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Pale Rider / Eastwood Collection [VHS]
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After a nine-year break from the genre that made him an international star (the Western just before this one was The Outlaw Josey Wales, from 1976), Clint Eastwood returned in this gritty Western, crafted in the tradition of Shane and High Noon. Eastwood directed and stars as the nameless stranger known only as "Preacher," because he rides into a beleaguered mining town wearing a clerical collar. He's either an agent of death or an angel of mercy, and the echoes of Shane ring loud and clear when he comes to the aid of independent miners who are being terrorized by a local tycoon (Richard Dysart) and his ruthless band of hired guns. Befriended by a miner (Michael Moriarty) and idolized by the miner's wife and daughter (played by Carrie Snodgress and Sydney Penny, respectively), the "Pale Rider" sparks the defiant spirit of the underdog miners and takes after the bad guys with single-minded purpose. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Clint Eastwood Western
    Absolutely the best western done by Clint Eastwood. The next best one if not a tie is Outlaw Josey Wales....more info
  • Pale Rider
    This is an excellent movie, one of Clint's best westerns. The packaging was good, and a quality dvd....more info
  • clint returns to the west,not his best but it will do
    i got to see this one in the theater with a big crowd and it was the best.sure it's "shane" with miners but it is still good to have clint back in the saddle.
    the plot(what there is of it)has the independent miners of lahood tring to get alone as a big mine company tries to squeese them out. the daughter of one of them prays for help,and in rides clint(think high plains drifter)as preacher,his only name. well after he gets there the days of the evil mine company are numbered.
    like i said not clint at his best,the action feels forced,and clint looks uncomfortable at times. still i give it 4 stars because clint in the saddle is a sight to behold!!!!...more info
  • Great Movie Bad DVD
    Although the story is almost identical to Shane, no one makes a better western than Clint. This one completes my Clint Eastwood western trilogy. While this ranks third behind The Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven, it is still one of the best westerns ever made. The movie is intense and all the actors do a great job. The DVD copy is not great. The surround sound is great but the picture flutters quite a bit....more info
  • Good Action Movie!
    This was a very good movie. Clint Eastwood plays a hired gunfighter who comes to the rescue of the miners in a local
    mining town. Michael Moriarity plays the role of the tycoon and
    the villain to the hilt. This movie has an excellent plot. The
    action in this movie is unparalled. Clint Eastwood lives up to
    his role of a hired killer to the maximum. The scenery in this movie is also award winning. The action as always lives up to
    all expectations. Once again Clint Eastwood is the quiet,always
    dangerous stranger who saves the day. Be sure to watch this movie. It has good action as well as good acting. This is an
    entertaining movie....more info
  • My all-time favorite Western
    This movie, though a little dry and slow-moving in some places, is incredible. The passionate storyline of the struggle of the tin-pans against the evil villan who runs the local town is riveting. Eastwood's character is intense and he portrays him in a way only Clint can do. The retributions paid to the evil are awesome and the ending shootout scene with the duster-clad Marshal Stockburn and his deputies was intense. I especially enjoyed John Russell's performance of the crooked lawman, who I feel was one the best aspects of the movie....more info
  • Pale Rider blu ray review
    I am a HUGE Clint Eastwood fan and I love all of his movies in any way but Clint on blu ray is a dream come true for all fans. They all havent come out yet but I have the ones that are. It makes an older movie look bran new and the old picture looks completly amazing. I would recommend all of his movies on blu ray cause its like watching a new movie all over again. Best choice...more info
  • Eastwood at his best
    Seen just about all of the movies made/ directed by clint eastwood yet this is one of the most haunting. And as many times as I have seen it, it is fresh, almost like seeing it for the first time. The contrast between the placer and hydraulic mining and their adherents is especially riveting. Movie just grabs you. ...more info
  • Absolutely Classic Western
    The next paragraphs may make it sound like I don't like this movie, because it's predictable - quite the contrary! This is the absolutely classic western story line: Band of hapless miners/farmers/ranchers/shopkeepers/insert-your-favorite-group-here is being harassed by the local big-shot bully, who is generally making their lives miserable and difficult. Loner-type hero rides into town/camp/the ranch, and helps out a main character that's about to get the snot beaten out of him/her. Instantly, The Lone Stranger is elevated to an almost hero-like status, and the miners/townspeople/what-have-you convince him to stay and help them out. Despite the fact that he has no vested interest in these folks, they touch something deep within him, and he knows it's the right thing to do, so he stays.

