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The Firm
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A young lawyer joins a memphis firm where the people are friendly the money is fantastic and no one ever leaves alive. When mitch discovers the truth about the firm he begins a desperate race against time to survive. Special features: english subtitles for the deaf scene selection and much more. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/17/2005 Starring: Tom Cruise Gary Busey Run time: 154 minutes Rating: R Director: Sydney Pollack

By far the best adaptation of a John Grisham bestseller, this smart, fast-paced 1993 film--directed by Sydney Pollack (Out of Africa)--offers up the dilemma of a young lawyer whose life is turned upside down when he takes a job at a Southern law firm owned by the mob. Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise), having just graduated from Harvard Law, is besieged with offers but takes a job, too good to be true, with a small Memphis firm. He and his wife, Abby (Jeanne Tripplehorn), are sucked in by the seemingly close-knit, collegial nature of the firm's partners and the expensive perks that come with the job. His mentor, Avery (Gene Hackman), teaches him the ropes, but Mitch and Abby begin to sense there's something wrong with this idyllic life. When a couple of associates turn up dead, Mitch begins to investigate the history of the firm; and when the FBI asks him to spy on the firm for them, Mitch realizes his life will never be the same and that, if discovered, he, his wife, and his long-lost brother will be in mortal danger. Mitch must use all his talents as a lawyer to outsmart the firm, the FBI, and the mob in order to reclaim control over his life. A very entertaining thriller that engages the audience at a breakneck pace while not taking itself too seriously. It also features some fine writing and strong performances from a large cast of exceptional actors. --Robert Lane

Customer Reviews:

  • Try to avoid contrasting the film with the book!!
    Like most people who had read the book and anxiously awaited the movie release I felt betrayed after going to the theater and viewing the film. As I left the theater I along with others who had read the book were complaining about how they (Hollywood) ruined a great suspense novel. However, the friend I had gone to see the film with seemed to have really enjoyed the film. I couldn't understand how, but then he had not read the book.

    A few months later I had the opportunity to view the film again at the cheap seats and to my surprise I found myself entertained. This time around I quit comparing the book and the movie and just watched and it wasn't have bad.

    After talking to others who have read the book and were initially disappointed with the film I have come to the following conclusion. While almost everyone who has read it believes that the book is a much better story than the movie, the movie isn't half bad if you can quit comparing every change. Of course you still notice the changes but don't spend as much time dwelling on the changes while watching the film.

    I hope that Hollywood makes Grisham's THE PARTNER into a movie, it is as good as if not better than THE FIRM. I also hope they stick to the original story this time....more info

    Tom Cruise delivers the most electrifying performance of his career in this riveting film based on the international bestseller.

    Criuse plays Mitch McDeere, a brilliant and ambitious Harvard Law grad. Driven by a fierce desire to bury his working -class past, Mitch joins a small, prosperous Memphis firm that affords Mitch and his wife an affluent lifestyle beyond their wildest dreams.

    But when FBI agents confront him with eveidence of corruption and murder within the firm, Mitch sets out to find the truth in a deadly crossfire between the FBI, the Mob, and a force that will stop at nothing to protect its interests - THE FIRM.

    Directed by Oscar winner Sydney Pollack and starring Oscar winner Gene Hackman plus a magnificent supporting cast, THE FIRM makes its case as the must - see movie of the year....more info

  • Another of Grisham masterpieces which turns into a great movei
    A young lawyer who wants all the good stuff which his poor family never had. He interviews for a memphis law firm which is linked to the mob, unbenownst to him and his wife. Suddenly his if caught between the Law Firm and the Police. He does some very creative dealings so he can stay one step ahead of everyone. Good action, plot and story line. Cruise, Hunter, Hackman all play great roles....more info
  • Read the book--What?
    I'm sick of everyone saying, "The book was better, you should read the book." Hello--that's like comparing a Robert Frost poem to a Shakespearian play. Two completely different types of media should never be compared. Spencer Tracy's brilliant performance in The Old Man and the Sea is the closest I have ever seen a film stick to the novel the movie was derived from. Frankly, The Old Man and the Sea was not the greatest of films, but it is definitely worth checking it out for Tracy's performance.

    Back to the point at hand, a movie should be judged on how good of a movie it is, and The Firm is a great flick. Not only is the acting top of the line, but also Sydney Pollack does a fantastic job keeping the film tight yet managing to pull off a great twist at the end.

    On a side note, having not yet read The Firm by John Grisham, I can't tell you how good it was; however, I have read several of his other books. I'm not a betting man, but I would put some money down that says The Firm, like his other books, is at best an entertaining read.

    Please stop trying to compare visual media to print media--you can't compare apples to oranges....more info

  • Excellent, engrossing, substantial complexity --
    and one of Gene Hackman's greatest performances. The man is so real, and the character so believable, you'd think Hackman were the character. Except he isn't, because the character is a hackman, while Hackman is an extraordinary actor.

