    You can't go wrong here! :)...more info
  • Great condition!
    The product that I received is in great condition however, it didn't come as quickly as I expected. Would recommend using again....more info
  • Inspiring
    I am a Macho Man amongst Macho Men and I'm not ashamed to say that this movie makes me cry. For anyone in need of inspiration in a tough moment, anyone who wants some thing so bad you are willing to sacrafice any and everything, you need to watch this movie. I am in the middle of a hectic time filled with challenges and I'm buying this movie to help get me over the hump......more info
    This wonderful movie tells a true story, that will touch your heart! I loved it! It is about a little boy who dreamed of becoming a football player for Notre-Dame. The little boy(Rudy) grew up to be a young man, with the same driven desire to be a football player for Notre-Dame.

    His father, and brothers all worked for the steel mill, and after high school graduation, Rudy (Sean Astin), and his best friend, ended up working at the steel mill too. After a fatal accident at the steel mill, Rudy changed forever, and with all the odds against him, and with everyone constantly telling him that he had no chance of ever playing football for Notre-Dame. Rudy left home to chase after his life long dream.

    My favorite scene in the movie is where the football players of Notre-Dame honored Rudy, by carrying him off the field on their shoulders after a game, as I watched this, tears of joy rolled down my face! Awesome! I highly recommend this movie! But movie people, next time, please, please, no "GD" cuss words! I though Sean Astin as a actor, was outstanding!...more info
  • "My Boy's goin' to Notre Dame!!"
    "Rudy" is one of those rare films that no matter how many times you have seen it, you just can't change the channel if you come across it on the television.

    I'm sure most are aware of the story of Rudy Ruettiger, a Notre Dame student, whose sole dream was to play football for the Fighting Irish, but who had always been told he was too small to play and too dumb to attend Notre Dame. He wouldn't be denied and through hard work and vicious effort, his dreams come true.

    This movie has great acting(Sean Austin, Warren Beatty and Jon Favreau.) The soundtrack is excellent and the flow of the story keeps the movie moving at a great viewer-friendly pace. I'm hoping that it's understood that any movie based on actual events is just that....It BASED on those facts. It is not dictating them word for word and often parts are either left out or fabricated, as is the case here. It's annoying to find reviewers knock a movie for not telling every detail of every story exactly as is. Truth is, it just wouldn't keep our attention if that were to be done.

    Watch the movie, appreciate it for the great film it is and lighten up!

    ENJOY!!!!...more info
  • Best movie to inspire greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was very skeptical to see this movie when it came out. I figured it was like the boy who could fly so I didn't see it until 2002. It was lent to me by a friend from HONDURAS. My friend Andres said I would like it, if I liked Hoosiers. I liked Hoosiers and Larry Bird is my favorite basketball player of all time but this movie blows Hoosiers away. This shows you even if you feel like you are alone or are an underdog you can do anything on your mind. Don't ever let anyone tell you it can't be done!!!!!! If you see this movie and you don't have any tears of joy or goosebumps you should refocus you life. I did however think the end was corny with the Rudy chant which is why it took me 9 years to see this movie.

    This movie is all about passion and drive. Do you have it and if you don't get it, it's what this country is all about.


    Back to basketball, I have a question for all.

    Do you think Michael Jordan ruined basketball???

    HE DID

    When Bird and Magic were running in the 80's he came in and created this 1 on 1 thing.
    It was unintentional but people saw AIR JORDAN and it was all ahout him and the team game was dead!!! He became a team player eventually and probably the greatest ever but he created this crap on the court and in LIFE!! ...more info
  • Rudy
    Awesome and inspring movie. Great entertainment and great to use as an object lesson that one can accomplish anything that you set your mind to....more info
  • What the USA is STILL all about
    Having been born out of the USA and worked and lived in France, Germany, UK (England/Scotland) and here in the USA the past 24 years (am only in my mid 40'), I have done much: I recognize true quality. This movie is a very good thank you to Daniel Ruettiger who in real life did that dream come true.

