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When an african monkey carries a deadly virus to the united states and an outbreak occurs a military doctor must battle his superiors to find a solution to the biggest medical crisis in history. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/08/2005 Starring: Dustin Hoffman Rene Russo Run time: 128 minutes Rating: R Director: Wolfgang Peterson

When Warner Brothers was unable to secure the rights to Richard Preston's terrifying nonfiction book The Hot Zone (purchased by a rival studio), they took the basic idea of a fatal virus on the loose in the U.S., added Dustin Hoffman and director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot), and produced an unusual thriller--a surprise hit--called Outbreak. The other picture, slated to star Robert Redford and Jodie Foster, fell through. The premise of Outbreak, which owes something to Elia Kazan's 1950 plague-scare movie, Panic in the Streets, is as terrifying as it is timely. As developers slash their way deeper into the previously unexplored tropical rainforests, they are exposed to radically new forms of life, including diseases, that in these days of commonplace international travel could turn into deadly epidemics almost before we know it. Hoffman's character and his estranged wife (Rene Russo) are disease experts called in to identify the unknown killer, which was carried into the country by an illegally smuggled monkey. The best sequence shows the disease spreading--through recycled air on a passenger jet, or a sneeze in a crowded movie theater. The final chase is pretty conventional, but the cast is terrific, including Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, Cuba Gooding Jr., J.T. Walsh, and Zakes Mokae. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • Too Long
    The problem that I had with this movie, is that it didn't seem to know where to end. After about the first hour and 45 minutes, I found myself growing tired of the melodrama. I find the concept for the movie and the idea behind it to be wonderful. The movie starts out well, but after a while becomes kind of boring...which is a sad statement for an action movie.

    If you watch the movie looking for a lot of shooting and action, you'll probably like it...but I wouldn't look for too much substance. I purchased it at a special Amazon.com price with Medicine Man....more info

  • Entertaining Flick
    This was a pretty fun movie. I mean, it wasn't real deep or genius, but it's really entertaining. It's about a deadly virus in Africa that is spread by monkeys originally. Once you get the virus, you're dead in about 2 days. As a desperate attempt to stop this virus, a monkey with the virus is illegally smuggled into the U.S. to be tested and to possibly stop this virus. However, the monkey is released into the streets, infects one guy, then the virus spreads incredibly rapidly and infects the whole town. Everyone is dropping like flies. Then, the main character, Dustin Hoffman's, wife gets the virus. In order to save her and the whole town, Dustin Hoffman really needs to catch this monkey before it spreads the virus even further. This movie's a classic. If you haven't seen it, you really should....more info
  • Seems silly now.
    Outbreak was a huge hit when it was released over a decade ago and this is a good movie but the subject matter feels dated now. Dustin Hoffman is great in this and so is Renee Russo, I just felt I have seen better films that deal with hysteria and panic. Outbreak is manufactured, plain and simple....more info
  • Very Very Intertaining
    This movie is one of the best and most underated movies I seen. The basic storyline is a virus starts off like many others. The main character (Dustin Hoffman) has a hunch that this virus can be very serious, and turns out being so. From here the movie took off and just got better and better. During the last 40 minutes of the movie, I was so stuck in it, I don't think I moved the entire time. This movie is a rare must see. One reason I liked it so much is that the concept of the movie just got you thinking. Can't say it enough, it's a great movie!...more info
  • Relevant story line, engaging characters, scary plot
    I saw this film years ago, and watched it on BD for the first time yesterday on a 42" Plasma and BD30K BD player. The storyline invokes the type of fear that is reminiscent of the best medical/disaster films, and the characters are real, and caused me to root for them. The acting was a bit over the top, but it was bearable, as the film was very suspenseful.

    The history of the virus, military coverups and the ensemble cast create an exciting climax, and I mostly enjoyed the scenes between Kevin Spacey, Rene Russo and Dustin Hoffman in tracking down patient zero. For anyone that doesn't believe that this could happen, you are in denial. While we should not become victims of fear mongers and media-induced anxiety, the film paints a realistic "path" of how a virus could quickly spread.

