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What is it about director Richard Donner that Mel Gibson enjoys so much that he's appeared in five of Donner's films? Is it the on-set pranks? Could it be the big-budget perks and $20-million paychecks? Or is it just a well-stocked catering table? Whatever the case, the Lethal Weapon star and director teamed up again, along with fellow superstar Julia Roberts, for this typically glossy, entertaining but ultimately hokey thriller. Gibson plays New York cab driver Jerry Fletcher, whose wacky belief in conspiracies finally hits on a coincidental truth involving an evil figure named Jonas (Patrick Stewart) and a secret program of government-funded mind control. Roberts plays the Justice Department attorney who finally believes in Jerry's paranoid ramblings. With a plot (from LA. Confidential cowriter Brian Helgeland) that's a lot of fun as long as you don't think about it too critically, Conspiracy Theory benefits immeasurably from the charisma of its high-magnitude stars. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • I believe it...
    This movie is probably so on point I'm surprised the government allowed it to be made. But they do say that art imitates life!...more info
  • Velly interesting, but shtoopid
    I guess Mel Gibson had to pay rent on one of his expensive houses to play in this Manchurian Candidate for Dummies. The cinematography is muddy and the direction is a vacant lot of fast editing and stuff that explodes. Sure Mel Gibson is attractive, but he has yet to make a movie that proves he can act (with the exception of Road Warrior and the Year of Living Dangerously). This film exists in the cinema limbo between "films so bad they are good" and "well made films." It's like Lethal Weapon minus the focus, Cutthroat Island minus the effort, and Deep Impact minus the talent. Use that money and buy that Psychic TV CD you always wanted....more info
  • Exciting
    Conspiracy Theorist may make for crazy people, but they make great movies. Mel Gibson plays a Theorist who accidentally stumbles on to a real Government cover up. Now the Govt is after Gibson who takes Julia Roberts as an unlikely accomplice. Everything comes to a head in the final dramatic climax - Gibson's theory, the Govt's actions, and Robert's past. Very entertaining and exciting to say the least....more info
  • Serendipity Cinema #9
    A film you may never have heard of, but really should see. Trust me. You may hear the word Hitchcockian thrown around, everyone would like to achieve something that sings of the master, and, so, it gets used when anybody turns a corner and the music makes you jump. You could go a long way before you find anything that has even the slightest resemblance to the works of Sir Alfred.
    Well, look no further. No, don't pay attention to the fact that it is Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts (with Patrick Stewart and Director Richard Donner thrown in) Rather see the everyday people thrown into the madness that only real life can destroy us with, and spit us out when it is done. Everyman fights the insanity that shouldn't be happening, but is, like "The Lady Vanishes," "The 39 Steps," even "The Man Who Knew Too Much." These are all precursors of this story of the obviously deranged man who is in love with this fairly normal girl, and is here to protect her from imagined danger. Or is it? Buy your copy of "The Catcher In The Rye" and follow us, it's a ride down the stairs streight-jacketed in a wheel chair!...more info
  • Jeff's review
    It's a must own , Gibson is great in this movie, and Roberts , well she's a very good actress and not bad for the eyes.

    Buy it !...more info
  • You've seen this before but it is still enjoyable
    Mel Gibson's portrayal of the main character, Jerry, is the same act you have seen before in the Lethal Weapon series. The crazy, yet intelligent man who can get out of impossible situations can be monotonous after a while. Julia Roberts masters her role with much more originality, which saves the movie. There are several twists in the plot and a surprise ending that I will not give away, but you might be able to guess....more info
  • Just because you're paranoid . . .
    This is a great movie. Not much to say about it that isn't already said. I'd give it 5 stars but I don't have a nice stereo system with my TV and the volume is too up and down. When the music is at a decent level I can't hear the speaking parts. When I can hear the talking okay then the music comes back on blasting. It's really frustrating having to play with the volume....more info
  • sometimes they really are after you
    Great movie! Mel Gibson plays the part of Jerry Fletcher, a paranoid taxi driver that sees conspiracy theories all over the place. Julie Roberts plays Alice Sutton whose father had been killed by an unknown assailant, who she is still trying to find. She is a working official in the D.A.s office (I think) and Jerry is infatuated with her. He once saved her and ever since then he has kinda stalked her.