    With somewhat of a heavy hand, it is insinuated that this man is more than he seems - in this case, a preacher with a deadly aim, great fighting skills, and possibly checkered past. Still, he helps miners in their plight against the rich miner who's trying to drive them off of their legal claims, as the miner takes ever more violent strides in his quest. Not only is he evil because of trying to drive off The Decent Folk, but he uses terribly destructive methods to mine for the gold; he yields more ore more quickly, but the area left in his wake is completely destroyed. Of course, at least one of the good miners falls victim to the rich bloke, further steeling everyone's resolve; it's not just A Principle involved, now.

    During the course of the film, naturally, the female characters fall in love with the preacher (who has no name, though you're not surprised by that, are you?) but he's just not a man to be had. Why, he's a loner, and he'll always be moving on from place to place, perhaps trying to escape his misdeeds of the past, perhaps trying to reconcile the two halves of himself, perhaps just enjoying a wandering lifestyle. Ah, the romantic West! The final confrontation comes, comprising of a really amusing shootout with 6 corrupt deputies, and then, finally, the preacher confronts his old nemesis, a corrupt marshall.
    Still, despite the fact that this is indeed one of America's oldest stories, it's an entertaining movie. Even though you are absolutely certain of what's going to happen, the ride is still a good one. Sometimes, there's comfort to be found in stories we know - hence the rich oral tradition of many cultures, retelling the same story over and over, even though everyone knows how it goes, many sit completely enraptured through it. A story need not be new to be good.

    Young Clint Eastwood is great as the preacher (and as the producer/director,) and Michael Moriarty does a wonderful job as well. This is a must-see western, simply for the sake of seeing this particular story well-told....more info

  • Entertaining but flawed
    The main character is typical Clint Eastwood - strong, stoic, independent. The plot has just enough complexity to be entertaining without too much confusion, and the characters have reasonable depth. The only troubling scene is a rape scene in the beginning. The audience is supposed to accept that she "really wanted it" - a dangerous message, I think....more info
  • Clint Revives and Improves the Spaghetti Western
    In Pale Rider Clint Eastwood returns to the type of characters he played in High Plains Drifter. A lone mysterious man turns up in town and takes on evil ,wins over the local underdogs and rides off into the sunset.

    What makes Pale Rider different is the subtext of some undefined supernatural quality to Eastwood's character. He arrives wearing a preacher's collar and is only known as Preacher. Yet clearly there is a history to the man that the film never fully explains and leaves the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

    Beautifully filmed and well written, Pale Rider was the best western in many years and started a revival of the genre. ...more info
  • Pale Rider - Blu-ray Info
    Version: ALL / Warner / Region Free
    VC-1 BD-25 / Advanced Profile 3 / AACS
    Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
    Running time: 1:55:46
    Movie size: 24,33 GB
    Disc size: 24,85 GB
    Total bit rate: 28.03 Mbps
    Average video bit rate: 21.38 Mbps

    Dolby Digital Audio English 640 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps
    Dolby TrueHD Audio English 1559 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1559 kbps / 16-bit (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)
    Dolby Digital Audio French 192 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio German 192 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Italian 192 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps / Dolby Surround
    Dolby Digital Audio Japanese 192 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps

    Subtitles: English SDH, Swedish, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese
    Number of chapters: 28

    #Theatrical Trailer...more info
  • Great Western!
    A good western starring Clint Eastwood released in 1985 bringing a more developed plot variation of "High Plains Drifter" released several years before. The film benefits from a good screenplay and script in which there are more well developed characters to keep the audience interested.

    The film is set in a small mining town where independent miners are terrorized by the boss who owns the mine and adjacent town. Clint Eastwood rides into town as "The Preacher" and sides with the beleaguered miners against the local boss. The film remains mysterious as to whether "The Preacher" is really a man or a ghostly apparition from the past coming to claim revenge for past misdeeds. The town boss eventually hires a crooked Marshall and his posse to take care of The Preacher and there seems to be a past connecting them together. The Preacher almost leads one to think that he was the main character in "Hang 'Em High" because of the noose mark on his neck that he hides with a scarf.