    Even now, in 2008 and to come, on 148 countries, how many really are true democracies? Certainly not yet in many East EU countries, a lot of China, a dozen of countries in Africa etc...America still has got the "you can do it" and "dreams can come true attitude": not bad wisdom considering that the USA is only 222 years old (since the American constitution) and not about 2500 to 3500 years old as most other countries.
    So, Rudy? Oui, watch it again and again if you ever doubt that dreams can come true. ...more info
  • Rudy review
    Needed to view this inspirational film for school. It arrived on time,
    in good condition and was a wonderful movie to watch....more info
  • It's just about Heart......
    I think is one of the most dramatical/educational kind of movies I've ever seen. Once Paul Brown said, "You can learn a line of a win, You can learn a book of a defeat". Could we understand the whole things that Rudy learned because of his defeats, hits and pain?. So, we can learn a lot from people that has reached their goals in life based on serious work, effort, honesty and pure heart....more info
  • A formula movie done extremely well
    On the one hand, this is a formula movie. Poor boy has challenges; poor boy works hard; poor boy ends up successful. The movies pulls all the strings just right, so that the person viewing this movie is pulled along by sentiment and a well crafted script and sound track.

    The sound track needs to be mentioned. It works quite well. The movie shows Notre Dame football practice and games during the change of seasons. Rudy, played by Sean Astin, is undersized and undertalented, but he has great desire to play for the Fighting Irish. He becomes a practice team fixture, hanging on by his fingernails because of his desire and hustle. The movie shows him desperate to attend Notre Dame and having to gain access to the University. His family is working class and can't really help him. There is an element of Horatio Alger here, as "poor boy makes good," although the "good" is not the massing of wealth.

    The ending is wonderfully manipulative--but very effective. The emotions wash over the viewer. This is an engaging movie, with many fine performances by the actors. If you like sports movies, this is worth looking at.
    ...more info
  • Wrong format of DVD
    Recently bought a DVD of the movie Rudy for a coworker in Belgium. The DVD arrived on time, as promised. Unfortunately, even DVDs have the PAL and NTSC formats we used to have for VCRs. I thought that with all the new technology a DVD is a DVD is a DVD, but not so. Even DVDs have PAL and NTSC. Needless to say, it was a wasted purchase as it did not work in Belgium. I did read the product description but there was no mention of the format of the DVD mentioned on Amazon in the product write-up. Can the folks at Amazon please mention the DVD format in the future?...more info
  • Speedy Service
    I ordered a DVD and it arrived well before the promised delivery date! Excellent service. ...more info
  • Go for your dreams.
    Rudy fades with time but this uplifting film does what it is supposed to do and that is inspire people to tackle their many dreams. Sean Astin plays the title-character who is all heart and will, he wants to play College football for Notre Dame but his grades are anything but strong. The school decides to take a chance on him and his study habits and football playing florish greatly throughout the course of the film. I like this film but not as much as I used to....more info
  • If you like to hear a lot of cussing. . .
    This was a gift - I would not pick such a movie. The story is good and inspiring, but the cussing increases as the movie progresses. So, if you like cussing, this movie is for you - there is no shortage of foul words here.

    ...more info
  • My favorite movie of altime
    This is the best movie in the world It tells you that you can do anything you put your mind to it.My favorite part is when he helps that guy.Then he starts yelling on the stool. at the end it makes me cry because it is so tuching....more info
  • "I'm Going To South Bend" ~ Dedication, Perserverance And The Power Of A Dream
    Released in '93 the film `Rudy' is without question one of the most loved sports films of all-time. Based on the true story of Rudy Ruettiger and his vision quest to play football for the Fighting Irish at the University of Notre Dame, it's a story that Sean Astin was born to bring alive on film. He's absolutely perfect as the not so talented athlete with an unquenchable spirit that will not be denied.

    This movie certainly knows how to push all the right emotional buttons just when needed and the superb production values and soundtrack create a wonderfully inspiring and nostalgic atmosphere that will pull on the heartstrings of even the most cynical amongst us. If you're a sports fan or not you'll certainly enjoy Sean Astin's magnificent performance.