    As I said before, he sees conspiracy theories all over the place and one day he brings one to Julia asking her to get the information he has found to the President, and of course, it goes in one ear and out the other with the attitude of "oh sure". He sends his little newsletter to a few people who have subscribed to it and then enter Dr. Jonas and his goons. He gets kidnapped, then, hurt, escapes to find Alice, ends up in the hospital, escapes that with Julia's help and then it really gets interesting!

    With everything that has gone on during the last few years, it makes for a more believable movie than ever. The acting was great and of course it wouldn't be complete without the touch of romance included. Very enjoyable!...more info

  • Nonstop enjoyment
    This is a great movie! A lovable freak is paranoid about the world, falls for a beautiful girl, has his conspiracy theories come true, and ends up the hero! The end. Well, that's just bare bones, but I don't want to give away the story--because you have to watch it yourself!! Good performances all around in this exciting thriller....more info
  • Mel at his Best
    I don't quite understand some of the negative reviewing going on about this film. Hey guys and gals - its just entertainment. IMO this is actually Mel's most underated and finest bit of acting. It was for sure somewhat strange but only Mel could pull it off especially his wheelchair part. It is truly entertaining - so just sit and enjoy with some popcorn of course....more info
  • Raffi Poulalian
    Truly a hilarious movie whose plot is well carried out. The chemistry between Mel and Julia is quite believable and one really cares about the characters. THis is one of the best films I have ever seen as far as pacing is concerned. I never lost interest or was bored, and laughed often. There are alot of little details which really finish the film.
    ...more info
  • A Politically-Paranoid `Monk?'
    Now that the TV series "Monk" has become so popular, maybe a few more people will check this film out. Mel Gibson's character isn't exactly like Monk - more like a super hyperactive and politically paranoid "Monk." He fits right in with Oliver Stone and the rest of the "conspiracy" freaks. Stone, in fact, would like this film since it gives credence to these paranoid fantasies and gives several cheap shots to conservatives along the way.

    Political propaganda-aside, this is a fun movie to watch and the most fun might be Gibson's house, which is too incredible to describe here. Mel is fascinating to watch and really makes this movie what it is with his outrageous character "Jerry Fletcher."

    Julia Roberts gives a solid performance while looking about as good as she ever looked. Patrick Stewart is very effective as the bad guy. He reminded me of Laurence Olivier's Nazi villain in "Marathon Man."

    An involving story that holds your attention for the full 2-plus hours and looks nice on DVD. I'll bet this would look great on Blu-Ray.

    ...more info
  • Could have been a good one
    The first 20 minutes of this movie are quite entertaining; Gibson portrays one of the usual paranoids believing that the entire government plans to overtake the freedom of the nation and is controlled by the UN already. As there are a number of very disturbed people who really are taking this for granted the movie could have served a great deal on giving us an insight on their lives.

    But no, of course, Gibson *is* watched, he *is* being kidnapped by some government agency and so on. At that point the movie turns to complete boredom. We all can sense what will happen and the ending in itself screams "tested with 200 audiences" at you. Even if we leave logic aside and say, ok, he is watched, the story stays low-level; all of the most secure and highly secret agencies can be identified by usually driving black cars with government license plates to make identification even more convenient.

    It is to say that Gibson did some good acting here; he probably saves the movie from complete catastrophe. Julia Roberts does what she usually does in her "serious" roles: she looks innocent and determined, others would say frigid and hysteric. Patrick "Captain Picard" Steward's talents are only used to a very limited degree. I wonder if he knew beforehand what he is getting himself into.

    If you are into conspiracy movies, watch one of the Grisham adaptions or the like. If you go training in the woods already for the day the UN will invade "God's own country" then go ahead with this one. It will serve your paranoia well and will give a number of psychologists an income for years to come....more info