    This is certainly one of Eastwood's better westerns that has a good plot and extensive character development. The film also has a certain element of the supernatural as no one knows exactly whether Eastwood's character is a living man or an avenging ghost coming out of the past. Overall an excellent film worth renting or owning....more info
  • A good honest western
    Clint is the Old Wests hand of God in this classic good vs evil western. A powerful performance by all....more info
  • Pale Rider DVD
    Excellent movie! Excellent DVD! New in package and excellent shipping time and excellent price. A must have for all Clint Eastwood fans....more info
  • "Pale Rider" features one of the most potent lines in the history of cinema
    Clint Eastwood's 1985 Western "Pale Rider" is an obvious combination of two earlier Westerns: "Shane" from 1953 and Eastwood's own "High Plains Drifter" from 1973. "Pale Rider" is, no doubt, an homage to these films rather than a rip-off.

    THE STORY: A mysterious drifter with a clerical collar rides into town as an angel of mercy to the local miner settlers and an angel of punishment to their rich oppressor and his men.

    The difference between "Pale Rider" and "Shane" is that "Pale Rider" is a much more modern take on the same basic story; plus, unlike "Shane," "Rider" possesses a supernatural element. Although "Shane" is definitely the better film in a historical sense, "Rider" is a more entertaining experience to modern viewers. Hence, "Pale Rider" IS the better film.

    As for comparisons to "High Plains Drifter," "Pale Rider" is a much better picture. "Drifter" has a slow, tedious vibe and all the characters are unlikable (but two). Eastwood plays a mean anti-hero who enacts revenge on an entire town and three villains; he only displays kindness to two people. In "Drifter" he's SOLELY an agent of vengeance. This is not the case with "Pale Rider." Eastwood's character in "Rider," known only as 'The Preacher,' is equal parts mysterious, intriguing, heroic and supernatural. In other words, the viewer both likes and roots for 'The Preacher.'

    As noted above, "Pale Rider" features one of the most memorable lines in cinematic history. Megan, an almost-15-year-old girl, informs The Preacher that she thinks she loves him. The Preacher coolly responds: "Nothing wrong with that. If there was more love in the world there'd be a lot less dying." It's a powerful scene/line and good advice for us to live by. ...more info
  • Adult, Mischevious, Camp, Classic American Western
    I'm tempted to give this paralell-universe "Shane" five stars if only for hired-gun Stockburn's infamous deputies. Six silent men in pale dusters, who throughout never utter a peep, never talk among themselves, never smile, never scowl, never even blink -- it is absolutly classic American Western filmmaking. You laughed at WB Cartoons' spoofs of such melodramatic Wild West moments if you're old enough to remember those.

    So it's campy, but in a great way. In Westerns, Clint Eastwood is a true player, though I think he must have had his toungue in cheek a lot. I love the metaphysical hints in the plot, the flirting with biblical identity, his version of upholding the honor and "code" of the West as a man-of-the-cloth/gunslinger, both of whom bear the Eastwood Curse of always being attractive to women (!) -- it's great stuff! He pushed the envelope in this brazen variation of Shane and although it was made in 1985, I'd say it was really more of a '70s movie in some regards, but that's part of its appeal. Eastwood is a good filmmaker and a tiny bit mischevious.

    It has gratuitously violent gunplay in some scenes, and the manner of the implied sexual attractions is nearly as gratuitous. That drops it a star in my book, as it makes it an awkward film to watch with kids or older folks from a more modest and dignified era. That said, part of the film's appeal for me is that those lustful tuggings were very believable and actually must have been part of the equation in many real-life pioneer situations. There was a time I could have been in Megan's very shoes; teen-age girls could learn something from this movie!

    I'm a lover of Westerns, and this one is certainly in my top ten. An enjoyable move that gets better with time and perspective....more info
  • One of The Best Westerns Ever!
    Clint Eastwood is back in the saddle after a nine year break from the genre that made him famous. He plays the mysterious preacher, who comes to the aid of a settlement mining for gold.Watch for Richard Kiel the 7 foot actor who played Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker...more info
  • Not Clint's best, but good.
    If you're a Clint Eastwood fan, I'd recommend viewing this movie. If you like movies that are true-to-life and that make some sort of statement, this isn't one I'd recommend.