    I found the editing a bit abrupt in parts, and unfortunately, the transfer was not as clear as it would have been. Many sky shots and the colors were blurry the colors were not as vibrant. However, overall, if you like the action/disaster genre and enjoy films with a scientific/medical basis, this film will be entertaining and revelatory to you. 3.5 PQ, 5/5 AQ. ...more info
    Based on the New York times #1 best seller The hot zone. This movie is all about the spread of the LEVEL 4 (most painful, dangerous and uncurable ebola virus.) Most of this movie is very true including the lose monkey, the intro bombing and More! This could really happen! If an air born virus hit one person and that person got on a plane it is said the U.S. would be wiped out in months. THE HOT ZONE IS ALL TRUE this is about 70% true. Of corse there is no cure for ebola..Yet. And these are fictional people but its as close to the real thing as it gets! This is a wonderful story and as scary as getting EBOLA. muhahaha happy viewing...more info
  • Ahead of its time
    An enjoyable movie, with action and fairly good detail on the medical side of the story. Obviously, the SARS outbreak brings to mind some of the issues in this movie which is why it rates 5 stars....more info
  • Very entertaining and informative
    As great as the first time I watched it! This is a classic power gone bad film! Can this really happen? Bet your bottom dollar it can... and has! Watch it, love it, and watch it again!...more info
  • Bluray Review
    I havent seen this movie since i was a kid. (born in 85) but all i know is this movie creeped me out. I recently picked up the bluray version on black friday, and just finished watching it earlier tonight. I must say the film itself looks very good. I cant say much about audio since im currently without a home theater system, but i will have my new one tomorrow. Here are my thoughts:

    Video: 4/5
    Overall video is very clear and crisp. Gets grainy during some night scenes, but thats actually common with most HD films imo. Id say a solid transfer to bluray. especially for a film made in 1995. I hope "Heat" looks this good if bluray ever remasters it.

    Audio: n/a
    Cant say much since i currently dont have a home theater system. But it sounded good on my televsion.

    Movie: 5/5
    I think its a great thriller to show how deadly viruses can be, and the performances of actors/actresses make this a good satisfying purchase.
    ...more info
  • Casualties of War.
    "In war, truth is the first casualty." - Aeschylus.

    In 1989, a secret U.S. Army SWAT team was called in after an Ebola outbreak among monkeys in a Reston, VA lab; a mere ten miles from Washington, D.C. They eventually determined that this particular strain wasn't contagious for humans - others, however, are; capable of producing a 90% mortality rate within a matter of days. The incident produced Richard Preston's bestselling book "The Hot Zone," on which this movie is loosely based (another project involving Robert Redford and Jodie Foster eventually folded).

    Like the Reston Ebola strain, the (fictitious) Motaba virus at the center of Wolfgang Petersen's "Outbreak" is brought to the U.S. by an infected monkey, caught near a village in the Zairean (now: Congolese) Motaba Valley. Unlike the Reston Ebola it is contagious for humans, with a 100% mortality rate within a single day. And unlike any known Ebola strain it is airborne, i.e. not only transmitted by direct human-to-human contact.

    Officially nobody has any prior knowledge of the virus at the time of its apparent first hit. In fact, once they've overcome their shock about its gruesome effects, USAMRIID Colonel Sam Daniels (Dustin Hoffman) and his assistants, Majors Schuler and Salt (Kevin Spacey and Cuba Gooding Jr.) - in Zaire to provide medical assistance - are downright ecstatic to have discovered a new virus; a once-in-a-lifetime event for most scientists, if it happens at all. What they don't know is that their own superiors, Brig.Gen. Billy Ford (Morgan Freeman) and Maj.Gen. Donald McClintock (Donald Sutherland) have encountered this virus before, albeit non-airborne, in a mercenary camp in 1967 ... and on McClintock's orders, firebombed the camp to secretly develop a biological weapon. Now McClintock insists that their knowledge remain secret even after a first Motaba outbreak in Boston, brought about by the Californian animal lab worker (Patrick Dempsey) who has unwittingly smuggled the carrier monkey out to sell it to a pet store; and after another outbreak in Cedar Creek, CA, transmitted through the pet store owner and a lab technician infected by his blood. McClintock's solution is the same as 30 years earlier: Firebomb the contaminated area and everybody in it, keep your weapon and be done with it.