  • Stars make the Movie!
    I say there are only two types of good movies. Either those that the Star makes the Movie, or those that the Movie makes the Star. This movie was definitely a Star makes the Movie movie! Has to be Mel Gibson at his best. I guess what I must say about the movie is, is for me the biggest joy watching the movie is just watching Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts act. They are both unbelievable actors, and you put them together in this explosive film, and Wow!!! You get my Five Stars, and more if I could give them. This film has everything: Action, Suspense, Maybe even boardering on minor horror in places, Romance, Drama, Thriller...What other categories are there?! And on top of all that great Twists!! What are you waiting for?! Buy it!!...more info
  • Conspiracy Theory
    Excellent movie. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts are both fantastic. Mel Gibson plays his role as a little off balanced taxi driver. Sure there's a conspiracy that he needs to protect Julia Roberts from, the scene outside Julia's apartment as he's watching her run on the tread mill is excellent cause you know he's not just some stalker, he's there to watch over her and protect her from forces she doesn't even know exist. The ending just makes your heart flip flop. A good romantic action thriller that will be loved by not only Gibson and Roberts fans but by everyone...more info
  • Conspiracy Fact
    You don't run into to many people that seem over the edge with theories on conspiracies. Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, and Patrick Stewart all do great jobs in their roles. Gibson is good as the slightly crazy taxi driver with all kinds of theories on government agencies. Roberts is a believable Department of Justice agent. Stewart does well as the CIA operative with questionable methods of programming agents. Not a bad government cover up action thriller. I recommend as a rental before purchasing. The set that includes this and Tequila Sunrise is a good value....more info
  • Previously views video
    The video was advertised as unwrapped but never viewed and was found to have advanced beyond the beginning of the movie. The quality was poor. The seller refunded the price....more info
  • One of my favorite Gibson films
    Couldn't be happier with the movie and the service. Thank you....more info
  • Unpredictable and Intense
    A movie in which Julia Roberts reached new heights with her acting capabilities. Mel Gibson showed the world he could be a very intense man as Jerry. Jerry is sure every aspect of life is linked to some form of conspiracy. He spends his days watching for clues while he stalks Julia Roberts character. You're not sure if he's the villian or the hero until the end. The entire movie kept me baffled as to it's ending, it's kinda like the book you can't wait for the ending so you flip over to the end, only that would ruin this wonderful entire plot. Watch the whole thing....more info
  • Excellent protrayal of a MKULTRA victim
    This is the best movie I have ever seen portraying MKULTRA brainwashing atrocities committed by our government. I was awed and amazed at Mil Gibson's ability to accurately portray a target of the CIA's horrible brainwashing experiments intended to create the perfect spy -- an assassin who didn't know he was an assassin. I was also impressed Julia Roberts and the rest of the cast not to mention the excellent camera work and the overall production quality of the movie. With new evidence surfacing continually showing that MKULTRA did not stop with the 1975 Congressional Church committees investigation I was surprised to see this information divulged in this movie. The producer and diretor did not miss any detail in depicting the life of a targetted whistleblower. ...more info
  • Conspiracy Theory
    Another of my favorites. Wonderful acting and a good story behind it. That is why I buy these movies. I have seen them before and are the ones I want to see again and again....more info
  • Tom Atoe
    Conspiarcy theory is one of those movies that makes you stop and wonder what if? I loved all the twists and turns throught the story line. The acting was superb, Mel Gibson really accuratly protrayed a crazy man. If you dont pay attention for 2 minutes you'll be lost for the rest of the movie. I didnt completely understand the moviw untill the second or third time I saw it. Once you really get what it is saying you'll love it. In short it was excellent....more info
  • Musta missed this one at the movies
    I would call it a sleeper in my books as I missed it on the big screen.
    HIGH intensity with great twist and turns throughout. I agree, the ending was kinda predictable but then again, I was in need of a break. I was kinda a waiting for yet another AHH HAA! But nope. It was good though. Put me in mind of the SQUEEZE with Micheal Keaton and Ray Dawn Chong... never heard of it? See what I mean! GREAT MOVIES await on VIDEO!...more info
  • Excellent transfer to DVD
    The movie itself is suspenseful and Mel Gibson is perfect in the lead role of this action thriller. This review mainly refers to the picture and sound quality--both which are excellent. The picture is sharp and clear and the colors are rich and accurate--even in the night scenes. I viewed this movie on a 46-inch Samsung high definition TV, played on a Toshiba 1080p HD DVD--and it looked and sounded fantastic. The film's format is widescreen that has been enhanced for large screen TVs, so the image fills most of the screen. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Superb movie!!
    Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart - with a line up like this, you can't go wrong. Mel Gibson's portrayal of being paranoid is so good that you forget that he's only acting. Julia is, as always, excellent and I love that Patrick Stewart plays a bad guy. He is superb in his role. The movie is fast paced and action packed. Good plot, excellent acting, great scenery and overall a really good movie....more info
  • Adventure
    A thrillingmovie that keeps you glued to watch and figure out was is to happen....more info
  • Conspiracy Theory
    Excellent cast that carrys you with them. The movie has some twists that keep you guessing. Well performed. Enjoy!...more info
  • conspiracy theory (one )among his best
    well done , keeps you on the edge of your seat, has a little of leathal weapon trapped in the actor. one of his best rolls.a+++++
    the actress has always done a undescribale job in all her movies...more info
  • Conspiracy Theory
    Another of my favorites. Wonderful acting and a good story behind it. That is why I buy these movies. I have seen them before and are the ones I want to see again and again....more info
