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A Few Good Men
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A U.S. soldier is dead, and military lawyers Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee and Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway want to know who killed him. "You want the truth?" snaps Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson). "You can't handle the truth!" Astonishingly, Jack Nicholson's legendary performance as a military tough guy in A Few Good Men really amounts to a glorified cameo: he's only in a few scenes. But they're killer scenes, and the film has much more to offer. Tom Cruise (Kaffee) shines as a lazy lawyer who rises to the occasion, and Demi Moore (Galloway) gives a command performance. Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, J.T. Walsh, and Cuba Gooding Jr. (of Jerry Maguire fame) round out the superb cast. Director Rob Reiner poses important questions about the rights of the powerful and the responsibilities of those just following orders in this classic courtroom drama.

A U.S. soldier is dead, and military lawyers Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee and Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway want to know who killed him. "You want the truth?" snaps Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson). "You can't handle the truth!" Astonishingly, Jack Nicholson's legendary performance as a military tough guy in A Few Good Men really amounts to a glorified cameo: he's only in a few scenes. But they're killer scenes, and the film has much more to offer. Tom Cruise (Kaffee) shines as a lazy lawyer who rises to the occasion, and Demi Moore (Galloway) gives a command performance. Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, J.T. Walsh, and Cuba Gooding Jr. (of Jerry Maguire fame) round out the superb cast. Director Rob Reiner poses important questions about the rights of the powerful and the responsibilities of those just following orders in this classic courtroom drama. --Alan Smithee

Customer Reviews:

  • An historical and contemporary footnote
    The introduction of fake evidence involving flight manifests at the end of the movie trips up Colonel Jessup (the Nicholson character), who assumes that evidence about to be introduced will nail him. I've seen the threat of similar fake evidence used in some Law & Order episodes.

    The need for airport flight manifests and other records has both a contemporary echo and historical precedent. At present (November 2005), several European governments are investigating alleged CIA renditions of prisoners to Poland and Romania. From an Internet site: "Human Rights Watch examined flight logs of CIA aircraft from 2001 to 2004, said Mark Garlasco, a senior military analyst with the New York-based organization. He said the group matched the flight patterns with testimony from some of the hundreds of detainees in the war on terrorism who have been released by the United States. . . . He would not say how the organization obtained the flight logs, but said two destinations of the flights stood out as likely sites of any secret CIA detention centers: Szymany Airport in Poland, which is near the headquarters of Poland's intelligence service; and Mihail Kogalniceanu military airfield in Romania."

    The historical precedent is the Moscow Frame-up Trials of the 1930s that were staged by Stalin against Trotsky and others that Stalin feared (even though they had already been defeated within the Soviet Union). Trotsky was in exile in Norway. There was testimony that one of Trotsky's alleged fellow conspirators flew from Berlin to Oslo in December to meet with Trotsky in order to plan terrorist activities against the Stalin government. However, it was shown that during the alleged time period no planes had landed at Oslo, thus undermining a material "fact" that was introduced to give legitimacy to the obviously forced confessions.

    It is an irony of history (doesn't it have many!), that the countries that are apparently involved also suffered from Stalin's tyranny....more info
  • Powerful
    There are some great courtroom scenes in this movie that are so powerful and the acting is fantastic. The story of honor and pride in one's country and way of life is an inspiration for anyone who is a believer in truth, justice and the American Way....more info
  • Good, Bad, and Yuck
    Most people, in today's America, won't get what's wrong with this film. That's born out by the ratings here. Aside from the Hollywood/politically-correct/juvenille-preachiness of this film, there is some fantastic acting in scenes. I purchased this film just to watch those scenes. That's one of the great things about DVDs, you can jump over the ridiculous and go straight to the more artistic work....more info
  • The opprobrious blindness!
    Around a brutal and mysterious murder of a soldier, a young attorney will be sent to investigate this dark and bitter incident. A curious honor code seems to exist hovering the subordinates who will try to cover up all the clues with the only intention to preserve the moral and good costumes.