    But unlike 1967, complete secrecy is no longer an option, as not only Colonel Daniels's team but also his ex-wife Robby (Rene Russo), who is now with the CDC and has helped contain the Boston outbreak, is aware of the virus's presence. Thus, McClintock opts for the reverse strategy, obtains a presidential OK for his "Operation Clean Sweep" - after a dramatic presentation to the assembled cabinet resulting in the conclusion that the "bug" is capable of spreading to the entire country, including D.C., within a mere 48 hours; and the admonishment "Be compassionate, but be compassionate globally" - and orders Ford to get Daniels out of the way and keep him "in line."

    Daniels, however, who has long earned a reputation for following orders rather selectively, rushes to Cedar Creek, to work alongside Robby and her team trying to contain the virus. In short order Ford and McClintock show up as well, and soon the town is crawling with soldiers, who seal it off to the outside world and implement a curfew, to prevent a further spread of the virus but also in preparation of "Operation Clean Sweep." A frantic race ensues; pitting Daniels and Salt, who set out to search for the host animal to develop an antiserum, against their own comrades.

    The premise of "Outbreak" is entirely believable; as evidenced by the 1989 Virginia incident - after all, it was mere luck that the Reston strain didn't prove contagious for humans - and by the fact that, as is public knowledge, various kinds of viral strains do exist in the U.S. and other countries; at the very least for experimental purposes. While their military use is banned under the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, there still is no functioning control mechanism in place (which was/is also a factor in the Iraq WMD debate). And although the U.S. is a signatory to both aforementioned instruments and has previously stated its non-use policy, the Bush government abandoned international discussions on the issue in 2001.

    So, "Outbreak" addresses enormously important concerns; and it does so compellingly and with a stellar cast. Dustin Hoffman imbues his Colonel Daniels with tremendous compassion but also a great sense of humor; and his snappy exchanges with Russo's Robby Keough and his team are a delight, especially those with Kevin Spacey, who in 1995 burst into movie audiences' collective awareness with this film, the Oscar-winning "Usual Suspects" and "Se7en." Morgan Freeman brings all his sensitivity to the movie's most intricate role, General Ford, who is caught between being party to McClintock's scheme and realizing its profound immorality. Then-27-year-old Cuba Gooding Jr. may have been a bit young to play a Major, but he certainly stands his ground; and few actors can portray a villain as menacingly as Donald Sutherland, although the script gives him little opportunity for true complexity.

    Unfortunately, "Outbreak" gets the full "Hollywood thriller" treatment, complete with dramatic score, two-dimensional villain, cliched ending and reliance on a few coincidences too many. This (and some plot inconsistencies) somewhat reduces its effect, preventing a good movie from becoming a truly great one - although its 'copter chases are pure eye candy; and it certainly helps that they were shot by Michael Ballhaus, arguably the business's best cameraman. But for the importance of its subject alone, and its outstanding cast, "Outbreak" is worth all the notice it has received.

    "[The Cedar Creek population] are casualties of war. ... I'd give them all a medal if I could. But they *are* casualties of war." - "Outbreak," Maj.Gen. Donald McClintock.

    "[N]o massacre has occurred ... no further action is warranted." - From the initial Department of the Army investigation report on the March 16, 1968 My Lai incident (Vietnam).

    Also recommended:
    The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story
    Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People
    12 Monkeys (Special Edition)
    The China Syndrome (Special Edition)...more info
  • A must-see, frighteningly real medical/military thriller
    Outbreak is one of the best, most absorbing, most impressive films I've seen in a long, long time. It is based on a threat more frightening than nuclear war, stars the best actors and actresses Hollywood has to offer, features tons of heart-pumping, exhilarating action, and falls squarely in the category of "blew me away." Man, that Dustin Hoffman can act; I don't believe I've ever fully appreciated the man's acting skills before. Then you have Morgan Freeman, for my money the best actor working today; I'm used to Freeman being squarely on the side of good vs. evil, and I wanted to slap him many times as I was watching this film, but the man does incredible work. Donald Sutherland plays his rather inhuman role perfectly, Rene Russo lights up the screen, Cuba Gooding, Jr., supplies both humor and heroism of the noblest kind, and Kevin Spacey shines in a co-starring role. When Kevin Spacey is in your film but is not the bonafide star of the whole thing, you know you're looking at some kind of special movie. As an animal lover, I also have to praise the animals that performed so well in this film, especially the poor little monkey who helps start a national and potentially global crisis through no fault of his own.

