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Masterminds [VHS]
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  • Master Movie!
    I totally loved it! It's my fave movie, there's tons of action, explosions, guns, even a high speed chase throught the sewers (and i know that sounds weird) Patrick Stewart and Vincent Kartheiser are both excelent actors, and vinnie is really hot! anyway it's got great music too so you should check out the soundtrack....more info
  • MG's review on the great movie masterminds
    i loved it!! I am buying the soundtrack to Masterminds tomorrow!! I love Vincent kartheiser!! I love him on the tv show Angel as Angel's son Connor. So I had to see masterminds,which is action packed, so buy it and check out the soundtrack!!!!
    - mg...more info
  • I love this movie!
    This is one of my two favorite movies, the other being "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." I think this movie has gotten a bad rap. Not many have heard about it, and the few who HAVE seen it don't like it that much. But, both my parents liked it (and that's sayin' something!). The script does have some obviously flaws, and the movie is totally improbable. But then, not many movies out these days are probable and without flaws anyway. IF you are a fan of the genre, (or the actors..Vincent was great in "Alaska" also) check this movie out....more info
  • You can't possibly be serious...
    I'm actually reading positive reviews of "Masterminds?" Okay, the film was watchable at best. But never have I seen such an embarrassingly awful movie. Directed by Roger "Battlefield Earth" Christian, this poorly-executed ripoff of "Die Hard" has huge plot holes, twists that make no sense, and obvious attempts at humor that just isn't funny. Why is the movie so flawed? I suppose because it's aimed at teenagers. Maybe as a kid's movie this would be okay, but with all the profanity, it sort of bars the kids from it anyway. Patrick Stewart looks rather embarrassed as the film's villain, who has hijacked a private school and is holding certain children ransom so he can get money from their rich parents. However the world's most annoying hacker (Vincent Katheter or something) is in the building and he's taking the bad guys out, "Home Alone" style! Okay, I tried to make it sound somewhat cool, but when you get right down to it, this movie was done way wrong. Director Christian tilts his camera frequently and for no reason, a technique he used in "Battlefield Earth," he also has many, many explosions and lots of yelling and phrases like "Someone stop that kid!" This is a film so by-the-numbers that anything not routine for a movie like this would've made it better. I saw this film when I was a kid and thought it was silly and dumb then. Now, as a young adult, I think it's predictable, pointless, and pitiful. Respect yourself. Stay away from "Masterminds"...more info
  • About as bad as a movie can be
    It's as if someone said "Hey, let's write the worse possible movie we can thing of!" So, they did it, then sent it to a rewrite commiteee who spent time making it even worse....more info
  • UGGH
    I might say that it was not that a great movie, nor even a good movie at that. First we have antagonists who are most likely mercks, but lack the skills to prove that they are. Even their leader, considering his role, is not appropriate to be a British SAS. Also, they are very "soft", to consider that they are equipped with dartguns. I got irritated also that there were many times that the protagonist will surely be caught but the criminals were so stupid. The film also lacks of realism, not much crowds outside the gate, considering that these are children held hostages. Mines exploding very near policemen, but they were not much affected by the blasts, etc. Well I need not go on. For me, don't waste your money buying this movie. If you want, just rent it....more info
  • Good for Stewart fans, suspensful, but not outstanding.
    Masterminds is a hostage suspense story similar to Toy Soldiers. In this case Patrick Stewart is the culprit, ostensibly setting up security for a private grade school. Vincent Kartheiser is a teenage computer wiz who dropped off his little sister at the school, then stayed behind to pull a prank with the school's new computer system, getting trapped inside - hidden. There's plenty of action & suspense, but the plot's slightly confusing - it's not clear what Stewart's team is really up to, and some of it seems far-fetched even for this type of movie. In other words, it will keep you interested, but is hard to follow. Fans of Patrick Stewart probably won't be disappointed, except for the fact he's the bad guy. Brenda Fricker is good as the principal, the rest of the cast competent but not outstanding. ...more info
  • great crappy movie
    this movie is far far far away from being a masterpiece, but i've loved it since i was a kid. the only problem is, it's almost impossible to find, anywhere. they really need a dvd version!...more info
  • A waste of time and money unless you like looking at Vincent
    This movie is terrible. Brenda Fricker and Patrick Stewart, two class acts, must have had urgent bills to pay. If I could give this zero stars I would. It had to be a candidate for one of the worst films of the year. DON'T BOTHER!...more info
  • Make room for Vincent!!
    Move over, DiCaprio; Vincent Kartheiser has arrived!! He rocks! This is definitely one of the most entertaining movies of all time! I enjoyed it from start to finish. There was not one flaw in it that I could find, aside from the obvious computer illiteracy of the screenwriter and director. Then again, "Hackers" and "The Net" had the exact same problem, so what can be said? Aside from that, no flaws whatsoever. Buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Movie
    vinnie was great in the movie! but it wasn't only him. patrick stewart was good too. all in all, its wonderful! and also, it has a great soundtrack. vincent is sooo cute!...more info
  • Masterful Masterpiece
    Masterminds may not be a great movie but a good movie. Acting is great. Plot is great. Script is great. It is hilarious, exciting and action-packed.

    It was fun to watch "Masterminds"

    I love Patrick Stewart's acting in this movie.

    Only flaw is no blood and no deaths in the movie. Not that i'm complaining....more info