    But slowly the truth will make its glamorous appearance despite the efforts, leading to a trail where the confrontation among these two men: Tom Cruise as the good guy in search of the truth and Jack Nicholson as the obsessed man who, behind all his exhibited intolerance and nasty behavior will not be able to avoid -thanks to an admirable tricky game- to hide what was going on that horrid evening when the rules had to be broken in service of a distorted order, according the famous statement of The leopard `s Giovanni de Lampedusa: "Everything must change in order to remain unalterable"

    If Dr. Strangelove was a demolishing advertence, genially narrated about the miscarried conduct and deplorable evasion of the reality and transfer of guilty over imaginary events to justify his own fluids lacks; or in the case of "Apocalypse now" led us to the darkest corners of the febrile madness of a Colonel and all his command who lost the coordinates of the real world, "A few good men" recreates once more with admirable efficacy and detailed description, the pernicious and eccentric state of mind of a General, to whom the moral codes are handled according his own convenience, being able to transform and dislocate them according his doubtful points of view, the well known rules of the game.

    Powerful script, arresting camera angles and one of the most pyramidal performances of Jack Nicholson ever made of this film not only a cult movie, but a firm candidate among the ten best films of the Decade and obviously the masterpiece of Rob Reiner.
    ...more info
  • A Few Great Performances
    As a former Marine and one who has seen the effects of war and the ability to take and to follow orders,..I now understand what this movie asks of us.Do we question orders?Do we decide what is right or wrong?In a classic portrayal as a young U.S. Navy "JAG" luietenant Tom Cruise turns in as what can only be called a "stunning" performance and maybe the best of his career.A young man with an attitude,..Cruise has the case of his life before him but does not realize it until the facts begin to present themself to him.Intrique is the word of the day and when the cast get's going they will roll you over with great performances,...the courtroom scene between Cruise and co-star Jack Nicholson is unmatched in film history,..and is classic!Cruise to Nicholson,.."I want the truth!"....,and Nicholson returns with,.."You can't HANDLE the truth!"It does not get much better than this in today's cinema,...and only makes you yearn for these kind of movies again....more info
  • Hard to resist due to good performances...
    I'm not a big fan of Tom or Demi, and Jack even wears out his welcome in some films, but not here. The supporting roles are superbly done, the tension in the plot is sustained well until the end, and when this shows up on cable TV I almost always watch it again for a half-hour or so. Here you find soldiers and the law and political correctness in conflict, and that reflects a lot of real life in the USA during the past four years. I enjoy the script, because it demonstrates how brain power sometimes wins out over brute force.
    ...more info
  • A few good dads?
    This is not a review of A Few Good Men, as such, but rather a review of its excellent director, Rob Reiner. I've lost count of how many times I've watched this's that good...and there's little point to my echoing the excellent reviews already posted here. But the other day I decided to watch the movie with the director's commentary on--something I rarely do because too often the directors/stars who do such commentaries yak on endlessly and wind up detracting from the movie rather than adding insight to it.

    Not so with the director's commentary of A Few Good Men. Reiner shows wonderful restraint at the same time he adds information which will enhance my future viewings of this movie. For example, even though I was aware of the fact the clear sexual tension between the Cruise and Moore characters is never allowed to reach (ahem) climax I was not aware this was a conscious choice on the part of the movie's makers. I credit them with good sense and good taste for that choice and will relish the absence of groping hereinafter. It might even help me to forget the memory lapses shown by Rob Reiner in his commentary: he cites the confrontation between Moore and Cruise at the softball practice as 'the first meeting between the two' (it was not...they actually met in her office earlier); and he credits the drill team which provides the spit-and-polish backdrop for the opening credits as having come from 'one of the North Carolina universities' (it was actually Texas A&M, according to the credits).