    The charisma that Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts have developed over the years is the saving grace of this convoluted, overly plotted movie. Written by Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential, Mystic River, A Knight's Tale), it tells the story of a conspiracy obsessed cabbie (Gibson) who finally stumbled onto a conspiracy that involves his unrequited love (Roberts). Heading up the bad guys is X-Men's Patrick Stewart, who gives a solid performance as Dr. Jonas/Henry Finch.
    the movie seemed a little too long, and some middle sags deleted some of the suspense. Gibson performs admirably, although it's just a little bit more of the Lethal Weapon personna unharnessed. Roberts is not a great actress (in spite of Erin Brockovich), but she is a great presence, and Donner films her with all the right lights and angles to enhance this. Someone like Laura Linney would have made the role much more memorable.
    But as entertaining, if confusing, fluff, CONSPIRACY THEORY is a fun movie to watch....more info
  • Public emergency paranoia
    The theme is very common in American literature, and it is one of the favorite themes of authors like Stephen King. The state, and particularly the CIA and the FBI are the centers and the brains of a big conspiracy that is supposed to manipulate the democratic state into obedient compliance to security necessities as evaluated by the afore-said agencies and bureaus themselves. It always have to do with some kind of medical research in order to produce the perfect soldier and Bourne is one name in that line that has made the political paranoia of the American public more than famous and obvious, a paranoia that is seen as an entertainment, a paranoia that is often self inflicted as an entertainment without seeing that this process makes you paranoid anyway, but not on a regular everyday basis, only in an emergency situation. What the promoters of this emergency paranoia do not see is that it freezes the victims or the patients or the subjects into absolute fear and inaction when they should have all their consciousness at their disposal. They become unreliable and let themselves drown in mass reactions. The film is well done because it pretends there are two authorities in New York City that can defend normal citizens against these operations that are always connected with a crazy doctor and tied up to some past period, if possible before Reagan, as if the military-economic complex did not exist any more. The two saviors are the local police, NYPD in that case, and the department of justice. We can sleep peacefully. We are protected and the vision of the twin towers on the skyline of New York at the beginning of the film are there to prove how protected we are. It is entertaining though because it mixes the various necessary and unavoidable elements in an interesting way. The very secret agent, the victim of the medical treatment, does not remember what he did and where he comes from. He is at large at the beginning of the film and he will have to cause a lot of disruption to finally cause the manhunt to start against him. Then the film has a sentimental dimension in the fact that the killing robot failed his last mission by falling in love with the daughter of his target. And it is this love that will save him because he will understand she has to be protected and he will do it on his own, though she will cooperate, at least for a while, with the man-hunters before she realizes she is being used as a decoy and that she has been told lies. So a film that can dispel your solitude or boredom for one evening at home.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • A Thriller With Nightmarish Overtones But a Hopeful Ending
    "Conspiracy Theory" begins bizzarely enough when a rambling taxicab driver played by Mel Gibson spews out his various theories to his various clients. After a seizure leads to his taking a customer on a wild ride, he checks on Alice Sutton, a Justice Department worker, deftly played by a soft-looking but very animated Julia Roberts.
    This time, we aren't offered any blood-soaked,testosterone-filled ego trips as in "Braveheart", nor any feminine thoughts filling Mel's straight, narrow, delicate-looking, paper clip-shaped ears as in "What Women Want". But we are given a potential love story between two people of very different backgrounds who somehow click because of their willingness to look out for each other.
    Jerry Fletcher's love for Ms. Sutton is obvious. But after several unauthorized visits to her at work, he is captured and tortured by the sinister Dr. Jonas, who is determined to kill Jerry before he can reveal the truth about a crime Jonas comitted.
    Jerry escapes the clutches of his nemesis, who is played by a vulture-like Patrick Stewart. Consoled by the sympathetic Alice, Jerry is hospitalized. But the chase continues.
    About the only bit of sexuality in this film is Mel roaming about in his hospital gown, revealing that (a)he still has the glowing, beautiful complexion that artists love, and that (b)even when looking like a frightened little boy with dip smeared on his face, he still has those rippling biceps, which are revealed when his sleeve is raised as he struggles in the hospital's laundry chute.
    Sloe-eyed and smoky-complexioned Cylk Cozart is an intelligence agent who is influenced by Jonas at first, but helps the right people once he finds out the truth. He plays his role with a lot of dignity and reserve.
    Terry Alexander was amusing to watch as the newspaper vendor who listens to Jerry's theories. Other points of interest include the street smarts that Jerry constantly has to use to throw off his tormentors.
    The ending in which a wounded Jerry is carried off in a helicopter reminded me of the end of "The World According to Garp", quite frankly. But even though the girl doesn't get to make the journey with him, one has to feel satisfied that all is not completely lost. Watch for the trio singing "You're Just Too Good to Be True". It's such a kick!...more info
  • At least the movie had a happy ending.
    I watched this movie last night, it brought back so many memories. (This movie was released in 1997.) Has it been that long? There is a scene in the movie where Mel Gibson sends a pizza to Julia Roberts and asks her to meet him at the NE corner af Battery Place and Greenwich. I went to the NE corner of Battery Place and Greenwich last night, only it is not called Battery Place and Greenwich anymore. It hasn't been that intersection since 1996. I hope she is safe, I hope it was all worth it.... It really was an inspiring movie... ...more info
  • "Love is geranimo. It gives you wings."
    Mel gibson is a taxi driver at night, who is your basic, average, paranoid, new yorker, worker, secret newspaper writer. He writes his own newspaper called "CONSPIRACY THEORY." It's basically a collection of whatever he deems suspicious from what he can read in the newspapers. This guy's whole life revolves around keeping his routine like clockwork, changing how he gets to his apartment to how he exits it. Very paranoid. Everyone thinks he's a nut . . .until one of his suspicions hits right on the nose. Even he gets surprised when he gets captured by the people who read the article.

