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Consciously crafted by director George Stevens as a piece of American mythmaking, Shane is on nearly everyone's shortlist of great movie Westerns. A buckskin knight, Shane (Alan Ladd) rides into the middle of a range war between farmers and cattlemen, quickly siding with the "sod-busters." While helping a kindly farmer (Van Heflin), Shane falls platonically in love with the man's wife (Jean Arthur, in the last screen performance of a marvelous career). Though the showdowns are exciting, and the story simple but involving, what most people will remember about this movie is the friendship between the stoical Shane and the young son of the farmers. The kid is played by Brandon De Wilde, who gives one of the most amazing child performances in the movies; his parting scene with Shane is guaranteed to draw tears from even the most stonyhearted moviegoer. And speaking of stony hearts, Jack Palance made a sensational impression as the evil gunslinger sent to clean house--he has fewer lines of dialogue than he has lines in his magnificently craggy face, but he makes them count. The photography, highlighting the landscape near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, won an Oscar. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Best of Western Movie ! Best from ALL of the Movies !
    I am a "Mania" of Shane ! It is Habit of my life
    look at the "Shane" in Leisure, Happy times, even
    in trouble of my lfe. Ithink ,I have been look at
    the "Shane" I Aam sure that more than 100 times.
    beautiful colored,Beatiful stirois included tranquil
    love between Shane and Van Hefflin's wife, Real scene
    ofbunch hitting fighting in liquid store, and Real emotional scenes
    of Shane's leaving. Calling repeat "Shane! Com back Shane!"with
    surronding Emotional main theme with hi-fi DOLBY on linear TRACKS !...more info
  • One Of The Greatest American Westerns
    Alan Ladd portrays Shane, a retired gunslinger who wanders onto the Starrett ranch and befriends the family, eventually working for them. Right from the beginning the character of Shane comes across as a little strange and mysterious, and not much information is given as to his background or past affairs. The cast includes Van Heflin as Joe Starrett, Jean Arthur (in what is to be her final film appearance) plays his wife Marian and Brandon De Wilde as their little boy, Joey. The Starrett family alongside many others are living in the vicinity of a small community with no established law. In other words, trouble flows frequently and the peacemakers of the bunch find themselves and their property threatened by wild and stubborn cowboys, who harbor an intent to drive the settlers out of town.

    Meanwhile, a cattleman named Ryker (Emile Meyer) wants to buy the Starrett property, but Joe is adamant in his decision and refuses. Leaving him with no alternative Ryker sends for an infamous gunslinger named Wilson to take care of Starrett, but Shane ultimately intervenes and saves the town from overpowering corruption.

    "Shane" is a movie about conflict; about how one man, a stranger, can put a troubled town back on its feet and, at the same time, change the standing of one family. The showdown between Shane and Wilson, played by Jack Palance, is short, quick and to the point. Palance has such a strong presence as Wilson, yet all it takes is a single bullet. That scene looked and felt like a real showdown. It is a beautiful looking movie with wonderful cinematography, not to mention a story that really gets into your heart. Its classic ending really is what everyone says it is. Very few westerns get any better than this....more info
  • One of the greatest!
    This movie is an absolute classic. There are plenty of reviews here to read about Shane but I just wanted to let any younger people out there know that old movies are still just as enjoyable to watch.

    Classics are classics for a reason, and will last forever in the cinema world.

    Plus, you get to witness one of the greatest movie endings - still strapped with mystery. When Shane is riding off into the distance on his horse slumped over, you never find out if he is injured or dead.

    Producers, critics and fans alike will never fully know....more info
  • Shane Leaves Powerful Memories
    This was the first film I remember seeing in the theater so it has some sentimental value. Now on DVD seeing it decades later, it certainly doesn't have the impact it did back then, but it will always be considered by me and many others as one of the great classics in film history.

    These classics, particularly the westerns, were good vehicles in promoting values and definite good vs. evil stories. The evil here is personified by Jack Palance. He doesn't have many lines but he doesn't need them. His body language in this film spoke volumes, and he was one scary dude. However, an unsung role (eighth billing in the credits) in here was the one by Emile Meyer, who played the real villain in this story, "Ryker." (Palance was just called in at the end.) A young Ben Johnson plays a member of his Ryker's gang.