    But one fact, often repeated in this commentary, that will not be easily forgotten and will, I'm sorry to say, detract from my enjoyment of the movie in subsequent viewings is Reiner's confession that he saw an opportunity in the original broadway play to make a movie not so much about military life and military justice, but about the struggle of an intelligent and upwardly mobile young man trying to get out from under 'the shadow of a more famous father'. I find this rather sad. Certainly a great deal can be said of Rob's father, Carl Reiner, but I personally felt Rob had already 'made his mark' long before he directed A Few Good Men in '92. Yet, nearly 10 years after directing this excellent movie the man is still tied up in knots over this 'I've got to be better than my dad' trip. One can't help but wonder how much better (all the way to five stars?) a movie this might have been if Rob were more content to be his own man....more info
  • "I Want The Truth." "You Can't Handle The Truth!!" A Gripping Drama That Never Lets Go. All-Star Cast & Superb Directing.
    From the creator of "The West Wing" and the director of "The Princess Bride" comes a gripping drama about a hotshot lawyer (Tom Cruise) saddled with his first case, a young secretary with Internal Affairs (Demi Moore) and the commanding officer in charge of U.S. troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay (Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson). The superb cast includes Kevin Pollak ("The Usual Suspects"), Kevin Bacon (his wife, Kyra Sedgewick, stars in TNT's "The Closer"), Kiefer Sutherland ("The Three Musketeers," "24"), Noah Wyle ("ER") & an uncredited Cuba Gooding, Jr (he would win an Oscar several years later for Best Supporting Actor in
    "Jerry Maguire"). This is a well-written suspense drama that will have you glued to the chair, especially during the famous scene: "You want answers?!!" "I want the TRUTH!!" "You can't HANDLE the truth!!!" Though that scene is undoubtedly one of the most famous in cinema history (and rightly so), there's more to the movie. Rated PG-13 for some language....more info
  • One of the best movies ever!!!
    Sorry, after reading some negative reviews I just had to speak up. This movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I still to this day watch it over and over again. Well directed, some of the best acting I have seen, and my god the cast in this movie, the list of stars is endless. The courtroom scenes were so intense, I envey anyone who has not seen this yet. The story was perfect and so many surprises and turns. Really well done. This movie is worth every penny, I just wish I would of got to see it in the movies. It is the most powerful movie I have ever seen, how can anyone say this movie was not good, I guess they just can't handle the truth......more info
  • A Few Good Men - Blu-ray Info
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-2 BD-50
    Running time: 2:18:01
    Movie size: 39,54 GB
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    Average video bit rate: 22.14 Mbps

    LPCM Audio English 4608 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 16-bit / 4608kbps
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    Subtitles: English / English SDH / Arabic / Bulgarian / Chinese / Croatian / Danish / Dutch / Finnish / French / German / Greek, Ancient / Hebrew / Hindi / Hungarian / Icelandic / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Romanian / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Thai / Turkish

    Number of chapters: 16

    #Audio commentary by producer/director Rob Reiner
    #Code Of Conduct - Documentary (35 min)
    #From Stage To Screen with Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner - Featurette (14 min)
    #Bonus trailers...more info
  • Great Movie with an Amazing Cast
    The DVD is great. Lots of Subtitle options not to mention the fact that the Movie is just simply amazing with a great Cast....more info
    Definitely a GREAT movie, A Few Good Men, sheds light on a military investigation into the death of a Marine at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Things get a bit more complicated as all is not what it seems in the tropics...
    Needless to say, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and the rest of the cast have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)!
    The plot, the setting, the dialogues, and the music are all wonderful!
    In short, it is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection (if you haven't already done so)!! Strongly recommended along with Black Hawk Down, Rules of Engagement, and Courage Under Fire.
    ...more info
  • One good reason to watch this film: Nicholson!
    "A Few Good Men", directed by Rob Reiner and based on the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, should easily make anyone's list of the top 50 films ever made. However, the film does take certain liberties in its portrayal of Marine culture and military justice. As a civilian myself, I am certainly not an authority on the subject. However, it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that no Judge Advocates General attorney speaks to their superiors the way Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) does and gets away with it. While I realize that Cruise aimed for a comic approach to his "boy entering manhood" trademark role, I was disappointed to see the rest of the cast seeming to play along with his irreverence.

    Nevertheless, his cavalier attitude towards authority figures sets up a few stellar rebukes from his costars, notably Lt. Com. JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) and of course, the crowd favorite Lt. Col. Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson). While Cruise probably had the best perfomance of his career (along with a strong supporting cast in Moore, Kevin Pollak, Kevin Bacon, J.T. Walsh, and Keifer Sutherland), Nicholson steals the show. His "you can't handle the truth!" monologue alone is worth the price of admission.

    The cinematography of this film is absolutely mind blowing, except for one matte shot of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that looks very fake. The Windward Division barracks reminds me of a base I saw in Key West, Florida. The courtroom is shown from all angles, almost like being there yourself, and you feel a real sense of history in the place. Pay attention to the lighting. Reiner mentions the lighting in his director commentary, and yes, it does make a difference in how you experience the film.

    The widescreen special edition of "A Few Good Men" has the obligatory extras. Reiner is not very talkative in the director commentary, which is disappointing. However, there are a few bonuses, such as a special documentary made for the DVD, production notes, spoken language selections for French, Portuguese, Spanish, and plenty of chapter selections (for those who prefer to skip to their favorite parts).