    "I was right, wasn't I? Wait a minute! What was I right about?"

    There is also an underlining love story between julia roberts and mel gibson and a government secret that connects them. You'll love this thriller. I know I loved it. Why, you ask? Becuase, for once in a movie, the Paranoid guy was right . . .and is the hero . . .just like in hitchcock movies. Come to think of it, it does have a tiny spirit of NORTH BY NORTHWEST in it. Enjoy!...more info
  • Hope for Weirdos like us.
    I love this movie. One of my all-time favs. It gives hope to messed up guys (like me) that we can be a hero and still win the heart of a beauty! The plot is a little overly-complicated and there are some loose ends that are not tied up, but it is overall a very romantic and interesting story....more info
  • One of the best Mel Gibson movies ever!
    I really like Mel Gibson as an actor, he really PLAYS in his movies, not just flaunts his muscles, appearance or whatever, besides, he belongs to Hollywood "minority" who actually graduated from a Theatre High School. Also I consider this movie to be one of his masterpieces, because he plays a paranoid conspiracy theorist SO well, that every tiniest detail of his mimick makes you believe his play. Even Julia Roberts played well in some scenes. This is one of my favorite movies, and all because of the actors' play. The plot itself is irrelevant, in my opinion. With such a play, virtually any plot would do the trick....more info
  • Good Late Night Movie!
    I bought this DVD because I really like Julia Roberts as an actress. Let me tell you, it was quite different then any other movie I have seen. Mel Gibson did a great job as Jerry. I have to admit, I was a bit confused at times but all in all, it was a great movie and was very creepy, as I watched it late at night. The ending to me was not what I expected but it was still great. If you are into on the edge of your seat thrillers, this is the one for you. I highly recommend this....more info
  • how do so many people see this film and yet not see it???
    I cannot believe how many reviews of this film are so off... This film is about a Vietnam Vet who has been put the the MK Ultra program (the film is plain about this) and is programmed as an assasin. He breaks his programming and this is what the plot is about. This movie has many roots in the truth, if only the American people would wake up and take a look....more info
  • Better than the critics said...
    I know that this movie was not one of the critics favorites, but I found it to be quite enjoyable. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts are both excellent, and Gibson in particular is great as the paranoid conspiracy theorist who attempts to convince Roberts that his theories are real. The scene when Gibson's apartment is destroyed is a superb dramatization of paranoia taken to the extreme.