    Probably Cruise's best performance, better than in "Color of Money". Garey Busey does a perfect turn, and Holly Hunter get's to vamp.

    The only film in which I've seen Triplehorn -- a beauty, and is the equal of Cruise in this (in performance; I don't think of Crusie as a beauty).

    You'll like it. Cruise actually performs instead of posing for the camera.

    ...more info
  • Always Fun To Watch Bad Things Happen to Lawyers
    Lawyers and Tom Cruise. I tend to like neither. But in this Sydney Pollack-directed adaptation of John Grisham's bestseller, Cruise is actually tolerable as a hotshot Harvard Law grad just hired by a Memphis law firm with more skeletons in its closet than grains of sand on Malibu Beach. Cruise's character is arrogant, brash, and smug--as we would expect most young attorneys to be--but as his life unravels, as he learns more and more about the machinations of his employer, he's just darn fun to watch as he tries to distance himself from THE FIRM.

    One of the reasons Cruise is tolerable is because his surrounding cast is so outstanding. Gene Hackman, who plays Cruise's mentor, is as good as it gets; so is Ed Harris as a feisty FBI agent. Jeanne Tripplehorn is okay as the young, homesick, unhappy wife, yet as the story races to its conclusion she does some really out-of-character stuff. Hal Holbrook is solid (as always), while Wilford Brimley steals the show as the firm's tenacious "head of security." There are thrills and plenty of suspense, with an ending so out of breath and over the top you'll need oxygen, but overall THE FIRM is satisfying. Watching lawyers run for their lives always is.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info
  • Firm but Just
    Having read all of John Grishams novels and especially loving " The Firm ", I was a bit dissapointed with the standard of the movie. Acting wise Tom cruise probably played one of his better roles as Mitch Mcdeere and Gene Hackman always up to his usual greatness helped me digest a movie, which defies the novel by taking on a different ending . The novel was beautifully written and vividly described and i could not put it down. The movie on the other hand lacked action,emotion and the wonderful ending John wrote for us. The movie wasnt as bad as the book " The Street lawyer " !!! but it wasnt as great as the movie " A time to kill " ! For all those movie viewers out there that have seen the movie but havent read the book I urge you to read it soon and i guarantee that you will love it !!!...more info
  • It gets a little messy towards the end, but it's still nothing short of exciting...
    Legal thrillers rarely satisfy me. It takes a really strong one to peak my interest, hold it and keep me remembering it long after it's through. I guess I just never warmed up to them the way that a lot of movie goers have. That, coupled with the Tom Cruise bug, has kept me away from `The Firm' for some time. I adore Holly Hunter, and her Oscar nomination did make me curious, but as a whole I just wasn't that interested in giving this film a try.

    It came on television the other day though, and I had nothing better to do, so I bit.

    That said, `The Firm' was actually pretty well done. It was intense when it needed to be, and it contained enough plot twists to keep me interested even after I figured everything out. I will say that some of the plot developments felt a little sticky, especially once Abby and Tammy go all sorts of espionage on the firm, but that aside, the film is quite good.

    The film follows Mitch McDeere, a bright lawyer who is being wooed by a prestigious law firm that seems to watch to control everyone around them. Mitch's wife Abby is turned off by this, but Mitch's enthusiasm for the firm and his potential working there outweighs her concerns. Mitch is taken under the wing of Avery Tolar, shown the ropes and given all the perks, and then there is a murder, and then the FBI comes looking for Mitch, to turn him, and he gets an earful, and he starts to dig around and soon all the pieces start to fit together and Mitch realizes that this prestigious firm has some very unorthodox practices that could threaten his marriage, his profession and ultimately his life.

    I have never felt Tom Cruise was as talented as he is made out to be. Yes, when he hits it he usually leaves a lasting impression (um, he was all kinds of stellar in `Eyes Wide Shut' and he was definitely Oscar worthy in `Jerry Maguire') but for the most part he is either outshone by the rest of the cast (as in `Rain Man') or simply not that impressive (I need to rewatch `Top Gun' but I do remember being less than impressed with Cruise). Here he is actually pretty good. He holds his own alongside Hackman (which is hard to do) and delivers a believable and relatable performance.

    He's not best-in-show though.

    `The Firm' is littered with actors doing their best to grab out attention. The most successful would have to be Holly Hunter who just breezes though her performance as if it were effortless for her. She is witty and charismatic and adorable to boot; and when she wants to lay on the drama she can and does so brilliantly. Gene Hackman is also on the top of his game; sly and cunning and very approachable which only adds layers to his characters mystery. Hal Holbrook is ruthless as Oliver Lambert and commands in his few scenes. David Strathairn is commanding if not a little out of place here (I really didn't like his characters arc, but whatever). Jeanne Tripplehorn gets better and better as the film progresses. I think that Ed Harris is a pretty good actor, but he seems wasted here in my opinion.