    Alan Ladd, meanwhile, is the hero, the man who comes to the aid of family man Van Helflin, his wife Jean Arthur and young son Brandon De Wilde. The kid, De Wilde, steals the film and made himself into a young star with his role here. Whether feverishly chewing on his candy while witnessing Ladd fighting the bad guys or his plaintiff cries for "Shane!" at the end of the film, he made a memorable impression.

    The only overdone part - as seen in so many old-time westerns - is the amount of punches people took, blow after blow, when in real life they would have knocked unconscious right off the bat! But, that's part of the genre, I guess.

    "Shane" was a forerunner of many of western that copied its successful formula. This movie was so famous that a lot of newborns were named "Shane" for awhile.

    "Powerful" is another adjective that describes this film - back then and still now. This story will get your blood pumping! ...more info
  • Shane
    The copy was very poorly made, too dark, can not see the picture at all. I rather have a VHS with black and white, old fashion, I'm very disappionted.
    Yinnie...more info
  • a Classic!!
    always wanted to get this dvd. an excellent buy for the money. plays well on my dvd at home. would recomend it to any one....more info
  • great western movie
    Shane is for me the greatest western film of all time. It has much emotional depth, and stands as a great work of art. Alan Ladd, in my opinion, is perfect in the role (regardless of his size). Shane's nobility of character in spite of hard circumstances is a marvel, making him one of the most memorable characters ever on film. The music (which is always an important part of any movie) is also very good, capturing the whole feel of the movie from the more wistful scenes to the more violent scenes. The movie also has some very interesting realistic moments for a movie made in its time such as the little girl's behaviour during the funeral of the one sod buster that was killed by Jack Palance.

    The movie has a quiet yet stirring quality rarely found in other movies both in the western or other genres. Not only is the central character very well played, but the direction is also superb. Every detail of the movie was carefully thought out. Compare this movie with a couple of the other highest acclaimed westerns. High Noon had a great start in the movie, but by two-third's of the way through, the central plot had become somewhat overdone, and even the inevitable climactic gunfight didn't offer any real surprise in its action sequences to the modern viewer. The Searchers had an interesting central character in John Wayne's Ethan, who is the real highlight of the film, but the story meanders somewhat between the subplots, and the quick reversal of Natalie Wood's attitude towards the two Searchers at the end is clearly underdeveloped. But Shane is in a different league, being brilliantly thought-out and executed from beginning to end with no filler. It is an absolute masterpiece....more info
  • Still the best Western ever
    I first saw Shane when I was about the same age as little Joey in the film. Even at the age I am now, I still enjoyed watching the film and felt as much excitement as I did those long years ago. I still think that Shane is still the best Western ever, and even age, my age, has not wiped out the excitement of watching it. What is more, is that even my brother, who is ten years older than me, enjoyed it equally!
    H.M...more info
  • Shane
    This was a gift to a "former Marine" age 75. He had watched the VHS so many times that he knew every word of the movie. He is so thrilled with the DVD and all the info that it gives, he is watching it all most every night.
    Thank you for making these old classics so easily available....more info
  • Shane
    It is great to know there is a place where you can find hard-to-find movies. Shane is one of my favorite movies. I made the mistake to lend the copy I owned before and had a lot of trouble to find this new copy. Thank you....more info
  • One of the greatest westerns
    Whenever a list of the greatest westerns is made, "Shane" is always on that list. Why? Simply because it is one of the best, most iconic, most memorable westerns ever made.

    The story is beautiful in its simplicity: a mysterious gunman rides into town, taking up residence with a family. Soon, this gunman is called upon to rid the town of the villains who reside there. You've heard it before, right? But "Shane" is something different. The storyline may be basic, but how that story is told is what makes "Shane" one of the best films ever made.

    Alan Ladd gives a career-best performance as Shane. One of cinema's great tragedies is how Ladd will be remembered solely for this movie, instead of having many more great films to his credit.

    Jean Arthur's last role is probably her best. Brandon DeWilde, as young Joey, also demonstrates a mastery of acting at a young age.

    Emile Meyer, as the town's lead villain, is particularly memorable. And Jack Palance (in a well-deserved Oscar-nominated role), as Meyer's hired gun, is one of the most evil, menacing characters in the history of film. Curiously, Jack Palance would win an Oscar years later for playing in another western, this time the comedy "City Slickers." Who can forget the one-armed pushups from his acceptance speech?