    If you missed this one, pick up a copy as you will enjoy this movie. The extra features on the DVD are somewhat skimpy, but the audio and video quality is excellent....more info

  • What a wonder!
    This movie is great! It contains an amazing combination of elements - humor, intensity, romance, and mystery. The plot is very well thought out and surprising. Mel Gibson plays a somewhat insane but brilliant character who is paranoid and has theories about everything. The reasons for everything come out as the movie progresses. I almost didn't want to watch it because I love Gibson and didn't want to see him act crazy, but I am so glad that I got over that. He is incredible (as is the movie)! Julia Roberts also plays her role superbly. There is some profane language, and one very intense torture scene that can be easily fast-forwarded, but other that the movie is clean....more info
  • Teen flick
    This is your basic teen flick: lots of car chases, bombs, violence, torture, and a sloppy ending. The plot is extremely complex; I'm not sure anyone could make basic sense out of it. And the hospital escape scenes are among the most fanciful in screen history. Fanciful as in ridiculous. Yes, the two superstars can certainly act. But both deserve to be in better movies....more info
  • A clever departure from the usual "agents out to get me" genre...
    If for nothing else, this is worth watching to see how schizophrenics really act. In most ways they appear to carry on with life normally, but ultimately their paranoia prevents them from holding a normal job or having social interaction to any degree. Jerry (Gibson's) chatter is seriously well acted.

    Of course in this film the paranoia is (surprise!) justified. But the way Jerry secures his food and apartment from tampering is hysterical. The escape hatch from his apartment, and an escape from the hospital, chained to a bedrail, are masterpieces.

    If you liked the book "Catcher in the Rye", you may enjoy this film too, although the book described a descent into mental illness, and the film describes escape from it; Hollywood wouldn't have it any other way.

    The resonance of the film has changed since it was made a decade ago: Now the executive branch of government is strengthening its powers of surveillance, by its own admission. Whether you agree with that or not, it makes this film worth re-watching (and I seldom receommend re-watching any film).

    Finally, if you love the films of Julia Roberts with her Mick Jagger lips, then of course you will like this film (for the others, in spite of her). There are some nice Mel Gibson action/chase scenes thrown in: the hot-dog-stand chase in particular turns out nicely comical....more info
  • One of my favorites.
    RRRRR!!!!! Why do people have to post a bunch of stupid reviews comparing this to Lethal Weapon? It's not Lethal Weapon, it's Conspiracy Theory. They're not at all related except that they're the same actor. This movie is great. Mel Gibson is a great actor and he proves it in this film. It's not an easy role. Jerry Fletcher is a paranoid cab driver who writes a conspiracy theory newsletter. Anyway, don't listen to the bad reviews. Go watch this. At least rent it or something and see for yourself....more info
  • In the top ten of most unbearable
    I'm not bashing this movie, really. I like Mel Gibson. I like Julia Roberts. I enjoy the occasional "conspiracy" story line. So why did the combination fail? It's easy...writing. I'm no writer of award winning screenplays, but the dialogue in this movie made me want to seek shelter in the script of a Barney episode. Contrived, forced, redundant, cliche, and I'm being kind. Mel is funny and attractive. Julia is also. They're just the victims of a very bad script. Young writers take this one home and take notes on how not to develop a storyline....more info
  • Geronimo!
    This movie was absolutely great. Mel Gibson is hilarious in this film. He usually tends to overact but in this movie it fits in perfectly. I guarantee you'll laugh at some of the scenes in this movie. Julia Roberts plays her role great along with all the other characters. The movie has an interesting plot with conspiracies and paranoia. It's very entertaining!...more info