    In the end I must say that `The Firm' is a far better film than I expected it to be. No, it is not a favorite of mine (based on genre alone really) but it manages to be memorable and exciting and I will watch it again, I'm sure of that. I wish that they had cleaned up the ending a tad, for as the plot keeps twisting the film gets a little messy, but that messiness makes for an entertaining roller coaster that serves it purpose....more info
  • Betrayal of the Book
    The acting was good, and the movie was fine as a whole; however, the book made a point. The movie simply bashed lawyers. That's not tough sport....more info
  • The Firm.
    If you ever want to be a lawyer, watch this movie.
    Great service
    Thanks...more info
  • This is not John Grisham's "The Firm"...
    ...because The Firm was actually good. One of my favorite books. As for this? It might not be as bad if you've never read the book, but if you have you will most likely not like it. Think about any plot point from the book and chances are it's been changed either a little or a lot in the movie version. The basic events are the same, but some things are changed so much it's rediculous. I would go into more detail, but I'm trying to stay away from spoilers.

    Conciseley: characters given a lot of time in the book get hardly any in the movie. And some in the movie are featured a lot more prominantly than in the book. Long scenes and memorable parts of the book are gone and boring ones that seem out of place of sketchy appear in the movie. I don't remember Terrance being bald. And the ending was absolutely different.

    I'll surely never watch this movie again. Don't buy it--get the book. If you don't like reading, skip over this entirely. It's just not worth your time, stale acting and poor characterization aside....more info
  • no problem with product but movie sucked!
    uh i hate this movie it was sooo boring i had to watch it for my business ethics class and then write an essay on it! but amazon sent it in a timly manner and it was in perfect condition...more info
  • Not as good as the book..
    The movie will probably be good to you if you've never read the book. I was a little frustrated with it, because the ending was so different. It's still worth watching, though. ...more info
  • A Complex Suspense-Drama
    This is a long (154 minutes) but pretty solid drama-suspense story about corporate corruption. The film features a well-known cast, and as soon as the action kicks in this becomes a very tense story.

    Tom Cruise is very good as the hotshot lawyer, as is Jeanne Tripplehorn who plays his unhappy wife. This is a complex story at times, one not always easily understood, especially the ending. So much is explained so fast at the end it's tough to comprehend it all.

    It's okay because sometimes that makes me want to watch a good movie several times, hoping I'll finally figure everything out! That's what happened here.

    Wilfred Brimley, Gene Hackman, Hal Holbrook, Holly Hunter, Robert Strathairn and Ed Harris all make this a really deep, impressive cast.
    ...more info
  • A Nail Biting, Sit Up In Your Seat Tale
    I absolutely love movies where the main character is in some impossible situation and has to be very clever in order to find an escape hatch. This is one of those movies. Cruise does a great job as a new lawyer who discovers his great job is anything but. Gene Hackman is good as an attorney who has resigned himself to selling his soul....more info
  • It was ok
    I personally didnt like the movie that much. Think I would of liked it better if I had not read the book, but I did. So I pretty much hated the movie, but loved the book. It was an awesome book, with a lot of suspence, and a good ending. Then I see the movie, and its totally changed! The entire second half of the book isnt even in the movie. Not a good ending at all. If you really want to know more about the firm, read the book, dont go and rent the movie. It seems like they tried to get more into the relationships of the people in the movie, where its more suspencefull in the book, dealing more with the mob and the F.B.I. I was going to go buy the movie because I loved the book some much. Good thing I didnt....more info
  • Highly Entertaining--Great Acting
    Okay, so Tom Cruise gets a job at a Memphis law firm, right? We've all read the book or seen the movie, so how does one recommend this to one uninitiated?

    Cruise puts in a solid performance, again playing his guy-who-doesn't-catch-on-for-a-while character he does so well. Sydney Pollack is a great mainstream director, and he pushes all the buttons, as well as giving us a great cast including Gene Hackman, Holly Hunter, Ed Harris, Jeanne Tripplehorn, David Straithairn, Gary Busey, Hal Holbrook, and Wilford Brimley.

    Top-notch acting all around, with especially good turns by Brimley and Hunter, playing against type. Hackman is always good to watch and he does a terrific job of making Avery Tolar a likeable guy in spite of his faults. I suppose the most amazing job was done by David Straithairn, who, with less than ten minutes of screen time, paints an indelible portrait of Ray McDeere, Cruise's convict brother. He is the most likeable character in the film.

    The plot is the standard rising-above-conflict stuff. Watch this movie (again) for the performances, or for the fine score from Dave Grusin and try to ignore the changes from the book (which I think were justified in making the ending more cinematic and Hollywood)....more info