    But perhaps the best performance in the film belongs to Van Heflin. His portrayal of Joe Starrett, the kind, decent, honest farmer who is the head of Shane's "family" is marvelous.

    Victor Young's marvelous score (which somehow managed to miss out on an Oscar nomination) also deserves note. Young, one of the most prolific and talented of Hollywood's Golden Era film composers, was up for numerous Oscars throughout the course of his distinguished career. The catch was that he died before he had a chance to accept his one and only win.

    George Stevens did a fine job of directing, as always - this is the man behind "A Place in the Sun," "Gunga Din" and "Giant." But the most beautiful thing about this film is the cinematography. The misty mountains in the distance, the solitary town, the Independence Day dance... all these scenes - and many more - linger in our minds. The beautiful backdrop of Jackson Hole, Wyoming was the perfect setting for this western masterpiece.

    And it is a masterpiece. If ever a film deserved that title, "Shane" is it. When viewing this great piece of cinema, you can tell why it is in the pantheon of the all-time great movies. A unique, simple, beautiful western that can be watched again and again, "Shane" should be in every film-lover's collection....more info
  • Shane DVD
    One of the best, if not the best, classic westerns of all times!!! Excellent ship time, packaging and price. It is great to have a classic like this available on DVD! We watch this many times a year!!! A must see for all classic western fans!!! ...more info
  • Come Back!
    Shane is more than a movie, it's a legend, supported by one of the finest casts of people ever assembled for one film, and directed by the master of the craft, George Stevens. Mr. Stevens also directed such notables as "Giant" ; "Hud" and he was in a class by himself at the time.

    For me, there was only one critique - a real cowboy's horse never wore a bridle such as the one worn by Shane's horse and Tory comes home remarkably clean across his saddle after having been shot dead into a large mud puddle in front of the saloon, but oh, well. You can't have everything, and with this remarkable film, the viewer almost does, so that must be forgiven.

    The story is based on fact, and a lot of that comes through starkly, harshly in spots, as intended in true artistry, muted in other places, since history always has many facets - such as the night scene in the corral between Starrett's family, Shane and Jack Wilson, the hired gun. You feel a certain amount of empathy for the hard-bitten old rancher, Riker, as he makes his last stand against the encroachment of a new people he sees as the only - and final - threat he hasn't been able to handle thus far - people with "rights".

    This is, in fact, loosely based on the true story of the Johnson County Cattle War, Johnson County, Wyoming. The actual location of the history unfolded near Buffalo, but it was filmed in Jackson for visual effects, with the magnificent Tetons as the silent "supporting" actors in a film destined to become one of the best ever filmed. The Johnson County War was a cold-blooded attempt by big ranchers, some headquartered out of the country, with no interest in anything other than free range without fences - to drive out homesteaders, and the method didn't matter. The lawless action was actually supported by the Governor at that time. Once intimidation failed, hired guns (such as Jack Wilson) were brought in from Texas and Oklahoma, killers who took money for their work. Though modified by an excellent screen play (and a haunting, unforgettable soundtrack) to fit the story line of a good man gone bad coming full circle - trying to outdistance his past and begin anew, this cattle war is what the underlying current that powers the story is all about.

    The immediate attraction between Shane and Marion, the homesteader's wife, is subtle, but electric. The glances at the table; the scene in the wagon as they prepare to head for town; the dance; all are masterfully done with no doubt left to the viewer as to the portent, though not a word is passed.

    Jack Palance as Jack Wilson is as important as the character work done by Alan Ladd for his "Shane." His role rounded out the story, making it not only a great film, but one of a kind, all things taken separately. The "showdown" is poignant, gripping, sad and final for everyone, those still standing do not escape the outcome.

    The last words spoken in the film by the little boy not only make chills come to your back, they will follow you forever, as will the last glimpse of Shane.