    You have to respect viruses. These things are the killer sharks of the microscopic world, insidious, darn near indestructible little buggers who destroy every cell in their path. They don't clock out after eight hours or nap away afternoon breaks; these things never stop or rest. The subject of Outbreak is a very special virus borne in the wilds of Africa, an unmatched destructive force that can kill a man (in the most horrible of ways) in a matter of hours. It's like nothing ever seen before - well, actually, it was seen in 1967, but the powers that be took their little secret home with them in a vial and firebombed all the evidence of its existence (along with a significant number of innocent human beings). Now, the virus is back; not only is it back, it is in America - brought to these shores in the form of a poor little monkey taken from its home and illegally smuggled into this country. Our government and in particular our military faces an invisible enemy that can destroy the nation and everyone in it in a matter of days. If and when such a virus outbreak does take place here, let us all fervently hope that our government performs much better than they do in this movie.

    Dustin Hoffman plays Col. Sam Daniels of the USAMRIID, a noble man who did not forget his Hippocratic Oath when he became an army officer. He and his crew, including Major Schuler (Kevin Spacey) and new team member Major Salt (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), in conjunction with Daniels' ex-wife, former co-worker, and new bigwig at the CDC Robby Keough (Rene Russo) are basically the only people in the government more concerned with saving lives than with protecting military secrets. Daniels' boss is Brigadier General Ford (Morgan Freeman), a frustrating player in these events who knows things about the virus he is forbidden (and does not want to) admit, but the true villain of this tale is Maj. General Donald McClintock (played to a slimy tee by Donald Sutherland). Daniels and his fellow heroes rush to help the dying and to battle this awful virus, constantly stymied and eventually gravely threatened by military superiors who care more about protecting the secret of a biological weapon than about the people they pledged themselves to defend and protect.

    The things you see in this film are quite possible, and that is what makes it such a gripping, even frightening film. While the audience is never treated to a true gross-out shot of what this super duper hemorrhagic virus can do to a human body, the horror is nevertheless quite real. The heroism of Daniels and Salt in particular isn't limited to the hospitals and labs; they take on the government and the military itself in an effort to save lives. The one critical information source the medical team needs is the host organism. The original carrier who brought the virus to America's shores represents the only real hope of saving a whole town and very possibly the entire nation. This virus has a 100% kill rate; no one survives it.

    Well over two hours of increasingly adrenaline-pumping suspense await the viewer of Outbreak. This movie will hold you completely under its spell and leave a definite impression on you for some time to come. It is a rare joy to see Hollywood take on a very serious issue and deal with it in a realistic fashion, and few movies can boast the caliber of talent that you will find here. One or two of the leading actors in this modern thriller can carry a movie on their own, but here a whole range of Hollywood's best come together to make a movie that succeeds perfectly. As far as I'm concerned, Outbreak is a must-see motion picture....more info

  • Fine big budget entertainment
    Here is the exemplar of big budget Hollywood entertainment. It has all the qualities for success -- big stars, a solid story, lots of money spent of production values, an emotional subplot connecting viewers to the main characters and a happy ending. What more could you ask for?

    While the Amazon review says this is the stepchild of Richard Widmark's 1950 classic, "Panic In The Streets", the aura of this film left me remebering the 1971 epic "The Andromeda Strain". It owes a little to the funny horror film "Arachnaphobia" also.

    So, to answer my own question from the first paragraph, what you may want is originality, something this picture doesn't deliver. Still, in its own derivative manner, it delivers the goods solidly and keeps viewers involved all the way through.

    Briefly stated, the story involves an imported virus that spreads through both coasts rapidly after arriving in the U.S.A. Hero Dustin Hoffman is continually rejected by bad guys Morgan Freeman and Donald Sutherland, his superiors, in efforts to warn the county of impending peril. Meanwhile, he romantically dances with ex-wife Rene Russo over care of their dogs and other issues of the heart. In the end, the good guys win and the pair seem reunited. No sequel was made to show us that, but we all know how they ended up.

    This film had an enormous budget and spent that money well on scene lighting, decorations and military apparel. Some not so great makeup effects worked against the overall plot, but not so far as to deter viewers from following along as scores of people become infected overnight by a mysterious virus sweeping the nation.