    My Rating: -4 1/2 Stars-....more info
  • A Triumph of the Human Spirit
    Never mind the part of this story that is about football, because the premise of this movie is much more significant and intriguing than just football. This is a story about the little guy; the average Joe who has no special attributes or talents. But what this average Joe does have is an undying dream, and eventually, he develops the courage to follow them-and does it with all his heart and soul.

    It's based on a true story about Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger, the son of an oil refinery worker and third of fourteen children. An underdog with marginal talent and intellect, Rudy rose from valleys of discouragement and despair to the pinnacles of success.

    From the movie, it seems Rudy has little inspiration in his life as a boy, but the nostalgia, history, and tradition of Notre Dame Football seems to be a bright spot for him and his family; and he clings to that. Memorizing a famous speech by Knute Rockne (read it at:, Rudy recites it perfectly as if he were Knute himself, demonstrating his love for Irish football tradition.

    On one of his birthdays, Rudy's gets a vintage "Fighting Irish" letterman jacket from his best friend, and soon after, his best friend dies in an accident at the refinery. Already in his twenties, hitting rock-bottom, and feeling as though he has nothing to lose, Rudy decides to take a chance and pursue his life-long dream of playing football for The Irish. He pursues his dream not only for himself, but also for his best-friend, who knew how much Rudy loved the mystique of Notre Dame. He also wants his family, and especially his father, to be proud of him. He seems to want to vicariously fulfill what is really a dream that is shared by everyone he loves; but there's only one problem. Rudy does not have the grades to qualify for admission to Notre Dame.

    Thus, he begins his struggle at Holy Cross before gaining acceptance to Notre Dame. With the help of a socially inept new friend, Rudy manages to struggle through his courses at Holy Cross, gradually improving his grades. While at Holy Cross, Rudy applies for Notre Dame and is turned down several times. Feeling hopeless and doubtful, and just when all seems lost, he gets the latest reply from Notre Dame. He reluctantly opens it, fearing the worst, but Rudy is finally accepted. He applied to Notre Dame three times before he was accepted on his fourth attempt.

    After being admitted to Notre Dame, Rudy is out of money and relies on help from several people who are taken with his indomitable determination to never quit trying. When Rudy walks-on for tryouts, he is not given much of a chance by the coaches. Feeling thankful for the getting a chance, he promises football coach Ara Parseghian he'll make the team. After demonstrating a will and determination that is unmatched by anyone on the team, the coaches eventually give him a shot and he makes the team's scout squad. Rudy knows that if it weren't for his tenacity, he wouldn't have impressed the coaches enough to make the team. Along the way, Rudy earns the loyalty and respect of his teammates and coaches with his work ethic, and ends up raising the bar for the entire teams' level of play. There are many inspirational moments in this film and its climactic ending is no exception.

    He is the only player in the school's history to be carried off the field on his teammates' shoulders.

    There are so many amazing and inspiring moments in this film, but what has stayed with me the most is the lesson learned from watching the story. It's all about the triumph of the human spirit. It's a testament to never giving up on your dreams, giving it all that you have despite all the odds being stacked against you, and overcoming adversity in the pursuit of them. It reminds us about the importance of courage, faith, and perseverance and believing in yourself when no one else will.

    After Rudy Ruettiger accomplished his goal of playing for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, he realized a second goal: seeing his story on the big screen. For nine years Rudy's never-say-die philosophy was tested as he tackled Hollywood to make a movie about his life. At first it wasn't easy. "Hollywood is one crazy damned place," Ruettiger told the Boston Globe's Michael Blowen. "It was a mess... I just barged right into it, and trusted people in Hollywood. In 1993, his second impossible dream came true as Tri-Star Pictures released the blockbuster hit film, Rudy.

    This is one of the only movies that have ever made me weep every time I see it. It's one of the best I've ever seen....more info

  • Who's the wild man now
    This is one of the best inspirational movies ever. I love true stories and this is one of my favorites.It's about a young man (Sean Astin) chasing down a dream of playing Notre Dame football, and nothing is going to get in his way,NOTHING. It shows you can overcome any obstacle if you put your mind to it , and rudy does just that.
    This movie will put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye, and touches the hearts and souls of everyone.You'll never get tired of this one. A must see....more info