    The plot is well developed, although it's the usual David vs. Goliath story. John Russell gives an excellent performance as Marshall Stockburn, a man who you'll love to hate when the movie is over. Richard Dysart also does a nice job as the wealthy miner Coy LaHood, bringing out the snobbishness and arrogance of 19th Century aristocrats very well.

    Eastwood gives his usual performance as the "bad" good guy. This time Clint Eastwood plays a man known only as "Preacher", descriptive only of his name, certainly not of his profession. I'd compare "Preacher" to Robin Hood, robbing from the rich (Dysart) and giving back to the poor (Michael Moriarty and others). If you can handle a little blood and violence, this is a very watchable film, though it's not Eastwood's best, and it's not something I'd let a five-year-old watch....more info

  • A somewhat mystic Western with a refreshingly positive story
    Hull Barret (Michael Morairty) is the defacto leader of a group of pan miners dreaming of finding their big nuggets of gold on their tiny stakes. But the powerful Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart) wants to run them off their claims so he can seize them and use his powerful hydraulic mining techniques to get at the gold he is sure is there. His son, Josh (Christopher Penn), runs the day to day operations and uses some of his workers to harass and injure the pan miners so they will give up and move away.

    When Hull takes a risky trip into town to get supplies, some of the LaHood thugs beat him and start to set fire to his wagon, but in comes a stranger that we come to know only as the Preacher (Clint Eastwood) he shows the thugs how to really use a good piece of hickory (an ax handle). The Preacher seems to be interested in helping the pan miners to pull together, find the strength they don't even know they have and stand up for themselves. Yet, he also negotiates a good deal for the pan miners to sell their claims. They reject the offer, in part because they believe the Preacher will fight with (for) them. However, the Preacher disappears. Their courage fails them.

    How all this works out isn't hard to guess, but I will let you watch the film for yourself. There is also a rather uncomfortable love complication with the widow, Sarah Wheeler (Carrie Snodgrass) who is supposedly Hull's woman (they are just living together). She is obviously taken with the strong Preacher over the merely normal Hull. Sarah's daughter Megan (Sydney Penny) has also fallen head over heels for the Preacher and throws herself at him in an acutely painful scene. Again, you can see for yourself how this works out.

    There are some memorably funny scenes. For example, The 7' 2" Richard Kiel plays a LaHood henchman named Club who is sent to intimidate the miners. He approaches the Preacher and Hull who are hammering hard on a boulder that Hull believes is hiding a big nugget of gold. Each blow removes a handful or rock and it will be slow going, but Club takes one of the sledgehammers and splits the boulder with one blow. After the Preacher dispatches with him (to Club's profound respect) attention returns to the boulder. The Preacher adds to his mystic nature (one thread of the story says he is dead) by also splitting the boulder with one blow.

    This is a good movie and very much worth seeing. The performances are all good and the story, for all its Western conventions, has some fresh takes and an interesting story. I particularly liked its positive themes rather than the usual post-Western-Western bleakness. Yes, some of the special effects and props are a bit weak, but who cares. The movie is about the story rather than the visuals.

    Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI
    ...more info
  • Great for a gift
    I purchased this for my dad. I have to say this one was the hardest for me to find until I went to Amazon. Great gift, great joy seeing my dad's face when he saw it....more info
  • Good vs. Evil, with a twist!
    Let's face it, nearly all Westerns are morality plays about good vs. evil, you know, the "good guys" verses the "bad guys." The challenge for film makers is how to package this morality play in a new, refreshing, and interesting way. Pale Rider succeeds in doing this in several ways. First, the scenery and cinematography are stunning--the American West has spectacular vistas, and this movie takes full advantage (check the credits for site locations, you may want to visit them someday). Secondly, the characters are well developed--you cheer for the good guys and loathe the bad ones. The mining camp occupants being the good guys are here depicted as clean, decent, moral, family types (though in reality, mining camps were probably full of greedy crooks, gamblers, whoremongers, and drunkards). The bad guys are the greedy, corporate miners led by LaHood and his employees, plus the hired guns he employs to drive out the poor, subsistence mining camp families. Enhanced by elements of answered prayer, love triangles (or in this case, a love quadrangle), coming of age innocence in a young girl, rescue missions, and supernatural overtones, Pale Rider brilliantly weaves together all these elements leading to a spectacular reconing as the Preacher turned gunslinger strikes out to obtain justice for all. "Preacher...we all love you Preacher....I love you....Thank you....Goodbye." The ending just about brings tears to your eyes. If only we all had such an advocate in real life....more info
  • Eastwood's return to the saddle will make your day.
    Made years prior to his classic Unforgiven, Pale Rider offers positive proof that no other contemporary filmmaker understands the mythic texture and rhythm of the American Western better than actor/director Clint Eastwood. Combining elements from Shane and High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider tells the tale of a mysterious gunslinging preacher that comes to the aid of embattled settlers in the Pacific Northwest. While the film does have its weakness, namely too closely resembling superior films, it has its strengths as well, mainly invoking the laconic, rugged individualism that is the hallmark of all great westerns, some rousing actions scenes, and well drawn characters and situations. The religious underpinnings are also of larger interest thanks in part to the screenwriting of Dennis Shyrack and Michael Butler (who used similiar theological symbolism in their scripts for the Eastwood chase thriller The Gauntlet as well as the B-movie level horror show The Car)....more info
  • A Masterpiece
    You might be tempted for thinking that a theme as routinely mythic as the lone gunman saving a town would make for some fairly predictable stuff, but Pale Rider defies the odds and achieves a wholly new level in the genre. This is partly due to the extreme simplicity of the plot (Mining tyrant attempts a ruthless eviction of honest settlers), the astonishing scenery, but mainly a result of Eastwood's gritty, monosyllabic anti-hero, who by the end of the film seems completely enigmatic, genuinely mythic. The film draws on the old Kurosawa themes so richly plundered in 'The Magnificent Seven' and other films of the like, but this is finally a simple, age-old tale, beautifully filmed and a perfectly executed tour-de-force. It's better, even, than 'Unforgiven' and that's saying something....more info
  • Not your average western
    This is a very entertaining Clint Eastwood western, that I have probably watched more times than any other film. Its nearer 5 stars for me in fact. Certainly if you've see Shane and Eastwoods own High Plains Drifter you'll have a good idea what to expect.
    However, there is more going on here than you might initially think. Eastwoods preacher certainly appears to be a ghost or supernatural apparition of some sort. In the prelude to the final gunfight he should be dead (this is the scene where the preacher sits with his back to the door drinking Coffee). The supernatural element is hinted at a few times but not overplayed.
    Whether you accept the premise of a supernatural element is actually irrelevant. Eastwood plays the part with his usual conviction and magnetic screen presense. You'll believe that he could outgun or outfight a whole army on his own - supernatural or not!
    ...more info
  • Shane its not
    Clint Eastwood needs to be credited for making 2 very important Westerns, especially the first, in The Outlaw Josey Wales and The Unforgiven. Though famous for the spaghetti westerns, filmed in Spain, made by the likes of Dino Delorentis, when Clint turned his own eye to the genre he chose to not only be serious, but to remind us that life in that era was far from glamerous. With that in mind, he took a crack at remaking Shane. Sure, there are some significant differents. Still, the stranger rescuing innocents is right out Shane. I still found this story to be a little TOO cookie cutter. When I first saw Shane, I really wasn't sure our hero was going to win the big duel. In this case, there was no doubt. I recommend this film with the proviso that you don't expect too much....more info
  • Great movie, OK DVD
    Pale Rider may not be follow the most original storyline in history, but it makes for a darn good story anyway, and is one of my favorite westerns.

    Clint plays a the answer to a young girls prayers, a character only known as "Preacher" who mysteriously comes to town to help out a group of miners. These miners are being harassed by the local "rich guy" who wants to mine their land. Seems like most westerns seem to have that one "rich guy" who owns almost everything in the town. He can't own everything of course, or the good guys wouldn't be able to get supplies.

    The performances are good, and Clint certainly knows how to direct a movie. My only complaint was with how dark the movie was. It seems that it was done on purpose to create a certain sense of ambiance. I just found it annoying, and any movie that causes me to adjust my TV's settings is gonna lose a star. Otherwise as a big Clint fan this one would have gotten 5 stars. - John...more info