    This movie exemplifies what Hollywood stands for -- storytelling that is a mile wide and an inch deep, filled with big stars and beautiful scenes, romance and a story where the good guys overcome big odds to win in the end. I don't think it matters what kind of movies you like, there will be something in this one that transcends its run-of-the-mill script to keep you involved and give you a good feeling at the end. It's hardly the last word in great moviemaking, but it's entertainment quotient is way up there.

    ...more info
  • Shaky, but in the end manages to hold strong
    Outbreak is about a violent pathogen, clearly modeled after the Ebola virus (they even use pictures of the Ebola virus when they show images on the microscope) and a group of individuals who are on a race to find the cure before the government torches an entire town full of infested American citizens. The U.S. government is not monkey-ing around (pardon the pun) with this disease, saying that the only procedure for containment is destruction. Let's try and forget this concept has been in the movies for decades.

    Like your typical sci-fi/virus related film the government wants to keep the virus as a biological weapon, while our good guys race to find the host species to create a cure, and keep it from spreading the disease even further. It's the classic tale of government against freedom, which really has been done to death, but don't expect this formula to leave Hollywood anytime soon. The material is a bit too geared towards action and fun, when real Level-4 hot zone viruses, such as Ebola, are nothing to be cheering over. Those things are incredibly scary.

    This movie naturally ends with a chase scene involving helicopters, with no real point, other than to say their budget allowed for a helicopter chase scene. This is unnecessary, and somewhat ridiculous, but entertaining nonetheless. I mean, come on, what's a blockbuster without an adrenaline filled, drawn out chase scene involving guns and explosions?

    Outbreak really wasn't the best popcorn feature I've ever seen. I found it, tacky, and unoriginal, but I also found it quite entertaining. This was the first R-rated feature I was screened in a High School Biology class, so I guess that may be one reason it seemed special, but overall I do think it made it as good popcorn entertainment, if not a good movie telling of the dangers of Level-4 viruses.

    Outbreak undoubtedly draws inspiration from the cases of Ebola and Marburg viruses in Richard Preston's nonfiction novel `The Hot Zone' (a GREAT read by the way). It takes this very serious issue and in the end manages to make it in to a decently entertaining action-thriller. I would have much preferred a movie-adaptation of the true events listed in `The Hot Zone'. It wouldn't have made for a popcorn film, but it would've certainly made for a good, honest movie that didn't hold any punches.

    For the most part the acting cast was good. As usual Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman provide entertaining performances, making you focus on them WHENEVER they're on screen, but I still feel a bit iffy about the casting of Dustin Hoffman; he was good but I'm not sure if he was the best choice for the role. I think Hoffman should've seemed a bit more dedicated to his studies around the virus than he apparently is in this movie. He just didn't seem concentrated enough on the virus, considering his character supposedly had dedicated his life to it.

