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She-Devil [VHS]
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Someone stole her husband...and now there's hell to pay! Roseanne Barr puts a hilarious twist on the domestic goddess persona that made her a star, and Meryl Streep makes you marvel at [her] real comic witchcraft (Newsweek). She-Devil is a film that doesn't stop at mild-mannered prankster revengeit's a funny Fatal Attraction on steroids, with attitude, that's gone bad! Meet Mary Fisher (Streep). She's got it all: a cliff-side villa overlooking the ocean, a wholly satisfying career as a romance novelist...and Ruth Patchett's husband. And when Ruth (Barr) discovers that her social-climbing spouse (Ed Begley, Jr.) has been spending his time at Mary's pink-and-white-monstrosity-by-the-sea, she doesn't just vow to get him back...she vows to get even! Setting out todestroy his business accountsas well as Mary's precious reputation and careerRuth proves the old adage about a woman scornedby delivering up a husband nearly scorched!

Customer Reviews:

    SHE DEVIL works mainly because of the hysterically wonderful performance of Meryl Streep. Not a real fan of Roseanne Barr, I must admit she pulls off her role quite well too, but it's Meryl who makes the movie as much fun as it is. Seeing this incomparable dramatic actress put so much into her role as Mary Fisher, the hoity toity author of bestselling romance novels while she's really as anti-romantic in her personal life is pure delight. Streep manages to whisk Roseanne's philandering husband (a good Ed Begley Jr.) away from her, but Barr has her own plans of revenge and achieves them. Sylvia Miles is delightful as Streep's saucy mother and there are a lot of great confrontations. Streep is the star though and she makes the She Devil devilishly fun....more info
  • A great overlooked film
    Why this movie bombed is beyond me. Maybe cause people were expecting to see the Rosanne they saw on the t.v. show. For a comedian turned actress, and early in her career, I thought Rosanne was awesome. So was the rest of the cast....more info
  • A Dose Of Reality Is Sometimes The Best Revenge
    This is a movie you can watch over and over and still enjoy its karmic delights.

    Meryl Streep's Mary Fisher is the too-good-to-be-true glamourous romance writer. With a flick of her perfect pink nails, she sets about stealing Roseanne Barr's Ruth Patchett's none too faithful hound of a husband, Bob (probably as much for his accounting skills as anything else).

    Ruth is quickly abandoned with 2 children and an unsure future. But that is when the "She-Devil" spark takes hold. She quickly dispenses with the family house (in a hilarious scene) and deposits the quarrelsome children and family dog with their father and his new mistress since she now has no place to live (which puts a bit of a crimp in the lovebirds' romantic idyll!) Then she sets out on an odyssey to build a new life for herself and systematically destroy Bob and Mary by shaking the skeletons out of their collective closets in the most hilarious and soul-destroying ways you can imagine. This movie is therapy.

    ...more info
  • Hilarious
    I was 6 when first saw She-Devil. So my love for this wonderful comedy show comes from my childhood. Unfortunately it was impossible to purchase it in Russia so it was almost 20 years when i was at last able to see my favourite movie again. Thank to Amazon. I am willing to buy all my childhood films (mostly 80s comedies). I am really happy that now i have a chance to buy all of them.
    By the way She-devil is great))
    ...more info
  • My favorite movie
    I kept watching this movie over the years. First time around, I bought VHS cassette, and today, I ordered DVD.

    My first marriage was similar to Ruth's, but over time I was able to achieve an "ultimate revenge" of creating a loving second family, getting my degrees (including Graduate Degree), and becoming very successful in my career. This is why I experience such delight while watching this movie.

    For all under-appreciated wives and mothers out there, this movie is a definite "confidence booster"! I keep recommending it to all my friends....more info
  • High dramedy
    Loved it! Meryl Streep's hidden best work; a coup for Roseanne. Rewarding fun and games....more info
  • What A Devil
    This a wonderful humorus movie that all women should see; especially, if they are thinking about a divorce. It will inspire them....more info
  • Perfect
    it was everything i was hoping for and was brand new like it said it would be. I've loved this video since i was a kid, and i still do. im glad i bought it....more info
  • If it's not a cult classic, it should be
    Roseanne may be the star of She Devil, but she couldn't do it if the other characters you love to see get their due in this movie didn't hold their own.