    I had to write this review, though this is an old movie, for younger people who may be looking for something spectacular from out of the past - and because I have seen it over and over, like an old friend. I hope you enjoy it and look for the special beauty between the lines as well as in the superlative filmography....more info
    Merely the best western ever made,far superior to its Oscar winning predecessor "High Noon".The film did win an Oscar for best cinematography,undeniably valid, but a rebuff to the picture itself.Director Stevens,per usual, seems able to attain top quality from everyone. First, Ladd's height is increased to a whopping 5'6" through the use of 2 inch boot inserts. The aging Arthur (why she never won an Oscar may be for Claude Rains and Cary Grant to answer) is perfectly cast with Van Heflin, and Jack Palance sets new standards for an evil western gunslinger. Add 9 year old Brandon DeWilde as an impressed young devotee of reformed gunslinger Shane, two brutal barroom brawls, several incursions by the local bad guys, the climatic barroom showdown, and a heart wrenching finale, and all you have is ,well, my opening sentence....more info
  • Very touching Western
    I'm not usually a fan of Westerns and I never saw Shane until today. I remember hearing about it and listening to countless people imitating the cries of Brandon de Wilde at the end so I thought it was something to avoid. Last week I found it on the shelf of the public library and only watched it when I had gone through the others.

    So, you can imagine my amazement at how wonderful this was. It is hard for me to really figure out what makes it so good. Reading quite a few of the readers' reviews maybe helps. I think it is the mystery of Shane...We don't know his first name, we don't know anything about his past, except what we can glean from his few comments. He is the classic mysterious hero, almost like an angel, who appears when needed, sacrifices himself, and then leaves just as quickly.

    Some people here have commented that Alan Ladd had a tormented life. I know very little about that, but I'm wondering if that quality brought something special to his performance that made it so gripping. Shane sublimates his feelings, from his first encounter with the bad guys in the bar, when they taunt him for buying soda pop, to the end...when he rides out of town with blood on him. It's not what he says, but what he doesn't say that gets you. Underneath that very calm and collected exterior we can imagine worlds of emotions.

    George Steves handles all of this with great subtlety, which is part of the charm of the film. We see the attraction of the pretty wife to Shane and we see that he likes her too, but we aren't hit over the head with this. (At first I thought she might have known him before and was waiting for some revelation of a past romance.) Shane obviously notices her beauty and goodness and yet he stands by, silently, as he knows that he will never be able to touch her. He loves the child, too, and the whole community scene, but, as he says in the end, he can't change who he is. The joys of domestic life aren't for the gun slinger, even a reformed one. So, the whole heartbreaking romance of un-fulfilled love in its many forms is what gets you. In the end, too, we don't know what happens to him. Is he mortally wounded? A flesh wound? Where will he go? Again, it's the unknown that's part of the appeal of the film.

    At first I thought Alan Ladd didn't look right for the part...maybe because the only other roles I'd seen him in were sort of city slicker or playboy types. He is small and with that blond hair and those pretty features, he certainly doesn't seem the type to "whoop" a whole tavern full of roughnecks. But it's part of the improbable that makes the movie stick in your mind.

    The setting of the Grand Tetons could not be more magnificent. Several people here who have read the book complained that the film didn't match the book; few do...but here we get what the book can't provide..the amazing shots of this gorgeous area.

    I though Van Heflin was awfully good. His rough hewn sincerity was the perfect compliment to Ladd's smooth quietness. Brandon de Wilde was just perfect. I find child actors often really annoying but this performance was wonderful. Seeing the story through his eyes is another factor in the magic of the film. This is how kids look at things..larger than life heros.

    I don't really get the appeal of Jean Arthur but she was ok here. Jack Palance gave a striking performance as the really really bad guy! It was fun to pick out Ellen Corby who later played Grandma in The Waltons and I think Nancy Kulp who later starred in some tv series was among the villagers, too. The dog was great and the deer was fantastic!

    Alltogether a memorable movie, well worth watching over and over.
    ...more info
  • If you love westerns. You will love this
    Shane........Come back. I am a 32 year old female and my father watches westerns. For some reason I watched this movie Shane and I had to have it on DVD. I purchased Shane from Amazon on DVD. Wonderful movie for the whole family. Watching Joey eat that candy cane while Shane kicked butt was so funny....more info
  • One of the all-time great Westerns
    "Shane" is deservedly known as one of the great Westerns.

    "Shane" is the story of a gunfighter who comes to the aid of a family of settlers who are being persecuted by free-rangers. There a many allusions to Christ in the character of Shane - his sensitivity, his serenity, his humbleness, his restraint, his self-sacrifice, even the fact he is only ever referred to by one name.

    Shane is perfectly played by Alan Ladd matched by Brandon de Wilde as the young boy Joey who idolizes Shane, and Jack Palance is appropriately sinister as the "bad guy".