    All in all, a great movie. I give it three stars for factual accuracy, four stars for cinematography and musical score, and five stars for the over the top peformances of Nicholson, Cruise, and Moore. These average out to the four star rating. Buy it, forget about the flaws, and enjoy the performances of an A-list cast....more info
  • Excellent
    A few good men is a court room drama successfully showcasing a controversial case of right and wrong. The plot is not one hundred percent perfect, but short of that, everything else about the movie is par excellence. This is one of those movies where an ordinary story is turned into outstanding screenplay, delivered to perfection by the director and the cast. I rank this as Tom Cruise's best, closely followed by The Firm and Rainman.

    A timeless classic and a collectors item.

    ...more info
  • Top notch entertainment
    I could spend a paragraph or two telling you what the plot/story of this movie is about. Or you could read any one of the hundreds of other reviews for this film, and find out that way. Most of you probably know it by now, as it is. A Few Good Men is on my (and my wife's) list of Top Ten movies of all time....with plenty of good reasons. As it has been said in many other reviews, the acting in this film (from all the supporting actors as well) is excellent. The story is good too....very interesting, actually. It would be easy to look at this movie as simply a "blockbuster" kind of movie....which, essentially, it is. It's got A-list talent in front of, and behind the made a hell of alot of money at the box office, so yes it's a "blockbuster". But it's also a damn good story, as mentioned before. Another thing I liked about this movie, was the fact that the writers avoided any romantic involvement between Tom Cruise and Demi Moore's characters....something most other films on this scale would have done. And I know it's been said in many other reviews, but I'm going to say it again anyway....Jack Nicholson really is the cornerstone of this movie. No, not because of that famous "You can't handle the truth...." line. But because his acting really is that good. It seems so natural. His mannerisms are so natural, that he could pass for a real life military leader....I am in the military myself, so I can vouch for this. And even though this movie is over two hours, I was never once won't be either....more info
  • A Few Good Men
    As always with Amazon I recieved my purchase in perfect condition....more info
  • A Powerful Courtroom Drama that Still Resonates
    The military courtroom drama,"A Few Good Men" is one of those films, that through endless cable showings seems to have taken a life of it's own. But even with countless viewings it retains it's emotional power and speaks to us about issues, that have become more important than ever. In the film we meet Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) a young successful, military lawyer, who is considered so slick at plea bargaining out cases, that supposably he's "never even seen the inside of a courtroom". He is assigned the cases of PFC Louden Downey (James Marshall) and Lance Cpl. Harold Dawson (Wolgang Bodison). They are accused of murder and a host of other charges, when at the Guantanamo Bay military base they performed a "Code Red" (an illegal form of discipline within a military unit) on Pvt. William Sandiago, which unintentionally resulted in his death. While the two accused Marines admit they did the "Code Red", both claim they were under orders to do so by their superiors, which includes Base Commander, Col. Nathan Jessup (a brillaint Jack Nicholson) a powerful, highly decorated officer, who is being groomed for one of the top slots in the military command. With both time running out and a lack of legal evidence, Kaffee must get to the bottom of a conspiracy and present his case, even if it means putting his own career in jeopardy. Through a brilliant script (based on the play by Aaron Sorkin), Rob Reiner's steady direction and the cast's dynamic performances this film looks at the meaning of highly held military principles such as "code, honor & discipline". Should a soldier always follow orders no matter what? Whats' more important our ethics & principles (on which this country was founded) or our need for security? Is Col. Jessup right? Can we not "handle the truth"? It's hard to believe, that this film was made way back in 1992. In this post 9/11, post Abu Grebbe world, where our country is on a war footing the questions, that the film seeks to address have become more profound and important than ever. The film is filled with great performances. While I am not normally a huge Tom Cruise fan, I have to admit, that Cruise does a wonderful job as the young conflicted lawyer. The same goes for the great supporting cast which includes good acting turns from Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland. But what really propels and turns this film into a classic is the brilliant, dynamic performance, that comes from Jack Nicholson. When Cruise puts Nicholson on the courtroom stand and starts pointly egging him on, you just watch in awe as Nicholson just continually builds the character's palpable anger, until he just boils over and explodes in the now infamous "You Can't Handle the Truth" speech. Even though the speech and Nicholson's performance has been endlessly quoated & parodied, when you put it in the context of this movie it still has so much power and resonance. If you are interested in seeing a well made, movie courtroom drama, that is both thought provoking and entertaining then I highly recommend "A Few Good Men"....more info