    Roseanne does what she does best in She Devil: Lots of warts-and-all womanhood and an unswerving drive for self preservation, and she does it with her special Roseanne flair. Many women may secretly identify with her awkwardness in the pre-betrayal scenes, the perfect character-building for the intensity to come.

    Meryl Streep's elegant, intentionally overacted portrayal of the other woman is hilarious, with her prima donna character. Ed Begley, Jr. makes a great philandering worm.

    Lots of comedic details and surprises that weren't in the PBS miniseries make this a fun escape....more info
  • She Devil Movie w/Roseanne Barr
    It's not the best movie I've ever seen, It's not one that I would watch over & over either, but I did enjoy the character's determination to get even with her cheating husband. ...more info
  • Funny
    I have always loved this movie, Roseanne as a psycopath wife
    getting even with her husdand, this role was made for her. She Devil
    is very funny, and it is hard not to feel sorry for Roseanne's character.
    She is the ultimate "She Devil" ...more info
  • A Laff Riot
    This movie is hysterical. Every character in the movie is nuts. I have no clue why this bombed in the theaters as all of the cast were perfect in their roles. This is a must see....more info
  • A Fun way to spend 90 minutes or so
    Suspend your need for logic and a coherent narrative (mostly at the end of the film)for 90 minutes and just enjoy Meryl Streep's performance. This is a fun movie, and it's a reminder that Roseanne Barr actually has some talent. Linda Hunt is a gem, but underused....more info
  • Master OF The Rare LASERDISCs Movies.
    SHE-DEVIL is a great Movie,I have it on LASER DISC And Gonna get it ON DVD Too :)...more info
  • Cheesy and awful, yet riveting...
    For some strange reason, this is one of those 'b' movies that I am compelled to sit and watch every time I come across it on cable. I don't know why. I just find it highly entertaining, and somehow riveting, even though it's cheesy and awful. It's like junk food. You know you could do a whole lot better... but you once you've opened the bag of chips, you're in it for the long haul.
    ...more info
    So many funny moments. Everyone gets treated like garbage, and gets their revenge. Ruth is so pretty (played by the gorgeous Rosanne)and gets me hungry for the delicious couture French donuts- especially the falic one!

    Love the soundtrack and the "dance with the butler"- so adulterated!!! So much lovely nudity to make you go crazy, and I love that mansion! It was like a Pink Snowball. It's elegent, and by far my fav Rosanne movie!

    Girl Olivia, loved that squeezed outifit....more info
  • One of my all-time favorite movies
    I remember seeing this movie at the theaters in elementary school and immediately taking a liking to it. This is one of the very few movies that I watch whenever I flip past it while channel-hopping, and I did again last night. Afterwards, I felt compelled today to check out what sort of comments it has received on Amazon. Well, I was completely amazed its multi-star rating is as high as it is!

    I agree with the reviewer who said that A Martinez contributed so much to this film. It's true, every scene with "Garcia" made me laugh: from the scene where he was thoroughly repulsed by catching a glimpse of Bob's bare bottom when he lost his towel, to the hilarious scene when Mary Fisher is in the middle of being interviewed by People magazine and he revs up abruptly next to them with YooHoo, Cheez Whiz, & crackers, saying, "Tea time as usual, madam" when she asked him what on earth he was serving them. Then seconds later, he howls at her from the balconey, "YO!!!! Phone call!"

    Meryl Streep, on the other hand, stole the show. It was so nice to see her in a laid-back, comedic role, and she remarkably nailed the part of Mary Fisher. It's a silly movie, far from high-brow - but nonetheless exceedingly well acted by all casted. It's one of my all-time favorite movies. I wonder if it's on DVD yet ......more info