    "Shane" is superbly staged and shot with great use of foreground and background shot compositions particularly in the bar-room sequences - and who can forget the final sequence. This film more that any other mythologizes the Western. A stunning achievement by director George Stevens.
    ...more info
  • Best Western ever
    Whenever Shane comes on TV, my wife groans because she knows there is absolutely nothing she can do to prevent me from watching until after the climactic shoot-out at the very end. Fortunately we have 2 TV sets, so she can watch something else. I have a short list of 18 movies I never get tired of seeing. Shane is the only western on my list, though I've seen all the other obvious contenders for best western. But this one grabs me and never lets go. Some of the reviews below do a good job of explaining why. ...more info
  • Shane
    You don't hear about one hit wonders in acting careers too much, but that could certainly be the case with Alan Ladd is Shane. The films fine pacing and direction is delivered by "multiple hit" director George Stevens and he is perhaps the reason why the film worked so well. Van Hefflin, Jack Palance, and Brandon De Wilde add their own signature elements which highlight the film along with the photography of sultery scenery....more info
  • One of the all-time great westerns
    A true classic; everything works perfectly. An outstanding script & direction that gradually builds to the inevitable & gripping climax, magnificent scenery & cinematography, top-notch performances by all the actors and a stirring soundtrack. I read the book 1st & in it Shane is himself very much like the Jack Palance character but he makes a conscious effort to turn his life around & change his ways forever. Alan Ladd portrayed him as a good-guy gunfighter with Roy Rogers buckskins & pearl-handled, nickel-plated pistol. But Ladd played the hell out of this role so it must be admitted that this was a change for the better. He played Shane as a noble, wise & world-weary knight-errant & this turned out to be an excellent choice for the movie version of the character. As noted above, all the performances are right on the money. My personal favorites are Jack Palance and Ben Johnson & even the ranchers are given redeeming qualities so everything is not so clearly defined as it might appear at 1st. Don't forget that this film has the villain that's never been topped - before or since. Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear was as good but nobody has ever been better than Jack Palance, & his part in Shane is him at his scary best. The story itself is very simple but there are many underlying subtleties that enrich every scene. The attraction between Shane and Marion, Joey's hero-worship of Shane & Shane's desire to pass on the best qualities of his experience coupled with his aversion to inspiring the boy into following his example. These are just a couple instances - watch the movie from start to finish & you'll appreciate all the ingredients that went into this wonderful film. I fall for all the sentimentality each & every time I watch it. One of the best movie endings of all time - a true tear-jerker when a wounded Shane rides off into the mountains to die all alone while the boy calls after him to come back. Any western fan needs this in their film library - it will stand up to repeated viewings, believe me.
    ...more info
    Does not get much better than this; I can watch this movie over and over. Action, good versus bad, young kid and a side line love story. I can just imagine what the story lines would be for this movie if it were made today. The location for the movie is unbelievable, I wish I could have seen it on the big screen. The movie is shot in the Tetons, in Wyoming I believe. I could watch this movie over and over. If you like westerns and have never seen it, do you self a favor and watch it. A good old fashion western, great ending. ...more info
  • Shane Review
    This is one of the greatest westerns of all time...right up there with Gary Cooper's "High Noon" and John Wayne's "The Searchers". I've seen Shane about a dozen times and have to subdue myself from advancing to the fight scene with character actor Ben Johnson. Top notch notch DVD....more info
  • Good Job
    I ordered this for my dad. I'm from Sri Lanka. Amazon informed me that it will take 2-3 weeks for the package to be shipped but I got it within a week.

    Very impressed. ...more info
  • The greatest
    One of the greatest westerns of all time. Why this is so is hard to define. Maybe it's Alan Ladds performance or the fact that the characters (other than Ladds) are truer to life than they are in most westerns. I don't know, but it's a movie that can be enjoyed over and over again. The fight scenes, although exagerated, actually result in bloody noses and split lips which is never the case in modern movies ( modern movies suggest a man can be hit over the head with a sledge hammer without any serious effect )
    The DVD is very good. The frames have been enhanced so there are no film scratches or blips; the quality is probably better than the original....more info
  • best purchase
    This person I made this purchase for mere words can not show his happines
    Thank you so much for letting me make that purchase...more info