    The movie wasn't the best blockbuster, but it managed to entertain and for that, and some wonderful imagery I liked Outbreak for what it was. Disposable fun, that keeps you in your seat.
    ...more info
  • A movie worth watching!
    Outbreak, brings to the screen the likely scenario that a deadly virus (similar to the Ebola virus) spreads rapidly endangering mankind, and threatening life on Earth. The likelihood of such a phenomenon is presently great indeed (as it always has been i.e. the Black Death etc), and hopefully the film will get many people thinking.
    The movie is very realistic in its approach, and conveys a much needed message of the dangers facing people, especially when dealing with viruses (how easily many of them spread e.g. an airborne virus in an airplane or a movie theater). Moreover, one realizes how the government would have to act in such an emergency and the type of use of the military one should expect in order to protect the majority of people that have yet to be infected and contain the spread of the disease.
    Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Rene Russo, whose performances are simply amazing, make this movie one of the best of its kind.
    The actors' great talent and chemistry clearly shows, thus providing a film that can be watched over and over again.
    Resident Evil (Milla Jovovich) is another very good movie dealing with virus-related incidents/threats, though it falls much more under "Horror" than Outbreak, which is a more "Thriller/Action" type of film. Another movie that comes to mind is Twelve Monkeys (Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Medeleine Stowe), which is a futuristic/science fiction approach to similar virus-related threats to humanity.
    In short, Outbreak is a very good movie, it's an eye opener, and very much worth watching!...more info
  • Gripping.
    When a disease in Africa is discovered, Colonel Sam Daniels (Dustin Hoffman) of the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases is sent to investigate. When he reports back to his superior officer General Ford (Morgan Freeman) to tell him that he needs to alert people about this disease, the General decides against it. Soon, people are becoming infected and dying a painful death. Col. Daniels pleads with Ford to send help but is still denied. Now, Col. Daniels decides to take it upon himself to get the word out before more people die....more info
  • Ahead of its time
    An enjoyable movie, with action and fairly good detail on the medical side of the story. Obviously, the SARS outbreak brings to mind some of the issues in this movie which is why it rates 5 stars....more info
    Wolfgang Petersen's OUTBREAK, featuring a stellar cast of Oscar winners and nominees, is a brilliant, tense and terrifying nail-biter that had me on the edge of my recliner!! Dustin Hoffman is perfect in his role as the edgy virologist who discovers the horrifying ramifications of a new ebola-like virus; Rene Russo transcends that aloof beauty with a nuanced and touching performance as Hoffman's estranged wife; Donald Sutherland, who has yet to get his much deserved Oscar, is chilling as the general who will spare no one to protect a secret; Morgan Freeman as his co-consipirator with a conscience is great; Cuba Gooding Jr. as Hoffman's sidekick is perfect, as is Kevin Spacey as the doomed associate; J.T. Walsh in a three-minute scene is mesmerizing as he lays out the fate of Cedar Creek to a tablefull of bureaucrats.
    OUTBREAK is a brilliant movie, one that will make you think and will have you on the edge of fear throughout!...more info
  • Simply a great entertaining movie!!!
    I first saw this movie when I was 14 years old and found it very entertaining but I didn't fully understand it. Now 8 years later for some reason I rented it again and can now fully appreciate the genius of this movie. Donald Southerland does a great job of playing the villian devoted to keeping a highly virulent biological weapon secret at the expense of American citizens. Dustin Hoffman plays the great charismatic and hillarious doctor willing to do anything to save lives. The all star cast of Renne Russo, Cuba Gooding Jr. Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and the small part of Benito Martinez (Capt. David Aceveda from "The Shield" an AWESOME show) is fantastic. This movie is serious, thrilling and entertaining all at once. However to fully enjoy it you cannot watch a "TV" version. The profanity makes it funnier and really takes it to the next level. Here is one of the best lines in movie history. It is late in the movie in the helicopter chase:

    Gen. McClintock(D. Southerland): W/ all do respect Col. Daniels if you don't accompany us to Travis airforce base I will blow you out of the sky!

    Col. Daniels(D. Hoffman): Gen W/ all do respect BLEEP YOU! Sir!

    I don't know why; I just found that hillarious. Anyway this movie is truly worth the price and has major rewatchability. Great Cast, Great Script Great Directing. It's just great!!
    ...more info
  • Stop that Virus!
    Viruses scare the bejesus out of people who spend any significant amount of time thinking about them. Stephen King has written a couple of horror stories where humanity is essentially destroyed by the flu. "Outbreak" taps into that primal fear and elevates a killer virus to a status cinematically usually only reserved for tornadoes, volcanoes, great white sharks or Godzillas. In Outbreak a bad virus is discovered in a deep dark place, carried by a cute monkey, and attempted to be stuffed into a military pandora's box.

    Wolfgang Peterson knows how to make a suspenseful movie as he proved with "Das Boot" and "Air Force One" and here he gets to work with a cast that would be difficult to reproduce today with Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Rene Russo and Donald Sutherland.

    There are a few cliches in the film. Sutherland plays a stereotypical military general who sneers as he orders the death of thousands of innocents in the name of "National Security" - but he does it with skill and enthusiasm. Morgan Freeman dispatches a bomber crew with a speech that could have been replaced word for word with the same speech Slim Pickens delivers to his bomber crew in "Dr. Strangelove" ("I know you have reservations about what you've been ordered to do..... you wouldn't be human if you didn't....")

    There are several light-hearted moments, such as when Hoffman's Colonel is out in a helicopter flown by Gooding's Major and they all but acknowledge that they are the characters-in-a-disaster-movie-tasked-with-saving-humanity. "I don't need you to get negative on me now", Dustin says after Cuba summarizes the hopelessness of their situation. "Affirmative, Sir!"...more info

  • Awesome
    I loved this movie. That is all that can be said. That is all that is needed to be said....more info